Thursday, October 10, 2013

All Things Running

Beaver Lake, one of my favorite places to run

Dearest Running,
Welcome back, my friend.  Thank you for always being there when I'm ready to have more of you. Thank you for the joy you bring to my world no matter how long I go without you.  No matter how many months I've just left you on the side to wait.  You are still there to be whatever I need you to be.  I'm excited to spend so much MORE time with you over the next many months.  You add color and life to things that might otherwise go unnoticed.  Thank you. I love you. 
Love Always, 

Not that anyone is really going to hold me to it or even remember that I said it, but I did promise that this next post would be all about running.  Not a bad morning to write all about running either.  Just such a GORGEOUS time of year to be returning to more consistent mileage.  I probably spent more time taking pictures and stretching my wonky hamstring today than I did actually running around Beaver Lake but I did fit in some joyful miles.

Joyful steps
Dirt under my feet
Fall colors peeking out from the green hills on the horizon
Smoky cool clouds rising above the water
Rays of sunshine shining down on my

Joyful.  That's how I'd describe my running lately.  The joy has returned to it and this has made all the difference.  After a summer of just a little bit of running here and there, I'm truly getting excited to be training for something again. As I build my base and dust off my running heart, I'm excited to see my paces pick up and to feel that tired happy focused feeling when I go to bed at night.  I still think I'm at a place in my life where I want my training/running to be a bit more low key than it has been before. Although I'm excited to train more and increase the mileage a tad, I'm at a different season in my life as far as goals relating to clock time, higher mileage, etc.  These things just aren't as important to me. And I'm pretty sure my body is on the same page as my heart and spirit here.  It just isn't 100% and it needs lots of loving care if I want to be running for LIFE.  I do admit that it is likely that my goals will change as training starts in late December.  Right now I might say clock time doesn't matter so much but this always seems to change as I start putting so much time and commitment into training.  Time goals have a way of creeping in there.

There were so many Running-Related things I wanted to write about this morning but I find myself out of time.  I have a beautiful boy waiting for me to pick him up from preschool.  And we just might have to head back to Beaver Lake for a picnic on the a hillside.  Just a few things I hope to get to on here soon and if I don't then I'll be posted about them on Facebook and Twitter:

  • Active Release Therapy.  I'm looking into this as something that might help with my chronic left hamstring issue.  I posted on this earlier this morning on my Runninghood Facebook and got lots of positive comments.  Looks like so many of you have had success with this!  
  • Boston Training Plans.  I have no idea what plan I will use for my Boston training.  I'm open to suggestions on this!  I guess I could make my own up but I really like having one to follow.  Recommendations?  I've used several different plans from books but I'm looking for something I haven't tried yet.  I'm also still thinking that it would be nice to have someone else just tell me what to do too...having a coach can be so nice!  Definitely takes the thinking out of it.
  • Savannah Rock n' Roll.  As of now, all my previous plans for this half marathon have fallen through.  Savannah is on my list of places I want to visit before we move back to Portland for sure!  This half marathon is on my 35th birthday, only 4 hours away, and I'll be running it for free as a gift from being a Brooks runner. Why not?!  My family can't come because it conflicts with other plans.  So, there is a part of me that is feeling young and crazy enough to just get in my car at 2 a.m, drive down there for the race and head back up that evening.  Ha!  Or find a hotel but that's tricky this close to the race.  
  • Asheville Marathon.  I'm really excited to have this as part of my spring training schedule.  It is March 16th and if my body cooperates, I'd like to do it and use it as a training run for Boston.  As many of you know, I've done this before and had success with it.  What a great experience too!  Running a marathon through the Biltmore Estate and seeing parts of it that are never opened to the public sounds pretty amazing in itself.  Not to mention that I don't have long here in gorgeous Asheville so I might as well make the most of it (just like Savannah).  I'd love if some of you signed on to this marathon with me.  I'd even be willing to run a different pace if one or a group of you would like someone to run with them or pace them towards a goal.  It is also a Boston Marathon qualifier.  Check it out for sure!  And if you register, click on the button on the top right of my blog and include Amanda@Runninghood in the referral box and you'll receive a running-related gift from one of the race sponsors.  Also, feel free to e-mail me if you have questions:  

  • GOTR (Girls on the Run).  Yes, I wish I had time to rave about this!  So much to say.  In the meantime, just saying that I LOVE this program and I love what I'm seeing it do for my daughter.  I hope to get much much more involved in this soon.  

  • Running Shoes.  More later on some shoes I'm loving lately and what I'd like to try. All Brooks of course.  Love my Brooks Running Shoes!  Thanks for making a great product again and again Brooks!  Honored to represent your company.  
  • Training Races/Runs Coming Up! 

And I'm off!  I would love to hear from you if you have any information on Active Release Therapy, Suggestions for plans to use for Boston Training,  if you want to join me for the Asheville Marathon, etc.  Really, I'd love to hear from you...PERIOD!


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  1. My husband is an elite runner, I am a regular runner (just ran my first marathon though in 3:43 - just a little bit proud of that), and our 9 year old competes nationally in USATF track and xc - and all three of us swear by our chiro that is certified in ART (active release) and Graston techniques. We recently moved to a new state and the first concern was finding a new dr. So far all the guys we have seen have trained at Palmer School of Chiropractic. I've referred tons of runner friends as well - one of my friends still had pain from a hamstring tear after a year of PT and the chiro got her running pain free over the course of a month. HIGHLY recommend it!

    1. Hi Bridie. First off, congrats on your 3:43 first marathon! This is definitely something to be proud of! Sounds like a family of runners for sure. Thanks so much for your comment...this is helpful! I've gone to a sports Chiro for years and love the person I see in Portland. But I've only tried Graston. Never ART. So I'm looking forward to trying it out and seeing if it gives this left leg of mine some hope. :)

  2. First off, my daughter is sitting here by me and LOVES the picture your mom painted. :-)

    Second, a half marathon ON your 35th birthday- sounds like it was meant to be! I have never run a race exactly on my bday but hope to someday!

    I have never used ART before but when one of my buddies (Tish- she was at Boston expo with me) had ITB issues ART was the answer.

    Looking forward to hearing about some of your training runs and races too!

    1. Thanks Tia! I think a 35 year birthday half marathon celebration sounds pretty fun too!

  3. I think there's something really magical about running in autumn. You can feel the change in the air and see it in the leaves and you're ready to make a few changes after summer. It's always the time of year when I love running the most.

  4. I do love autumn running and hope to maybe get in a run or two before winter if my leg finally heals! Hope you can keep your hamstring healthy.

  5. Beaver Lake is seriously GORGEOUS. I would escape there every chance I got!!!!

    Hope ART works for you if you go this route!

    Savannah-still wish I could just hop in my private jet and head down there to at least cheer and see the city!! I'll be thinking of you a ton that day!!!

    Gosh, would love to hightail it down for Asheville too! This race sounds beautiful!! If I didn't have state hockey tournaments that weekend I would have really considered that one! Should be great timing for a Boston training run!!

    Good luck with finding a Boston plan!! I'm still not sure what I'm going to do either!

    Happy Friday!!! XOXO

    1. Hi you! Yes, I LOVE Beaver Lake. I love everything here. I will be sad to go! too! Wish so badly you could come. xoxo

  6. I think you should take a day to spend in Savanah. I hear it's amazing and worth it. I know your family won't be there, but it would be a cool birthday present to yourself.

    1. I think you're right! yay! And thanks for the link!

  7. I read this blog post and I thought you would enjoy it!

  8. Let's just title this post all things Cori is going to love. Active Release is SO worth it... I go once a week right now and it has saved me. Add in Asheville, GOTR, and BROOKS and we're officially bffs. :)

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