Friday, October 7, 2011

Rainbows and Butterflies....NOT!

It is 8:15 on a Friday night and I'm already in bed and ready to fall asleep.  This is rare for me.  Usually Friday night is a night for late night family fun, a date our with my husband, a few glasses of wine, or hanging out with friends.  It is a night to be social and stay up late, knowing that we will have a Saturday morning to wake up to cartoons, coffee, and cuddles on the couch.  But today has been one of those days that I've been waiting for bed even before I opened my eyes this morning.  Combine "that time of the month" with no sleep and the bitchiest mood I've ever been in and you have a GREAT day!  Yep, rainbows and butterflies around here.  All freaking day!  My poor children.  

On a positive note, I came home yesterday and found this piece of art on my doorstep.  My mom painted this a coupe of weeks ago and I fell in love with it so she gave it to me for an early birthday present!  I LOVE it!  It is called "Change".  

  • Some day this next week, I'd like to respond to a couple of questions from a friend of mine:  "How do you find time to write so much?" and "How do you stay present?"  Great questions that I surely have a lot to say about.  
  • I tried to take a nap today with my HIGH ENERGY 2 year old son.  Um, not happening.  In a matter of 10 minutes, he managed to jump off the bed 11 times, jump in my face a few times, try to pull my nose ring out, "blow dry" my hair with the little fan clipped on our bed, turn on some alarm clock music for me, and NEVER. Stop. Moving.  I finally gave up and brewed a pot of coffee at 4:30 in the afternoon.  Brutal.  
  • So proud of my first grader!  She got 100% on her spelling test.  She even spelled words like:  strategy, solution, fright, attention, and nearby.  I usually don't brag about my kids too much but I figure I'm allowed to do it every once in awhile. Moms are supposed to be proud of their kids.
  • Running has been hard to fit in this week!  But I've managed to run enough to be up to 35 miles already and I hope to run another 15 before the weekend is over with so I can have a good 50 miles.  
  • Yesterday, I finally made it work to run with Nicole and Stephanie.  They are two runners in the area that found each other through the blog world and have become running partners.   I prefer to run alone for the most part but I'm really glad I was able to run run with them for a change.  13 mile progression run.  Mile 13 was a 6:52ish.  I was so excited to have my last mile be a sub 7!  Thanks girls! I'm so lucky to know both of you!
  • Rachelle, from Running for Trevor wrote a post yesterday called Train Like an Elite.  I loved it.  I especially loved the part that reminded me of the importance of running SLOW and easy on our recovery days!  Thanks Rachelle!  And if you haven't visited her blog, then you should...she's such a sweet, genuine and positive person.  Oh, and she's super talented too!  Go say hello.  
  • Responding to your comments...I know that I have been an AWFUL blogger lately.  I write posts but I don't always get around to commenting and responding to your wonderful comments.  Life has been crazy and it is really hard to find the time for "managing a blog".  Writing doesn't take much time at all for me....that is just a matter of expressing myself.  However, commenting, reading, and responding does take time...a lot.  With three young kids, training, getting involved in Moms groups, helping my daughter with her homework, and being a good friend, I'm lucky if I get back to half of you.  Please know that I do VALUE your words.  I read every single comment and it always brightens my day.  I'm not being a snob or ignoring you if you don't hear back from me.  I'm just feeling a little spread thin these days.  I also have a few other writing things on the back burner that I'm working on and this is taking a lot of mental energy.  So, know that I love your comments and appreciate them.  Thank you for continuing to read my blog even when you don't hear back from me right away.  I try. 
  • Today was rough for me.  It felt like a black cloud was following me all day.  I had no patience, none of my normal optimism and chipper was just a GRRR kind of day.  But just sitting down to write a blog post and knowing that I'm connecting with so many of you that I have sincerely come to care for, has made me feel like a load has been lifted.  So thankful for my blog!  Thankful for you!

BEST WISHES to all of you running this weekend!!!  I hate to mention names at this point because I would most surely miss someone!  So many of you are running the Chicago Marathon, Portland Marathon and some other marathons and half-marathons!  You know who you are and you know that I care so GO GET 'EM!  Enjoy this've done the work!  Can't wait to read race reports!  

One last thing, Go put your final vote in for the art contest.  Raina, Chris, and Lindsay are too close...we need some more feedback here!  I'll contact one of you three in the next few days. And Kate, you were the only Motherhood entry so you are an automatic winner. I'll contact you too!  



  1. I love that u are so normal:) I too feel spread thin and often feel guilty that I will squeeze in a post but don't have the time to comment like I want to. I am writing this in the car while steve drives bc I HAVEto pack for my weddings when I get home then get up at 5am, work 2 weddings tomorrow, sqeeze in a run and be a mom and wife still. Sigh. So I feel ya on that part. I also get the grumpies. I hate those days. But u r a good mom and some day u will laugh at the attempted nap time with Samuel. What a cutie how about one day u leave him w me so u can have a whole day sans kids??!! Sure love you. Hope tomorrow is better. Xxx

  2. I think it was a black cloud day overall!! I had to giggle when you talk about your son and only because it sounds so familiar!! I hope you are waking up this morning with cartoons and coffee waiting for you!! Kudos to your daughter....those are hard words for first grade!! Brag away!!

  3. you should definitely brag about your kid... I know some adults who can't spell those words! LOL

  4. I continue my habit of winning when there's no competition. Lol..I'll take it. :)

    We all have those days. I feel sorry for my kids on them, too, though at least the teenagers know enough to keep out of the way! I bet that non-nap was so frustrating, but what a nice surprise to come home to!

  5. So, I hope you are having a most wonderful Saturday morning!

    OK-your blog is the PERFECT place to brag up your kids-ha! I do it all the time. Not "politically correct" to yap about their awesomeness to people in the flesh perhaps but on my blog-they are the SHIT-ha! Furthermore, those are tough words for 1st grade!!

    Beautiful painting! It looks great above your fireplace!

    Awesome job on the run once again! Totally understand how busy life is with 3 little kids as I'm sure most of your readers do!! It's so obvious you're loved whether you can get back to everyone or not:)

  6. Congrats to your speller! That painting is awesome. Your mom is so talented!

  7. Amanda, sorry for the blog commenting absence!! Just got caught up. Thanks so much for the affirmation for kids post. Great ideas. I wonder sometimes, how my parenting is going to differ with my daughter than with the boys. It is so important to me that all my kids have self-confidence and are self-assured but I think I will be even more focused on Kate knowing she is beautiful inside and out because let's face it...being a girl is rough. I love your ideas. Gosh, I understand the grumpy days. You are not alone, that is for sure. Congrats to your daughter...Brag away!! that is some serious spelling words for first grade!!

  8. OH how I KNOW how you feel!! We are juggling a lot and it is so nice to have this supportive community. It is sometimes very hard to fit in the time for a comment - because my heart is often overflowing with things I want to say and I just don't know how to squeeze it all in with the little bits of time that I have sometimes. I get you!
    Oh and I really want to say that I AM IN LOVE with your mother's painting!! It grabs me. I wish I could see it in person, but when I look at it somehow I feel energized and soothed simultaneously. The name "Change" is a good one for that - change can cause such a stir of emotions...
    have a happy monday!!