Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Shelf Life Of Your PR In Running

I went to my chiropractor's office today for a sports massage and Graston Technique torture.  While I was waiting, I perused their copy of Runner's World as I love to do (especially since my subscription ran out).  I read a section about runners' etiquette for sharing your PRs with other runners and I'm not quite sure if I agree or not.  It was stated something to the likes of :  A PR has a shelf life of two years and after that it is still a PR but you basically need to add a disclaimer as to when you set that PR.  I guess I would agree more than disagree.  This explains my sudden urge to take my PRs down on the side of my blog or at least put the date that I ran them. Before I went to the chiropractor's office, I had someone comment on my blog about my 5:25 mile time.  I have not had a chance to respond to them but my instant reaction was really one of embarrassment because  there is no way I can run a 5:25 mile these days.  After this injury, I would be lucky to run a sub 7 right now.  That time was ran in college almost 10 years ago!  So, I do think I should probably delete it or include the date that I ran it.  Same with my 800 meter time.  I don't even know why I included those anyway. What do you think?  Do you agree that it is an unspoken runner's rule that if you share your PR and it is older than 2 years, you should have to explain when your PR was set?  Is this really that big of a deal?  I mean who really cares anyway?  Definitely something that got me thinking.

Before the chiropractor, I hit the gym.  I took Miss Zippy's advice and didn't do my planned 800's.  Instead I spent some time on the stair climber and then ran a few sub 8 min miles on the treadmill.  I forgot what a good workout the stair master was!  It really gets me sweating and I always feel like I got a decent workout if I do the right workout on it.  The stair climber was my favorite thing to do in lieu of running when I was nursing my babies!   You can also read while working out!

My reading material for today.  Don't want my professional teacher brain to go to mush! Gotta keep up with the current research and latest trends in the literacy world!

Just in case books.  The top one is my book club book that I have to read in a week and haven't started yet.  I have the blog world to blame for this slacking.

Oh, I wanted to have clean socks to wear to the chiropractor's.  You know, just in case they ask me to take my shoes off and see my dirty mismatched socks!  The funny thing is, the socks I chose were far more embarrassing than mismatched and dirty socks.  All I could find was my 5 year old daughter's socks.  I made them work.  Check it out:

Don't mind the stubble.  Shaving in the cold gym shower didn't work so well for getting a close cut shave.  Sorry to my massage guy.  I promise that my ankles are not cankles!  Seriously, it is the sock stretched over my feet that make them look that fat...like big tree trunk fat!  I will post a picture of my ankle with regular socks if you don't believe me.  This is hilarious to me!  I'm easily amused.

On a sad note.  When I was in the locker room, news of Elizabeth Edward's death came on the television sets.  So sad and such a reminder that our life here is limited so we need to be making the most of it!  My heart goes out to her kids and those that loved her.

 Nose Pickin'
 I pierced my nose not too long ago.  For a second time.  Anyway, I'm a little obsessed with it and making sure things are cleared out in there.  I can't stand the feeling of having something in my nose so yeah, why would I get my nose pierced (twice) is beyond me.  I totally got caught digging in my nose at the gym (playing with my nose piercing like I'm not supposed to).  It looked a little like this:

I know someone saw me because just when I thought nobody was around, I looked up and saw a few ladies checking me out (not in a good way).  See just through the mirror by those lockers?  Yeah, that's where they were.  Lovely.  Don't mind the wet, slicked back hair.

Parenting, MOMs Groups, and Finding What Works Best For Us
As I mentioned in my last post, I had an awkward time at a Moms' group (I think was called MOPS...Mothers of Preschoolers) that I went to as a favor for a friend.  It was definitely an odd social experience for me since I found myself so unusually quiet and feeling out of place.  I'm also trying not to be too quick to judge at first impressions.  I think I might give it one more go so that my friend can have someone to go with.  After that, she's on her own if I get the same vibes. Life is busy enough...no need to add something that isn't enjoyable if I don't have to!

  Some of you mentioned the parenting book I had referred to written by Jim Faye, The Love and Logic Dude.  I don't agree with everything Jim Faye has to say with his Love and Logic plans...in fact, I find some of his logic to be downright annoying.  Just as with most things in life, there is a book for everything and we will find things that work and things that don't but ultimately we have to do what works best for us and stuff our opinions when it comes to what other parents choose to do.  I wrote about this in one of my first blog posts A Book For Everything and Real Life Lessons.  I just think it is important to continue learning and growing and finding our groove as a parent, wife, athlete or whatever we identify with in life.

Just to end this LOOOOOONG blog post on a good note, you thought those shorts I was wearing in Boston were bad?  Check out my outfit that I wore when I went on a night run two night ago.  It was at night so it is beyond me why I felt the need to wear shorts over my running tights just to cover up the bad underwear lines from wearing my old lady undies.  I'm so vain!  Well, maybe not if I'm wearing this.

Would love to hear from you!  Seriously want to know your opinions about the PR shelf life rules for runners.



  1. Hmmm. I read the same thing in RW. My PRs are all pretty recent, but I haven't managed to put together more than 3 9 min miles since I ran that in my HM. In October. Bc I havent trained as faithfully since then. Since PRs are always a function of training, what we're capable of achieving depends heavily on what we're doing. If a PR "expires", does that mean you get to go out and set a new one? Like secondary virginity? Lol. Ok, how about this...if you are still legitimately measuring yourself against that PR, it stands. Otherwise it gets a date and a prominent spot in your mental trophy case?

    P.S. I'll trade you my already read copies of Runner's World for your old Reading Reacher journals. Lol

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  2. A PR is a PR whenever it happened in my book. Though I do put up the dates next to my PRs as a reminder I may not be able to do the same now :)

  3. HA! I saw that too =D

    I say that it is still a PR...but it is a good thing to have a conversation with those PRs.

    Chances are that if someone cares enough to isten to the PR's (or even ask about them) they also might like to know the circumstances or dates.

    The socks made me laugh! I am not above wearing my kids socks, but my feet are way too big...way, way too big!

  4. Um... that's listen, not isten

  5. I agree with Jamie, and if somebody asked me I would tell them that maybe I couldn't do it right now, but you still did it, so it's still your PR, that's my opinion anyway!

    I love the stairmaster too! Sometimes I reward myself after a run by getting a good magazine and spending some time on there. I also use it to warm up before I teach my classes.

    Your gym pictures cracked me up!

    That's awesome you have a Naomi too:) It's not a real common name.
    And she's my middle too!

  6. A PR is a PR in my opinion, but since there is always an interesting story as to when and how I usually like to hear that to. I think most serious runners all know there are up and down days/races, so having a PR two years old doesn't seem an issue to me. Thanks for visiting my blog! I have links on my profile to my other "art" blogs if you want to check it out. Cheers!

  7. I suspect nobody really cares about my PRs but I have them in my sidebar with the year. It's more for my reference than anything else. to each his own I say!
    I was a Stairmaster long before I got back to running!

  8. Hmmm-I hadn't ever really thought about the PR topic. A PR is a PR though and rightfully earned whenever it was. Personally, if someone asked me my PR and it was out of the realms of my current capabilities, I would just follow it with a disclaimer explaining that! Leave them on the side of your blog, if someone asks, it's a conversation opener, right!!

    I always laugh at your blog, those shorts are HOT! I just came down to comment on your last post! Good God, I'm glad you came to your senses!! Honestly, I had thoughts of #4 until my son turned two. I clearly remember my husband asking what I wanted for my 30th birthday and answering "No more kids, and I want YOU to take care of it!!" I got my wish ON my birthday-ha!

    I went to a few MOPS meetings when my kids were younger. Nice to visit with other moms but for whatever reason I always left slightly annoyed. Likely, more my issue than others.

    Anyway-the 20 page comment is OVER! Have a great day!

  9. I think older PRs become more important to distinguish as you age and need to provide context. As you're seeing from your mile times now and then, the gap widens as we get older. But it's still your best time ever and deserves to be recognized as such.

  10. I read that PR article yesterday while on the elliptical. I think I agree with it. I don't have any PRs older than two years (that I can remember!), but will note as such when the time comes. I'm also going to check out that Julia's Chocolates book....

  11. I'm not sure about the PR expiration thing, but I can tell you by the 2 year standard, my 5k time will expire in 2011. Will I take it down - not anytime soon - damn - I worked to hard for that. Also, I still want to get in 5k shape and break it, but I always get sidetracked with marathons. So little PR weather in the south, so little time for marathons and 5k PRs.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I had to go check out my pic to see what it looked like - you had me nervous. Ha!

    the last pic - GIRL - if my upper thighs looked like yours, I would NEVER cover them up, day or night. I'm just saying....SERIOUSLY! (i'm hip challenged, urgh)

  12. I read the same thing and I also kind of wondered about it. I think as long as people are still active the PR counts but if a big fat guy tells me he ran a 4:00 marathon, I'm going to want to know what year. How did it feel to get your nose pierced? I've always thought it looked cool but not sure I can pull it off. I just tagged you in my most recent post, it's a fun little survey if you wanna do it! Good way to get to know your bloggy friends!

  13. totally loved this.

    I read that article too. "shelf life". Nice to know. ;)

    Love the nose photo. Awesome.

  14. Ha, love the nose photo! I had my nose pierced in college...i miss it. :(

  15. I would think that adding a date would add info, so that's what I would do. Nose piercing? I've never understood facial piercings, but love belly button piercings (on the right tummy).

  16. I don't think if you had a PR 3 years ago that it's that big of a deal. If you are talking about your PR that was 20 years ago, that could be a little misleading. Either way you still ran it and its your personal record. You get to own it!

  17. I read that PR shelf life thing too and mulled it over a bit. I think a PR is a PR--however, qualifying it, if it was a lifetime ago, is probably a good idea.

    Love the locker room shots--I'm sure you earned yourself a few strange looks!

  18. Honestly, I don't think anyone really cares about other people's PRs. PRs are personal things and they matter the most to us...the ones that earned them. So, if your PR is 2, 5, or 10 years old, who cares b/c you earned it!!
    The nose ring pic. cracked me up! I can only imagine what those little old ladies were thinking/saying to each other! :)

  19. I agree, a PR is a PR, no need to explain it. I too, think it is a pretty personal thing anyway!!

  20. I guess I feel similarly. They're def still PR's, but I think after a few years (maybe 5-10 would be my threshold) I would have to give them a different classification - like "college PR's", "post-babies PR's", etc. I mean you can't expect the 60 yr old version of yourself to beat the 30 yr old version right? (I know you aren't 60, just using as an example).

  21. I pierced my nose during 1/2 time of a Beaver game back in 2006 ... I still play with it all the time. I finally don't even care if people thing I'm picking. Sometimes it just needs adjusted!

    And I have no opinion on the PR - I guess since I've only been racing for just over a year, so everything I have is very fresh!