Saturday, December 25, 2010

Joyful Day; Gift of Life

Joyful Day,
Glorious Life.
Waking up at 2 a.m,
Expecting it, embracing it,
       knowing that they grow up 
In the blink of an eye. 
Excited Child,
    shaking with anticipation, wonder, 
and the 
       magic of it all.
Led back to bed,
     but first, with a shared and knowing wink,
     a quick check outside 
            to see that the reindeer had eaten their veggie snack,
only a bit of carrot left behind
As proof
That they were there.

Tired parents.  Eyes Heavy from missing sleep.
But smiles on our faces
        From ear to ear.
Remembering. Understanding.  Experiencing again.
The joy of giving.
    And Receiving too.
Celebration of a child being born to us, our Savior and Lord.  

Gifts given from the heart,
Most adored.
    Made with their hands,
Treasured forever. 
Irreplaceable gifts,
    Only one of their kind.  
You and Me.

Thankful for Blessings. 
A Family,

Knowing that tomorrow
Is a New Day.  
Fresh Start.
New Opportunities for Growth,
To be a better You
   and Me.
A Gift we have 
Because of Love and Grace

Hope your day was blessed with love and joy!  

Who did you spend your Christmas with ?
We spent our morning with just our family of 5!  We had little sleep since my 5 year old couldn't help but wake up at 2a.m.  She was so excited!  My husband handled it so much better than I would have since I do not do well without my sleep!  At 2 we drove over to my in-law's house with my mom, sister-in-law and family.  Lots of love!  And many hand made gifts.  Treasures.

Did you get any running related gifts this year?
I got my Garmin 205 that I was hoping for!  I didn't have time for a real run today so I just went on a short and easy mile before we left for our family dinner.  Just enough to play around with it for 8 min and 2 seconds.  Enough to let me know that I. LOVE. IT!  

Oh, and of course, I also got my cool running necklace from Meg, my Secret Santa.  You can check that out HERE.



  1. Beautiful poem! Did you write it? I love it. Yay for getting a garmin! What a nice gift.

  2. LOVE the necklace.

    Beautiful sentiments about your day and love the part about "fresh start."

    I need one of those.

    Yay for the Garmin...I miss mine. We haven't had a date in almost three months.

  3. Spent the day with our kids and my sister. We invited a young mom of 2 whose husband is deployed for dinner.

    No gifts.. my hubs and i forgo gifts for each other, we'd rather spend the money on the 5 kiddos.

  4. Thank you Keri. Yes, I did write it but I only playfully...nothing to turn in to a teacher or anything. ...wasn't taking myself too seriously. :) Thank you. Just felt like writing but didn't have the energy to form full sentences. :)

  5. I love what you wrote!
    I got a GARMIN also! a 305 will try it right now!!!

  6. Good poem - kids grow up too fast. Yeah on a new Garmin! I love mine!

  7. Great free verse! Lovely :)

    I got a stash of clip on running lights from my parents. Not the 205 I was hoping for....but that's fine :) I have to count how many there are...its pretty funny. They definitely don't want me to get hit =D

  8. Awesome poem!!

    Wow...I can't believe your daughter woke up at 2AM! Ha ha!

  9. The Garmin is an awesome gift. I love mine too!

  10. sounds like ours was the same as yours! fun! we had a great day, and it doesn't end with just one day does it?! :)

  11. wonderful post....enjoy your garmin!

  12. Beautiful! Glad your day was so wonderful. :)

    We play holiday ping-pong. Mass Christmas Eve, presents with my mom and brothers after, presents at home with the kiddos Christmas morning, to my mother-in-law's around 10, to my brother's around 5, and then finally back home. It can be exhausting if you let it be, but it's wonderful to have so much family around us.

    I got some running tops, fun new socks, and a pair of pants, plus my brother gave me a great wind/water resistant running jacket. I'm super excited, though, about the new mountain bike that my family all went in on. :)

  13. Glad you had a good Christmas! And yay for your Garmin! :)

  14. I love your poem Amanda. Beautifully captured this time of year. Love it!

  15. My kids are older now and I really miss the days where Christmas held that magic for them. But I remember it well and you've captured it just as I remember it.

  16. I LOVED THIS POEM!! I especially loved the picture!!! I am so so happy you got the Garmin!! Speedy woman. Oh, you are going to become addicted to the Garmin wahoo!! P.S. to answer your question that picture was me 2 years ago:)

  17. Sounds like you had a GREAT Christas! Love the poem-just beautiful!!

    My son was up and through his stocking by 1:51 am. I absolutely LOVE the excitment of little kids. I would be lost without them on Christmas! Great pictures from last night especially of you and Santa! Too cute!

    Believe it or not, no running gifts here. I've got the gadgets and I think my husband may be a tad tired of me wearing fitness wear EVERYWHERE-ha!

  18. Christas or Christmas..Hmmmmmm?

  19. LOVE the poem ... and your blog. This is my first time here. Looking forward to reading more.

    Happy Holidays!

    Winks & Smiles,

  20. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday! I spent Christmas with my spouse and in-laws. It was great!! I got some nice trail running shoes! Yay!

  21. I spent the day watching movies and continuing our years long Dark Shadows marathon -- with my mommy, of course!

    I didn't get any running gifts, aside from the things I bought myself. I DID get the Michael Jackson Wii game, so I'm totally going to count that as a way of cross training. I can't wait to get my groove on and try it out tonight!!

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