Saturday, October 15, 2011

Your Race Tomorrow!

First off, as always, I'm so thankful for your heartfelt comments and e-mails about my last post, Waking Up to the Dreams That Are Today. It is always a comforting feeling to have such warm responses when I put myself out there and share such a personal parts of my spirit. Thank you!  

So, tomorrow I'm racing the Girlfriend's Half Marathon in Vancouver, Washington.  I've been registered for this race for many months.  Although I've had it on the calendar for over half a year, there was something about finishing two marathons in two months that made me just want to play around for the summer.  You know, have fun and not have anything on the the dock to specifically train for.  So, play around I did.  But I still ran.  And I think I ran enough to have not lost too much fitness. Am I in the same shape as I was for my spring half marathons?  Certainly not!  But mentally, I just might be at a better place.  I may not be in peak racing shape, but I am feeling good and I am excited to have FUN running tomorrow.  My heart isn't set on a goal but sometimes having that pressure off ends up working out well for me.  My only goals are:

1. To have fun
2. Enjoy feeling strong
3. Push myself just a bit past what is comfortable (at least at the end).  

Since college, I've been pretty soft as a runner.  I've been fine just running what is "safe" and "comfy" for the most part.  This is fine.  And this is even fine for tomorrow but I want to try to pick at least one or two miles of the race (preferably the end) where I just dig a little deeper and "practice" pushing myself past that comfort zone.  Just saying that makes me a little nervous but not to the point of mental shut down like my nerves used to do to me.  Because I know that if I don't, then that is okay too. I'm enough no matter what I do.  

I received several uplifting e-mails recently.  I feel so blessed with my friends.  One e-mail from Nicole at I Dream of Running was worth sharing with you.  It is an e-mail that all of us can benefit from!  Just plug your name in and maybe change the times to fit your goals, skip some of the intro and then read it, put it in your running journal, or tape it to your mirror.  Awesome words Nicole. Thank you friend!  I hope you reread your own letter before you race in a few weeks.  

"Dear ____(insert your name here)______,

Hey you! I know we already talked this morning but I wanted to make sure you knew how much I believe in you! 
You are strong
You are a fighter
You are FAST
You are determined
You have STRONG legs
You have a strong MIND
Running is 90% mental, 10% physical

You are going to do awesome tomorrow! Get your head in the game and take it on! I find  I always need to psyche myself up before  a race. Visualize the race, visualize running fast, passing people, pushing hard, and finishing STRONG. 

Don't for one second let the fact that you haven't been in full training make you think you can't kill this and do super well. You CAN. All the work you've put into your body over the last year doesn't just disappear b/c you took a few months of easy running. 
Your body will perform when you tell it to. 

So excited girl!!!

Now...all this is said to motivate you NOT pressure you! whether you run a 1:38 or a 1:30, it doesn't matter as long as you race with your whole heart and feel GREAT afterward for the effort you put in. But I KNOW you are capable of a very fast race. 

Love you girl!

And more than anything, HAVE FUN and just take in the JOY OF RUNNING!!!"

Hope this e-mail charges you up as much as it did me.  I feel blessed to have good friends.  Several of you have sent some pretty awesome words to me lately and it makes me smile to know that I am loved.  Thank you friends. I'm thankful for friends who help me be the best me and encourage me even when they know that this isn't a race I'm too invested in.  For friends that I can share the passion and joy for running with.  For friends that just "GET" me.  

Happy racing this weekend!  



  1. awesome letter... awesome post!! Good Luck tomorrow! Rock it girlfriend!

  2. hi;-)

    i'm running the nike half in SF tomorrow too.

    ditto on the run goals;-)

    here we go.....

  3. Yes, you ARE loved. By many as I always say!! I can feel confidence here! I love it! I do hope you push your limits!!! You know what I think but there is just a LOAD to unleash in there!!! I do hope you run a HM sometime during your Boston training in February/March!!! I'm really excited for you tomorrow! Seriously making cinnamon rolls for morning so I can sit around like a sloth from 7 am to like 12:30 my time cheering on my virtual BFF's. Can't wait to hear! Nicole is a sweetheart. What a genuinely thoughtful email. Best of luck to you Girl. Love you!

  4. Love that e-mail and love you! Good luck tomorrow! Don't be afraid to push the envelope and see what you are capable of. I will be sitting on the edge of my seat until I hear.

    Good luck and thank you for always being suck a postive example! You are an AMAZING writer!

  5. What an encouraging e-mail! Thanks for sharing. I'm excited for you and your race! I'm sure while you are running tomorrow her inspiring words will help motivate you to get to that finish line! Good luck girl!

  6. Great running goals! See you bright and early tomorrow :-)

  7. What a great friend! What an awesome letter! Looking forward to seeing you in the morning! I know you are going to do amazing!

  8. well nicole is right, you are a champ girl! whatever the outcome of your race you are a fast and extremely fit lady that is 100% super awesome. just run your little heart out and enjoy those fast and strong legs!

  9. Wonderful wonderful email!
    You ARE capable of GREAT things. Love how you recognize this, and also how to just enjoy the whole race experience these days.

    Have a great race, A! Looking forward to the report :)

  10. I'm super confident that you will have an amazing run tomorrow! Whether it's just fast or it's super fast, no matter... you will have such a great run and so much fun! Go DO it! :) Smiles all 13.1 miles :)

    That Nicole... she's a keeper :)

  11. What an inspiring race! Have a super time today! Be strong!

  12. Good luck on your race!! I hope you enjoy your run and also find you can dig deep those last miles! Hope you have a great race!

  13. Love this letter!!!! Good luck!! Rock it out!

  14. I really need to put this on next years schedule!

    Have a great run!!!

  15. Sounds to me like you've got some great support going on in your life. You'll surely rock your race today!

  16. I love your goals!!!

    Hope your race goes well today, Amanda!

  17. I hope you're out there on that course right now having one helluva great time!!! Thinking of you!

  18. love the email! hope your race went awesome!

  19. Hey sweet girl, I hope your race was FUN! I just loved that letter and I'm sure it inspired you during your race today! Hope you rocked it!!

  20. Amanda, hope you race went super today! Was thinking about you as I was having my own sufferfest, ha!
    So I just posted something about the 90% 10% on my RR, and then I saw that Nicole mentioned it here. Oh, man, I hope I did not offend anyone.
    Very nice letter from her, and surely such a great person and dear friend. Yes, you are loved, but I always say people who are loved are loved because of who they are:)
    So excited to see you in Boston.

  21. HOW DID IT GO HOW DID IT GO HOW DID IT GO!?! I need a race update:) Girl, that letter was incredible and I will be copying that. DId you dig deep? You always inspire me to be better in all aspects of life and that is why I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BLOG!

  22. Can't wait to hear about the race! I love that letter-thanks for sharing:) May need it for myself from time to time:)

  23. Can't wait for the report!!! I'm sure you dug deep and I hope you feel good about.

    Good friends like that are one in a million. I am so grateful for the handful I have in my life. :)

  24. Had a poor marathon (for me) today and needed to read this- thanks for posting Amanda

  25. Hey, things have been crazy rough this past week and I haven't been on blogs as much, but I'm sorry I missed this. As I made my way back through all the blogs I've missed it looks like you maybe had a stellar race. Can't wait to hear about it.

    And YES, what an awesome email. I think because you put yourself out there and let yourself be vulnerable as well as amazing that it makes you very easy to relate to and encourage.