Friday, November 30, 2012

Things I'm Loving NOW

There is so much to love in Life when we are intentional with how we think and look at things.  So many good things to find when we slow down enough to notice the little moments, like our kids walking out the front door with their oversized backpacks and mismatched socks while  holding hands.  Or my feet next to my daughter's on our walk home from kindergarten. Not sure why it is so hard to get back to this way of thinking and seeing the world once we fall into funks and fog.  But once we do find our way back, it is worth trying to hold on to.  And so far, RUNNING AGAIN has helped me not only hold on to the good thinking but continue to look ahead to more of the good things to come.  

The more we focus on the Good stuff, the more it comes.
This morning brought with it another morning of efficiency and positive energy.  I think I'm on a roll here. Yippie! Let's see if I can keep it going.  After seeing how yesterday worked out so well, I was determined to start the day off right by getting up early enough to have ALONE time where it is just me and whatever I want to be doing.  This time usually means enjoying my coffee and focusing on the day with goals, writing an e-mail to a good friend or just sitting in silence. Starting the day with a piece to myself definitely centers me and allows me to be present and intentional with my kids when they wake up.  It is so obvious that my attitude is what drives everyone else. Unlike the recent weeks in my life where my GRUMPY/IN A FUNK meter has been set on permanent HIGH, yesterday I was full of smiles, positive energy, and uplifting/encouraging words for my kids.  I caught them making good choices and I chose to let things go that would otherwise drive me up a wall.  Instead of nagging at them about every single thing under the sun as I have been doing the past few months, I chose to relax and ENJOY them.  It was amazing how just by being more conscious and intentional with myself, how everyone else came together to do the same.  It carried over to the evening and all the way to bed.  My husband made a comment to me about it being one of the first nights in a long time when the kids weren't fighting with each other or whining for some kind of attention or over something that wasn't right.

So now, as I sit here in my dried up sweaty workout clothes at a table covered in paint, rice that was  used for a craft last night and crumbs from this morning's breakfast, I'm choosing to ignore all the things that I could be doing and take some time just for me before my designated "quiet time" is over. All this morning as I was getting kids off to school and going about my normal routines, I kept thinking about all the things I'm loving about today, this weekend coming up, and just life in general...the right now.  In the Present Moments.  So in a list and with pictures, here are a few that pop into my head:

  • My running.  Today, yesterday, this week!  It just seems to be going so smoothly.  I can feel myself building fitness quickly.  And it is amazing to me how quickly my body has responded to just easy running.  Oh, and I'm back to fitting in my jeans normally again...without the button and zipper threatening to pop off.  
  • YOGA today!  I had a friend who watched my daughter for a bit so that I could take the 10:00 yoga class after my run at the gym this morning.  
  • That my son asks me to take him to the gym child care.  I haven't been to the gym forever but we drove by the other day and my son begged and begged to go to "his gym".  That's where I got the idea to try a yoga class.  
  • A three hour date with my husband tonight with NO KIDS.  I suppose that is typically what a date kids...but lately that hasn't happened as much as I'd like.  This time together is so important for us.  
  • Story time with my kids after lunch today. This book, It's Christmas, David! is one of our FAVORITES to read.  David Shannon is great and his character David reminds me of my son.  A fun book to read in addition to his other David books.  Today, I stopped at each page for my kinder to read the words but my 3 year old has heard it so many times that he beat her to it and "read" it word for word from his memory.  
  • Ruby Holler is the current book that I'm reading for read aloud to my daughters at night.  They are loving it and I'm enjoying reading it again.  It is a book I used to read with my students in guided reading groups or literature circles.  Good story.  And I'm loving that it is an easy enough reading level to where my 2nd grader can use it for independent reading by reading over some of the chapters that we've already read together.  Sometimes she is even so eager to find out what happens next that she reads ahead a bit.  It is still a little high of a reading level to be a true independent reading fit for her but since she hears me model the way Sharon Creech writes, it is easier for her.  
  • Rice!  I guess I always knew it was always a great thing to have in sensory tables for preschools. I used it with my preschool students long long ago but I'm not sure why it took me this long to use it with my own kids.  Who cares about the mess when it buys me at least an hour at a time of having and engaged son!  And what a mess it made but for the most part, it was easy to sweep up.  It would have been much easier of a clean up if my son didn't decide that when he was finally done, he would pretend to use it as snow and try skiing in it.  Good grief, he got rice everywhere!  But now I know to limit the time I leave it out so that by the time his attention span has veered off to other things, I will have the rice out of arms reach.  Who needs expensive Christmas toys under the tree when you can just go buy some grains and legumes and wrap them up??!  
  • A girl trip.  Next week I get to fly to Minneapolis, MN to see one of my best friends.  Just a short trip to do whatever we want for a couple, laugh, watch movies in our pajamas, drink wine, go on a 12-15 mile run together, and just enjoy being together face to face instead of just e-mail.  SOUL FOOD.  
  • Christmas Rocks.  We tried our first night of these Christmas/Advent Rocks last night at the dinner table and it was awesome!  Such a great family activity and I hope we can continue it all through December.  
  • Concert with my husband this weekend!  For my birthday, my husband bought me tickets to see The Lumineers and this weekend is the time to celebrate.  On that note, even though I have lots of other things I'm loving right now,  I'll leave you with a video of one of the most popular song by this group. 

Happy Friday!

1.  What are some things YOU are loving lately?  
2.  Random question but I've received a few e-mails from blog readers saying that they can't comment on my blog....wondering what's up with this.  If you are a person who has tried to comment but can't, can you please send me a quick e-mail to let me know.. not sure if this is something with the blogger site or what.  Thanks a ton!  



  1. Ooh! So much good stuff to comment on so I will be back to this with a glass of wine later tonight!!!

    Love yoU! 7 sleeps:)

  2. SO jealous of the lumineers concert you get to go to! They are my current favorite, just love the whole album. I wear those same brooks too, and have recently been wearing the connects - amazing, best sneaker ever.
    Have a great date night!:)

  3. Wow, sounds like a whole lotta stuff going well in your world!

    I'm loving getting running again (ultra took me a much longer recovery time!) and loving the new NorthFace down coat my husband surprised me with the other day. He either felt sorry for me cuz I'm always cold OR he was tired of me wearing HIS down coat :) Either way, I'm loving it...especially while playing outside with the pup!

  4. Thanks for sharing about the Lumineers. I just bought their album. I'll have to check out Ruby Holler. I hadn't heard of it before. Lately I've been loving music by Gungor and swimming. I'm going to learn how to lap swim and I'm determined to get past the "this really sucks" phase. I guess I like a challenge. :) Really though, I need to get some fire in my belly for Boston training because it's going to be time soon!

  5. OMG kids and rice! I forgot that babysitting trick - but boys, kids love to play in it.
    Have fun at the concert this weekend. And enjoy the time with the hubby!

  6. Don't forget to read your daughters Walk Two Moons..........we laughed, we so good!

  7. I'm loving that even though it is December we are having temperatures in the 60s!!!

  8. So excited that you are feeling more grounded and that you are able to truly enjoy this time of year. And yay for running. Awesome to feel so good so early in your training. This is going to be an awesome training cycle for you. And what a super mother you are:)

  9. Another of my Mum's sayings - when the Mum's happy, everyone's happy. Seems to be so in your case. I think Mums can set the mood of the house and if we're feeling stressed, cranky or moody it spreads like an epidemic. The time you're taking to fill your soul is helping more than just you.

    Things I'm loving now? Knowing that I'm on the right track finally with my health and trusting enough in my intellect and instinct to take action.

  10. Ok, LOVE the Lumineers! I'm so jealous! You guys will have a blast. Thanks for the book tips. I'm always looking for holiday books to read to my students this time of year. Those look great. Also, very neat about the rice. We adopted a brand new math curriculum this year and the basis of it is "discovering math." Students explore with rice for a lot of concepts, such as volume. So... your kiddos are doing more with that than you know! Yay for smart kids! :)

  11. The lumnineers? So jealous- I hope that you have fun. I love their music. I am glad that you got a date night and that you have a fun girl's weekend to look forward too.
    I am loving a lot of things right now- probably too many to list. Loving that my running is slowly coming together, loving Christmas music and decorations, loving hot apple cider and snuggles with my girls on the couch. :-)

  12. OH GIRL... I usually read your new blog posts when I am feeding Brooke in the middle of the night on my phone so I can never comment! After your Facebook message I decided I have to comment:) You really are such a talented writer and you make me appreciate the little beautiful things in life. I am so happy you get a girls trip! YAY for good running and yoga!

  13. Often your blog inspires me to be a better mom. I have to laugh at the rice ... When my son was 3 he was evaluated constantly, with diagnosis of autism hovering overhead ... But so many times a therapist would bring rice for him to play with. I have such bad memories of rice! But beans...that was my kitchen go to toy. Thanks for writing!

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  15. Love this post and your positive perspective. You are such a talented writer and always strike a chord with me and what you say resonates with me throughout the day.

    I am loving christmas shopping, lazy nights watching christmas movies with my nephew, and running for the pure joy of running. :)

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  17. Loved this post. I can totally relate in that my funk definitely impacts my kids. With a newborn, sometimes I miss my me time in the morning which starts off the day feeling frantic and crazy. Trying to embrace the changes and still squeeze in some me time to run and for quiet reflection so that I can too be patient with my kids. Easier said than done! Great idea about the rice. My three year old loves pretend cooking/mixing with dried beans. Keeps her busy and. The cleanup is not too bad!