Saturday, October 1, 2011


In light of yesterday's post about making positive affirmations with my children, I thought it was probably time for me to write some of my own.  I went ahead and wrote some down in my running journal.  It proved to be a process that involved quite a bit of reflection and introspection.  When I was done, I was able to start thinking of some new goals for the next few months as we wind down 2011.  

I could write goals and personal affirmations for all of the roles I play in life but I chose to focus on three of the big ones right now.  Perhaps next time I'll focus on Amanda the writer, teacher, child of God, or specifically wife.  I believe that the more we tell ourselves these things as if they ARE then they BECOME! 

As I think about these roles in my life, I realize how important it is for me to remind myself of my goals, evaluate them, and set news ones as I continue to grow.  
I AM...

Goal: To be patient and gentle when I respond to them.  Model appropriate behavior with how I respond to them, my friends, and my husband. 

My mom and I this spring.  Goal:  To be more available for her.  Not always easy for me to talk and come visit since I have three loud kiddos!  But I must make time.  

Goal:  To love my friends the way that they need to be loved....knowing their love language.  

Goal:  To be a better listener.  Sometimes I find that my friends share things and I am half listening and half thinking of something else.  

Courtesy of Craig Mitchell Dyer Photography
Goal:  To be okay with where I am out right now...and know that this time as a mother of young kids won't last forever.  I have plenty of time yet to meet my goals!  When Boston training starts, I want to push myself to new limits.  

When Others Write Words of Affirmation For YOU!
I am obviously a person that finds words to be very powerful.  I set goals for myself, write positive affirmations, reflect in many journals, write letters and e-mails of love, etc.  I value words and it has always meant a lot to me when people take the time to share their words with me.  Whether it is them writing a note of thanks, sharing their life story, or just expressing their feelings.  I know I already shared this on facebook this week, but this note that I got from an ex-student means so much to me!  It really did brighten my year and "affirm" so much for me...what teaching means to me, how much I love teaching children to love reading, writing and learning, and the value of building relationships!  Thank you "student"!  You never know when your words of affirmation can make a difference in someone's life.  

1.  What would be some of your positive affirmations?  Things you need to hear and believe for your life?
2.  Do you value getting letters, e-mails and notes that affirm the things that are important to you?
3.  Can you think of someone in your life that might need or want to hear how they impacted you?  


p.s.  Good luck to all of those racing this weekend!  I am so excited to read about your races.  Go get 'em Jenn!  I may or may not be tracking you in church!  Ha!  


  1. I think I am going to have to try out these positive affirmations because, with the way my life is right now, I need all the encouragement and self-esteem that I can get.

    I love getting notes from people and I think that's why I was so happy when I got your note today! Sometimes it's hard to believe in yourself so you need other people to remind you that you are strong and worthy.

    I think the person in my life who I could do a better job of letting them know how much they mean to me is my mom. We didn't always have the closest relationship but she has been such a savior with all that I've been going through and we've had a great relationship for years now. I'll have to let her know.

  2. I would like to comment on what a wonderful post this is but I'm totally distracted by the fact that you taught a 3rd grader who is now going to college!! You, my friend, seem to have found the fountain of youth!

    Anyway, that is a lovely note and is something you can go back to when you're dealing with 3rd grade drama!

  3. Loved reading those affirmations. Beautiful.

    And that note from the brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing! I hope to inspire my students like that someday...

  4. you are such a strong woman, and great role model for kids + adults a like. and a good (virtual) friend if i do say so myself :)

    umm and love that pro photo. was that for your upcoming nike sponsorship? ;)

  5. Holy whammmo, that is an awesome pic of you - you look like you aren't going to take any crap from anyone cuz you ARE a strong, and determined runner! YES!!

    Most of the time, I live peacefully (and gratefully) as an "I am." I am a mother. I am a coach. I am a runner. (Among other things.) It has taken me a while, but at last (thank you, God) my identity ties directly into who I am, rather than an action I perform. Even though I mother, I coach and I run...these verbs are less important to me than what the nouns signify. But sometimes, I am stricken with the Fraud Complex. Sometimes I feel out of my element, outside my comfort zone, beyond my capabilities, posing as an expert on the outside but feeling sorely insufficient on the inside. And maybe that's why I keep my blog...


  6. Ha, Jill, Thanks, this picture isn't one of my favorites but I agree, I look like I am not going to take crap...more like I want to kick someone's ass. ;)

    Thanks for your comment! :) Woah deepness. I had to read it a few times in order to respond. I think my identity surely ties directly to who I am/my core but part of who I am is also what I do and how I'm always challenging myself to improve. The actions I perform are something I have control over...If I'm feeling need for improvement in an area of my life, I have the power to change how I respond, how I think, what I do...doesn't change WHO I am but surely helps me improve. It is easy for me to get lazy with things and just react and respond in ways that are easy and natural (often old habits or ways I've done things in the past or the behavior that was modeled for me growing up).

  7. Your posts are always inspiring to me and make me think. Whenever I read them, I feel blessed. I learn something 'new'.
    Oh--- that pic of you is amazing! It should be in a magazine! You are a very fit model! :)
    My mother--- that person I am not close with. There's more to our story but not sure I ever can be. Your entry made me think about it, though.

  8. What a wonderful post. I struggle with the positive affirmation thing all the time--especially when I'm running.

    I received the sticker and I love it! Thank you so much--it made my day :)

  9. You are....SUCH AN INSPIRATION.

    I hope you had a fantastic weekend!!!!

  10. What you wrote about being okay with where you are now really resonated with me. I am always trying to improve on some aspect of myself and my life but usually this comes out of dissatisfaction with how I am at the moment. What you've pointed out is that I need to be happy with myself - to appreciate who I am and my gifts. It's okay to strive to be a better me but who I am is just fine.

  11. what a great post. I actually could relate to each one of those goals you put as a mother, friend and athlete. YES YES YES. I do the same thing sometimes with half listening. TERRIBLE! I've been working on that for awhile. I am so easily distracted. but I am always listening when talking to you;) I love you A. your blog inspires me. I am so hoping that come January we can do SOME workouts together and PUSH eachother to do HARD things and get ready to reach new limits in BOSTON 2012!!!

  12. You have some of the BEST running/athlete pictures of yourself. That one in this post is amazing. You look so strong and focused and powerful.

    I got a letter earlier this year from a girl I went to grade school with, and it was all about how I'd kind of stuck up for her when a teacher had made her feel silly. It was an incident I have no memory of, but it made a huge impression on her. I saved that, just like I do notes from parents and students. And our blogs and Facebook are such wonderful opportunities to get affirmation from others as well as giving it out.

    One really cool experience I had at my high school reunion was a conversation with this girl. We were friendly in HS but not friends, and now we're Facebook friends. She went on and on about school and about what I do and post now, and all I could think was that I really want to BE that girl she sees in me.

  13. Holy photo. That is so awesome! You look like one bad azz mofo. So strong and your eyes look fierce! Love it.