Thursday, July 14, 2011

Balance. Wanting. Holocaust. Resilience. Determination. Fire.

I've only been on one run since my marathon on the 4th of July.  Not because my body isn't up to it.  Not because I'm tired or injured.  Just because I have been enjoying the art of being lazy.  It has been wonderful to not have a workout to fit in or a schedule to keep.  I am starting to miss running a little bit so tonight will be my first solo run (I've been on one with a jogger stroller) in 11 days!  I'm looking forward to just running because it feels good and because I love it and not because I'm training for something or have a goal in mind.  In fact, I'm enjoying this down time so much that I might not "train" for the half marathon I have in October or the Hood to Coast in August.  Our HTC team is a fun team anyway but I'm thinking the half marathon might just be a fun race too.  My next big thing to train for just might be Boston!  

*  Time.  I've really got to start finding a way to manage my time more wisely.  I'm naturally an obsessive person so when I start something new and I want to do it well, my life can get a little off balance.  I want to make it a goal to focus on BALANCE! I'm thinking I need to just set a certain time that I will give to say starting this new site with my mom, or answering e-mail, reading my books, even cleaning up the never-ending messes around my house....I need to set a time limit and then move on to just BEING with my kids and enjoying them!!  If I don't make a conscious effort to do this then before I know it, the day is over and I realize that I didn't really sit down and play with them at all but rather I just delegated, shuffled them to and fro, put out fights...managed them.  I don't want to just "manage my kids"  I want to be a part of their life.  I want to laugh with them, play with them, watch them, listen to the funny things they say, observe, and just be part of the moment.  So to go with my goal to make time for mindfulness and meditation, I want to make time for Balance!
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*  I did Jillian Michael's Trouble Zones workout yesterday.  Only half of it really. I hurt! My chest, legs, arms....wooo'd think I was completely out of shape.  Speaking of good ol' Jillian, check out this interview she did with Suze Orman.  

*  I'm reading The Book Thief for my book club book. Such a good book! The Holocaust never ceases to shock me.  As it should.  I hope we never cease to be sensitive and aware of what happened during that time.  I'm only halfway through the book so far but it already has me thinking about so much.  Makes me realize just how resilient the human spirit is.  More later on this book.  

*  I had a great conversation with a friend today about the people in our lives that have the greatest determination.  I think there is something to be said about having a childhood where you are not just given everything but you're left to want a little.  Or at least a childhood where you are taught to earn things and work hard for them.  And most importantly, being taught a sense of gratitude for the things you are given.  I want my kids to be raised to WANT things for themselves and to have that edge to their life that allows them to have so much left to discover and work towards.  I never want to just give them whatever they want and spoil them so that they are bored with things that some kids would find simple AMAZING and Magical!  Anyway, more on this in another post...just got me thinking.    

*  My husband is on fire!  On fire with running.  He wants to read about it, thinking about it, talk about it, about it.  Pretty cool.  I wish we had some more time before the Boston registration because there is no doubt in my mind that he could qualify but I just don't know how smart it would be to try for that before September without proper training.  Since we are already flying there, it would be pretty cool if he could run too.  We shall see.  For now, I'm really loving seeing him all fired up about something I love so much too!  

* A local giveaway coming tomorrow.  I might have to find a twist to it since it is for people around here...not so sure I have enough Runninghood readers to enter so I'll have to open it up to non Runninghood readers and let them comment on facebook or something.  More on that later too.  

*  One last thing.  I love all of your comments.  Love them.  It is really hard for me to respond to all of them lately and read a ton of blogs but please know that your comments matter to me and that I'm not just being a snob.  Just another part of trying to find balance in my life.  

Balance, balance, balance.  



  1. I hear you on the balance thing. Since I am new to this whole blogging world I've been having tons of mommy guilt. I need to find that balance so my kids know they are most important. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Balance.

    What's that?

    I know what you mean. Sadly, I feel like I've been "managing" my kids all summer. :(

  3. I've read a lot about the Holocaust, and what an awful period in history, and yet there were certainly people who rose beyond their fears and were the very definition of heroic.

    I totally agree with it being important for kids to WANT something rather than just experience getting what they want. My older boys are pretty scornful of the kids in town who get brand new sports cars as soon as they turn 16. Not that they'd turn the car down... :) We're dealing with this now with my oldest. Smart, smart kid. Involved in everything, high grades and ACT, but barely applied for any scholarships and so didn't get one. So now, he's going to the local university and living at home (boo hoo). Man, he's bummed, and so am I, but we don't have the money to pay for room and board at the university and I refuse to go into debt for it (tuition is different) when he didn't do what he was supposed to do. I hope this is a good lesson for him and that he learns the importance of stepping up and taking responsibility. We'll see.

  4. Hey girlie! Maybe one day I will get to that point of enjoying the art of being lazy. (and like you're lazy anyway-baah) Unfortunately, the art of being lazy for me also includes the art of shoving crap down my piehole so this is probably not the art for me-ha!! I do understand where you're coming from here though! I tell myself after my fall marathon that I will take a nice downtime before Boston training. Not sure if this will come to pass but maybe!! I too miss the days of running just to run sometimes and other times, I don't find the enjoyment without a goal as much anymore. Can you tell I'm tired by my incredibly rambling first paragraph....Hope you had a great run!

    Oh, do I get the child management. I have a SPREADSHEET for my children. This whole paragraph rings true for many I think. SO good to be conscious. I once again need to work on this time management. When I'm really busy in the winter I seem to actually be MORE organized and better with Balance.

    I also had a good conversation with a friend today! One I want to continue at another time. Great topic here.

    Love that Waylon's on fire. I will have to have Joe read this Born to Run. He's a competitor when it comes to racing but no real fire for running. No books, no training, no dreaming. Maybe one day. If not, he can just pay for my hobby and celebrate with me after:)

    OK-chapter book over.

  5. We all need a break, especially after a marathon!

    Yay for your husband and his new addiction! So exciting :)

  6. Congrats on the time management...this is my greatest struggle in life. Just cannot quite master it. One day, maybe.

    It is wonderful that your hubby is so excited about running, what a great love to share! Running Boston with the man with be an amazing experience, I hope it works out in one way or another.

  7. That's awesome about your hubby! I think it's amazing once people become running converts. Something awakens in them and it makes me happy to see that fire in their eyes.

    Also, I've never heard of that Jillan Michaels dvd. It seems pretty amazing. Would you say it's worth the buy?

  8. First of all .. I LOVE the Yoga girl! So breathtaking and with each stick figure I see the more I want! :)
    Secondly, I hear you on the balance, its sooo hard but when found so incredibly rewarding. Dont ever give up on the search! looking forward to hearing more about the book and Im all for a local give away where there arent many entries ha! Have a wonderful day!!!

  9. Coming back to comment on the awesome Yoga Sticklete. As if my comment wasn't long enough, I love it!!

  10. I keep getting recommendations to read The Book Thief, but I am not emotionally prepared for it yet. Looking forward to your review though. As for, still working on that. I love the balance picture though, super cute.

  11. I am with you on the balance act as well. It is so hard to find time to fit in all I want to do!

    I LOVE the pics of you and your family. You guys are stunning!!

    I am just starting to read The Book Thief! I have heard it is so awesome. I can't wait to get into it! :)
    I hope you are doing well! xoxoxo

  12. We could never just give the kids what they wanted when they were growing up. The funds didn't stretch that far and I didn't think it was a good policy. So if the kids had something they really wanted they would have to save up for it. The older boys got jobs delivering junk mail (boy did I have to do a lot of folding and packing for that one) and it was an invaluable way of learning about the value of a dollar.

  13. Sometimes I think "managing" kids comes with the 'big' family territory. That doesn't mean we shouldn't strive for something else, but a certain amount of management is necessary :P You are, as always, such an awesome measuring stick for me... so thought-provoking and awareness-checking. I really love this about you ... and this post :) I think making Boston your next big focus sounds so smart... but then again I am no longer a training animal :P

  14. These are awesome thoughts, amanda. Many of my own. I'm tired of 'managing'...i want to engage and make memories. Do i have to put out fires all day or can we enjoy each other this summer?! I totally agree with kids valuing things because they really have to work for it. How shall I say it? I had to work for almost everything and my parents had to really scrape by to give us what they did (which was actually more than many).... My husband was given A LOT and there was really no scrapin'! That will be a difficult rope to walk, especially as our kids get older and we have different opinions about what should be earned/worked for and what should be 'given'!! Hmmm. I don't want to think about it. :) have a great weekend!

  15. It is so hard to find the balance some days. The house is a never ending mess, not to mention it always seems to be time to cook supper or something, I try to follow my Grandma's advice about the kids not remembering if the house is a little messy, but they will remember the fun things they did with you.

    That is so neat your husband is so into the running, if that ever happens to my husband I will fall over backwards, but I would love it!

    I have read some Holocaust books, but not that one I will have to check it out. I think those kinds of books should be required reading, so the world never forgets. I wish I had more time to read, when I do have time I want it to count.

  16. The book thief is a book that will always stay with you. It's so beautifully written, it's a huge contrast to the content. It has secured it's spot as one of my all time favorite books. I hope you enjoy the rest of it!!!

  17. I loved The Book Thief too. And good luck in the quest for balance. Remember that you must constantly shift here and there to keep it. I'm in a lazy phase too, and loving it.

  18. Ahhh the never ending balance. Sometimes it's off to one side sometimes the other. If we're really blessed we get it right in the middle! Sounds like you are at the sweet spot! ENJOY!!!!!

  19. I have a difficult time with balance. It is something I continue to work on because I realize the importance. I don't have kids so I would imagine that throws SO much more into the mix. Hope you're doing well!

  20. You're so funny. To be honest, I noticed it in the title, but by the time I commented I had forgotten. :)

  21. The Book Thief was an excellent book! I read Sarah's Key shortly after that. Both very good (quick) reads.

    After my marathon back in February, I just ran for the love of it. I didn't have a plan as to how many miles I would run and I never strapped on the Garmin. It was freeing. Now I am training again, and it brings me pleasure in its own way. Now, I am back to being focused on miles and times. I think the balance is important.

    When I think of determination, Angela immediately pops into my mind. She is the most determined woman I have EVER met. She is also the most dedicated and hard working. :)

  22. Great post Amanda! Good for you gor enjoying the downtime without a training schedule. I completely admire that and am so glad you have decided to take it easy for a bit. I love that your husband is loving running. Love it!

  23. you will find the balance, I'm sure of it! :)