Thursday, December 9, 2010

Official Running Sleeves Are Overrated!

This post is inspired by a post today by ERG.  Yes, I know, I already did a shout out to her the other day but what can I say?  I love her blogs.  Today she posted a picture of her arm with a striped arm sleeve and had us guessing what kind of sleeve it was.  I may be wrong but I guessed that it was a Baby Leg.   Many of you Mamas out there might know what Baby Legs are and if not, check them out.  I love them and I think they are great for all from babies to adults (me).  They have especially been nice when my kids were crawling on our hard wood floors.  My favorite use for them has been as arm warmers when I'm running or racing and not quite wanting a long sleeve shirt.  I even use them just for a splash of color to my outfit.  Hey, in Portland, Oregon, this thing goes!   Maybe this video will inspire you to get some...even if you don't have a baby!

My husband was not a big fan of the baby legs on our son but I thought they were fabulous for wearing under shorts to keep his legs warm when it isn't quite warm enough for just his shorts or when he was crawling around a lot.  

I used my rainbow baby legs for my half marathon this June 2010.  Once I warmed up, I just pulled them off and tied them to my top.  If you look closely, you can see them tied right above that small bug bite (oh wait, that's my boob).

Here they are again.  

Oh, and just for kicks, here are my two biggest cheerleaders!  My husband had them make signs for me and they were all waiting on some country back road at around mile 8.  It was so wonderful to hear them cheering me on and waving their signs. My one year old was cheering too!  



  1. As you can tell from the video, I talk a lot with my hands! Good grief. And yeah, just in case you thought that I actually ran in my jeans...I felt the need to explain that one. what? But really, Baby Legs rock!

  2. Love this post - so funny! But seriously - as the mom of an 8 year and a 10 year old - how are you SO buff with such tiny kids! You look fabulous. More hard work ahead for me as clearly you disprove my excuses....

  3. Such a great idea!! You should do a giveaway! Love the video. Fun to see you in "real life."

  4. no
    say it isn't

    I love my sleeves!!!

    You rock.

  5. OK-I think those baby legs are VERY functional and look like your son is just super confident in his manhood!!! What a cutie! Not sure if those would really fly with my hubby either but they definitely serve a purpose.

    I LOVE family cheerleaders. My first marathon my hubby had my son perched at mile 21 with my handheld water bottle to hand to me. Inside the top pocket was a gel I was planning to take. He was SO excited to give it to me but when I opened the little pocket, there was NO gel, just 4 rocks. Apparently, he was a little bored....

    Yesterday's post-I LOVE Whole Foods but the nearest one is 6 hours from here. We down the eggs around here also. We buy 3 Buck Chuck by the case. Start with the $20 bottle but then my standards go down a bit-ha!

    You are in great shape. Love the video:) Would be awesome to see you in Boston 2012!

  6. LOL I posted points for yesterday- I rigged it in your favor ahead of time :) LOve it! I am coming back later to leave a real comment after I have a chance to view your video. Kids are crazy today!

  7. Oh, that is FABULOUS! I am so impressed with your collection. I have to revamp my post for today now, but I am happy to do it since your video was so AWESOME!!

  8. Great idea.
    I may go get some even though all babies are passed that stage!
    You and your family are adorable!

  9. Love this post and video! Those are awesome! I have to admit that I have an actual pair of arm warmers, and love them. But, I like how those have funky colors and designs! I just might have to try them out!

  10. I've never heard of those before. Cool...and such fun colors. I'm not sure I could fit my arms into baby-leg-sized tubes, though...I might rather be cold than learn that lesson the hard way!

  11. Geesh your kids are cute, I don't have any kids so I will stick to the lame-o adult kind but what a great idea!

  12. This is going to massively date me, but I have no CLUE what baby legs are? Were those invented 15 years ago? Cuz that's the last time I had a baby (and thankfully I'm not having any more :)). I'm not sure how much they cost but no way can they be as pricy as officially arm warmers and from the arm warmers I HAVE seen, these baby legs are just WAY more colorful and more F..U..N!!!!

    I wore arm warmers in exactly two races: 1) Portland - where I tore them off my arms at mile 1 and ditched them in the plantar at my hotel (Marriott on the water, course went right by it...I'm sure you know where it is) and 2) Boston this year when I was really struggling with what to wear with the crazy weather there. In Portland, my friend gave me a pair (Do you know Sarah Bowen Shea - of Marathon Mom's??) so I was ever so relieved they were still in the plantar when I went back to the hotel many hours later and in Boston I bought some cheap throw-aways for $7 - and threw them away at mile 8. Only two times I've ever worn arm warmers. Ever. But I'm kinda a treadmill junkie, too ;).

    You are absolutely ADORABLE!!! The video totally cracked me up!

    I am going to go and read your prior posts this always make me smile - and laugh :).

  13. Yahooo!!! I think I have some old baby legs tucked away from my daughter!! Great idea.

  14. I have no children - so this is the first I've ever heard of baby legs! But um, if they have rainbow ones, then I totally need them!!