Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ragging Road Rage Run and Monkey Privates


  • Just got home from the most boring 9 mile run ever. Perhaps it was boring because it was so late and there weren't many interesting people to scope out.  And it was on a treadmill.  Enough said.
  •  I gained 4-5 pounds just from eating like a horse and being on my period the past few days.  Always makes me feel great to get on the scale and see that that I'm putting on the pounds to go along with my bitchy mood.  I'm thinking the several pounds of red velvet and white cake that I've been grazing on over the past few days might have something to do with it.  Yay for leftover birthday cake! 
  •  I'm loving the 7 comments I got on my last mommy post.  I'm realizing more and more that most my readers/followers are more interested in running related posts.  Now really the low comment count could also be due to the fact that I've been the WORST blog reader in the world the past several weeks and people have probably written me off their blog reading role.  I still read, I've just been at a loss for words (imagine that Chris) and haven't wanted to resort to comments like "great post" or "awesome!".
  • My 4 year old daughter kept asking me yesterday what Monkey privates look like.  I told her that they probably look quite a bit like our privates.  She said something along the lines of "Well, next time we go to the bookstore, we can look up Monkey privates in a book and then we will know!"  Tomorrow we will go to the zoo and check out the monkeys!  
  • I thought about introducing her to Google images but when I googled "Monkey Privates" I came up with a selection of photos that wouldn't be appropriate for a four year old.  I've gotten some great responses to this on of my friends (not naming names) even sent me a great google image photo that she found while googling monkey privates.  Loved it!


  • I hope to get 50-60 miles in this week but I find myself really excited to be done with marathon training and just be running for fitness and fun.  Hoping for a relaxed and fun summer!  I do love training for something but it takes a lot of time and there are some evenings that I just want to have a glass of wine with my husband over dinner and relax without heading out the door to the gym and missing out on family time.  But this is important to me right now and as long as it keeps being fun then I'll keep doing it!
  • Sunday was a 13.1 progression run.  It was supposed to be 14 but I cut it short.  It ended up being an interesting run.  The pros:  My husband and I got to run together.  The cons:  I had just started my period, I had stomach cramps, it was windy, we were running in a really crappy area with way too much traffic, few sidewalks, lots of stop lights, big hills, lots of turns and I felt like the biggest Bitch in the world!  It was like running with Road Rage and being on the Rag (do people still use that term?) didn't help. Everything was pissing me off...the people in their cars, the stop lights,  the rain and poor husband.  But we decided to run close to where our kids were since we didn't want to add travel time on top of our running time.
  • Progression run was supposed to be first 7 miles at base pace and then gradually increase speed until last mile is run at half marathon pace.  My goal was to run the second half of the run at lower 7's with the last mile at 7 or 6:50ish.  Considering the elements and how I felt, I'm satisfied with the run.  Here's the stats for all those who care and for my own reflection:
13.1 miles in 1:42.54

The rest of my week looks like:
Tonight: 9 miles@base pace and drills
Wed:  1.5 mile warm up; 5 x 1k intervals @ 5k pace w/3 min active recoveries; 1.5 mile cool down
Thurs: 4-8 miles recovery/base pace
Fri:  Tempo.  1.5 mile warm up; 4.5 miles @10k pace; 1.5 mile cool down  Cocktail party to go to that night!  Woot Woot!  I have an excuse to get all dolled up!
Sat: 4-8 miles @recovery/base pace
Sunday:  16-18 miles @ base pace

Running goal:  To stay focused and Have fun with it!  I'm not a professional runner so running shouldn't turn into a job.  Yes, I should work hard but I need to have fun with it too!

Personal Goal:  Continue to Relax this week (spring break) a good and light novel, let the house be messy, and ENJOY my children! Hug them, love them,  and take them to do things that are out of the ordinary routine!



  1. Men really don't know what a huge pain it is to have to deal with the period thing...and run! I get bad cramps too. Sorry about that. I'm jealous you only gained 4 seems I gain about 10 lbs during that time of the month. Blahhhhh! Hang in there. Who cares about what "the followers" want to hear about, it's your blog write what you like....we all like it.

  2. You're amazing! I hope I can work up to that kind of mileage!

    I hear poor brothers deal with my foul period moods and snappiness while I'm running. It's something I tell myself I'll be better at, but it seems I slip up a little somewhere every time! :(

  3. I've gained more than 4 pounds lately, and I don't have a period to blame for it. Ooops.

    I read the parenting stuff, but I don't feel like I have anything of valour to say about it (plus, I'm a terrible commenter to begin with). But, I enjoy reading honesty about what it's like. Someday we'll have kids.

  4. I am completely blaming girl scout cookies for my weight gain! That is an awesome run considering the crap you were dealing with! I would take that run on ny best day! :-)

    I love the mommy posts and always start to comment but sometimes baby girl gets my attention and I forget my comment later on! I am really looking forward to the doing stuff together days- like looking for monkey privates!- with my kid. She is so great now but I cannot wait until we are able to cook and really do together.

    Best advice I got when I became a mama: "your kids won't remember how clean you kept the house. They will remember the time you spent down on the floor with them!". That beig said I forgo all cleaning. Just kidding! :-)

  5. I had to laugh at the 7 comments comment in your post... I would be thrilled to get seven comments!!! I think you are awesome and I love your blog!

  6. Wow, that’s a lot of running for just running to enjoy it and have fun. But you are right, it has to be fun, always. I like the idea of doing something out of the ordinary with the kids. I will do the same in the next week or two.

  7. Your daughter is hilariously interesting at 4. Her curiosity for life at her age is preciously adorable.

    I had my cycle almost two weeks ago and put on about 3 lbs. that I have yet to shake. I'm not really quite sure what happened, but if you find the miracle cure for this please share!

  8. Seriously, who would google and send you monkey privates. I don't know anyone like that-ha.....

    Great job on the run. I love progression runs (not always during) but I get a lot of confidence from finishing fast. Considering the running conditions especially, you REALLY did well with that! Yes, the RAG is common terminology at least in this house and people around here know EXACTLY what it means:) Crazy how running under less than perfect circumstances can bring out a nasty side-ha! I am honestly really nice in person, I rarely swear, usually smile......I am like a psycho bitch if someone crosses me while I'm running on a bad day. Old ladies have seen my middle finger. Well, that's extreme but almost true...

    Don't even talk about red velvet cake. I'm FINALLY right where I want to be and now I'm not running...

    Your running week looks awesome! Cocktail party on Friday night-FUN!! I haven't been to a party in awhile. NEXT weekend we're going on a couples trip to the North Shore! Lots of wine and dressing up!

    Alright, long enough. Good luck with the intervals:)

  9. I love age 4. They are so cute and say the cutest things, My little guy is coming on 2 and his vocabulary is growing so much. He just amazes me.

  10. I love running for fitness and fun. Ya, training is the best. But nothing beats just grabbing your running shoes, hitting the pavement and just feeling the run. Hang in there :)

  11. First you know that gain is mostly water.. no worries. Second I'm betting TONS of people looked at your site..I mean you have over 200 followers. Your awesome, 'nough said! Third, you are FAST.. :)

  12. A loss for words? You sure made up for it. :) Sounds like a good week planned.

  13. Just so you know, I like your posts about mommyhood. Don't you love the questions they come up with?!!!
    What a great running week you have planned! Sorry about your run on Sunday. Wind + that time of the month + stoplights = crappy run.
    Have a great week and a fun time at the zoo!

  14. I love the mommy posts!! And don't worry about being MIA. We all have lives outside our blogs!!! :)

    I think it is hilarious that your daughter wants to know. Kids are awesome.

    Sounds like your running is going well and you're right, we need to remember that it's not our job, so have fun with it!!!

  15. i love the mommy posts too:) reading about your training is very motivating as well, great job!

  16. Hi there,
    awesome post!

    J/K (well, I mean it is, but just pokn' fun at the 'awesome post'! comment;-) ;-)

    but really, awesome progression run. It's so to the T. And I REALLY like your run goal. Yes, we ain't professional runners, so finding the balance of pushing our selves and still enjoying the ride;-)

  17. Cramps while running is the worst. Girl, no matter how busy you are and away from reading other people's blogs, I will ALWAYS stalk you because I am hooked and you can't get rid of me. I always gain wait on my period, cake leftovers are the BEST. I LOVE people watching at the gym. Makes the time fly. What do monkey privates look like, I guess I will be googling that next:)

  18. I should SO get on FB more often, I keep missing out on all the fun. I SO rarely get on there and then just skim my first page and leave.

    Sorry, I have not blogged much lately - a little burned out and a little overwhelmed with my stupid heel. After my last ranging email to you, I figured you'd realize how "not right" I am right now. Sorry I missed the kid post.

    You're going to do AMAZING with this marathon...then have a blasty summer. Maybe you'll come to Colorado and relax and we'll climb a 14er together :).


  19. You seem so disciplined! I don't even know HOW to do the workout you describe! To many X's?
    I love blogs that share their life...and how running fits into it! So keep on sharing mommy posts or anything else that is on your mind!
    I too am looking forward to being done with marathon training and playing ALL summer!

  20. Okay, I admit it. I skip over the kid-related posts. lol I don't have kids and don't want kids, so I don't have anything to contribute to those posts comment-wise.

    Now the running on the other hand... haha

    I don't have a period very often. I'm on continuous birth control, so that keeps me from having one. But every few months I'll have one and when I do, it's a doozey. On my long run Saturday I could just feel a fullness and tenderness in the area of my ovaries and they throbbed all afternoon afterwards! It's a good thing I was running at LSD pace. I couldn't have done anything requiring more.

  21. Unfortunately comments are the most visible measure of "success", but not necessarily the most accurate. Never know how many readers/lurkers are out there :) Plus, we're all busy most of the time and (like you) sometimes only have time to read!

    Anyway. Hang in there. PMS pounds will disappear again and at least the cake was tasty!! :)

  22. Stupid period. I brilliantly got on the scale Sunday morning, had a heart attack, and got back off. I started Sunday night. Now, I'm scared to get back on there again!

  23. I love how you think 7 comments is low… I'd be so excited if ONE of my posts got 7 comments (half of which weren't my own!).

    You rock, Amanda… as a mom, runner, teacher, jokester, you name it… even with ragging road rage! LOL

    Hope the monkeys show you their stuff today ;-)

  24. Google images can be so useful and also so very inappropriate. Searching for "hand" without safe search on did NOT result in an image I could use for my class! Lesson learned.

    I like the mommy posts, too. We're all a lot more than our training, and it's nice to see the things that other people are juggling as well. I had to laugh at your progression run, though; your slow paces are ones I could only dream of finishing with at this point! :)

  25. Reasons why I love breastfeeding.... haven't had period for 16 months (7 month old + 9 months pregnancy)!

  26. I am glad to hear I am not the only PMS mom runner. Or the only person who was gone AWOL from the blogosphere lately!!
    Your goals sound great!

  27. The PMS thing does improve as you get older. (a little encouragement)

    Your daughter's a voyeur with a very inquisitive mind. That's so funny!

  28. loving the "loss for words" comment directed at Chris! ha!

    Holy stellar progression run Amanda!! I wish I coudl train with you--I would be constantly challenged and could pick your brain for advice. You are so talented!!!!

  29. That's funny she WANTS to see monkey privates... I went to the zoo one spring and I think I saw ALL the monkey's privates that day. It's an image, really, that won't go away...

  30. this would be a perfect day for the zoo! We just got back from a hike out at Mary S. Young Park in West Linn. Perfect weather! Well...a little sunshine would be nice ;-)

    Here's a link to the doodle books at B&N

    sometimes I'll make copies of the pages so both kids can do the same ones.

  31. I read all post but sometimes I don't get a chance to comment, since I read in the train, on my phone.
    For me, I don't really care how many followers I have or how many comments I get. I do care about the actual comments; also, there are some bloggers I really admire and am excited to get comments from them (and will comment on their blogs even when they don't comment on mine). The blog is mine, I write it for me, to have a record of my training and life, etc.

    I always say that when running becomes I chore, I quit. Sure, there are times when I am not excited to run bc I am tired, but I am always happy once I get out there. Having said that, it would be pretty hard for me to go run after dinner, instead of hanging out with the family, and working (yes, I work at night)on my computer while my husband rubs my feet and watches basketball. So kudos to you for that determination and making running fit into your life. Do not let running and fears of not getting your goals quickly get to you. You are now just getting back into things, have had some injuries and are a busy mom of 3, so it will take time to get where you want to get. I have no doubt you will reach your goals.
    Hope you had fun at the zoo.
    Oh, and I have to comment on the 5lbs gain. I saw the pic you posted before (you and kids) and if you gained 5lbs you are hiding them well bc I can't see them!

  32. Ha! I totally agree Ana Maria...I think I was joking about the comments more than anything. in fact, I was just telling another blogger the other day how I have slowed down on posts because I can't keep up with comments. :) I feel kind of like I like to respond to people, especially if they make sincere comments. But you're right, the blog is for me and I shouldn't care so much if it is a hit with the blog world. It is what is real to me. :)

  33. 100% understand about running on period- i'm so shocked I haven't had to deal with it yet for any of my half races (thank goodness) - i'm SUPER impressed with your time for a training half- my ultimate goal is to break into the 1:40s, and here you are whipping out a 1:42 on a practice run- AMAZING!

  34. Not hands. Lol. Hand. Singular. :)

  35. i've been MIA too! it's not because its a parenting post or anything, i promise :)

    i'm catching up: LOVE the new kitchen :), yay for the mojo and tune up race, LOVE the pictures of your learning process :)

  36. ha, was just remembering that i'd started to comment on your mommy post and then got distracted by some mommy-type thing! my life has been so crazy the last week and a half, i feel like i'm barely keeping my head above water. so i let the running and the blogging go! got back to the running this week and gonna get back to the blogging tonight. glad to hear your update--what a ridiculously awesome run!!

  37. Amanda, you rock! I was thrilled to get through 2 miles in 20 minutes on the treadmill yesterday.

    I think there is always room for more red velvet cake stuffed in my face!

  38. I'm jealous you get to go to the zoo! Every year I say I'm going to take a vacation day so I can go to one of the zoo's spring break week activities and I never manage it. I was trying really hard to swing getting off work early today -- it was the perfect zoo weather today!! Oh well, maybe this weekend. I'm always the single person there without kids :)

  39. I love your last comment on this post about not worrying about who posted, and responding etc. Your running and your blog are about you not us, as long as you are fulfilled you are winning and so are us reader for getting to read your amazing posts. I particularly love your poem posts, it is my secret desire to be a writer, but I fear I don't have the commitment or talent as you do. Great job with weekly mileage, I need to figure out a reasonable way to step up my efforts in this arena without making running feel like a job. Have a great week!

  40. I love your comment about remembering that running is not a job. I needed to be reminded of that- thank you!

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  42. I just found your blog and I really am enjoying it!
    I love reading about fun mamas who love to workout/run!

  43. I seriously dislike TOM week, and the lack of self control it brings with it :D.

    Monkey privates!? Really?! Kids are so weird! LOL!

  44. Great post, awesome!!!!! ...and good job!!!! (joking of course).
    9 miles on a treadmill is something of terrible, the last time I ran on it was in China but for 2 reasons: I didn't know the place and there was a very polluted air.
    Congrats for the fast 13.1 miles with an impressive negative split.

  45. How cute is your daughter?? What a curious question to ask ... but then really, it is a good question! Maybe next time I'm up there I'll hit the zoo to investigate on my own.

    And I was in Portland running my 10 miles on Sunday. That was some serious wind! Major kudos to you for doing a half marathon (on your own without a medal for a reward??) in it!

    It's okay to be a bad blogger ... I've been so busy since I got home from Florida that I am struggling to try to keep up with everyone as well. And since I am just back to backing my races I don't know that I ever will be caught up. *sigh*

  46. Just getting here late...but wanted to say your running paces are looking AMAZING to me =D

  47. This looks like a pretty solid running week. So how are you doing now that it's Saturday? Good job on the progressive run young lady.

    Loss for words? You? I don't believe it.