Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Today: Gratitude and Goals

This morning was one of those perfect kind of mornings.  The kids all woke up happy.  No fighting.  Peaceful breakfast.  Focused conversation with goal setting, and reading.  And in between dropping my oldest off at school and taking my middle daughter to preschool, I found a solid fifteen minutes to journal, finish my coffee and share with you!  Happy Tuesday!

Thankful for:

  • Quiet writing time last night @ a coffee shop.
  • A husband that has government holiday--having Columbus Day together was awesome!
  • A clean house
  • Coming home last night to a flower and a love note from my oldest daughter.  Made MY YEAR!
  • Quiet devotion, prayer, goal, homework time for 10-15 minutes this morning with all three of my kids--Great way to start the day Focused!
  • Fall leaves covering my lawn.
  • Jumping on the trampoline with piles of leaves to throw in the air.
  • Watching the Steve Jobs commencement video from 2005...SO inspiring....Why hadn't I seen it before?!
  • Time with friends yesterday.  Reminds me that I need to make more time for that.
  • Legs that are ITCHING to run!
  • Quiet morning coloring with Sam and Nomers while I journal my gratitude and goals.

10/10/11 (yesterday's goals)
1.  Get inspired
2.  Finish application....
3.  Halloween Cookies with kids
4.  Find beauty in the ordinary
5.  Read stories/books with each of my kids.  At least 10 minutes of SOLID one-on-one full connection time!
6.  Reading some running books
7.  Spend time with God....get outside!

1.  Get set up for Fall Cookie Party tomorrow after school...invite kids' friends.
2.  Focused one-on-one time with each kid (@ least 10 minutes of focused/solid time)
3.  Read something from @ least 2 books or newspaper (off computer reading!!!)
4.  Think of one thing I can do today to make someone else's day/life better.  
5.  Quality time with my husband...even if it is just sitting down and having a conversation with no other distractions.  
6.  Some sort of Fall Decorating (not my specialty)...maybe make a scarecrow with the kids...THEY LOVE THIS STUFF..making memories.  
7.  Kick some bootay in my workout today!  Run Strong.

1.  What are some every day things that you are thankful for today?  
2.  What is something about your "ordinary" that is extraordinary and beautiful if you stop to really notice?  
3.  Any goals for today (simple and big) that you'd like to share?  I love to hear!  Your goals and gratitude inspire me!!  



  1. Great post! Daily goals are so important and definitely help to give us focus.

    - leg workout -check!
    - reading for school (not computer reading)
    - take the pup for a long walk
    - grocery shopping
    - call my sick grandmother

    Have a great day!

  2. You are so inspiring! I loved reading your goals- it got me to thinking some more about the goals I would like to set for myself. I feel like I have been too wrapped up in work and training and I haven't gotten to spend a lot of time with my hubby. With him working crazy hours and going to school at night we hardly see eachother. I am going to make it a point to set some goals for myself this week and just remember to savor the little things in life.

  3. YOU WILL RUN STRONG TODAY!! Halloween cookies and jumping on the tramp covered in leaves with the kiddos.....love it!
    Today: Focus on how I can help my runners do their BEST today at regions. Make it to bed by 11. Other than that I am set:)

  4. I think its absolutely rejuvenating that you set daily goals for yourself in ALL aspects of our life. Too often we forgot to focus on making ourselves more balanced, and it appears that you have perfected that for you :)

  5. A morning that doesn't have me running anywhere! I love your goals!

  6. Can I join you for coffee?! This sounds exquisite! Umm, yeah that "finish application"...need to start it! ;)

    Be a Cookie Monster today! :)

  7. Simple, practical goals-those are the ones that really affect the big picture!

    1. Get workout in-an hour earlier than usual-looong before sun comes up-check.
    2. Survive admin. 4 hour assessment-check (w/ sanity intact!)
    3. Make a small difference in someone I talk to today-????

    Stay the course!

  8. Ahhhh... You sound very relaxed and tranquil on this post!

    I had a long hard run this morning and from the second I stepped in the door back home I had to switch over to mom gear and it's been busy. My goal is to make it until tonight when I can put my feet up and relax on the couch, drink a caramel macchiato and then take a hot bath. :-)

  9. I love your posts! The daily goals and just your positive outlook make me smile!

    1. What are some every day things that you are thankful for today?
    Today I am thankful that all of my girls are well, that they all went off to school happy and that it's my Friday!!

    2. What is something about your "ordinary" that is extraordinary and beautiful if you stop to really notice?
    Watching my girls run and laugh together (it is a beautiful thing when they aren't trying to kill each other!)

    3. Any goals for today (simple and big) that you'd like to share? I love to hear! Your goals and gratitude inspire me!!
    My only real goal for today is to focus on the girls when I do our nightly reading, not to try to rush through but to give each of them their special time (which when I relax is the best time of my day!)

  10. Awww, your goals are awesome, really makes me smile that they are simple, yet obtainable if the right mindset is put forth. I have goals like: win the lottery, pray my daughter finds happiness, and someone knock at my door saying they are there to clean my house and make dinner for me. :)

  11. Ohhh, i LOVE this!! And you, thanks for being such a positive inspiration! :) Right now, I'm thanking God for answering my prayers (I've been praying since 2009)!!!!

  12. I don't comment nearly often enough but I just LOVE your posts! I wish that you could chase me around all day to keep me focused and organized...
    My goals for today were met, within reason. I have big plans for tomorrow though so we'll see how it goes...
    -See how the inflamed tendon in the foot feels, if better do a short run/walk (hate being on the DL)
    -Help the Huz to update resume (almost done! he's ready to change fields to something he's more passionate about- love it!)
    -Help the kids to set goals for their next races AND horse shows. LOTS to do!
    -Go to the Damn Grocery store. We have ZERO FOOD...
    -Coach several clients, have productive training sessions with several horses pre-competition (fun!)

    I love Fall- the weather is great, I have a bit more time than in the summer and things are pretty darn good looking in the world...

  13. I love, love, love walking/crunching around in the fall leaves! That is one thing I miss about living in the midwest though, Colorado just doesn't have the beautiful colors that the midwest did.

    So sweet that your daughter left you a note. Awww. All I get are scowls from my teen anymore.

    Today, I am thankful for a good hair day, my family, and the fact that it is Tuesday and not Monday.

  14. Today I'm really thankful that I got so much work done last week that I can cruise a bit this week - cause I'm still wrecked from such a huge, fun, energy-demanding weekend.

  15. Great great post!

    1. I am thankful for my leg slowly feeling better.

    2. My doggie is a great dedicated and loyal friend and way too often in busy days I take him only as a duty - walk the dog - check. But when I stop take time and play with him and have fun. Lot of beauty in pure love these great four legged friends are able to give no matter the mood you are in.

    3. today's goals:
    - 2 km morning swim - check
    - organize my bills - check
    - be efficient at work
    - write my blog post
    - dedicate time to invite people help me help the kids (running the NYC marathon for Team Hole in the Wall)
    - take a long evening walk with the doggie (or perhaps try an easy jog? :o )

    Thank you for being so inspiring!

  16. And I totally forgot, just now I saw the other photo from your photoshoot, clicked on it and saw all the photos ... great great great amazing! Love them! I know it is not about the looks, but you look amazing, the dedication, believe ... Simply awesome!

  17. So glad you had a peaceful morning - those are hard to come by! Goals for me...working on a body fat exodus - there will be no more babies, so my body needs to get with the purge. Gratitude - oh so grateful for every single day...honestly and truly. Little things that seem ordinary that are extraordinary - the way I can hold and cuddle my daycare kiddos, but my 2yr old fits "just right" on my shoulder. :) Blessings!!

  18. I am just glad to have made a return to the blogging world today no matter how brief. I am also very thankful that the things that have kept me away are enjoyable and not tragic!!

  19. I need to make a point to stop by your blog more often, as I always find you so encouraging and inspiring! You have a calmness about you it seems, which I really need more of!!

    We don't have peaceful mornings around here. Always in a rush, always lots of noise...it's such a bad way to start the day off.

    I need to start thinking more positively...

  20. Oh and I'd love to hear more about your Fall Cookie party! My kids have been asking if we can have a Halloween party with their friends but I honestly think that would clean me out of all the sanity I have left (see, there goes the negativity again!)

    But a Fall Cookie Party sounds very manageable!!

  21. Just found your blog and love, love, love it!!! Daily goals keep this Type A-er very happy as well, so I totally get it!!

  22. If you're making a scarecrow you could do the mooning one! Just don't put the name of any of your neighbors.

    I am thankful for fall my favorite season. I loved finally seeing the bright red leaves on my bike commutes Monday and Tuesday. I love that I can commute by bike when I make the time.

  23. i am so inspired by your journals, but everytime I start one I just can't seem to keep with it. I don't understand how I can blog daily but not take time to do that for me!

  24. The leaves, the leaves, oh YES I'm so grateful for the leaves. I never understand why my neighbors rake them up every week. I love to watch them fall and collect my favorites. I love to crunch in them, play in them, throw them and jump in the piles. I'm grateful for the leaves, and to have two boys who love them as much as I do. xo

  25. first of all, I LOVE your new header photo!!

    Today is my rest day, but of course I never really rest, I'll be working, spending time with my girl, walking my doggie, and cleaning my house for my mom's visit! My goal is to stay positive throughout!

  26. Love this! It made me breathe deep and feel all peaceful by the end :) One of my biggest, most simple things I'm thankful for? Before I go to sleep I go and kiss each of my kids. I love kissing their sweet sleeping cheeks and foreheads. There's something about it that makes me smile and praise the Lord for how he's made each of them. Oh and I thought of you last night as I looked through my training plan for my next marathon. Some serious workouts that will kick my rear and that I am so excited for! Hope you have a wonderful day and are resting up to kick some serious booty on Sunday!!