Monday, October 3, 2011

"Real" Mail, Running Talk, and Penis Awareness

I love it when I get "REAL" mail in my mail box these days.  
Not Junk. Not Advertisements. Or Bills.  

Hand written letters from friends (those are rare),
Baby Announcements,
Wedding Invitations (this season in our life is slowing way down),
A new book from Amazon,
things like this:

I was so excited to open this confirmation today!  Huge smiles on my face.  Just got me really revved up for training again.  I'm excited to have the next few months to just do some base running, strength training, and soaking up plenty of time with nothing on the racing agenda.  Then come January, I'm super excited to have a focus and see where these legs will take me.  And what makes it even more exciting is that I will have close friends training for Boston at the same time!  Having virtual training partners will be so motivating. 

It will also be nice to be training at the same time as my husband.  As hard as it will be with time management and training around family time, I think it will be motivating for us to be able to share a common goal.  Another bonus to training together is that it will mean that we will both want to have earlier bedtimes so nobody feels guilty for being too pooped to party!  We will understand each other. Even when we turn each other down on sex!  Nobody gets hurt feelings.  Win. Win!

A few clarifications from my running post earlier:

  • 45 miles a week is not an "easy" week for me as some inferred. I have been LAZY this summer but last week was not one of my lazy weeks...sorry if I made it sound that way.  45 miles is especially not easy in regards to finding TIME..this is the biggest thing.   Ha!  I barely ran 50 miles a week during marathon training.  This next time around I hope to do more mile and less structured speed work/tempos.  
  • Half of my mileage from last week was probably jogger stroller miles.  Not sure if this is a benefit or detriment to training.
  • A 1:35 half marathon in a couple of weeks would not be "settling" for me.  I would be very pleased with this time and it won't be "easy".  I have not been putting in the miles nor the quality workouts that I would need to run much faster right now.  I might not even run a 1:35...that was just a number I put out there based on my last 10k time (according to my target pace level that Matt Fitzgerald has for me).  
Motherhood Moments:
  • Binkies!  Do your kids have a binky? All of my kids have had one and they have all been quite attached to it.  My 2 year old son is the worst.  He wants his binkies allllll day long! We limit them to bedtime or nap but he is always trying to sneak them out of his room.  He will go to great lengths to "capture" his binks.  Even at the risk of injury.  I'll go in his room sometimes and catch him standing on stacks for books on a chair on his play kitchen just to get to his dresser to get his stupid binkies.  Kid doesn't take NO for an answer!!
  • Boys and their penis!  What is up with men and their penises and their need to talk about it?  Tonight, as my son was using the toilet, he yelled from the bathroom for all of us to hear: "Look at my penis!! Woah, that's a big penis!!"  I promise you that this type of talk is not modeled at home. My husband doesn't go around talking about his penis (in front of the kids) and I...well, I don't have a penis, nor do I pretend to have one.  I have to say that I'm thankful that my son has a healthy does of self confidence!  
1.  Jogger stroller running?  Helpful to training or not as good?  I don't have a choice sometimes but I feel like it makes it harder to have good form and really get into a good rhythm with my running.  Definitely makes key workouts harder or darn near impossible for me.  I've only done a few tempo runs with my jogger stroller but I prefer to do them solo!  I think there are pros and cons to jogger stroller running.  
2.  Moms (and Dads), did your kids use a binky/paci??
3.  Do you get "real" mail very often?  Letters, cards, gifts, you know, good ol' snail mail??  



  1. My 24 year old son still has remnants of his blanky (I think it's pretty much the same as a binky) I knitted it for him when he was just a baby and it's got lots of holes in it now and smells kinda weird but he's loath to part with it.

  2. being overseas right now, I get packages and cards from my mom from time to time. This week I should be getting a box full of yarn that she picked up for me so I can make baby blankets for several of my friends (it helps keep the baby fever away for a while longer, which my hubby is thankful for, lol)

  3. HAH! I laughed so hard at your kids penis comments. Boys.... They are so darn impressed with themselves! You must be so pumped for Boston- it will be here before youknow it!

  4. I love real mail. I wish I got more of it! We have the same birthday month! I hate running with my jogging stroller but I think it is good for building up strength. I have only run with mine once this year. I hear ya on the men and their penis talk!

  5. Well, first; let me say that it has been a while since I actually read your blog NOT on the Reader. THis is the first time i have seen your "new" header. You are so beautiful Amanda! I love the picture!! Ok.... :-)
    No binkies for my kids. they hated them as babies and now I think it was a blessing!
    I never trained with a stroller either...I have a Burley, but only walked or casually ran with it.
    I love getting real's been a while!

  6. The last real mail I got was from you! Yes, I do miss getting fun stuff in the mail. I don't have kids, so no jogger running, although if I did have a small child, I would use it. I would think the extra weight would be a bonus workout. It does kinda depress me when a woman pushing a stroller passes me when I'm running...

  7. YAY for your confirmation. I got mine yesterday too! I had never got the acceptance email and for a minute I panicked that I was going to open a rejection. Anyway, totally made my day to hang that on my bulletin board! Couldn't have come at a better time for me!

    I saw this penis talk on FB when I signed in briefly yesterday! Got a good laugh out of that!! Honestly, I wish my husband would use that proper terminology. If some of the words he uses are spoken by my son, especially in public, I will likely crawl under a table....

    I think I'm the only mom who desperately WANTED her kids to take "binkies" but they wouldn't....I was like the human binkie for at least Ryan which perhaps explains a few things in the "rack" department.

    Yes, I love real mail, snail mail.... Was surely blessed to receive some of it last week.

  8. My kids didn't use pacifiers but they found their way around them. My son sucked on the edges of his crocheted baby blanket... I can't tell you how much blue yarn fibers I found in his diapers over the years.

    My daughter sucked on the tags of her stuffed animals. She would transfer from one stuffy to the next throughout the night as their little furry stuffy bottoms got cold in the air from her slobber. She always had them on rotation :-)

  9. That is some great mail right there!!!! I love getting real mail even though I don't get it often...besides bills! My mom does send me coupons though and articles from the local newspaper about people I grew up with!

    Em never has liked a binkie or sucking her thumb. We are thankful for the hopeful avoidance of the orthodontist! Our niece was super attached to hers and when Em was born my sister said that she could give all her binkies to her new cousin. She came to meet Em with a box filled with binkies and never looked back. She didn't want to be using something a baby was using!

    I have always looked at my jogging stroller running as a good training thing. I mean pushing an extra 40lbs has to be good!!! That only makes the solo runs seem easier!!! Plus like you I often times have no other choice!

  10. My twins don't use pacifiers, but one of them sucks on his blanket.

    I LOVE real mail, but most days I can walk to the mailbox and then directly to the recycing bin and dump all of my mail in there. Nothing even worth opening up...

    My kids (18 months) are just starting to develop a relationship with their privates... boys just love their weiners! :)

  11. My kids all hated "binkies" "pacies". {Thankfully} The babies I watch all use one, though. Some are more attached than others but my goal is to rid them all of them by a year old.

    I laughed out loud at the comment about turning each other down for sex. Yep...definitely an upside to training at the same time! ahah

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE "real" mail! Got your bumper sticker and put it on my bumper!!

  12. Congrats on the acceptance! Hurray! Still waiting for mine, maybe today?

    Don't even get me started on penises. My eyes have been opened by having a boy: penis talk and pride are SO common. A few weeks ago Petru took his pants of in the middle of the living room where he was playing with his twin girl friends and said: "wanna see my penis?" Good thing I was there.
    And who knew little boys start rubbing their penises so early on?

  13. Um. I still have my "binky" except mines a pillow (or well, the remains of one as I am 27...) and called "lumpy" :) so, I dont see anything wrong with your kids desires ;)

    I try to send a couple handwritten notes a month to friends from college. (Now that we live all over the US) Never anything exciting to say but I hope it brightens their day to just get a note that says hi...

  14. Oh as for the penis situation I can't help you there, obviously. Im glad you clarified for us that you do not have one!

  15. I agree- REAL mail is the best! when I was younger and babysat our neighbor's boys, they ALWAYS talked about their penis= even would flick it or try to poke in to go inside their body- weird fascination!

    Also I completely thought of how whatever advice you have to give would be perfect for a post I read today. Ashley @ redonk runner was talking about how the experts say you have a timeline on your legs with running and if you start later in life, its okay because you haven't been running on them so you can still chase PRS down. I thought of you because I know you defy that rule since you were competitive in hs, college, and now so any insight I'm sure she'd appreciate

  16. Are you kidding me? With 3 boys and a husband, I have to tolerate penis talk all the time. My daughter is always like, "What's the big deal about penises anyway?" I usually just shrug my shoulders.

    The pacifier fairy finally came and took all our pacifiers away when each kid turned 3. We told them there were new babies who desperately needed the pacis and that the fairy would leave them a big kid gift if they were willing to part with theirs. It might work for never know.

    Totally love that pic in your header! I just might print that out and put it on my fridge for much needed motivation! You go, mama!!!!

  17. You are going to do awesome at Boston! I was such a nerd when I got my confirmation card in the mail- I actually still have it, along with everything else regarding Boston that came in the mail. I may even still have my saved emails from them. Yep, total nerd!

  18. I nearly died laughing while reading about your sons declarations from the potty! Oh, dear...aren't they something else?? My 2yo lifts his rear during diaper changes and says "look, it's way up in the skyyyyy!" Yep, they are different creatures entirely. Jogger - necessary evil, it is what it is. Mail - only bills - and when I'm feeling lonely I order a book from ;o)


  20. LOL oh my Amanda, I think our boys need to hang out! Liam is sooo addicted to his binky still and we do the same and limit it to bed/nap but sometimes/most times he will do nothing but cry for it for hours :( I keep saying that I dont care if he has it til Kindergarten but I do .. We will see if it gets any easier. I know that taking it away is going to be very traumatic for all! PENIS! LOL Liam isnt potty trained yet and doesnt talk well yet but his new thing is laying on the floor or the side of a chair and "rocking" if you know what I mean. He is completely infatuated with it. I guess it feels good huh? Boys!!!! :)

  21. Wooo hoo...too exciting to get that confirmation! :) Excited for you! (and, um, that it's not me. :D)

    I have three brothers and three sons. Yes, your penis story resonates with me. My older boys are thankfully past sharing penis stories with me, but my 7 year old is still pretty interested in his. Sigh. I try hard to keep a straight face.

    Not much real mail.

    My youngest never used a binky. I don't think the older boys did much, or if they did they weren't obsessed with them. Too busy checking out their penises, I guess.

    I don't remember the other questions, which probably means I didn't have good answers. :)

    The thought of being able to bust out a 1:35 half amazes me. You're pretty awesome.

  22. Oh I got my Boston confirmation in the mail yesterday as well and it made me oh so very happy. Truly still so surreal to me but I cannot wait to embrace it.

    Okay about the jogging stroller- It definitely makes you stronger!! Seriously howly hard! I push my nephew every once in a blue moon and it is so hard. I would count it as bonus training. :)

  23. My daughter and one of the twins used binkies (the other twin wanted nothing to do with it, but he did find his thumb for a short period of time). Ryan was so attached to that stupid thing that one time we lose it while on a hike out of town and I thought we were going to commit a murder later that night when it was apparent he wasn't going to sleep without it. He didn't like the "spare" one...omg, that was awful!! Good thing though, they get to high school and no longer use it!! :)

    My daughter was attached to this white blanket, which we accidentally left at the beach....I think she talks to her therapist about this as I'm sure it's still a huge scar!

  24. Just be happy your son has a big penis.

    You're already planning on turning down sex? What kind of training plan is that?

  25. I would be VERY happy to get that kind of mail! Maybe next year! :)

    My kids never really did the binky thing so I can't relate there, but oh my was (is) my son infatuated with his penis! Thankfully the hands constantly down his pants stage seems to have ended, but he still will proudly drop trou at any you, I guess I'm glad he's confident.

  26. Funny timing on the mail post. My mail yesterday included a Runninghood sticker (thank you!), a boston confirmation (please let my body cooperate!) and a vegan cookbook (fun to get started down this path). Call me old-fashioned, but that was a fun day to go to the mailbox!

  27. Two of mine used pacifiers. I thought it would be AWFUL to take them away, but it was actually fairly painless. With my last one, I had him throw all of them out on garbage day. He watched the garbage man drive off with them, and then he got to go inside and open a present to celebrate being a big boy. Worked like a charm!

    Oh, and seeing as how I have 4 boys (if you count my husband), I could literally write a book about penis obsession. I'm not even kidding. If I had a nickel for every boner I've seen in this house... Also, a few weeks ago I caught the boys peeing on each other in the tub. Lovely.

    I headed straight to the fridge for the wine bottle.

  28. My daughter is 2 and the only way we can get her to sleep is giving her the paci. I hate that thing but the one time we attempted to take it away from her she screamed for like 2 hours. So for the time being she gets it at night.

  29. Yay for Boston! So excited to follow your training. At first glance I thought that "binkies" said "bikinis" and was really confused. I was wondering why your son would have one...I mean if he did thats cool too. Gotta let kids feel empowered to make decisions against the grain right?

    Well I don't have children, but I did grow up in a house full of boys that loved to talk about their penises (and still do as grown men) and let it make random appearances to pee on things. I think when I have kids I'll most likely sport the jogging stroller. Seems like we sometimes have to multitask like maniacs to get all of the things on the agenda in.

  30. I was so excited to get that piece of mail as well!

    Real mail is the BEST. It beats e-mail any day of the week.

    I hope I can train for Boston with at least 45 miles/week but I struggle with even that. With work and evening events that I have to attend it's always a challenge.

    I can't wait to meet you!

  31. 45 miles a week? Ugh, so jealous. Even if it doesn't always happen, I still dream of that kind of mileage...Unfortunately my knees came out of their joint and ran away from me when I looked at them and asked "45 miles a week?" They sometimes cry at the end of 25 miles a week. Man, I wish though.

  32. My heart fluttered a little with that sexy piece of mail you got! Awesome doesn't cover it! Train away sister, no need to explain. You can only be you with your great runs and fast times, lousy runs and crappy times. We are who we are-with all our rough and rounded edges. You happen to be phenomenal at running but maybe someone else can dapdance like a bat out of you know what or sew a costume like a pro. 45 miles, 200 miles 5 miles- its all running. 1:35 half or 3 hour half-its still 13 miles. Go on with your badself!

  33. Congratulations on the news!

    And I had to laugh at the penis thing! Hysterical!


  34. Ugh, my son had to have THREE binkis, or passies as we called it, one for his mouth and one for each hand. I had to have at lease six passies on hand in case one got lost. It was horrible. But one day he I walked into the kitchen and he was standing at the trash can. He spit his passie in there, looked at me and chunked the other two, shut the lid and walked away. My eyes were bugging out. He was about two months away from three years old.

    As for the penis talk, yeah what the heck? He talks about his penis all the time and I am certain I have heard him compliment himself on his size as well. He has even tried to insult mine, saying it is so small you can't see it. That was when I knew it was time for privacy. Boys will be boys and they will admire their manhood......

    So exciting about your mail!! =) And thank you so much for your comments the past few days. It has truly lifted my spirits! I feel so blessed to have so much support from the bloggy community. I truly fel like you all are my friends. So again, thank you!

  35. I have a love/hate thing with the mail... it is MOST often bills (medical ones especially), but it is SO MUCH FUN when it is something else. :) I haven't gotten my Boston confirmation yet.. hoping today (we live in the middle of nowhere so mail takes a little longer). Can't wait to meet you in Boston!

  36. I refuse to look at a jogging stroller as a detriment to my training. I know it slows me down, but it raises my heart rate, requires more oxygen (which I only know because I suck wind...), and makes my legs and back more sore than 50% more miles sans stroller.
    As a mom, it is the only way I can run some days. I say run run run whatever way you can. Just don't let stroller pace become the new normal!

  37. CONGRATS on getting into an AMAZING race! Now I really wish I could be going with you :(

    I will faithfully be setting up my tracking station and stocking the coffee and brownies while you run your little fanny off!!

    If Levi could talk that well...I am sure he would have fascinating things to say too :)

  38. Hooray for Boston!

    My cousin used to use not one, but TWO binkies! She would use them simultaneously - one in her mouth, one up her nose. Yep!

  39. Oh, and I didn't use a pacifier ... I had my right thumb for that instead!