Saturday, October 12, 2013

Whisperings from the Inner Superhero and a 13.1 of Embracing JOY in Running!

Watching Kona IRONMAN.  Wow!  Talk about ENERGY! And inspiration!  I admit, in 2000 when I was watching the Ironman in Auckland, New Zealand, I remember thinking that these athletes were pure CRAZY!  I mean, I was still four years out from running my first marathon.  I had no idea what even a marathon was all about...let alone running a marathon AFTER some intense swimming and cycling.

Now, as I watch the coverage of Ironman Kona (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, posts from friends, live coverage), I hear my inner superhero whispering to me.  My inner "crazy" "I want to do that someday too!" Okay, so maybe I don't really want to put the time and energy into completing a full Ironman but watching this makes me think of all the things I DO want to do.  There are still so many possibilities that are there for us!  Anything can happen if we believe and put our heart and spirit into it. THIS is what watching something like this reminds me of.  So inspiring!

I'm still in my HAPPY/RUN for FUN season with running.  And I'm loving it.  Such a good place for me right now.  My body feels mostly WHOLE (besides the annoying left hamstring), I'm getting excited to marathon train again in late December, and I'm finding so much JOY in running again.

I felt almost giddy this morning as I woke up early to run in a race environment for the Bethel Half Marathon.  I knew I didn't want to "race" this run.  I wanted to run it for the simple JOY of running.

And that I did.



Within easy pace.

Beautiful Course.

Rolling Hills.

Colorful Countryside.



Smile on my Face.

Mile after mile of feeling like my legs would carry me at this pace forever.

A good feeling.

So thankful for runs like this!

.22 at 6:54 pace.

First place AG and a unique hand made award.  I loved this event!

I'll take that 1:43:xx with a smile on my face!  And a promise of more happy miles to come.  Far from my fastest time but there's something to be said about just enjoying the run and feeling strong without pushing ourselves to our edge all the time.  I like where I'm at right now with running.  It's a good place.  My 7:50's today made me just as happy as my low 7 minute average made me a couple of years ago.  I'm not sure how I'll take on my Boston training but the goal so far looks like :  ENJOY IT!  This might mean taking it easy this time.  And it very well might mean pushing myself for a bigger goal.  Too early to tell.  In the meantime, here's to finding joy in our runs!

1.  Have you completed an Ironman or half Ironman?  Do you want to?  What about a triathlon of any distance?  I'm not sure I'd want to put the amount of TIME into training for an Ironman or half Ironman.  Just a lot of other things I want to do.  I've never done a triathlon of any kind...I'd like to though!
2.  What's one of your biggest "whispers" or goals that your "inner superhero" calls to you?  My inner superhero whispers to me about so much more than running.  Really, running or athletic goals aren't as important to me as other life goals related to career, making a difference, working with people in different ways, writing, etc. Really, I want to change the world.  Ha!
3.  What do you do to bring the JOY back to your running when you get in a running rut? I listen to my body and mind.  When the desire isn't there, I don't force it.  Giving my body a break from running almost ALWAYS means coming back happy and hungry again.


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  1. Sounds like an excellent run! :) My newest non-public goal that I just started training for is my first 50 mile race. But I want it. I want it bad! ;)

    1. What a fun goal Rebecca! No can totally do this! Keep pushing past those things you're scared of and life will only get better.

  2. Great job on your first place AG finish! I'm running the Girlfriends half tomorrow in Vancouver and hope to finish under 2 hours (I'm a tiny bit slower than you!) :)

    1. Thanks Linda! Oh, gooooood luck today at Girlfriends!

  3. Hey you! So happy to feel your energy and love of running in this post. That is a solid run for you right now! Yup, completed 2 half ironman races. I do want to do an ironman, not for time, just for the experience. Move to MA and we can train together:) You are changing the world! Looks at the 3 lives you are molding! But, I do get what you are saying here, and my goals at the moment have little to do with running. Bring the joy back into running - hm, depends on where I am at the moment; sometimes a hard run, other times a nice trail, and often abandoning the garmin and just running.

    1. Thanks AM! Yes, solid run for me right now...felt great too! yay! Okay, we'll move to MA and train together...ha! Sounds perfect. :) Too bad our family is all the way on west coast...I'd love that. So true about the different ways to bring joy back to running...all of these ways can do it for me too depending on the season I'm in. xo

  4. Yes yes! So much energy and excitement in Kona! My very favorite event to follow!!

    Again, super job on your race/run. What a perfect experience. Solid, strong, feeling like you want more, content with where you are, all wrapped up into one!!!! So good to see. So good to read. Congrats on the AG as well!!

    No ironmans yet for me as you know and potentially I will never do one but I'm almost certain triathlon is in my future. I see this in 2014 already and something I think will be a wonderful change for me! I also think my body is better designed for this than purely running so we'll see where it takes me:)

    As far as bringing the joy back, I realize I am almost ALWAYS inspired and rejuvenated with running after I go to a race. Whether I run the race or just spectate. Whether it's a road race or a CC meet. I leave feeling the gift that running is in my life and how much I enjoy just getting out there.

    Happy Sunday:)

    1. Hi you! Like I said, I'd never followed one before but now I know why it is so exciting! Let's make a girl trip to Kona someday to watch. I can't wait to watch you train/do your first tri. I think you will be great at this! Races are definitely an inspiring environment. And now that your baby girl is racing every, that's a heavy dose of inspiration! xo

  5. Sounds like a wonderful run! Well done.

  6. Okay, First I have to complete my first marathon. But I have aspirations to do a triathlon and if I like it, I may do a half ironman. I have no interest in doing a full ironman, because really, who has that time. Bajeebus.

    And I would like to write or do something that changes the world, too. Work with girls and giving them confidence or working with people in need. Something, but not sure what or how. Oh and I want write a novel.

  7. Oh and congrats on winning your age group. Awesome.

  8. How cool is that to win your age group while doing a fun run?

    I've done a couple half ironman races and had planned on doing a full one this year until things changed at work requiring a ton of travel.

    As far as goals whispering to me, I would have to say running a 100 mile race. I'm pretty sure my body wouldn't hold up so this is unlikely.

    When I'm in a running funk, I run real easy or go run trails and just take in the sites, sounds and smells.

  9. For me to get back to the joy of running - I'm going to take a short break and then go back to my tried and true plan - run however far, fast and often I feel like running. I don't like to follow training plans - I just like to run the way I feel on any given day.

  10. Girl- I totally know what you mean. I used to think Ironman people were crazy. Cool but crazy. Now it is definitely on my bucketlist. One of these days...

    And congrats on the half marathon. Unique handmade awards are the best!

  11. Congratulations on such a great run. Sounds like you really enjoyed it.