Friday, August 5, 2011

You Asked! And Let Me Off Way Too EASY!

 A few weeks ago I played along with this Question tag that has been going around blog land.  You asked and I am slowly answering.  Although I am disappointed in how "SAFE" your questions were.  Gee, you could have asked anything!   I'm only going to do a few of these at a time and these are in no particular order!  
Lots of you asked about my favorite races in college so I thought I'd include an old school picture from a college cross country race.  This was 2000.  I had just met my now-husband.  I know this because of the hemp necklace I'm wearing (he made it)....a little piece of Oregon in Iowa!  The girl on the right went on to be super FAST! Ahh, the college days...I had some great boobs! Too bad you can't see them in this picture.  I miss them sometimes.  HA!

What events did you run in college track?
Mostly the 800m, 1600m, and sometimes the 4x400m relay.   I actually liked the 800m a lot!  
So after reading your post about you hate for bacon, which left me giggling for hours, it left me wondering if you have any of the loathing feelings for other foods?
Depends on my mood.  Ha, bacon really isn't so bad in itself as far as is actually kind of tasty.  It is just what is left after cooking it that really disgusts me.  Hmmm, I suppose I don't really like certain Japanese foods and I'm not such a big fan of certain curries but overall, I'm not picky and I LOVE food!  

What inspired your kids names? 
My childrens' middle names are all from family.  Their first names are just names we liked.  

Favorite place to live?
Ahh, this one is tough because I love where I live now but I also love many many places.  I'd love to live up in the mountains of Colorado, on the beach somewhere warm, in a really cool city for awhile...I would be happy many places. 

If you could pick one job (assuming you would have qualifications) what would that be and why?One?!  This is too hard!  Probably a professor of literacy/English or a Writer/Public Speaker/Motivator.  I cheated...there was two. Why?  Because I'm in love with learning and teaching!  Teaching kids to read and write and reading about best practices for teaching reading and writing have always been a huge Passion!  I would love to write a book about it, teach teachers, and inspire and be inspired!

Favorite running distance in college and now.
In college I liked the 800m.  Long enough to involve some endurance and speed but short enough to be over quick. Now?  Not sure...Not being in college, there are not many opportunities to race a mile or the 800m so I'd say probably the half marathon....hmmmm, not so sure though.  Least favorite is the 5k.

Longest amount of time you went during the day without talking? or sex?
I have to talk a lot since I have kids but I don't generally go too long if I had the choice.  I usually end up talking to myself if nobody is around.  Sex?  Hmmm, since being married? Not counting after having a baby.....Probably two weeks at the MOST.  I like sex. Ha!

Hmmm, I would like to know- have you always been in shape? How long after each baby did it take you to lose the weight/get back to normal?Truthfully, I have always been in shape.  As a kid I was always active, we ate pretty healthy and I was just usually in shape and had strength in my arms, abs and legs.  After babies it usually took a good 3 to 6 months to get back to normal. I had to wait until I was done nursing before I could really resume my normal lifestyle and shape. Nursing was SO HARD for me!!  I had mastitis (breast infections) every other week.  

Also, are you guys having more kids? :)
Not planning on it!  

OK...what were you like as a Teenager? Good girl? Bad girl?I was angry and emotional.  Overall, I was a good girl.  I studied hard, got very good grades, pushed myself HARD to be great in whatever I did and worried about future plans and how I would figure it all out.  I also had a side where I broke some rules ...maybe a few laws...or not....hmmm.  I was very disrespectful to my parents...My mom and I fought all the time and I hated her for years of my life.  :( We and had a horrible relationship.  But a great one now.  
If you could fast forward 5 years - or go back 15, would you? Nope!  I'm happy being right where I am.  Wouldn't want to miss out on life and wouldn't want my life to be any different so I wouldn't want to go back and change anything that has already happened.  

Do you prefer speed work on the track with kids or a TM without?
Track with kids means that it is nice outside so I'd say Track with Kids.  :)

What about you....
1. What were you like as a teenager?  Good? Bad?  
2.  If you could have any job other than the one you have now, what would it be (assuming you had the qualifications) and why?  


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  1. I was a very good girl as a teenager. Toed the line even though I was angry with my family and desperately wanted to get away. I knew being "perfect" was my ticket out.
    Any job? Movie star.

  2. 2 weeks! Even right after having kids! Wow!! You animal you!! LOL

  3. Whew... as a teenager I was a handful. I HATED my parents! But now all is well and I adore them.

    I may see a future blog post in the making... hahaha

  4. I caused some trouble as a teenager, but I definitely could have been much worse. Dream job other than what I'm actually doing: travel writer for a major newspaper.

  5. I was a good girl! Crazy about food and exercise though....My two dream jobs....photographer and stay-at-home mom!

  6. I didn't get into much real trouble as a teenager. I was a good girl but a very back-talky daughter. I'd never put up with that crap from my kids.

    Any job? Writer, travel reviewer, just getting paid to blog would be awesome.

  7. Oh no, Noral, I forgot about the having kids thing...we waited 5 weeks!!!!

  8. First- I love how you don't look a day older now than you did in that pic:)

    2 weeks!

    Laws? Ha! Love these answers. I knew many of them already but still really enjoyed reading them again!

    I was a little of both as a teenager. Good grades, sports, but maybe a couple of laws here too:)

    Any job? A physical therapist or something nutrition related. Realistically, selling running shoes:)

  9. Jenn, you're full of crap! I look way older. But I've also slimmed down a bit and am way healthier. :)

  10. I love 800s! so cool that you ran through school like that. No wonder you are so damn fast! And I like your job choices!

  11. I was a goody two shoes. Still am. :)
    Any job? Novelist.

  12. I was good. Boring good.

    I would be a pshychiatrist! Or a journalist that writes book reviews for magazines!

  13. Thanks for sharing!!! Loved reading this!

  14. I would most certainly be a writer. If only...

    I was a bad teenager. I started out high school with a 4.0 and that only lasted a couple years. Then I started getting invited to parties and it was all downhill from there. I became a party animal and a drinking machine! I actually calmed down once I got to college while everyone around me was just starting to party.

    You did not answer my question and I am so sad. ;-)

  15. sorry i'm just not experienced in unsafe question asking!

  16. I was a bit like you as a teenager - angry on the inside but pretty well behaved. A while back I read my diaries from back then and I was surprised at how much bile I would spew on those pages. Probably just as well that I kept diaries or I may have killed someone.

  17. I was good. Way too good! My parents were the type though that if I was going to a friend's house, they'd ask if a parent was going to be home. And my parents were friends with many of my friends' there was no way I was going to lie. I think I was so busy with extracurricular activities, a full class schedule, and a part time job that I didn't have much time to get in to trouble.

  18. Ha! I bet we would have been great friends in high school :) Had we even attended at the same time....Hmm...wait. I think you are just young enough to be let off the hook there. :)

    Love the "old" photo. You look great! I am always impressed with how few wrinkles I had back then...and how many i have now...ugh.

    Your sex answer is pretty funny. Haha :)

  19. I say poo on that pic! A big fat poo! Like you couldn't find one of me grabbing your boob or anything?!
    I feel the same exact way about se...... nnnn.....bacon! The after affects. .. so gross! Miss you and your laugh!