Saturday, March 12, 2011

Looking For My Mojo and Counting My Blessings

All day today, all week really, I've been feeling a bit on the moody side.  I've found myself feeling irritated and just "OFF".  Off my game, my routine.  My mojo is all messed up.  I know that a big part of it is that my house is torn up since the kitchen is still being done.  Yes, still.  6 days now.  Having all my kitchen in boxes and scattered around our small home has made it difficult for me to eat the way I usually do and this has been a big part of my "offness". I've spent the week eating tons of CRAP!! 

Today I found myself quietly complaining  and worrying about all sorts of things:
*  The pouring rain that made getting my race packet and running the course with my son NOT SO FUN.
*  My fighting kids who are just as ready to have their house back as I am.  
*  The guilt over skipping my repeat 1600's yesterday because I was too stressed about getting my painting done and feeling scattered from being in a torn up house all day. Funny thing is that I couldn't sleep because I had too much energy in my legs.  I almost got up at 3 a.m to run just so I could sleep.  My body is so conditioned to running hard that it hasn't known what to do with this recovery week of easier workouts.  
*  being dehydrated because I am not drinking as much waters as usual
*  Being a little worried about leaving my son tomorrow...not because I can't leave my kids...just because I know what a hard time he is having right now and for him to wake up and have someone else there is going to be hard on him.  What mother doesn't have a hard time with knowing their kids will struggle with something?  Yes, I already know that he will be fine.  No worries on giving me any of those lectures.  ;)  
*  Being a little stressed about having the kitchen workers here again tomorrow (they were supposed to be done) when I'm at my race and the babysitter is here.  
*  Just that sick feeling in my stomach that I always get before running a 5k.  But I'm over it..this is a new day for me.  I'm no longer holding on to those old bags.  :) 

And then whenever I would find myself griping and moaning, I would remind myself:
*  How pathetic it is to be grumpy about my kitchen not being done yet when I am GETTING A NEW KITCHEN!  Nothing to complain about.
*  The people in Japan who are suffering right now.  Many many people have lost people they love, their homes, and their own lives.  This alone makes me grateful to even have any of the small things in my life, let alone the big ones.  
*  I have some great kids!  Love them!  They are stressed too and they want to have their normal routines back just as much as I do.  

So, here's to rain in Portland!  I'll just have to make the most of it!

And here's to finishing out kitchen and deciding on a paint color.  We bought some way too expensive brown mocha like paint but it was way too drab for our tastes so we are going to go with COLOR!  I love color!  We are thinking the dark green.  

Good luck to all of you racing this weekend!  Again, I am so excited to get a chance to catch up on some of your blogs.  I miss the inspiration I get from so many of you. I've truly grown and pushed myself to do so many new things because of you!

 1. What's new with you?  Celebrations?  Disappointments?  Races?  Life?  Things your children have done that make you laugh?  

2. What is your biggest tip for racing a good 5k?  

3.  Do you race in shorts even if it is 30-40 degrees outside?  Trying to figure out if I'm wearing shorts or tights.  



  1. I love color on my walls! It just makes it feel so warm and cozy! Hope the work is done VERY soon! As for 5ks, I figure I am going to feel like I am dying the entire way so just give it all I have...

  2. good luck tomorrow!
    my advice? are you kidding I am a turtle!
    so here goes: RUN FAST!!!!

  3. That Shamrock Run shirt is so cute! Good luck tomorrow. You'll do great. Leave it all on the course.

  4. Hey girl! Gonna keep this short 'cause I'm on my phone. You have crossed my mind MANY times today and I was wondering how you were holding up with all the commotion you have going on there! I'm glad you made it through the week.

    I'll keep the feel good "know it all" advice to a minimum here. Just a simple "Good Luck"!! Throw it all out the window and just RUN!! You've got all the backing for a great race but you know that!

    You look just awesome in that pic BTW! For a 5K, under 40 I would wear tights I think. Get a good warmup and make your hubby give you a BIG good luck kiss at the start line!! I'll be thinking of you!

  5. If you start feeling at all down during your 5K, just remind yourself how much harder it is to run toting those heavy old bags :) Drop those puppies and fly, woman!

    Sending you some love and mojo madness :) xxxooo

    Just had two kids' birthdays last week, husband went out tonight in a fancy tux (benefit for the school), I survived a 3-day migraine, I haven't run a lick all week... well, since Monday.

    5K tip... drop the bags before the warm-up ;-) Then keep it quick and light. Find your rhythm and just step it on home. Find the feeling of running across the top of the road instead of ON the road. Does that make sense? Remember that you can always find something at the end :)

    If in the 40's shorts... in the 30's not shorts.

    Go get 'em, Tiger!

  6. It was 40-ish for my race today and I wore shorts and a long sleeve. I was slightly cold before the race, but perfect during. There was some sun shining also, if it is rainy/cloudy it may feel colder.

    Tips for running a 5k, ummm i don't even know. Any thoughts I have before the race about how to run it kinda go down the drain with in the first mile. It is ll about gutting it out to me. And remember it is short! It is over with soon and if you don't leave it all out there you will regret it 10 mins. after you finish. I'm not trying to make you nervous, I just know personally that it hurts during the race, but after I am always thinking I should have just dealt with the pain and gone faster.

    And I hope the 5k helps you feel better, I got such a high after I was bouncing around the place.

    I know you will rock it!! but stilll sending a little luck of the Irish your way (not sure if that is a good thing or not ;)

    My son makes me laugh daily :)

  7. and your shirt is much more awesome than the one I got today.

  8. I adore you. Your line of thinking rocks and is ALL too understandable. Run hard, run fast and enjoy every second of it. The faster you run to the finish the faster you're back to the kitchen and your kids. :) :)

  9. I have a hard time leaving my kids too - so here's what I'm thinking: the faster you run your 5K, the faster you get home to the kiddos! Unless, of course, you run so fast that you place and have to stay around for the awards ceremony... Which you probably will... Good luck!!!

  10. Your kitchen is looking AWESOME.
    I like the Shamrock shirt!
    I don't have any good 5k tips but I know for next time I would push myself harder. I know i'm capable of doing better I just get scared to push myself beyond that point where I feel like I might quit.
    The temps for my run were in the high 30's and the outfit I wore was perfect. In fact my arms were getting a little warm so I could have done without the arm warmers I think.

  11. PS...I gave you some blogger love on my latest post. Don't have to do anything..just wanted to share the love!

  12. Yay for lots of colour. I say if it makes you happy go bright. Colour makes me happy, neutrals do nothing at all for me.
    Good luck with your race. Yes, it'll hurt but the pain is short.

  13. Can't wait for your race report...

    It's a little late fore me to give advice, but warm up well and with lots of quick stuff...go out with a BANG and hold on. You have the endurance :)

    Hope you stay dry!

  14. Your kitchen is going to be wonderful. Just think of all your great meals that you will be cooking before you know it.
    Good luck at your race...I am so not a 5 K runner and have to miss my race this weekend because of my hip:( so run a good race for me.
    Looking forward to some of your comments. I miss your little notes on my blog.
    Happy Sunday:)

  15. Good luck! It is hard to go back to racing when you have not done it in a while. So don't think, just run! Don't worry about the time, just put out a hard effort and judge yourself based on that!

    This may be too late, but Runner's world has a calculator about how to dress based on temps.

    OK, good luck again and go get them!

  16. My mojo is on vacation too! I've been a bit irritable and off my game too. Here's to focusing on the good in life!

  17. Good luck on your race! I love the 5K distance because you go HARD and FAST and then you're done. I'm sure you'll rock it.

    Can't wait to see how the kitchen turns out!

  18. i feel you! let that rain wash away the worries and sweat it out in your 5k. you will do awesome! you are a strong and amazing momma! your kitchen is looking gorgeous! have fun today - can't wait to hear about the race.

  19. Good lists, Amanda. It is definitely hard not to get down on life sometimes because we are all human, but the best fix is counting our blessings. Well done!! Good luck on your race. I can't wait to read all about it!

    What's going on in my life? Well, we are moving in less than two weeks so tons of packing and organizing and purging of stuff we don't need!

    Biggest tip for a 5k... run like hell and when you can't hold the pace, let up just enough so you don't hurl and then pick up the pace again. :)

    I wear shorts when it's around 40... I'd probably at least wear running pants, not necessarily tights.

  20. I've been reading your blog for awhile now, and I think that you are a wonderful example for all women. You are a very insightful lady, and I have appreciation for your outlook on life.

    Good luck with your 5k and your kitchen remodel. I think the green is a lovely color.

  21. I'm waiting to hear about your race now....
    Sounds like you've turned around you attitude and have gained some perspective. My former yoga instructor/friend recently said that if we aren't satisfied we "either need to change our attitude or change our reality". I loved that. You did that perfectly!

  22. i love color too! unfortunately i married someone who wants to paint the entire house beige. (eww i know!) haha. i have 'given in' on some places but he still won't return the favor anywhere... he just says "a potential buyer will not be able to envision themselves..." and i'm like A) we are not selling the house and B) yes for the most part you should paint neutral (WHEN YOU ARE SELLING) but not every room has to be the same color.

    anyway. haha.

    i hope you use all of those paint colors just like they are :)

  23. I was supposed to be at the Shamrock to do the 15k today but I fell sick :-(
    I did get my shirt last week, though. Do you think it's wrong to ever wear it since I didn't actually run? They are pretty see-through, aren't they?

    I like color, too!! My parents have a green accent wall in their living room and it looks fantastic!

  24. I say sage green over dark green.

    I've never run a 5k, so don't have any good tips. I suppose not starting out too fast.

    40's = shorts. 30's = wouldn't know.

    The funniest thing my kid said when she was 3-ish. When I told her she hurt my feelings she said, "Which ones"?

  25. I LOVE this picture of you!! And, dark green is going to look FABULOUS ON those walls!

    I think many of us would agree it's okay to be off and complain about it--maybe thats the start of the problem solving process?! :)

    Good luck on your 5k--I bet you just killed it!! I'm curious what you decided on shorts--I;'d probably go for capris for a 5k, but I have never raced one.

    Go Amandahood!!

  26. so, I'm taking a break from my blogging hiatus to comment! I'm guessing you already ran your 5k by now but hope it went well. I ran my first 5k in over a year yesterday and it feels so much faster than the longer races. But the good thing about a 5k is that it is over so quickly. So, by the time I started to get tired, I only had a mile to go! It is one of those races where you just have to start fast and hold on to the pace as long as you can knowing that it is quick and over soon! I'm hoping to run in the low 20s but a sub 20 5k is a great time and goal though! Look forward to hearing about your race!

  27. Can't wait to see how the kitchen turns out! I have a lot going on in my life - family health stress - and I am just trying to keep it together...usually by running my legs off. :)

  28. This is so late...I was away from my computer most of the weekend and have barely looked at another blog other than posting my weekly training recap.

    All that stuff would stress me out, too, and I know that I start to get crabby when I'm not running as much as I usually do...and I don't log the miles that a lot of people do. I like the greens with your yellow. So warm and welcoming.

    As for the questions, I did my first 21-mile run, which was awful but is finished, so that's something. And the next day I did my first adventure race, which was an AMAZING experience and is taking me forever to write about.

    Interested to see what you chose to run in (I'm working my way backward through the blogs I've missed). For a long race, I'd probably wear shorts if the temps were high 30's or above. For a 5K, I'd stick with tights.

    Hope life has calmed down for you! :)