Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blog Friend Meet Up, Out of the Funk, and Q and A for Runninghood

Q and A Time!  See Below and Ask Away!  

Thanks for all of your positive and supportive comments on my refocus post from yesterday. Reading your wise words, suggestions, warm comments, and reassuring stories ALWAYS makes me feel better.  Just putting myself out there with my goals helped me have a new focus to my day yesterday and today I woke up with a new perspective and energy!  

I wasn't the only one in a "funk" or feeling "blah" yesterday.  Several of my friends were feeling the same way.  While those of you in so many parts of the country are sweating your skin off, we are keeping cool and comfortable.  However, we are also not seeing much of the sunshine.   Most days this summer have just kind of been a grey, jeans and a jacket type of day.  I'm not complaining.  I'd rather have this than the HEAT!  The clouds, grey and rain just starts to put a damper on the creative energy flow sometimes.  Here's how my mom was feeling yesterday:

Ha!  I love her "blog" style.  
Today is certainly a new day!  For starters, I got to meet Raina from Small Town Runner, one of my favorite people that I've met through the blog world.  Raina has come to be a person I consider as a dear friend.  I am honored to have had the opportunity to meet up with her for a couple of hours in Portland.  I felt like I was meeting up with an old comfortable!  I could have talked to her for HOURS.  So many things I didn't get a chance to ask her about.  I'm sure I talked the entire time (or so it felt)!  She is every bit as genuine, loving and warm as she comes across on her blog.  She even remembered that my girls believe in fairies (specifically jewel fairies) and my son loves rocks so she brought them each a pretty jewel and rock and told them that "someone" wanted her to deliver them.  So special Raina!  They are holding on to them right now!  

Just by setting some new motherhood goals yesterday, I was able to find new focus.  We spent time cultivating our creative side:

And I found a great chore for them to do today so that they can learn responsibility. I think they fold way better than I do:

I took all three of my kids to the track behind our house yesterday for my repeat 1ks.  They actually did a pretty good job at picking clover, playing with sticks and waiting for me to finish  I only did three of them.  The first one was tricky because my two year old ran after me crying.  On my first lap around, I had to yell at my six year old to help me out by playing with him.  I may or may not have bribed her.  Either my Garmin was off or I am in better speed workout shape than I thought.  My goal was to run them at 6:25/6:30 pace but they were 6:10, 6:05, and 6:04 pace and I felt strong at the end.  Today I don't feel sore and I wasn't exhausted yesterday so I think that is a good sign that I didn't push it too hard.  This makes me feel optimistic about future training!  

Q and A

Okay, my turn!  So many of us have seen this thing going around.  You know, where you get to ask whatever you want and the person promises to answer your questions.  I've been meaning to do this for a few days now since Jenn and Annette tagged me. Ask away!  Anything you want to know about me, my life, my interests, etc. and I promise to answer the best I can.  Honest and open.  Yikes!  Be nice please.  Join in if you think it sounds like fun.  Otherwise, I'm not tagging anyone.  


Giveaway Reminders:
Run Like a Mother book and sweaty bands
Sticklete Art Giveaway...You can have an original painting made just for you...a runner, mother, family, yogi, cyclist, etc.  We had a request today for a runner with her dog...I can't wait to see what Cher comes up with.  


  1. Glad you enjoyed your day. You are so speedy! I've taken my kids to the track a few times thinking I could get some repeats in while they play. The last time there though a bunch of OTC elites came and I don't think took too kindly to the sandpile my 3 year old had put at the start of lane one when I was on the far side of the track. :S

    I want to know if you had to leave this great and wonderful state that we live in and move somewhere else, where would you go?

    What do you consider your guilty pleasure?

  2. Yay! I think Q & A's are fun!

    Hmmm, I would like to know- have you always been in shape? How long after each baby did it take you to lose the weight/get back to normal?

    Also, are you guys having more kids? :)

  3. Do you know why you are as hard on yourself as you are?

    Are you still in touch with any of your best friends from when you were in elementary school?

    What would your reaction be if your 2-year old head-butted you in the nose so hard you saw stars and felt nauseous?

    When you get sick, it is easy for you to throw up... or do you resist?

  4. You're so wonderful but there are always crazy people out there that love to hate on happy people. Have you ever received hate mail or a mean e-mail or comment in response to one of your blogs?

    If Oprah Winfrey, Ann Coulter and Kara Goucher were all running for president and you had to vote for one, who would you want the first female president to be?

  5. haha i love the big hairy wtf!

    i saw this and thought of you - maybe the fairy will start leaving these? :)

    hmm q's q's q's.

    what weird food-related habit do you have?

    what do you think your kids will grow up to be (job wise)?

    what did you want to be when you grew up?

    flowers or chocolates?

    have your daughters started the practice of skin stretching?

  6. YAY! for your day and getting to meet Raina! Love that she brought jewels to the kids. So sweet!
    Glad you are feeling better! Have an incredible night!

  7. Which one of your children is... how do I say it nicely... the most "spirited?" Does she/he give you a run for your money daily? Hourly?

  8. 1) Why does XLMIC have this amazing skill to ask such great questions?

    2) When you get into the car, who controls the music?

    3) Fav TV shows with hubby, and without?

    4) Where do you see yourself living in 20 year when the kids are all out of the nest?

    5) What are your 3 top Bucket List items?

  9. I'm wishing you some sunshine. Yes, it hit 107 today (WTF indeed), but I'm just so thrilled to have our June monsoon over that I can't hate on the heat too much.

  10. OMG...I had almost that exact same experience when I took my boys to the track with me. But, I had a scary moment when I got half way around the track, looked to check on them, and I couldn't see them anywhere. I stopped running in a panic, only to see them running after me on the track!

    Here's my question: If you couldn't run, what would you do for exercise?

  11. I WANT TO MEET AND HANG OUT WITH YOU AND RAINA!!! SO FUN!!! Girl, what a fun summer activity with your kids and taking them to the track...I love it! YOU ARE SO SO FAST!! I will just live my running dreams through you for now:)

  12. Amanda!
    Ok questions....
    Does your husband read your blog? What does he think of it?

    How old were you when you left home?

    Did you wait to find out the gender of your kids?

    What was your job before you became a mom?

  13. I forgot
    What do you think of the word "swell"? Do you ever use it?

  14. track behind your house?!!! lucky!!! i can't tell you how many times I've thought about taking my kids to the track with me and i've never been brave enough! you are getting so super speedy. Boston is your next marathon, right? What marathon is your husband running in WA? sorry if I missed it. I'm excited for you guys...I hope he makes it to boston with you. I just love that you guys can share the love of running.

  15. Just saw you on SUAR...had to come check out your site!

  16. I would love to meet you!! My parents have a Rock and Gem business, Mom still runs it with my brother. They go to rock and gem shows. There is one in Tenino, WA this weekend. What type of rocks? Maybe I can send a few things your way :)

    I have been in a CRANKY funk all week.

  17. I absolutely LOVED visiting with you too, Amanda. Next time we need to have the WHOLE day. How is Naomi doing?? Tell S I will pick out a better rock next time. A yummier one:))

    You are a BRAVE and organized mom to take the kids to the track :)!

    I have a bazillion questions I want to ask you now!!! Our time was too short!. :) I am making a list and sending it soon...
    My hubby is wondering when and where your hubby graduated from high school-- this is not Q and A, BTW. :)

  18. Looks like an enjoyable time with your kids. I love that they get to have fun and paint AND do chores. I get so annoyed when kids have no responsibility! Hmm a question....

    If you had two days, $1000 and your hubby, what would you two do? You HAVE to spend the entire amount.

  19. wow a speedworkout with faster than planned times, that only happens in my dreams!!

  20. yay for q & a!

    What events did you run in college track?

    So after reading your post about you hate for bacon, which left me giggling for hours, it left me wondering if you have any of the loathing feelings for other foods?

    What inspired your kids names?

  21. OK, lets see if I can come up with some good questions.

    1. Favorite place to live?
    2. If you could pick one job (assuming you would have qualifications) what would that be and why?
    3. Favorite running distance in college and now.
    4. Longest amount of time you went during the day without talking? or sex?
    OK, I better stop cause the rest of my questions might not be appropriate:)

  22. I've never tried taking my kids with me to the track, but in the past, when they were very young, I probably wouldn't have chanced it. So glad yours cooperated!

    Question time: Do you have a guilty pleasure TV show? (Bravo addict wants to know!)

  23. Have you ever colored your hair a weird color? Pierced anything? When are you coming back to CO so we can drink coffee?

  24. OK...what were you like as a Teenager? Good girl? Bad girl?

    If you could fast forward 5 years - or go back 15, would you?

    Do you prefer speed work on the track with kids or a TM without?