Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fresh Start and Breaking Up The Big Picture With Some Weekly Goals.

I suppose every day can be a fresh start if we want it to be.  We don't have to wait until the New Year to make lofty resolutions or attempt to make our dreams come true.  We don't have to wait until our birthday to celebrate our life and truly pamper ourselves.  Just as we don't have to wait until Valentine's Day and anniversaries to celebrate love.  But these dates certainly are nice to have in place as a reminder that these things do matter...love, life, fresh starts...they matter GREATLY!  They are huge parts of what make life great and I'm thankful for the special occasions to celebrate these things and more.  

As I said, I didn't make 2012 resolutions yet but I still plan on setting goals for my days, weeks, and longer spans of time as I am ready.  Here are just a few short goals and a list of gratitude to start my day before I wake my kids for their first day of school in 2012.  

Thankful for:

  • Being up early before everyone else.  Although I couldn't bring myself to run yet, I have enjoyed some personal time.  It is nice to be back on routine. 
  • Starting the year with a PR in the 10k even though I expected and wanted a faster time.  It was still a PR and an AG win...reason to celebrate and focus on getting faster.
  • The past week of vacation.  I slept until 10 once or twice and I felt like a lazy college kid again (minus the three kids I was responsible for).  
  • Fresh starts and goals
  • Coffee
  • I'm feeling my writing itch return to me.  I've missed it.
  • Training is going well.
  • Ice to sit on while I type so that I can ice my sore bum.
  • A family that is all safe, healthy, and here with me today.  Every day is a gift and it is so easy to take for granted sometimes.  Just takes a few nights of crazy dreams to make me wake up more thankful than ever for just the simple things....the basics.
Motherhood/Personal Goals for THIS WEEK:
  • Work on the way I respond to my children.  I've gotten so lazy with this.  The more stressful it gets and the more my kids fight and react in awful ways to each other, the more I find myself reacting in ways that are not so stellar.  They sound just like me!  We model for our children how to respond to stress and frustrating situations.  I'm really needing to get my act together with this one!!  Instead of reacting in a way that involves yelling, talking to them in a nagging and whiney voice, and talking over them, I'm trying hard to respond with a sense of calm and control.  This is so much harder said than done for me.  
  • To spend more time with God.
  • Read more. This will involve shutting off distractions and finding the time to sit down and really read something.  Right now, I'm into reading mostly nonfiction...things I will learn from and be able to take away from immediately.  A perfect time to do this would be after school where we all sit down together and have a 20 minute reading time. Good modeling for my kids.  However, my 2 year old son might not think this is such a stellar idea.  I might be managing him instead of reading.  Better yet, I suppose reading to him would be a good idea.  Can't get enough of Bear Hunt and Diego.  
Running Goals:
  • Haven't officially followed a week of plans in my Run Faster book by Brad Hudson.  I've used the bones of the plan. I like this...adapting a plan to my needs is easier than I thought and I trust myself here.  I like the freedom of being able to switch things around based on my needs and my goal is to keep doing this and being conscious of what I need as an athlete.  This involves listening to my body, thinking ahead, and bouncing ideas off of running friends.
  • Race more often.  Although the marathon is my main goal, I do think that there is a certain physical and mental benefit to finding opportunities to race.  However, this involves moving other things around in my plan so that I replace key workouts with the race. Not sure how much I will race but I'm not closing the door to racing just because my plan doesn't call for it.  
  • Keep making more time for core work and strength training even if it is a little here and there.  
  • Diet awareness!  Being conscious of what I'm stuffing my face with is crucial at this point when I'm trying to run higher mileage.  The past two weeks have been AWFUL and I'm ready to get back on track.  



  1. Prayer.. I NEED to make more time for this!

  2. oh your first motherhood goal about the way you are responding to your kids - this has been weighing on me as well. I am working on it too - so hard, but so important.

    That, and the stuffing my face for the last two weeks - although I think for me, it's been a month! Time to get back on track!

    Have a great week!

  3. I have not finished reading the post but felt compelled to comment after the first sentence. How true is it! We can have a fresh start every day if we want it to be. Love love love this and just what I needed to hear

  4. I said it before and I will again -- what a grounded person you are! Well done.

  5. Great post! And great race the other day, BTW!

    Amen to talking "nicer" to your kids. Amen. It's not easy, especially when they know all the right buttons to push. GAH!!

    Amen also to not stuffing face. I'm 19 days out from my marathon. I need to eat wisely.

  6. Those little goals add up to big successes.

  7. Really great goals- SO impotant to have the mini goals to pave the road to the BIG goal. I tell my students this all the time and it helps tremendously.
    It's about the journey and all that, right?
    Happy New Year!

  8. I too am getting back on track with healthy eating, no more being fueled by cookies!
    your friend (katie holmes)

  9. Great goals Amanda. I love how focused you are on everything you do in your life. You are a wonderful example to me.

  10. I love this list, Amanda. Especially the mommy goals. I am so with you on the frustrated mommy voice and I only have one little person, never mind three!

    I'll be rooting hard for you on your running goals as well. If anyone can do it, you can :)

    Happy new year to you and your family.

  11. How you respond to your kids is a goal that so resonates with me right now. I set my intention every day to improve on this - it's been hard lately but I'm trying.

    Happy New Year Amanda!

  12. Ah, yes--behaving like adults so our children can learn to as well. I fall down on this too when the going gets tough! Good one to focus on.

    Sleeping until 10?! Wow, that's just awesome!

  13. I love your goals and your gratitude list. This is going to be a great year for you -- I can just FEEL it! :)

  14. OMG, I read your 1st motherhood goal and couldn't stop nodding my head!!! I need to work on that too. My kids are 3 and 5 and so moldable right now. My 5 yr old literally repeats every word I say. Dangerous, and yet educational for me. Do I really sound like that?!

  15. i have been very into nonfiction lately as well...for the same reasons. i like reading and being able to take something away almost immediately :) hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

  16. Love your opening paragraph:) Enjoyed reading your post in general this morning! I'm excited to hear you're getting your writing itch back. Not just because I like to read it but because this is good fuel for you I think! Fuel for running as you've stated in addressing the "whole athlete" and fuel for life. (Not suggesting you didn't need a break as anyone does to get refreshed at times)

    Crazy dreams...

    Again, beyond impressed with your start to 2012 in terms of running. I just think you are growing SO much as a runner! You're really understanding your own instrument and how it works here! 2012 holds SO much for you in so many ways...

  17. Diet awareness. For sure. I've been sooo tired lately, and I think a lot of that has been not eating the right foods.

    You know I love to race. :) And I'm not nearly as good at it as you are, but there's just something about a race that makes running more fun and exciting for me. My goal is kind of the opposite of yours, though...to do better at training FOR races rather than races basically being my training.

  18. Oy praying. This is a tough one for me. I've been circling round my spirituality lately, not sure whether to curl up with it or not. Hearing other people's rewarding experiences with it makes it quite inviting, but I'm still scared.

  19. Love your goals. I am with you.. I don't make resolutions each year - I make a list of goals.. Love how you have broken these down. I too struggle with how I "react" to my daughter.. I am finding 4 to be the hardest age yet and each day I am praying for patience and asking God to help me be the parent he wants me to be. This seems to help more than any of the dozen or so parenting books I have read. :-)

  20. I like the idea of a weekly goal list, and always starting with what we're thankful for. Sometimes listing out the gifts I have sure does remind me about what's important versus fluff. And yes, my weekly goal is to fuel more with whole food than cookies, and clean out my kids' bedrooms. It's a long Christmas break, isn't it? Good luck this week with what you want to accomplish!

    And I'll start sending good thoughts your mom's way in the job market. My hubs is retired air force and the age thing certainly doesn't help. It's just ugly out there, but good wishes from anyone will help.

  21. I am on board with just about ALL of your goals (maybe 100% all of them!).

    Lots going on in life and a person needs to make sure that the little people in our homes are well looked after. I echo your desires and understand trying to find Time to read- alone is a hard one...read or run...??

    I love that you see that any day can be a fresh start or a celebration!

    I agree with Jenn about writing being a fuel for your running. Very important for you :)
    The other fuel is weighing on my mind too right now.
    Here's to a super 2012!!

  22. Ice is good. I have never appreciated ice more than i do after each run and living in the SW desert.

    Goals are good. Everyone needs to aspire for something.

    Keep kickin!

  23. I love your motherhood goal, I think we all get "lazy" when it comes to this and must be reminded to step it up sometimes! We are only human! LOVE your running goals, I want to race A LOT more in 2012, so I wish you luck with all of your goals for the new year and beyond :)

  24. great goals here lady. my diet has kind of fallen off the beaten path in the past few weeks as well, in fact i am gorging myself in honey chex mix as i type this.

    so excited to see what 2012 holds for you!

  25. I'm excited about your goal to add some various distance racing. I, like you, believe racing has so much value. My problem is that I want to race too much.

  26. I am a huge believer in racing during your training for a goal race. It is like mini dress rehearsals for the big event!

  27. I'm always thankful for quiet time for myself. I love that time in the morning when everyone's still asleep. you've gotten the workout over and done with, you're full of happy endorphins and there is no one to break the mood.

    I just have to ask, why is your bum in need of icing? Is it just post-training recovery and not anything more sinister?

  28. I love this post. You are always so honest and inspiring in your posts. I love it! I think it's hard to check ourselves sometimes but it's so important to do it!

  29. I just loved this post. Best of all more time with God! Erica

  30. Great goals! Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing these.

  31. I love this, especially what you said about setting goals for yourself as you're ready. That's huge. If its forced, it will fail. :) good reminder. :)

    I've been off Facebook for a while (suspended my account to get away from some drama and just major overuse on my part), so I am trying to be more intentional about keeping up with the people that are truly important .like you! Thanks for this post, and I'll be lurking in blog land looking for more good Amanda stuff :)

  32. My hubby, who never reads blogs, decided to read one today. Guess whose it was :) ? ...

  33. So far only one blog I have visited today besides mine has the comment reply feature. I wonder if it's a test run. Hope you are having a great day, Chicka!