Friday, January 20, 2012

Brooks Running! And My Brooks Wish List.

If you would have found me three years ago and asked me what my favorite running shoe was, I probably wouldn't have had a definite answer.  Truth is, I just went with whatever I'd always worn until they went out of stock or didn't make them anymore.  Then I'd try another shoe based off a recommendation or review.  But I never really had a shoe I raved about or that I thought was PERFECT for me.  I didn't know what kind of runner I was when it came to all those runner terms...neutral, guidance, support, blah blah blah.  So when I began my journey in this crazy running blog world, I started to learn all about new shoes, gear, fuel and races that I had NEVER even heard of.  And I began my mission to find my perfect shoe.  I tried out some Mizuno Wave Riders.  They just never felt right.  Then I got board with trying out the Saucony Kinvaras and ended up injured.  They were not for me.  After that, I dappled in a few other brands but never felt truly satisfied.  And then I found the perfect shoe for me. It was love at first steps. The shoe that I will most likely always love. The shoe that started it all when it comes to my loyalty and love for Brooks shoes. 

What shoe could possibly be this good?  The Brooks Launch of course!  This shoe is seriously fantastic. Although, I'm trying to alternate the shoes that I wear so that I'm using my feet a bit differently during training, I've worn the Launch almost exclusively for training and racing. It's that good.  For me.  

Brooks Launch
It wasn't long after I fell in love with the Brooks Launch (Thanks to my friend Jenn who is a Brooks ID member), that I began to read more about the Brooks brand, vision and overall company.  The more I heard about Brooks and tried out their gear and shoes, the more I loved what I was seeing.  Not only do I love their shoes and gear that I have tried, but I love that Brooks is a company that seems to represent so many voices in the running community. The elite runners.  The every day runners. The new-to-running runners. The competitive runners.   I was particularly impressed with their Brooks Inspired Daily program where they sponsor athletes of all abilities.  What a great way to really give the every day runner a voice...sort of a grass roots way of spreading the word about Brooks. One thing all the Brooks ID members seem to have in common is that  they are passionate, strong, inspiring runners that love to run, love Brooks and can't help but share their love for running and Brooks with others.  It was definitely because of these people that love Brooks so much that I was excited to try out Brooks for the first time.  I'm so glad that I've discovered such a great running company and I can't wait to try out some more Brooks gear and test out some different kinds of shoes. 

I decided to do some online shopping last night since I'm wanting a few new pieces of running gear and I'm hoping to find a pair of shoes for racing in.  Right now, I'm still in "window shopping" mode so I have lots of things on my Brooks Wish List.  I thought I'd share with you some of the things that I'm thinking look fabulous (I won't be getting all of them at once).  I would love to hear from you if you've tried any of these items.  What did you think of them?  

Shoe Wish List:  

These shoes are a must-have!  I have not tried the Pure Flows but I know lots of you that have and I hear nothing but great things! 
Brooks Pure Flow

Some performance shoes on my wish list that I'd like to try out:  
Brooks Pure Connect

Brooks T7 Racer

Brooks Racer ST 5

I hear good things about these shorts.  They have two pockets in the back and one in the front so they sound like they'd be good for long races.  Can't have enough pockets!  I also love the color choices.  The prints all go along with the Brooks tops.  I'm  not always a color/print coordinated person but this could be fun!
HVAC Synergy Short
I hear that this tank has some extra padding for those of us that are not well endowed.  I have nothing.  My Brooks Glycerin bra has done wonders so hopefully this top will be similar.  And it goes with those shorts above!  Oh, AND it has a cool pocket on the center back...perfect for racing.  One more extra pocket for those gels that I end up stuffing in my bra.  No more bra stuffing in a marathon for me!
Glycerin Print Support Tank II

Women's Versatile EZ Racer Back
Brooks Glycerin Support Tank

A few other things that I don't NEED but I'd love to try out.  I could surely use a good jacket to run in.  Especially one that can handle that Oregon rain that we get so much of.  
Women's Essential Run Jacket

Women's Nightlife Jacket II

Women's Essential Run LS 1/2 Zip

Brooks Infiniti Tight
I'm a big fan of vests.  I only have one running vest but I wear it for almost every long run outside.  This one looks way cooler than mine.  And it has a pocket for my iPod as well as fuel.  
Women's Essential Run Vest
I think I would really love these babies.  I really like a good short like this and the boy short seems to be one of my favorite types of shorts, swim suits or undies.  
Brooks Epiphany Boy Short

Brooks Versatile 3.5" Low Rise Knit Short
This Equilibrium shirt could quite possibly become one of my FAVORITES if it is a good as it looks.  It looks long too...I like this!
Equilibrium LS
Equilibrium LS in White
This short also has some great reviews.  It has plenty of pockets too! 
Women's Infiniti Short II
So, there's my Brooks shopping "wish list" for the next year. Thanks for letting me share with you some of the things I love. I could add so many more things like gloves, hats, headbands, etc. One thing at a time or I won't have any money to eat.  For now, I'll probably stick to a new pair of Pure Flows, a pair of shorts, and a shirt.  

What is your favorite piece of Brooks gear?  
Do you run in Brooks or wear Brooks gear?  
What do you think I should get from my list here? 



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  2. I love Brooks too! I have been wearing the adrenalines since 2002. I will never wear another brand again. I race in the ST 5s which are hideous to look at, but comfy and a great shoe if you need the extra support. The shoelaces for them were awful though (even the reviews I read mentioned that). I got no tie laces for them instead. I have the Pure Cadence on my wish list now- I'm dying to try them out! I have the black HVAC shorts and I love them and want to get more pairs eventually. The boy shorts are also great, I have them in black. My newest purchase was at CIM where I bought the Diva jacket in black. It gets lots of compliments.

  3. I have that pink tank! I wore it at Newport, which we both ran! :) I do love their gear, but I don't wear the shoes. My husband wears the Adreneline and the trail version (AND the waterproof version of the trail version!)So plenty of Brooks in our houehold.

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  5. Good lord! I have no idea why my comment posted 3 times, lol :-)

  6. I just came across your blog. I love your inspirational posts. I want to do a collage too!

    I run with Nike LunarGlide but I want to give the Brooks a try.

  7. Love my Brooks! I wear Glycerin. I want to try Launch and Pure Connect, but don't want to change before my first half next week. After that I may throw in a couple of different shoes (as opposed to my 3 pair of Gylcerin). I love every piece of clothing you posted, I don't have any Brooks clothes, but may need some!

  8. I love my Pure Connects! I have tried several pairs of Brooks and the connects are my love :) I have not run longer than a 10k in them (and no not intend to) and boy they are fast! Hope you get some of the items from your wish list this year!

  9. Who needs to go to the grocery store, anyway? Buying running gear is so much better than providing for the family..hee, hee. Those shoes are amazing! I've been thinking about getting a pair of Pure Connects. Nice wish list!

  10. Ooh fun! I need to do a post like this! I have both the HVAC in black and Infiniti II shorts-3 pairs! I ordered Glycerin to try this time. The Launch definitely my "go to" but I like the Flow a lot too. I don't have either of those jackets but I like them both! I love Brooks sportsbras and I don't have any of those tanks either! Have fun shopping!!!

  11. I've never worn Brooks, but the t7's have looked mighty soft and adorable to me for a long time. The Pure Flow looks like a good long run shoe, too, even though the name makes me think of menstrual cycles. Lol.

  12. I've never tried anything Brooks before, but it's definitely on my wish list.

  13. I had been running in the Brooks Trance 10 edition...and I loved them! My current running store is no longer carrying them, so I recently went with my old Saucony brand...but I do believe I like the Brooks better!
    I am an overpronater and I like the stability around the ankle, the pressure, of the high arch and the cushion of the heel strike.

    The Pure connects sure looks cool too!!

  14. Ok, I cannot believe I sent you my Brooks question around the same time you were posting this!! Great shoe info. I may need to try a pair of Brooks Launch. Do you wear racing flats ever or do you do it all in your Launch trainers? I love that vest too! I don't have a running vest but whenever I buy one I will keep that one in mind!

    Gracie's last comment is hilarious!

  15. Now I want all of those things!! Time to go online shopping:) Have a great weekend Amanda!

  16. I have a huge Brooks wish list as well. I ran in Adrenalines for years and recently switched to Trance. I REALLY want some PureGrit for the trails and some PureCadence. Someday some racers would be great, but I am not sure which ones.

  17. I think you need a Brooks sponsorship. Or to win lots of competitions.

    I'm a Mizuno girl for a while now but I can't help being attracted to all brands of shoes as long as the colour is right.

  18. I LOVE my brooks launches. favorite racing shoe. I can't wear them all the time b/c i need more support, but I ALWAYS RACE in them:) I love those boy shorts and the equilibrium shirt!! must check that out online! so proud of you for scoring the brooks ID!! xx

  19. @Tia, I have not been using a racing shoe. Everything is in my launches. Not so sure I need a racing shoe but it would be fun to try for shorter distances.

  20. Brooks is awesome! So hard to choose, isn't it!!

    My go-to's are the Pure Flows-I gotta have them for training and longer races. They held up fantastically during a recent half marathon.

    My new "race kit" is the infiniti short tight and a distance singlet. Those babies don't ride up!

    Any pair of shorts is great, and I am a fan of the half-zips myself.

    Enjoy your sponsorship! You'll look snazzy wherever you go!

  21. I have looking at some of the Brooks youtube videos on new clothing and I love them. I also cant wait to try them! Erica

  22. I have been wanting to try out brooks for some time. I think part of me is nervous because the one time I tried to deviate from my saucony guides, I noticed pain in my knee and IT band when running distances longer than 6 miles. I just bought another pair, however I think maybe in a few months I will finally get courageous and branch out into brooks land

  23. Glad to know I'm not the only one who HATES the wave riders. Those shoes did some major damage to my ankle last month and actually left a giant bruise that took forever to heal.

    Love Brooks but never tried the launch. In the market for some racers in the next month or so and absolutely adore the pure connects, but haven't made a decision what to go with yet.

  24. I've always worn Nike shoes, and they work great for me. When I first started running, I think I tried on a pair of Asics and Sauconys, but I'm not sure about Brooks. The others didn't fit my feet comfortably. However, I recently purchased a Brooks jacket after a recommendation from Erin (See Mom Run Far) and I love it! It is perfect for the wind, snow, and freezing weather that we get here. I may be purchasing more Brooks gear in the future.

  25. I have a couple of Brooks shorts. I got them several years ago. I love them. I looked on the tag to see which ones they were but it doesnt say. I think they are the INfinite one. I also have are Brooks running jacket. I love it. It light, plus it keeps me warm when I am running in cold weather.

  26. I have always been an Asics girl and then I got to wear test some Brooks Trance shoes last me hooked. I just bought the Pure Flows and did 2.5 miles in them today, they felt awesome. I think I may be a total convert.

  27. I love Brooks!!! I've been waiting for my local running store to get the Pure Connects in the new color - can't wait.

    Most of my running clothes are Brooks - my faves include the PR Mesh Skirt, the Nightlife Jacket and Utopia Thermal Hoodie - love them!

  28. I obviously LOVE Brooks as well and am so proud to represent them. As soon as those codes came in I went on a little shopping spree. :) I wear the Brooks Ghost and they have been so good to me. I started wearing the T7 Racers, which are fantastic, but I wore them too frequently and on too long of runs with no adjustment period. I know better than that, but I did it anyway and that wasn't good.

    I love all of the pro athletes that Brooks sponsors as well. I love their commitment to being a green company and I love that unlike Nike and Saucony, their shoes use no animal products. They are an all around GREAT company.

  29. Brooks Adrenaline for me! I like those longer shirts as well...I've been eyeing the jackets though cause I'm hearing they keep you cozy warm in this colder weather. Something I'm in need of!

  30. I have been wearing Brooks for years, and love them! The last few shoes have been Glycerins... I'm in need of a new pair and need to decide what's next. I love those supported tanks...not being so well endowed here either, I put those on my wish list! :)

  31. I love the Brooks brand too! I have recently purchased the Pure Cadence and the Pure Grit. Love them both! Once I am up for a new shoe, I will try one of the others in the Pure line.

  32. i think you should get the booty shorts. ;)

    i love the loud shoes. i think all running shoes should be crazy fun colors.

    ps: i tagged you:

  33. I have a pair of Brooks running shorts that I've worn for years. They stand the test of time very well. I used to wear their shoes when I was a teenager and in my 20s; now I'm wondering why I don't anymore.

  34. I adore Brooks too! They fit great - always long enough, which I appreciate! My shoes fit like a glove, and I can tell when I am getting close to needing a new pair, without counting my miles or checking my soles.

  35. Lots of choices here! The launches and pureflows are calling my name. I will be getting the infinity tights in black. Hope the inseam is longer than they say!

  36. So basically you want to have everything in their spring line :)

    Do you do all your training runs in the launch?? That's brave for the mileage your doing. I hope they send you some freebies because you must go through them a ton! Brooks is a great company. Your a good addition to their team.

  37. I wore the PureConnects for my marathon and they rocked. I can't believehow good my body felt during the race. I also look my Brooks Diva Jacket. I have botht he red & black one and I wear them all the time.

  38. I love Brooks stuff too. My favorite beside my Green Silence shoes is my Utopia soft shell jacket. That long sleeved top looks great. I really want a pair of the Pure Grit and would love to try the connects too. My brooks wishlist is super long.

  39. Wow, that's an extensive shopping list :). I have run in a few of those shoes and was a huge Launch wearer before my PF attack, now I can't wear them and have been in the Flows. LOVE THEM!!! The T7 (or T6) is a great racing flat, I think you'd like it for shorter 5 and 10k. It weights next to nothing!

  40. I'm so excited YOU are a Brooks athlete! You will make all the clothing look good too, you lil hottie!

    I am running in my first pair of Brooks, Defyance 4. I really like them and think the Pure series looks even better!

    <3 your taste--great list! Aloha!!

  41. I love your shopping photo list. I can spend hours on a wish list. P.S. I'll be tagging you in my post Friday.

  42. I don't have any Brooks shoes. For me the Saucony work better. I do however have a T-shirt, a long sleeve and a light jacket. I love them all. The jacket I got looks a little different from the one on your wish list, it's water resitant and wind proof, but does little when it comes to evacuate sweat. I always find that my arms get way too sweaty under those.

  43. I love Brooks. I have the adrenaline,launch,pureflow, and cascade trail shoes. Love all of them. I also have the kinvaras and I pretty much just wear those to spin now because they are just too minimalist for me. I hope I won't have the same problem with the pure flows but we'll see. I'm surprised you wear your launch shoes for training and racing. You must feel like you have enough support; maybe I should try them on longer runs!? They are great!
    I love the 1/2 zip up, vest and the shorts! Also the arm warmers. I feel like a total poser for wearing them but I over heat so easy and they are brilliant.
    Also be wary of the pants. I don't love them; I hate to say it but Lululemon has the best running tights hands down!
    Have fun!

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