Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Toenail Polish, Race Plans, and Pushing Past "The Funk"

I've been in a bit of a funk the past couple of days.  Not a bad funk really...just a funk.  I actually have not really noticed much but those that I'm closest to, like my mom and my husband have brought my attention to it.  Today my mom told me that she was going to get off the phone with me because I was just being mean.  What?  And halfway through dinner, my husband "ordered" me to go the gym to run and workout!  You know it is bad around here with my mood when my husband tells me that he thinks I need to run ASAP.  It was like that in college too.  My roommates would sometimes walk me out the door with my running shoes and send me on my way.  They basically told me not to come back until I had run.  And run. And run.  Usually, all was well with life once I had my run.  I no longer saw the research paper as a giant and ominous cloud of dread.  I no longer felt like crying as soon as I had a sip of beer at some college party (okay, well I still cried.  Hey, what can I say , I was dealing with years of emotional issues.).  But really, running has always been my CALM.  My anchor.  Running is what brings we down and keeps me calm.  It is my Happy Pill!  I love you Running.  I hope you stay for a long long time.

The gym was CRAZY  first week in January packed.  Good grief.  Apparently, everyone in Oregon goes to the gym at 6:30.  I had to wait my turn on the stair master and the treadmill so I took advantage of the reclining bike to get some book club reading done since I am way behind and book club is on Thursday.  Doubt I will finish since I tend to spend way to much time reading blogs about running instead.  But I love your blogs!  They inspires me, make me laugh, and just make me want to keep reading.  Thank you.

*  20 minutes of reclining bike (don't know the real name for this bike.  Just know that I feel quite relaxed and really don't feel like I"m getting much of a workout).
*  25 minutes of the stair master on level 13 fat burner mode.  Just enough to sweat but not too fast so that I couldn't keep reading my book.  But definitely sweat!  Yippie for cleaning out pores!
*  2.5 mile Tempo Run....short but sweet. First I stretched really well...especially my pesky hammy.  Started at 8 min pace and every .25 miles I clicked it up 2 notches of speed.  Ended up with a  7 min pace for .25 and then came back down for a bit.  Man oh  man, 7 min mile pace feels so much faster to me than it did before my injury.  I have some major work to do in order to be back where i want to be!  I want 7 to feel like I can hold on for marathon...or at least a half.
*  30 min of yoga.  I slipped in and slipped out.  The instructor was actually very annoying.  I think I need to find some real yoga centers if I'm going to get the yoga that I want.  This 24 hour fitness yoga just isn't cutting it yo!
*  Foam roll and stretch.

I now feel like a new woman!  Thank you God for Working Out!  And thank you for discovering an entire blog world out here where I can write about my love for running and working out without annoying people but rather find people that relate!  I can see that my blog is slowly turning into much more of a running/fitness type blog than the motherhood side. Fortunately, many of my "followers" are also MOMS so at least I know I won't scare all of you off when I start talking MOTHERHOOD!

While I was in Yoga, I noticed my toes.  Ugggh, now feet are not something I find attractive...on anyone really but especially my toes.  But bear with me.  Check out these toenails.

 Notice the leftover red polish?! Good grief lady, what are you holding onto?  A lot actually.  You see, it was the day of my big fall in the forest ....the day (August 15, 2010) that I completely ripped up my hamstring and was out of the Portland Marathon training when I got this red toe nail polish!  I didn't really admit it to myself that I wasn't running the marathon or that I was even seriously injured until a few weeks but I ended up wising up eventually.  Anyway, it was this day that I came home and decided I needed a pedicure to make me feel better after such a nasty fall.  So, I went to get my toes done with a friend.  I brought some ice and ignored her horrified expression when she saw the lump on my leg.  I just enjoyed my pedi and hoped to be running again in a couple of days.  HA!  so funny how we runners can be so stupid with our addiction!  Anyway, I have yet to take it off.  It has kind of been my way of saying to myself, "See, you have not lost that much!  You've still got the polish on from when you did this to yourself.  It's all good Dog!"  Time to take it off I think.  Maybe, maybe not.  I think I might just keep it on as long as I can.  Who knows, with the crap they use in products now, this stuff just might last until my next Marathon.

Great transition.  This brings me to my 2011 plans!  I have not decided for sure (this is going to be a long blog folks.  Please keep reading) what my plans will be but that is where you can help.

*  Newport Marathon on June 4th.  Anyone know anything about this marathon?  Definitely less known than the Portland Marathon but I'm thinking that I want to "try again" sooner than October and really, I think the Portland Marathon might just be something I don't necessarily need or want to do.  I mean, live in Portland and I've seen the city.  Really.  Also, I question myself....Can I realistically run a kick ass marathon time this soon after a serious injury?!  Feedback appreciated.

*  My husband has agreed to train for a race with me.  We are thinking we'd like to do a 15k since we both agree that the 10k is a little fast but the 10k is probably what we will find more of!  We'd like to run sub 7's for at least some of the miles( not saying that I will). Thinking of a Marchish race.  Any ideas for Oregon races?  Please share any 10k training plans you have.  I'm so excited to run another race with him!  We used to run together all the time but since kids, we have yet to do a race together.  Actually, I take that back, we ran the Nike One Hit Wonder two months after our first daughter was born.  I was nuts!  Never felt so crappy in a race!  And mastitis came to visit right after that.  uggh!

*  Already registered for the Hippie Chick Half Marathon on May 8th so I'm thinking that if I do decide to do the Newport Marathon then I can work this race into my training somehow.  Also my friend Tiffani (she does read my blog but this one is long so I hope she sees her name. The color will help if she is skimming)  is running this race too (the Hippie Chick).  Talk about inspiration.  This will be her third half marathon and she's come so far!  I can't wait to tell you more about her in another blog.  She's one of the most determined and self-motivated/self-competitive people I know and I think she is capable of so much. 

On to just plain Randomness:

My sweet girl and I before my 3 yr old's Christmas performance.  

 She was so proud.  My daughter is the one in the pink.

This photo below is really Hilarious to me!  Last night I insisted that my husband sit down and help with the Christmas cards/letter.  I asked him to write a heart felt message at the bottom of our family letter.  Ha!  You'd think I asked him to pluck his eyes out.  He whined and moaned!  "We are not doing this next year!  This is womens' work! I'm not in touch with my feelings like you!"  (he was really joking under all that fit throwing)  He did it.  All 20 if his share (out of 100).  What a baby!  At least he had whine (oh, I mean wine).

Part of my daily focus. My bathroom mirror.

Oh, and I love love love my new Mizunos.  Why did I ever insist on sticking to those Nike shoes.  No offense Nike.  Now, this week I will test out my Saucony Kinvaras.  Thank to all of you that had such great feedback about them!  So excited to run in them!

Feels good to run again! Feels good to write again and be reminded why  I started this blog...for ME!  But I really do love having all of YOU to read what I have to write too.  Thank you for all your wonderful and positive comments.  I've learned so much from you.  

What is the highlight of your week so far?  Any fun plans for the Holidays?

Peace out,


  1. My toes look exactly like that so I feel your pain! Winter... Why bother having cute feet, or shaved legs or a nice tan bod?
    Great post today, your plans are exciting, it sounds like you are recovering well and your kids are super cute.
    I'm training for a 10K with no plan other than "run longer and more often." People pay me for advice like that, can you tell?? (I kid) I'll let you know how my epic non plan works out in a few weeks!

  2. I always notice my toes in yoga. Probably all those forward folds.

    Great plans for 2011!!

  3. I will read about whatever you want to write..I just enjoy communicating with adults!!
    All you Oregon runners are making me want to do a race there. It is beautiful and one of my bestest friends lives there.

  4. Such great pics of you and your family. Not so much the toes. ; )

    I love the name of that race--the hippie chick 1/2. Gotta try that one some time!

  5. Last week I was too lazy to take off my toenail polish, so I just painted over it, lol!

    I love reading about running and mom stuff! Cute pics! And I could so relate to the mastitis! During my 3rd pregn. I did everything as usual, so 5 days after birth I went to the gym and pressed 40 lb DB's and ended up with mastitis, it was horrible!!

    I've never done a 10k, so I can't give any advice there, but I think that is awesome that you and your husband are going to run together. I wish I could get my husband to, because I know he would be good at it and love it!

  6. I love this post.

    I love your mirror decor.

    Hey at least you have toenails! ;)

  7. What's funny is I had a couple minutes before I left the house this morning to look at blogs, well, I opened yours and was running out of time, so I thought, I'm going to have to come back to this because I want to read everything, so when I came home, your blog was the first one I went too!!

    I love your blog, I feel like I can relate to many areas :) (You are a waaayyy faster runner than me though, lol!) But that is great inspiration!

  8. I used to be so anal about my toenails ... then I became a runner. I TRY to keep my polish nice, but let's face it, it never lasts!

    I can see you not wanting to run Portland. I never run races in Roseburg - the VERY rare times they have any. I mean I live here, it isn't new and exciting to me. So I am really excited about the Portland 1/2. I don't get there often, and when I do it is just for a specific purpose. This could be a fun way for me to see new things! So I say check out Newport! I don't know anything about that one, but you can bet I'll get looking it up once I finish reading your blog!

    I have no 10K training plans to share. :( I've only done 3 10K races, all of them I just kind of went into them - my first with hip bursitis and it was a trail race. That was an experience!

    Sweet! I'll be at the Hippie Chick, too! We must have a blogger meet-up, I know there are others that are going to be there. I'm doing the Eugene 1/2 the week before, so for this I'm only going to do the 1/4 marathon.

    Thank pink and black dress is so cute! I want an adult version of it!

    I like your mirror! My motivation decoration is a poster of Steve Prefontaine above my computer - which is where I sit to grab the iPod and Garmin and get my running clothes on.

    My highlight for the week .... maybe it hasn't happened yet? I did have a good run last night, but the week is young!

  9. I have the exact same shoes:) Girl, I am totally the same way as you....whenever Billy and I are fighting or I am being a crab he tells me to go to the gym. I come home feeling like a different person. You had a great workout...the stair climber kicks my but! P.S. I love reading about motherhood even though I am not a mom...you make me excited. Loved the pictures!

  10. I always feel like my rough looking toenails sneak up on me. One day they look cute, and the next time I look down, they need some damage control.
    I have the Mizunos, too. Can't wait to hear about your new kicks!

  11. Great post! I love the sentimental toenails!

    I haven't been working out much this week. Trying to have a nice down week with my family and hammer down starting next week. This sounded like a great idea last week but in reality stresses me out more....totally understand how running is your CALM!

    I'm excited for you to heal up so I can follow you! I think you can definitely run a kick ass June marathon after your injury providing that the injury itself doesn't set you back. Your fitness level on a healthy leg will return quickly! I think it took me approximately 12 weeks (going from 3 months of almost NO cardio) to get back to where I was except for the endurance. You would have over 20 weeks!! Be careful, but I would definitley put my dollar on you!!!

    Also, laughing at your husband and the Christmas letter. Too funny! That 3 Buck Chuck really brings out the sensitive side, hopefully he came out with something SUPER hearfelt!!

    Long enough? Not yet, your daughter is adorable and will be fun to run a race with your hubby. I've never done that yet! Have a great day:)

  12. Isn't it funny how sometimes we hang onto the weirdest things (nail polish)? When I finally took the purple polish off my toes all I could think about was running chicago.
    Love the pics--your daughter has your smile!

  13. OMgoooosh - so much going on here where do I start with the comments :).

    I have an mirror of inspiration, too - check out my last post of 2009. :) We inspirational mirror chicks click, we just do!

    I understand about the wanting to train sooner than later. I get it. I want that too. Maybe I'll look at that marathon. I need a goal, a plan, just like my click-buddy :). I don't care about my heel anymore, I'm running through the pain. Or chopping it off.

    Your daughter is absolutely adorable...omg, I miss those days when I could dress my daughter in something so stunning. (sigh)

    I need to go back to yoga. Thanks for reminding me. Understand, can totally relate to the toenail polish. Yep, totally! But it's time to clean it up, get the old off, reset the buttons, and refocus. Portland is done and gone and you had your time with your emotions over it - move forward!! :)

    Brain Training for Runner's has some great 10K plans, too....but if you're running the full in June, then just use the 10K as a prep race for the full. We can chat more about this is you want!!

    Ok, time to go home from work. YAY!
    Have a great day!!!

  14. My toes look about the same (only a scrap of polish) and I don't have a great excuse like you.

    My sister-in-law did the Newport marathon a while back and I had a friend that ran it two years ago. I know that it is pretty small but I think that for the most part they both enjoyed it (although it was a first and only marathon for both of them... hmmm). I used to live near Newport and was thinking it would be a fun one to do but probably not next year.

  15. Gosh, where to start?! First, your daughter in her pink dress is adorable!!! Second, Yes. you do need to do portland! :) It really is a great race. great course... and if I'm healthy, I'm doing it again!! Third, this is a great little run in March right over the bridge! I hope to be at that one too! http://www.energyevents.com/fortvancouverrun/

  16. Newport is a KICK BUTT PR COURSE. But it closes early, so if you are going to do it, send in the registration NOW! They keep it small on purpose.

    If I couldn't make it to Boston this year, my plan was to do Newport. =D