Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Creative Wee Words Wednesday

Thank you so much for your supportive comments about my Fairy Magic post.  Made me feel okay about posting some mommy stuff on here and not losing all my special runner friends.  I woke up inspired to do more of what I love with my kids and a huge part of that is cultivating their creative spirit (and mine) through projects and allowing them to discover the world through their questions, ideas, and creations.  

2010 was my first big injury that kept me from being able to run but it was also the first time I've experienced a big comeback after an injury and this feeling is priceless! I will never again take running for granted!

A big part of 2010 for my husband was building up his personal electrical engineering business.  

And the Glorious Sunshine came to visit us today in Portland!  Even if it was only brief, it was sun and it has been way too long!  Such a mood booster!

Now the hubby is home EARLY so that means that I get to go run.  Hoping for a 7 or 8 miler today.  

1.  For those of you that know about these races, what would your recommendation be....should I sign up for the Newport Marathon in June or the Portland Marathon in October?  

2.  What were the highlights of your 2010 year?



  1. First of all, I love your collage and the creative juices flowing in your house!!

    I was considering the Newport and "Elkton Runner" highly recommneded it, but it falls during NCAA baseball post-season, and I am hoping I get to go on that trip with the hubs.

    I did Portland this year and it rained on me the entire time, but there was still great crowd support. Though, I didn't really like the down-and-back through the industrial area.

    I am considering Pacific NW races too!! Let meknow what you decide!

  2. I love the creative stuff! That's what I want to do when I have kiddos! Something else I want to do with them is make scrapbooks... but I'll let them make their own, however THEY want. It'll be a cool way to commemorate each year.

    I don't know about either race but I say go with whatever fits your schedule best.

    My highlights of 2010 will soon be posted in my blog: professionally, earning my LICSW -- personally, having a stronger relationship with my spouse -- running, actually RUNNING an entire half.

  3. October!! It's a great month to run a marathon.

    Hmm 2010 I honestly did not have a great running year and I'm just looking forward to 2011!

  4. I'm doing the Portland Half ... but I also don't live there so it will be kind of new and exciting for me. And I love the coast, so I'd be tempted to do that one if I lived in Portland.

    Okay, I know how I would decide ... because it is my sole motivation .... I'd see what I get. The entry fee compared to the swag. The winner gets my presence. This is why I am running Portland - seems like you go away with a handful!

    My highlight of 2010 has just been each and every single race. I started out as new as you can get, and finished off with a first place age group medal! I can't even believe that I pulled that off. Seems like a fluke, but then I have given my all to running this year and have been loving every minute of it - even the painful minutes!

  5. very creative family indeed! awesome project!

    I guess the highlight would be my first marathon =)

  6. I am thoroughly impressed with the drawings. You have some talented kiddos there. Hope you had a good run. And I heard that Portland was a great race!

  7. Awh! Such a sweet post! I love the mommy's running drawing pic! :) I personally love that your blog encompasses more aspects of you - runner, mother and creator of awesome things.

  8. Running my first half marathon was a big highlight, but overall I think the highlight is falling into running and the friends and experiences I've met/had through it.

    Teaching my son to ride his bike was pretty exciting, too. :)

  9. That collage is awesome! I love the picture of you running..ha ha!
    Sorry, but I don't have any advice about the races!

  10. What a great idea. I wonder if I can corral mine for a little collage action.

  11. Love the drawings and the photos.
    Portland pros: close to home, more time to train and add mileage, perhaps cheaper w/out hotel, and more crowd support, REDEMPTION...
    Newport pros: Cheaper race, small race feel, fast course, Beach trip..

    I think if I were you (on the injury comeback) I would lean towards Portland for the fall and Newport for next year. Get in a great spring/summer half or two, and Portland won't know what hit it. Just my opinion! But it would be a tough choice. made a comment about running high mileage once and I just wanted to pick your brain on that...if I can be so bold. What would you like to see your average MPW be...and how is the brain trainer book going?

  12. girl please. a blog needs some personality! definitely don't mind hearing about non-running things. sometimes i sidetrack into non-running things -- just random stuff about my life that no one probably cares about... at least you have cute kiddos and their crafts to show off! :)