Sunday, December 16, 2012

18 miles, Brooks ID, and Time in Portland

And here is one very cold and sopping wet pile of running clothes.  The remains of a very rainy 18 mile run.  My first 18 miler of this training cycle.  8:12 average.  It was the longest I've run since July 4th for the Foot Traffic Flat Marathon.  Same shoes, in fact, and these shoes had their last run today. They are officially "mileaged out".  I don't keep track of the miles on my shoes but from the looks of the bottoms and considering that I ran my last marathon in them, I'd say they are ready for the big box of shoes going to recycled shoe heaven.

My 18 miler today wasn't anything fancy but it was an important run to get under my belt.  It was just supposed to be easy miles.  And for the first 15 or so, it did feel pretty easy.  But those last 3 miles didn't feel so good. And I certainly can "feel" the fact that I took so much time off running.  Perhaps it was the fact that my entire body was cold to the core, my feet throbbing and feeling on the verge of blister city, or my stomach nauseous from the gels and sports beans I tried (and the few beers I may or may not have had at the Christmas party the night before), but it is done!  18 done and in the bag.  Somebody please assure me that by March I will want to run a marathon.  Because I feel so far from marathon shape still.  I mean, I could complete a marathon but to actually feel ready to race one?  That's a different story.  I suppose that's what training is help us keep getting stronger.  And today was a big run for me in getting into marathon shape. Especially with having those last 3 miles to push through even though I wasn't feeling well.  

Splits from today (all easy except the last 3...they didn't feel easy):  8:14; 7:59; 7:58; 8:13; 8:10; 7:55; 8:17; 8:06; 8:05: 7:56; 8:06; 8:08; 8:05; 8:20; 8:19; 8:33; 8:22; 8:50

Brooks ID Program

I'm super excited to share the news that I will be sponsored by Brooks Running again for 2013.  I'm honored to represent such a great running company through the Brooks ID program.  This news has certainly helped me continue to RUN HAPPY.  Thank you Brooks!  I can't wait to try out the new Brooks Pure Flow to replace the purple ones in the picture at the top.

Portland Cello Project 

On Friday night, we took the whole family to see the Portland Cello Project perform a Beck the Halls concert at the Aladdin Theater here in Portland, Oregon.  My son didn't last very long but he managed to sit through the first half.  By that time, all three of the kids were ready to go but I CERTAINLY WAS NOT!  So, my wonderful husband took the kids to the car and waited for me so that I could enjoy it a bit more.  I allowed myself to get lost in the music and let it wash over me...over all of us as we grieve over the recent shootings.  It was a time to enjoy the music but remember and pray.

Night in our OWN City

My husband and I took the kids to spend the night with their Aunt and cousins last night so that we could head downtown for a cruise on the waterfront for a work Christmas party.  I knew I had 18 miles ahead of me the next morning so I had a water, beer, water, water, beer, water pattern going on.  Probably for the best that I didn't drink more than a couple drinks since I usually end up sticking my foot in my mouth.  Well, I do that anyway.

It was so nice to just enjoy our alone time without kids and have a hotel in our own city even though we only live 7 to 10 miles from downtown.  It made us wonder why we don't do this type of mini-vacation more often.  This morning we had a leisurely breakfast and then a walk to a coffee shop where we read and watched people out the window.  It was like being in our 20's again ...before kids!

Spanish coffee, city lights, a hot date....perfect!  The Spanish coffee wasn't mine though...but I had a few sips.  

It was so cold and windy!!  I could barely stand there for the picture...pretty sure my knees are knocking together and why they look so funny in the picture.  Brrrrr!

I had a long list of random bullets that I was thinking about today but apparently, I'm tired from my 18 miles and/or no longer needing to process any of them so I'm thinking SLEEP sounds like the perfect recovery step after a long run and an emotional week.

Love, Peace, and Healing to all who are hurting right now. I've seen so many of us come together the past few has been a beautiful reminder of all the GOOD in the world that continues to give us all hope and comfort.



  1. 18 miles... VERY close to 26K. ;) So glad you and the hubby had such a nice time together. Love the "freezing" picture.

  2. Well done for getting that run done in rainy weather!


  3. I love date nights/weekends in your own hometown...we try to so a mini "staycation" every year so we don't take our city for granted!
    Great 18 miler in the rain.

  4. Great 18 miler Amanda- I hope that you have dried out now. I had 10 miles yesterday but opted for the TM because of all the snow. I didn't want a repeat of my disaster run from last week.

    Glad that you and your hubby got in a much deserved date night. It looks like it was a lot of fun.

    Congrats on Brooks ID too! I am looking forward to this next year. It is already starting off great.

  5. Wow! Great 18-miler!!! Awesome about Brooks! The cello concert sounds fun - we went to one Friday night, also - our youngest son plays cello!

  6. Such amazing news about Brooks!! Woohoo!! Congrats on your 18 mile run. You did an awesome job!! You will definitely be marathon ready by March.

  7. Thanks girls. Feels good to have out of the way. @Gracie, Yes "staycation"...that's the word. Such a great idea! We need to do this mor often.
    @Tasha, congrats girl!! Super excited for your news.

    @Kim, so awesome...I would love one of my kids to play cello!

  8. How fun to feel like you did pre-kids. It sounds like such a nice time in the city.

    Your pace is unbelievable considering your time off! I am so impressed. You are my running hero.

    Proud to be part of the same "team." You definitely embody the Run Happy motto. :)

  9. You'll be ready to race in March. I have no doubts about it.

  10. Congrats on the Brooks ID program! That's awesome! Cute pic of you and your hubby. Glad to see that you're doing well.

  11. Congrats on being on the team again

    I really like the new colors of the Cadence 2!!

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