Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Body Fuel. You Are What You Eat?

I was talking with a friend the other day about how sad it is that it costs so much to eat well.  Quality food can be expensive!  The sad thing is that there are so many families that can't afford to buy the good stuff...the organic fruits and veggies, nuts, etc..  Sad that the food that is cheap is also the food that is the poorest fuel for our bodies.

We do not by any means have a perfect diet!  I have a TON to learn about nutrition, making healthy recipes and making sure I'm getting (and giving my family) the best foods. I try.  It isn't always easy though.  Or cheap. I guess I'm willing to pay more for good food when I can. And I'm thankful that I can for the most part.  If I had to choose between eating well and having lots of new stuff that I don't really need then I'd choose to spend my money on food any day.  Food is my fuel and what I am eating has so much to do with how I feel and how I perform as an athlete!  So I'll take the fresh fruits and veggies over the iphone, the new television, or the expensive pair of jeans (okay, I like the jeans too..tough choice).

  Today I had to get a few things from Whole Foods that I can only get there and as those of you with kids know, keeping the number of stops you have to make to a minimum is ideal so I did most of my weekly shopping there.  Good grief!  They should name this place Whole Pay Check!  Although I spent way more than I would have at Safeway, I feel good about the food my family will be eating.  I of course still have things like Mac n' Cheese, processed cereals, crackers, candy, and lots of other easy foods that I stuff down my kids' throats on a daily basis.  Like I said, I try and have lots of improvements I could make.  Since I don't enjoy cooking or  finding and following new recipes, I buy a lot of fresh foods that we can just eat as they are.  I wish I enjoyed cooking and creating new food isn't even that I can't (I can actually cook pretty well) but  I just don't enjoy it like some do!  If I had all the money in the world, I would totally hire a personal chef!

Here are some of the foods we will be eating this week (and I know that it isn't all good for us either!):

Yes, I know honey grahams in a natural looking box are still graham crackers and not the best food choice but it keeps my 16 month old happy during those times when I need him to stay happy (like in the car, store, etc.)  And contrary to some diet beliefs, we eat a ton of eggs in this house!

 Fresh fruit.  An absolute MUST HAVE in this house! Can't live without.

For tonight's easy-to-prepare Fish Taco dinner

Not the healthiest, but I. LOVE. Cheese!!  My favorites are Gouda and Havarti.  I like them all really.  Cheddar is usually the basic staple around here though.  

I thought I'd try out some new supplements.  We've been taking this stuff called Udo's Oil to get our Omega 3-6-9.  Anyone out there able to tell me the pros and cons of oil vs. the capsules?  Also, Can anyone tell me if these products are any good?  

God's Candy...More Fruit.  Raisins are my main magic trick for keeping my 16 month old content when he doesn't want to wait while I cook dinner.  And grapes don't last long...I bet they will be gone by tomorrow.  

So happy to have his raisins!  And yes, I feed my kids on the floor sometimes.  

 More MUST HAVES.  Yup, the veggies too.  

For Date Night tonight.... Gouda, wine and apples.  Yes, I know, it is cheap wine but I'm really thankful that I am still able to drink the lower budget wine and be just fine!  Not as cheap as my husband's Trader Joes' Three Buck Chuck that he drinks.  

What are some MUST HAVE food items in your household?



  1. Nice veggies. We've already discussed the kids eating on the floor thing, I've got no problem with it.

    We always have Craisins... I know they have a lot of sugar but I figure its better than me heading to the kitchen for a handful of choc. chips (which I've been known to do) when I'm craving sugar.

  2. every grocery store trip includes: milk (4-5 gal/wk), nature's own bread, bananas, grapes, cinnamon toast crunch (my FAVORITE cereal), cheese (multiple varieties), black beans, tortillas, salsa, corn, lettuce

  3. I know what you mean about Whole Foods being expensive. Do you have a Sprout close to you? I've actually started getting all of my produce there. They have awesome prices and their produce and products are just as good as Whole Foods.

    Let's see, must haves in our house are tons of fruit like apples, pears, bananas (berries when in season), lots of veggies, soymilk, raisins, and ginger snaps...yum!

  4. Hahaha. Three buck chuck. That stuff is nasty!! (but so perfect to make a sangria out of- nobody has to know, either!)

    The huz and I have been trying to expand our eating horizons lately- trying things like brussles sprouts (not a fav) and lots of grilled veggies (a big hit!)

    I like that you feed your kid on the floor. If I had a kid I would do that too! He's cute.

  5. I agree it stinks that it takes so much money to eat well. For us I have to have bananas and peanut butter, we have to have wheat pasta and tomatoes and graham crackers and goldfish and raisins. A lot of must haves. I love trader joes- do you have one? You can really eat pretty well there on a budget. I think for kids anyway its all about balance I mean you cant only feed them organic healthy stuff because at some point they will rebel and OD on pixie sticks. By striking a balance, in MY opinion, you raise well rounded healthy and happy kiddos!

  6. My must haves:
    1) Laughing cow mini baybell light cheese rounds - 50 calories and 6g of protein and yummy
    2)Dreyer's real fruit pops
    3)Sour cream (it goes on everything)
    4)Whatever fruit is the cheapest at that time

  7. I totally want to come over on fish taco night :) my fav!

  8. Can you post that fish taco recipe. I would love to try that. My daughter hates fish and this might be the one to get her to like it!

  9. I miss Whole Foods! You brought home some goodies!

    I always buy milk, almond milk, bananas and salsa!!!

  10. hi, noone seemed to notice the unusual way you placed your vegetables in one of the pics?

  11. Hey, Paul I noticed. We must be the only ones with slightly smutty minds.

  12. Hahaha...Paul... I noticed the veggie placement too, but have just recently stumbled upon this blog and don't have a good feel for the writer's sense of humor yet.

  13. Glad you caught that Paul. I think Laurie did too. :)

  14. I have to go back and read your actual post, but I just wanted to quickly say that I love your new header!! what a beautiful picture!

  15. I definitely noticed the veggies too. Definitely caught me off guard with that laugh!

    My must haves....pomegranates (when in season), apples, mixed baby greens. smoked gouda, oatmeal.

  16. Hey! I take Udo's and Alive vitamins. I'm not sure why I take Udo's but it seems like a good thing to take! The Alive vitamins are wonderful, I've been taking them forever and they even go on sale once in a while.
    Oh, and I love cheese, too!
    Your little peanut has a great smile :) !

  17. Staples for us include: Beef. Lots. We have a cow/steer butchered and split with the inlaws. It breaks down cheaper that way and it's all local grass-fed.

    We also stock up on milk. I have a refrigerator in the garage for putting 4-6 gallons of milk, lowfat cottage cheese and produce in.

    Where we live, the trips to the grocer add up, so I try to make it last 1-2 weeks. Unfortunately we rely a lot of canned and frozen stuff because fresh goes bad too quickly. We run out of bananas before the next trip to town pretty often.

    I try to keep plenty of tuna and peanut butter around. My friend has started making her own cheese and I can't wait to get feta from her!
    in reply- my kids weight was not related to my excercise, but my lightest was 7 pounds (first) and heaviest was 9#3oz (tae boe baby) and he was late. The third (running baby) was a week early and weighed about 8#3oz. :) Love your long comments too!

  18. oh- I bake my own bread and pizza shells too, with WW flour and flax sprinkled in. :) And i don't like to bake. Ha!

  19. whole foods is the brown cow yogurt and brown eggs story for us. of course we also pick up some cheese and organic 365 soup and chili as well. too expensive for much else.

    cute little raisin eater there!

  20. Thanks for your comment and great post - I am just doing one of my regular overhauls of the family diet at the moment. It looks to me like you have a balanced diet there - especially given you don't like cooking.. Good going!

  21. Definitely have to have eggs, bread, greens, coffee and I'm good to go!
    This post really makes me miss Whole Foods.

  22. I so wish there was a Trader Joes or Whole Foods near me! I go to Sam's and the staples I get there are eggs, milk, spinach, romaine, asparagus, broccoli and chicken, and they have frozen stir fry veggies that I like.

  23. Looks like a well-balanced diet. That cucumber sure is happy to have gone home with you! My wife keeps Trader Joes in business, with the occasional splurge at Whole Foods. More than a paycheck for us.

  24. I am so glad I found your blog, I miss Oregon so much, Go Beavs! So true about Whole Foods, I always leave feeling good about my purchases but bad about the amount of money I spent. My must have foods are honey crisp apples and greek yogurt.

  25. I swear we are keeping the steel cut oats industry alive in our house.
    Salad greens, tuna, pasta, raisin bagels and PB are big in our house.
    ..and raisins...and I don't even have kids...

  26. Fun to read what people have posted. Staples here are oatmeal, yogurt, peanut butter, bananas, frozen berries for smoothies, protein powder, milk, Kashi crunch, hummus, pitas, & cinnamon graham crackers!

  27. LOVE THIS POST!! I could not agree more with is so expensive to buy wholesome foods and junk food is dirt cheap. It is tough on a teachers salary with a husband in school to buy organic etc. but someday we will be able to I hope. Love to see what you get and have I told you, you have the cutest kids ever. About really should try it. It is absolutely amazing and a great way to cross-train. I wear my running shorts, really anything works:) About the music, I definitely race with music. Let me know if you ever want more song ideas...I can email you a huge list!! I could even mail you a DVD with like a bajillion songs on it if you want!!

  28. this is one area where I will budget to spend more money on. Its so important. I rather do without tv but have a whole organic meal and WINE! Your son is just adorable. SO healthy and full of life!

  29. I'm glad someone finally mentioned the positioning of the veggies! I thought I was going to be the only one with a dirty mind for a minute!

    I don't dare say what I eat.
    I CAN say that I think I should start telling myself "you are what you eat" and maybe I could improve and come clean on my food intake! :)

  30. I noticed something "different" about the veggies too - LOL. I was surprised there wasn't a witty caption for it ;)

    Those packaged graham crackers are still better than non-organic ones. Sure, could be better, but it could also be a lot worse! Good for you being honest - we don't always have the time or energy to cook/prepare meals or snacks, but you do a great job of keeping healthy options around that are easy to snack on.

  31. This time of year I always have apples, bananas and clementines. I actually bought grapes the other day and TOTALLY forgot about them so thanks for reminding me. I'll get them out when I get home. I hope they're not bad! I always have granola bars or something else healthy to snack on because I swear I'm hungry all the time.