Friday, May 13, 2011

You Might Have Run in the Sun Today If ...


You Might Have Run in the Sun Today If...
Your back looks like this when you put on a summer dress!  Um, can you say TACKY?!  I like to think of it as a sign of an athlete.  Or of an Oregonian who doesn't ever see sunshine and burns easily! Next time, note to self: Sunblock!

  • Yes, that is toothpaste on my mirror.  Don't judge!  I'm a busy mom.  I have time to take pictures of myself in my mirror but for some reason I didn't even notice the dirty mirror until now.  Just keeping it real. I'll wash it tomorrow when I clean bathrooms.
  • I have very broad and bony shoulders if you have not already noticed. If I was a shape, I'd be a triangle with the pointy part down. Hey, I kind of look like the Ironman, not like the people that do Ironmans but the actual Ironman symbol.  Yep that's me. Only, my arms are not quite as bulky. Check out my other self portrait:

  • No, that isn't a feather in my wet hair.  There is a lovely story behind that.  It is actually taped up there on the mirror to remind to always "listen" to my kids and what they have to say to me.  It is the remains of a leaf after the leaf part wore away and the vein part was all that remained (not sure the correct wording).  Anyway, my 3 year old daughter was talking to me and trying to get my attention.  I finally stopped to hear what she was saying and she looked up at me wide eyed and full of excitement and awe like she was seeing the world for the first time and said "Mommy! MOmmy!  Look, it's a LEAF BONE!" We had just been learning about the skeletal system and she was connecting this to the insides of the leaf. I thought she was brilliant and reminded myself to never be too busy to truly listen!
20 miles tomorrow!  Sloooow!  Hoping that my groin can take it.  I will remember to use sunblock this time.

 What is the tackiest sunburn you've ever had?  


P.S I'll remind you again I'm sure but I feel bad because all of you who entered in the the Kara Goucher book giveaway BEFORE the Big Blogger Crash of 2011, have to enter again because I lost all of your fabulous comments.  All 70 comments...gone!  There were some good comments on there too!  This doesn't work well for a giveaway....I have a hard time remembering all of those comments! 


  1. So. Is the leaf bone in your hair or on the mirror?

  2. Ha ha! On the mirror. I'll go back and clarify.

  3. I think the worst burn/tan I had was from living in my grandma's pool in phoenix one summer. But i was a kid. Does it still count?
    Also , I used to get sock tan lines from soccer. Farmer tans nowadays are pretty common for me- but very few people notice.

    I am just excited that you are running again!!! And in SUN in Oregon, no less!!!

  4. At least the toothpaste isn't holding it up there =D .

  5. I got sock tan lines on my 9 miler last week. When I got home I wasn't sure if they were tan lines or dirt lines (it gets pretty dusty here). LOL

  6. I always get excited when I start getting running tan lines. Except the sock lines...don't much care for them...

  7. When I used to row, I would get sunburned from mid-thigh to my ankles, save for a strip about 3 inches wide just below the knee where my cut-off sock tops protected my calves from getting "boat bites". And only on the fronts of my legs because when you row you are sitting down. I've also had some weird burns where I missed strips or streaks of skin when applying sunscreen.

    That looks painful. Aloe!!!

  8. Rarely do I remember to put on sunblock, and I really need to since I live in Florida! I use a foundation that has SPF, but I really need to use it on my exposed parts every day. Thanks for the reminder! I hope you have aloe to put on it!

  9. HooAhh! You did get fried. We could be twins because I have the same deal plus a nice line from my Garmin. Also tan lines on my legs and from my socks....I'm gonna need to mow the lawn naked to make up for this....

    OK-I totally laughed at the Ironman reference. SO not true, but clever and funny! I thought that was a tea bag or something in your hair. What a sweet story! Love it!

    Tacky Sunburn. I got so burned in St. Maarten when we went for our anniversary. Island rum and a lawnchair and perhaps a serious nap in that lawn chair.....When we came home, I could wear nothing but Sundresses (40 degrees in MN)and NO bra because anything touching my waist KILLED. Furthermore a little piece of my face began to peel and I pulled it and a whole layer of skin came off leaving me huge white spots ALL over my face and eventually the rest of my body. I still have almost scars from it. Lesson learned that Caribbean sun and Minnesota sun are TOTALLY different. NEVER forget sunblock on my face anymore....

    Hoping your long run goes well for you!!!! Let me know:) And only because I know you care, you spelled summer wrong in your first paragraph!! OK-girlie my word allotment is up!! Have a good one:)

  10. Oooo...loved the leaf bone story. Everyday I have to remind myself to listen to my kiddos, look them in the eyes and just sit down for a minute because they need me...even though I'm rushing around, teaching and have a million things to do. Hey, maybe I should remember this and apply it to everyone, even my husband!! Poor guy...

    Hope your LONG run goes well, it actually sounds FUN to me so hey, it's all relative. Love it up!!

    FInally, I'm off to cheer on my hubby and Chris K and a million other 5k runners, down the street!!

    I'm walking, no meds and jogging for the first time tomorrow. I'm almost back!! Thanks for your supportive email...


  11. OH! nice runners tan!!! Good luck on your 20, Amanda. I'm sure it will go awesome!! Love the feather story! Great reminder!

  12. nothing like a start of the summer running tan or burn. Enjoy the run

  13. ouch! that sunburn!

    i saw the symbol and thought you'd converted...;-)

  14. what a great healthy reminder to have in your everyday life!

  15. Thanks for tracking me down! Cool blog you've got there!

    Ever seen a "compression sock burn? Got one of those last Aug!

    Run Happy!

  16. Oh that's a good one. Sports bra and sock tan lines are the bane of my existence in the summer months! They just do not look cute with a strapless summer sun dress!! Thank god for self-tanner and sun block!

  17. A very good friend of mine mentioned really listening to her four-year-old a couple of days ago. She says she's gonna listen closer from now on because it turns out that when four-year-olds say "Look, Mom, there's a big snowflake in the car!" it really means that she's paint-markered a big snowflake on the passenger's side floormat...

  18. Just found your blog and we are neighbors. We should meet up and run, it looks like we are the same pace. I just live off of Springville. Hope your 20 miler went well! Are you running Newport? Are you running Helvetia this year?

  19. Ouch for the sunburn.

    Nice story about the leaf. How many times have the kids said something to me while I was distracted by something else? And how much good stuff did I miss?There was even an article in the paper the other day about how disconnected we are as a generation and how our kids benefit from undivided attention. Boy did I feel guilty.

  20. The leaf bone story is adorable. Even though I don't have kids, I feel like it's a great reminder to anyone who interacts the younger crowd. They really are the more interesting people out there!

  21. Ow! Poor back!

    This reminded me of an article I just saw on facebook. Here's the link:

    They're all great, but the ones that really made me think of you were

    You know you're an endurance athlete have tan lines that would put a zebra to've purchased clothes specifically because they hide those tan lines so well.

    Last year, I did a long bike ride one day and then a 5K the next day. I was still wearing the (shortish) shorts from my race at a carnival with my son. A guy said, "You must be a bike rider," and I agreed, feeling proud that he'd recognized me as a cyclist. Must be because I'm so fit, right? And then he continued..."Yeah, I could tell from the bike shorts tan lines." :P

  22. I love sports bra tan lines! Def not tacky - sign of a hot athlete :)

  23. NICE sunburn!! That looks super painful! I had one similar to that on my face with my sunglasses on. It was a good look. I was the jerk who went to FL in January and came back like that.

  24. Ouch!!
    I had this terrible sunburn once. I was using sunblock all day, but it clearly didn't work. My skin looked like an orange peel after that day. So gross. But the worst part is I HAD to wear a strapless bra and skimp tank tops to work because nothing could touch me without hurting. AND when I got the burn the tag on my swimming suit was sticking up, so I had that tan line for an entire summer.