Thursday, April 11, 2013

Time to Find Some Doctors in Asheville

Gorgeous place to run.  I can only imagine this area in the fall.  

I'm convinced that I should never blog about how good, strong, and healthy I feel ever again.  At least not if I want to stay that way.  It's the curse of proclaiming that you are injury free and on the mend.  It's happened a few times now.  Goes something like this:

  • I'm injured or feeling run down.
  • I get quiet for awhile.
  • I start to feel better.
  • Still quiet...just in case.  
  • Have one amazing run where I feel 100%
  • I shout it from the rooftops.  
  • Next run brings with it problems again.  
  • GRRRRR  
Okay, so really, I'm not even sure what to think when it comes to my body.  Something is going on and I need to find a good team of doctors so that I can get it figured out.  I thought it was just from low iron and I definitely think that had something to do with my body tearing down.  Then when I continued to run on an "off" left leg, I wore it down even more and my recovery was slower because of the low iron count. 

So here I am again after my strong track workout the other day.... feeling "off".  It's only on the left side of my body.  I can't even explain it entirely.  Here are just a few things I notice:
  • weak left leg
  • dull pain in the quad area
  • slight limp when I try to run (making up for "off" leg)
  • tingling in left arm by armpit.  I know, that's really weird.  Actually, my left arm feels slightly tingly as I type even.  
  • leg warms up as I get into run.  The day before the Napa marathon, it actually had shooting pain when I'd walk but then when I started the marathon, I couldn't feel pain.  Just fatigue.
So, what's UP?!  For awhile, I was wondering if it was from stress or just in my head.  But at this point after experiencing these symptoms for a good two months or more.  Maybe three.  

I made a call to a chiropractor this morning and I hope to get in with a sports medicine doctor soon too. Running is such a treasure in my life so this is extremely important for me to figure out.  I don't necessarily care about racing all that much but I do want to run forever.  It is part of what makes my soul sing.  Life is just better with running.  And when I'm limp jogging instead of running when I'm four days out from attempting to run the Boston Marathon....Um, this is a huge CONCERN to me.  Ugg.  

It helps that there are so many things making me happy right now.  So much to be thankful for:
  • I got my son into a preschool 3 days a week from 9 to 1.  What's that I hear??  FREE TIME for MOMMY!  
  • So many of the moms dropping their kids off today were running mamas that looked just like me. Well, you know what I mean....they were in their running clothes and they looked like a runner! I smiled when I saw all the minivans with running stickers and moms with running shoes unstrapping their kids from the car.   I can see future morning workouts soon.  One of the moms even lives right near where we will live.  Well, they all do really.  This is exciting for me.  
  • It is absolutely GORGEOUS here!  The weather the past 2 days is a little hot for normal but spring has sprung!  Birds singing, buds budding, so many people out and it! 
  • My girls are adjusting to school very nicely now that it is almost the end of their first full week.  



  1. Good Luck Amanda, it is only after your health is compromised that you really truly learn how much you value it!! I have been going through a similar thing the last 6 months, I am just getting back into running after a severe plantar fasciitis injury. I am taking it slow, doing the work I need to do to keep my body strong, and like you said, it has become less about being able to race, and more just about being able to run. I wish you luck in your journey to find someone to help you, they are out there!!

  2. I adore you and your blog. I have no advice (sorry!), but a big huge internet hug is coming your way! The space you've created on your blog really helps me feel "normal". Thank you for that! I hope you find an answer and are smiling in Boston!!!

  3. I appluad you for actually going to the doctors, many atheltes, including myself, "try to play doctor google" and self diagnios ourselves. I have stopped this practice, I just think it will pass soon enough.

    I hope your body feels better soon

    PS i love that running trail along the water

  4. Yay!!! I'm so happy for you that you have spied some perspective running partners! It sounds like things are coming together...then there's the running! I hope you are feeling much better for Monday!

  5. Always fun to find prospective running partners...hope you can connect with them soon.

    I'm going to give my standard answer to your problem, which is check out the Sock Doc's site: So much great info and he takes a holistic approach, which is what you might need. He is in Chapel Hill, btw...

    Hoping you find answers soon--I know how frustrating it can be.

  6. You know, for a while now I suspected that you have a chronic issue with your hamstring. It must be so frustrating to feel better after days of, have great runs, get your hopes up (of course) and then get back to square one. My nonprofessional opinion is that you probably have some muscular imbalances that you need to correct with strength training. I know you've seen chiros before, but have you ever seen a PT? When I had my quad tendinopathy I worked with a great PT who determined several imbalanced (e.g. weak quads, propensity to pronate when tired, weak feet) and he prescribed a strength and balance routine that helped a ton. Although I am not rigorously doing the routine now, I know I am running differently now - for one, I feel my glutes working, which was not happening before. Just an idea. I agree with you, it's time to figure out what is going on and fix it for good:) In the meantime, Boston is in 10 days and I am more and more excited to see your smily expressive beautiful face and hear your contagious laughter:)

  7. Hello Amanda !

    sounds like an adventurous move to the East. We've been to the Biltmore a couple of times, and each time I HAVE TO put on my shoes and run. Pretty !

    Good Luck in Boston ! If you see someone wearing a RunWild Soccer Locker & City Runners shirt, say hello - it will be ME !

  8. I hate those kinds of mystery conditions where the symptoms are just weird and don't point to any condition that I've learnt off a medical drama. I hope you find a really good doctor with some insight.

  9. I hope that you can get to bottom of what is going on. The left arm tingling sounds kind of scary. Hopefully you will be able to see a doctor soon so you can start feeling better.

    Enjoy Boston this weekend. I will be thinking about you pretty lady!

  10. So glad you are settling in there in Asheville! I bet it's a nice break to have your little man in pre-school. It won't be long until you will be running with the other moms :) Look at those gorgeous trails!! Looks like Oregon :) Bark is nice.

    Laughing at Big Daddy Diesel's comment about doctor Google...I see him regularly!

    Hope the weather is absolutely PERFECT in Boston for you. You earned a great race weather day! Have a great visit with the other ladies and have a cup of coffee for me :)

  11. I just came across your blog today because Shut up and Run had linked to it and I trust her judgement on blogs :) Anyway, I live in Asheville and wanted to recommend Krista Kelly at Mission Sports Medicine. I had plantar fasciitis in the early spring of 2012, which she helped me heal from. I wonder if the nice folks at Jus Running would have names too. Welcome to the mountains!

  12. Been thrown into situations like this can be quite scary,, I have been there myself. Glad to see from your newer posts that everything is ok. I love following your running life.