Friday, October 22, 2010

Coffee please! Inspiration plenty!

Of course I had dreams of blogging for most of the night.  I guess staying up until midnight trying to set up a blog and begin to figure out this blogging world didn't leave me with much mental wind down time before hitting the pillow.  But for the first time in awhile, I woke up excited about using my MIND to do something other than motherhooding (yes, it is a word now)!  Just this in itself is going to make me more successful in motherhood.  At this point I don't even care that nobody will really be reading this yet.  I kind of prefer it that way until I get my blog feet wet or at least get knee deep. 

As a busy mother (what mother isn't?) , I've become a huge list fan when I write.  My journals are full of lists.  Lists of things I'm thankful for , prayers, goals, things that made me happy that day, quotes from my kids,  memories.  Lists that I can come back to when I have more time to dig deeper.  I try to get my students to do the same thing when they begin to live their writerly lives.

So, before I give myself over completely to my mother hat (little voices are calling me) I thought I'd make a quick list of just some of the things I'd like to write about soon:

*  Healing takes time, patience is hard...reminding myself that I am still recovering from a serious injury and feeling better doesn't mean to go do something STUPID like trying to run right away or do Jillian Michaels.

*  Setting BIG dream goals for your life is essential.  They may seem crazy and unattainable at this point in life but dreaming them up is just what it takes to start moving in the right direction.  Believing and visualizing are HUGE!  I'm a believer!  Who says I can't be a woman that breaks 3 hours in the marathon?  The only one who can make that an impossible or possible goal is ME. 

*  Creating vision boards...magazines, scissors, a vision for what I want.  Kind of a grown up craft time.  My vision board for my healing and running goals and how it has helped me when I see it on the mirror every day.  I'll include a picture when time permits.

*  Setting goals with and in front of my children to help them live a goal driven and motivated life.  Kid vision boards, gratitude ABC charts (pictures to come soon), teaching them to live a life of passion.

*  My love/hate relationship with facebook and why I keep coming back

*  Nurturing the creative spirit ...for myself and my children...and how that enables us to defy the limits and go outside the boxes that we allow ourselves to be put into. 

I feel JOYFUL.  Joyful that ideas are flowing faster than I can type.  Joyful that I could write for hours if I didn't have three hungry and energetic kids needing their mama right now (I've stretched my morning coffee/me time way past the limit and my house is paying for it now).  :)  Joyful at my renewed inpiration and feeling of Passion.  Joyful that I have this day with my children and I have more to give because I gave to myself!

Off to paint some pumpkins!  Here's to messes and using our creative energy!

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