Saturday, October 23, 2010

Look what I found!

As I've been reading running blogs recently, I've started to wonder why I didn't save more of my old running medals, racing bibs, racing stats, etc.  I must be acquiring some serious memory issues in my 30's because I figured I had just lost them over the years due to carelessness.  This morning I started digging through the garage in hopes that I saved at least a few artifacts from my past running days.  I struck running gold!  I found my old cross country box that a teammate made for me.  She even glued in inspirational quotes and pictures.  I'd been saving my bibs all along and I even wrote my times on them and things like "this race sucked ass".  Or the cloth napkin from our cross country dinner after regionals where I totally turned into psycho emotional runner who freaked out and ran horrible...gee, I really let the pressure get to me then.  But really?!  What did I think I was going to do with the steak and tear stained napkin from Outback Steakhouse? 


Glad to know I have something to hold onto as I try to get back into competitive running.  As I age, these things seem more important to me (well, not the napkin).  Before, I wouldn't think twice about sticking my racing bib in a drawer and forgetting about it but now it kind of feels like they are part of my story...part of me that I will leave for my kids some day.  And a huge motivation for me right now!  Some more fuel to my running fire!

Here are some of my favorite races after college and before kids.  It was so nice to run for me and with myself and not on or for a team!  No pressure. Emotional baggage cleaned out. My times improved and running no longer made me cry.  That's another blog entirely.

I also found some old love letters between my  husband and I before we were married. So fun!  And some awesome pictures of when we were first dating!  What treasures.  Here's a fun one.  Yes, that's a bandana around my boobs....not sure what I was thinking.  Hey, we were at the Country Fair in Eugene in 2000.  Good times.  Oh, and I crocheted (that word looks so weird) that purse I'm wearing.  I don't even think I'd know how to hold a crochet needle anymore. Check out the dude with the purple wig in the background....good times!  :) 

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  1. My hubby and I started bib wall paper in our basement. We also have a curtain rod with our medals hung. Whenever I get down about a run or ride I go down there and look at the collection of medals and bib and try to remind myself that not everyone can do this!