Thursday, December 23, 2010

Obsessed or Dedicated?

I'm going to start with a quote that I just read on a new blog friend's blog header because it really resonated with me and made me feel a bit less obsessive and more hardcore and dedicated!  HA, anything to make us feel better about our obsessive, er, I mean, dedicated behavior.  That's why they say that birds of a feather flock together...or something along those lines.  But really, get to the point's her quote:

"Obsessed is how the unmotivated describe the dedicated."

Thanks Claire from Take*Two for this quote.  And good luck with your barefoot running conditioning.  Talk about dedicated.  

What about you?  Have you ever been called "obsessed"?  Especially about running?  I mentioned the other day that I can be a bit obsessive about things once I decide to really start blogging, racing, having kids, first time teaching, writing  good research paper, etc. One of you wonderful "followers" of mine made me feel better by mentioning that anything worth doing is worth giving your all!  Nothing wrong with giving 110% right?  This has got to annoy people that are unmotivated in life.  Just one more reason to talk about these obsessions in the blog world with other obsessed/dedicated strangers and leave facebook for more lighthearted matters like your kids wiping snot on the walls or taking stuffing out of the couch to make crafts.  

Couch Stuffing
This brings me to the couch stuffing.  Yesterday the girls and I were making stuffed strawberry shortcake paper Christmas ornaments.  The instructions asked for cotton balls to use for stuffing.  I was going to use toilet paper.  My 5 year old brought me a handful of real pillow stuffing.  What?!  Apparently she just unzipped the couch cushions, took a chunk out and zipped it back up.  This is what my husband did with them the other day when helping them sew little pillows the other day.  No wonder my couch is looking pretty pathetic these days.  Maybe I'll get a new couch out of the deal.

Hot Toys This Christmas

The only thing my 3 year old asked for for Christmas (really asked for) was the Rapunzel Hair Braider Doll.  I had no idea what a hot item this was this year so I just waited until last night, thinking that I would just be able to walk into Target and get it.  Nope.  Sold out at Toys r' Us and all the Targets in the general area except one store clear on the other side of town.  I came home from shopping wanting nothing more than to sit down and zone out but I waited until the kids were sleeping and then tracked this toy down!  Who knew that shopping at Target at 10 p.m could be SO. DANG. PEACEFUL?!!!  I mean, I might have discovered a new stress reliever here.  Just walking through the aisles without kids was amazing.  I had a really stupid smile on my face and couldn't help making a few fb status updates about how joyful it was.  Oh, I also started some conversations with random people in the toy aisles.  I just had to talk to someone about how whorish Barbie was dressed, especially in the Barbie as a School Teacher set.  REALLY?!!  Come on teacher that I know dresses in that kind of spaghetti strap dress with their boobs hanging out the side. They would be FIRED!  And if you bent over to help a student in that thing?!  Good grief.  PUKE.  And the purple lipstick and grey eye shadow?!  We are talking school teacher here Barbie Makers!!  Not after-hours adult party.  It made for some good conversation in the toy aisle. I did get a few Barbie Dolls though.  I used to love playing with my Barbie.   How do you feel about Barbie Dolls?  Any opinions?

Adding to the blog after the fact: Oh, and my fb status today was about this topic and my teacher friend sent me this picture and link to the teacher barbie in 1965:  Much better.  Or even this other modern teacher.  Nice.  Funny that I can't find an image online of the one that I'm talking about.  Oh well, it will make for a good teachable moment with my daughter.  
Barbie Student Teacher 1965 Doll

Okay, can't find the picture of the one I'm talking about but this one will do for now.  Close enough:

Wasn't much of Running happening yesterday.  My husband is off today so hoping for some kind of mid to longer run with no jogger stroller!  Yesterday I attempted a run with my single jogger and my 3 and 5 year old on bikes.  We went to the elementary school track behind our house.  My vision was that they would peacefully ride around the track while I ran.  HA!  The entire time all I could hear was their cat-like screams at each other.  The 5 year old was going too fast and the 3 year old couldn't handle being shown up and left alone for a few pedals.  Good Grief!  I think the neighbors around the track might have called the authorities to come check things out.  We ended with some monkey bars, slides, swings and some Plyometric-like jumps. My 18 month old got a great kick out this and just laughed and laughed at seeing his mommy look like a frog. 

Hope you are all enjoying your week!  

1. Do you or others ever call you Obsessed about something?  

2. How do you feel about Barbie?  Do you think she should be dressed more modestly or do you think that is what makes Barbie Barbie (that she is dressed like a Ho  , sexy little thing)?

3. Anyone do Plyometrics?  
In college we used to do a Plyometric drill workout occasionally.  During indoor track season mostly.  We would also begin each workout with some great drills on the wall that got our muscles ready to work!  



  1. I don't know what I'm laughing about more the fact that your daughter pulled stuffing out of your couch or starting up convo's about what a whore Barbie is! LOL!

    As to your questions:

    Def guilty of being obsessed with running/blogging.

    Barbie should dress trendy and trendy isn't whorey.

    I have been looking into Plyometrics as I heard it helps you get faster! Good luck!

    Happy Holidays!!!

  2. Having all boys I dont have to worry about Miss Barbie (until the real life version comes home with them)however my mom was all strict about Barbies and looking back I think its lame. Its a doll. Dress her up, cut her hair, marry her off to GI Joe. No biggie. If your girls try to dress like her then its time to deal with that particular issue. Dont give a silly doll power. Let it just be a vessel of creativity (look at me all philisophical-too many cookies too early). Even if she is dressed like Mrs. Hoebag, homeroom teacher.
    ANd I am obsessed. With running or at the very least working out in some way every day. Also if I have a zit I have to pick it. Gross, I know. Plus I am in LOVE with Peanut butter. Love your obsession quote.
    PlmometI have no idea---I did those in high school I think. Thats as much as I remember. Aout high school, I mean. HA!
    Merry christmas my sweet blogger friend! To happy and healthy runs and family time in 2011!

  3. I think there is a fine line betweeen the two. Obesessed it when it totally consumes you but dedicated has the same effort, just with heart! Does that even make sense? haha. Great quote though. Oh and I LOVE pylometrics for that killer burn!

  4. There's a really thin line between obsessed, dedicated and addicted. I think I am all three! Sssshhhh...;p

  5. 1. Yes, I have been called "obsessed" with running. But I look at it as it's better than being obsessed with other, unhealthy things!

    2. I used to LOVE Barbie as a kid but now I really don't like how she looks. It's just unrealistic and sometimes gross.

    3. Nope, never done it...

  6. I am totally diggin' Retro Teacher Barbie's outfit! I would so wear that!!!

    Since you mentinoed couch stuffing... since you are a new follower of my blog I know you haven't seen this, so I have to share an older post with you. I've wondered what my dogs were thinking when they did this. Now I know, they were just doing crafts!

  7. 1-No, I'm too lazy
    2-Barbie does dress look like a skank. I was too much of a tomboy for Barbie, but I did give all the retro-60's Barbies still lying about my grandma's house punk-rock haircuts, much to her dismay.

  8. Hilarious about the couch stuffing!
    I have been accused of not having a life due to my running.
    I totally agree many Barbies look way too whorey.
    I've been doing a weekly plyo workout for 3 years and counting.
    Happy Holidays!

  9. I get called obsessed all the time about running! That quote made my day. I could not agree more with you, nothing wrong with giving your all in the things you do!! I love the blogging community because we are so supportive of each other rather than saying you are TOO obsessed etc. I can't believe barbie these sis won't even let her daughter have one! Love your use of the jungle gym:) I would have loved seeing your crew out on your run!

  10. 1. I think my mom thinks I'm obsessed ... and WILL say it. I think everybody else thinks I'm obsessed, but they try to remain polite. I like that thought though - that we are just dedicated! I mean you can't say we aren't all dedicated!

    2. Maybe the Barbie you saw was just the 2010 version of the Mary Kay Lettourneau Barbie? I always loved Teen Skipper's body. She was petite, curvy - but not out of control, and had the coolest clothes ever!

    3. Um, huh? Yeah, I don't know what that is, so it is safe to say I don't do it!

  11. That is the best quote I have heard in the last year!

  12. That quote is awesome! I don't think I've ever really been called obsessed...maybe overly dedicated, but never obsessed!

    Oh..I love shopping at Target by myself either early in the morning or late at night. It is the greatest!

    Your barbie story totally cracked me up! I am not a fun of, I am VERY happy that I have 2 boys...ha ha! :)

  13. OMigosh your Barbie analysis is cracking me up! I loved Barbie, but she was covered up back in the day!!

    And, thanks for passing on the quote! I'm sure now that I am into running, others call my training obsessive...but they don't understand--you have to in order to prepare!

    I used to do plyo's for softball--love them!

  14. Great quote!

    I haven't really been labeled obsessed with the running that I know of. Dedicated yes...

    Barbie-ha! Really glad I'm out of that stage!!

    Merry Christmas!

  15. Plyometrics are my favorite! I used to do solo workouts when the gym was empty and set up all my boxes, hurdles and ladders. Best workouts! I find that the unilateral motion of running has caused me some injury, I was a basketball player. Now that I am getting back to multilateral movement and bounding, my speed has increased in my running. Super fun.

  16. My family doesn't get my running so they have used the word obsessed..They haven't seen anything now that I have started my new training session. :)

  17. No one has ever called me obsessed, just crazy.

    I'm not a big barbie fan, wasn't even as a kid, I think she's a weird toy.

    No, never have done polymetrics

  18. Thanks for the plug lady! I wish I could lay claim to those words...and for the life of me I don't know where I saw them.

    I was wondering why that dang hair braider was so hard to find! If I'd known it was on the hot toy list I would have sold it on ebay. Skip ended up finding it stashed behind some other stuff at ToysRus.

    Obsessed? yes Dedicated..only by other runners :)

  19. I laughed out loud at the couch stuffing. Your daughter can improvise and that's just great!!

    I have a tendency toward obsessiveness. Is that wrong? :)

    I have never liked Barbies. I'm pretty sure it's the boobs. They're annoying (spoken like a true lesser endowed female)!

  20. I think I've been called obsessed and dedicated. I definitely would say that I can get obsessive about things but mostly I'm just determined and dedicated. Barbie...not a huge fan but not one of those moms that thinks I have to prove something by taking them away from my daughters. Hopefully they will grow up seeing me with my small boobs, short stature, and high energy and they will see that real women don't have to look like barbie the ho. :) Merry Christmas to all of you! I love love love your comments!

  21. I love the comment above. I think your girls will look at you as an example of amazingness rather than some doll....I will let my girls have them:)
    K so I LOVED the comment you left today! You are hilarious!!! Do you mind if I post your comment on my next post?? It was my fave. Thanks!!

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