Sunday, October 24, 2010

Big Kid Falling Down

I've spent some time tonight going through some old writing that I had done from a few years ago and I came across this story that made me laugh all over again. In recent light of my fall in the forest and a conversation I had about grown adults who cry like babies, I thought I'd post.  Definitely a run I won't forget.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

big kid falling down

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Why is it funny to see an adult fall and hurt themselves?  It always catches me off guard when I see a perfectly healthy and stable "big kid" fall in the middle of a run or on a bike or dancing or doing something they normally do.  For example, one day in the city on my normal bike ride home from work I was just taking my time and enjoying the evening sunshine.  Then this man came around on his bike...he was going to show me how it was done by a true cyclist.  I happily let him pass and kept my own slow pace.  Then he turned the corner in front of me and as I followed ..."BAM!!!" he ran his bike smack into a minivan or SUV or something.  He quickly tried to pull himself together and pretend he didn't see that I saw everything.  Poor guy was so embarrassed.  I didn't know if it would make matters worse for me to ask if was okay or if I should just pretend I didn't see anything for his sake.  I think I asked if he was okay...all the while trying quite hard to keep a straight face.  Strange how that ended up being the funniest/highlight of my day...a true comic relief.

So, tonight on our family run, I was the "big kid" falling down.  Waylon had the double jogger stroller and we were nearing the end of our run.  We were going at quite a good pace and I was feeling in shape and energized.  I crossed the street and Waylon and the girls stayed on the other side.  "Where are you mommy?!", shouted Ani (Elliana).  I looked over and waved as I continued to move at a steady pace.  "Here I am baby!  You look so pretty with your hair blowing in the wind!"  All I remember after that is falling slow motion to the pavement.  Just like a 2 year old must feel when they fall, only I had a much further distance to fall.   I smacked my breasts so hard against the pavement (not good for my breast feeding), along with my right hand and thigh!  I instantly started crying like Elliana does when she falls. I bet the whole neighborhood heard my wailing.  (I think if Waylon wouldn't have been around to baby me then I would have acted tough and sucked it up).  Right as I fell, a kid rode past on his bike without saying a word.  I'm convinced he rode past with a smile and a chuckle under his breath.  Waylon also had to keep from laughing  until later. 

Needless to say, I'm quite sore indeed.  I have not fallen that hard in a long long time.  After a few Ani kisses and some  deep breaths, I too can laugh and find it all funny.

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