Friday, June 28, 2013

Treadmill Play

Treadmill Play.

I knew I wanted a good sweat, big endorphin boost and a decent amount of calories burned down.  I also knew that I woke up too late to run outside before my husband left for work so my options were to hit the treadmill while the kids were lost in imagination, schlep them all to the gym so I could get a workout in or wait until tonight (no thanks! It's Friday...I'd rather enjoy a beer with my husband).

I chose treadmill.

But how to avoid the boredom of a treadmill when you're not training for anything specific but still want a good workout?

Switch it up!

Today I alternated between 2 min fast (my fast is now what my goal marathon pace used to be only a few months ago) and 2 min easy for 4-5 miles. I followed this up with some lunges, core work, etc.  and now I'm smiling inside and out.  Awesome benefits!!

1.  The miles seemed to go by so much faster.
2.  My heart rate got up there! And then came back down with the easy portion.  Good fat burning.
3.  I sweat a TON!
4.  My legs were happy to feel the faster pace without having to endure it for too long of a time.
5.  I'm so much happier than I was before I did the workout!
6.  And I didn't have to pack the kids up to go anywhere.  My daughters just continued dressing their little brother up as a girl for the performance they were working on.  By the end of my workout, my son had make up on, was wearing a dress and heels and was working on his high pitched voice to go with the dance he was learning.  Good grief! The stories we will have to tell.

One sweaty happy mess!  Mission accomplished!
Favorite Treadmill-Play workouts?  Maybe switching up the elevation?  



  1. I am truly repulsed by the treadmill. Despise. And... I slept in this morning; so I am about to get on it, too. While I just have a short tempo, I just can't seem to psyche myself up.

    You ROCK for getting it done. And yes, that workout does seem much more fun than a tempo.

    So glad you are enjoy NC! :)

  2. Great workout! Glad all is well in the new city!

  3. I have done some treadmill play in the past with increasing speed each mile, etc. but right now it is only really bearable thanks to Netflix. I rarely watch TV at home so when I do it's on the TM. Sometimes it pushes me to go an extra mile just because I want to know what's going to happen next! I've gone through some cheesy shows but some good ones too! (Prison Break- my favorite!, Vampire Diaries, Mad Men, Walking Dead and I'm finishing up the West Wing right now.) It REALLY helps pass the time. I have a rule though- it's only for easy paced runs and every once in a while marathon pace.. I cannot focus enough on my pace to go faster than marathon pace on a TM. So all my speed work is done outside or a TM as I stare at the numbers SLOWLY move up. torture.

  4. Yay for a multipurpose run that was fun! I just love how creative your kids are, not surprised bc you are so creative yourself, but love their games! I am so excited to do some runs together! I think the only time I ran with you was that Boston marathon! It will be so much fun! XO

  5. Oh, TM workouts. I like to start on 0 incline and move up every .25 up to maybe 5% (HARD) and then come down to 0 while keeping the pace the same. Or, I like to do .1 intervals super fast, like mile pace, and then .25 super easy, and so on. It is amazing to me how much easier a 7:30 pace feels on the TM after a .1 interval FAST!

  6. I love running on my treadmill - I constantly mix it up. Sometimes I increase the pace every minute or 45 seconds. Sometimes every 1/4 mile. I just entertain myself!
    Glad you got your run in so you can hang with your husband tonight!!

  7. I enjoy my treadmill. I have 4 or 5 workouts that I switch up, in addition to trying to best my fastest mile on my rest days since I'm streaking until the 4th. I think my favorite is 1/4 mile sprint, 1/8 mile walk with an increase in speed on the sprints each time; I do it 5-8 times depending upon how I feel and how much time I have.

  8. Ha ha. Poor Sam. You did take photos?

  9. Well done! I think you chose wisely. And I wouldn't wanna postpone my run till the evening either. It's so much better if you run in the morning. That way you get to bask in your own glory all day.


  10. ah friend, haven't been here in awhile! but i've really enjoyed all your fb & instagram pics. hope that the carolinas are treating you well!

  11. Love it! This is why I really want a treadmill... with kids, it's so nice to be able to get your run in without leaving the house!!

  12. Love it! Love my new treadmill - it really does give you another option when the kids are home and I need it. But boredom happens so these workouts are great.

    I just love your blogposts and your FB updates - keep em coming. You ALWAYS inspire and often make me laugh (poor Sam! It happened to my Felix (alter ego Felicia) a lot when he was little - he can fight off the make-up brush now!)

  13. With my internship coming up in the Fall, I know I'm going to have to do some treadmill runs. I like this idea, fast slow. How much slower is the slow portion? Like 30 secs or 1 min slower, or more?