Monday, November 29, 2010

Winner Of Pretty Ink Designs!

Good Morning!  I woke up extra early this morning with every intention of having alone time to read, check e-mail, drink my coffee, reflect and set some goals for the week.  So far, it is working out for me but I hear children stirring so I'm hearing my time running out! 

Congratulations to Stacie from Impossible Is Nothing for winning 50 free holiday cards from Pretty Ink Designs!!!  Contact Kelly at and let her know you are the winner of Amanda's giveaway!  I will contact her too.  I would love to see your cards when they are done.  Thanks for participating and for spreading the word about Pretty Ink Design. 

My goal of building a base back is going well.  I've been able to run almost every day for awhile now.  I don't always get around to logging my runs but I'm definitely feeling stronger again.  It feels so good to be regaining my running legs again.  I'm trying to be a little careful because I slipped on a blanket on our hardwood floors the other day and felt the really tender part of my lower hamstring give a hard pull.  I think it just tore a little bit and I can feel slight pain.  Hoping it isn't anything that won't heal very quickly. 
*  Start adding some speed work into my weekly workouts
*  Definitely do strength training (i.e.  get buff workouts like Jillian) at least once a week.
*  Seriously start considering and weighing the pros and cons of joining a Running Club called Team Athena

Connecting Spiritually
I find myself feeling a disconnect with my spiritual side recently.  Keeping my relationship and connection with God strong is important to me.  I'd really like to carve out a time during my every day to meditate on gratitude, love, and ways I can improve my character and give to others.  I want to use this time praying and having a conversation with God and I believe there are many ways to do this!  I've been a horrible slacker with my spiritual life lately! 
*  Take 10-20 minutes a day of just silent time where I pray, meditate with yoga, or journal a prayer and list of gratitude. 
*  Find myself saying thank you God and the ones I love!

It is so easy around this time of year to fall into a pattern of just eating and eating and eating.  And eating whatever is in the fridge...stuffing, ham, turkey, pie, pasta....  This holiday eating is catching up to me and not just with the way my body looks but with the way my body FEELS!  The way we eat directly affects so many other aspects of our life.  We truly ARE what we eat.  When I eat junk, my brain, body and energy feels like Junk! 
Make healthy food choices that will be good for me mentally, whole self!
*  Bring back Udo's Oil into my diet.  Such a great source of essential fatty acids!  I was taking this stuff regularly for a long time and just recently have fallen off the wagon.  It is pricey but some great stuff!

When I am teaching in the classroom, I am fully passionate and alive!  I get so involved and excited about my job.  Building relationships with my students and teaching them in ways that they learn and find success is something I do with my whole heart.  It is a job I am in love with.  I love reading about it, writing about it, and teaching about it!  It is a passion!  Now that I have made my decision to be a stay at home mom for awhile, I need to find my balance so that I stay focused and bring intention and passion to my every day!
*  To be just as passionate and ambitious in my daily life as a mother as I am when I am in the classroom.
*  Be intentional with the time I spend with my kids, what I do with my day and the choices I make as a mother, wife, self. 

Okay, I know this is total CHEESE and might actually be rather gag-like annoying to read. Definitely worth a few eye rolls from some of you but my husband is pretty deserving of the occasional blog shout out since he is my biggest support!  I rarely write about my husband on here but after a girl weekend of watching romantic sappy movies, I came home so excited to see him and hold him tight.  He is truly the most important person in my entire world.  He is everything I've ever dreamed up and more.  He's my best friend, my love, my life.  He is the whole ball of wax...intellectually, emotionally, professionally, socially, spiritually, creatively and more.  He challenges me to reach my goals and dream big and he supports me every step of the way. There is never a dream I share with him that he doesn't believe a runner, a professional, a wife, mother, etc.  I've never met a more patient and giving person and I think many would agree. I am eternally grateful for him and never want to imagine life without him in it.  It is easy to get busy with life...parenting, work, house repairs, etc. and forget to take quality time for each other.  We usually spend a fair amount of time together or near each other but I'd like to start being more focused  with him and shutting out other distractions (computer, t.v, kids, house work) so that we can give our 100% to each other more often.   
*  Be conscious about telling my husband Thank You and letting him know just how much I appreciate all he does! 
*  Finding time each week to shut all distractions out and just enjoy each other, talk, share goals, laugh, etc. 

What is something you want to be more intentional and focused about this week? 



  1. Great post. What benefits do you really "feel" with Udos?

  2. Great post! You are certainly blessed. :)

  3. love it... and you go and brag on your husband all you want! that is the good stuff!! i would love to be more intentional this week about spending time in the morning before the kids get up with my devotions, setting goals, praying, etc.

  4. Great post! I definitely want to spend December spending more time with God and just slowing things down and enjoying the simple pleasures of this season with the kids...and helping them to remember that Christmas is not ALL about the presents :-)
    We'll start reading Max Lucado's An Angel's Story this week. It's such a fun and creative look at the coming of Christ.

    I'm also on the look out for Chuck Swindoll's The Glory of Christmas.

  5. I Love all the photos of hubs!!
    The running goals sound good- I'll have to check out team athena. (?)

  6. Team Athena looks pretty good :)! Wish I weren't 3 hours away...
    You are also welcome to come on down and run with Team Elkton. No dues or anything, but we don't have a track. ;)

  7. I love the post, very touching. You are very blessed to have such a wonderful family :). Love love love the happy smiles on the kids' faces!! I'm curious about the Udos and what it does for you.

  8. Great post and beautiful pics! You are so good about settig up and committing to your goals!

  9. Glad to hear that your running is doing good and you keep setting goals. Waylon is defintely well deserving of a shout out! Good job Waylon and thanks for being such a good guy!:)

  10. Love your is good to assess them every so often. I also love my "me" time in the morning! Glad you were able to enjoy it!

  11. Hi Amanda! Thanks for your sweet comment! I am so impressed that you ran Boston... it is one of my lifetime goals! For following blogs outside of blogspot, have you ever tried Google Reader? It's the best! Can't wait to get caught up and read more of your blog! :)

  12. Thank you for the compliments about my blog, it really made my day. I am so glad you are feeling stronger as a runner. I loved that you included your spirituality goals because that reminded me how important it is to me and how easily I forget to spend EVERY day working on my relationship with GOD. Loved the husband and family goals...not cheesy and I didn't roll my eyes. You are so balanced and strong, thanks for being a great example!

  13. Your photos are fantastic!!
    I want to balance out my focus on my own interests as well as play directly with my boys. I think it is very important to have the kids around even without intense interaction. They watch and see my example which is equally important. I do want to talk to them more though and hear what they think too.