Monday, October 3, 2011

Running Running Runninghood

It has been awhile since I've done a bulleted post, so here's some random Runninghood for you on this Monday morning.  My husband happens to be home sick today so that means that the kids want to be around him and I have a few moments to myself here.  


This is a very typical everyday run around my neighborhood. Obviously I don't run 10 miles every day but this gives you a glimpse of the elevation changes around here.  Good Boston training!  
  • I have not been writing a ton about running lately.  I think the biggest reason for this is that I'm not in serious training for anything but once  Boston training begins, you'll probably all be sick of reading about the running side of Runninghood.  
  • I'm on week 19 of a 20 week half-marathon plan from Brain Training For Runners.  I started at about week 12.
  • I have a half marathon coming up on October 16th. The Girlfriend's Half in Vancouver, Washington!  I hope to see so many of you!  Who's running it??
  • No, I won't be expecting a PR at this half marathon. I would be thrilled with a 1:35 and even happier with anything faster but I'm not thinking that this will be my sub 1:30 half...definitely not with the training or lack of training that I've had this summer.  I've trained just enough so that I have a base and can run strong enough to not make a total fool out of myself after this lazy summer.
  • I'm not following the plan the way Matt Fitzgerald would like me to.  I'm kind of using it as a starting point and trying to get something in.  For example, Friday calls for 2 mile warm up; 6 miles @half marathon pace; 3 mile cool down.  Not happening.  Maybe 3 miles at half marathon pace.  Sunday calls for 2 mile warm-up; 8 miles marathon pace; 2 mile cool-down.  Not happening either.  Probably will just do 12 miles of base pace.  
  • I'm just not feeling the hard-core training right now.  The Girlfriend's Half isn't about peak performance and I am okay with that.  It will be fun.  
  • As a mom of three little ones, I know what a sacrifice it is to train seriously for something and I'm saving myself for Boston training.  Once that starts, I won't be such a lazy lady anymore and I'll step up to the plate and do what my training calls for.  Until then, I'm fine with where I am at.  
  • I ran 45 miles last week.  Biggest mileage week all summer if that tells you anything. I hope to be running up to 60-70 during peak Boston training.  Not so sure I have time to run more than that.  Or at least not time I want to give at this point in my life.  
  • My husband will be training for the Eugene Marathon at the same time as I'm training for Boston.  His goal will be to qualify for Boston.  I'm not so sure how it will play out with having both of us in serious marathon training.  MIght have to hire a weekend Nanny for those long runs that will mostly likely also serve as our dates.  
  • Yesterday's run was 10.6.  I intended to just run it at a slow pace.  I was so bored by mile 5 so mile 6-10 I picked it up to a comfortable but faster pace:  7:53, 7:33, 7:29, 7:37, 7:21.  This felt easy and conversational so I was happy with that. I wanted mile 10 to be sub 7 but there was a pretty big up hill at the very end so that wasn't happening.  This is surely not where I want to be during Boston training but I feel great about it right now.  
  • The good thing about my neighborhood is that it has some major hills.  This will be good for Boston training.  
  • Training plans...I'm really thinking that this next time around, I want to focus more on putting in more miles at a slower pace and having less key workouts at a faster pace.   I'm also thinking that I want more of my long runs to be slower.  
  • Far away Boston Goal:  Since training isn't fresh in my mind right now, I can only make a guess at what I'll be shooting for when the time comes but I'd really like to shoot for that 3:15 or better!  I know I have it in me but the question is whether or not this is the time in my life to do it.  There are a lot of other directions that I am pulled these days and I know my time at home with my little ones is limited so I will do what I can do make sure I'm giving my all to my workouts when I'm out there running but I am most likely not going to be willing to give more time than necessary.  Time is precious right now.  And with a husband that travels a lot, this doesn't always make for the best training opportunities.  I will be thrilled just to be at Boston and meeting some dear friends.  A PR would be nice too.  
Some Nuts and Bolts:

On Friday, I posted about making positive affirmations with my kids.  We are still in the process of getting them taped up.  I will update soon.  Thanks for your e-mails about this!

Vote!  Go cast your vote for your favorite "Art" piece...tell us what one jumps out at you the most.  The piece that speaks to you.  As expected, there is a mixed bag of responses.  This is the last week to comment.  

I'm still getting these out.  Slowly but Surely!  Thanks for those of you that have e-mailed to tell me you got your sticker.  Hopefully, some of you will be getting mail this week!  Let me know what you do with your stickers.  Lots of you have said you are starting a running journal and putting it in there.  Awesome!  
1.  Who is running Girlfriend's Half?  
2.  What are your fitness/running goals for the last few months of 2011?
3.  Mother's of young kids (under7), what are some ways you balance training/workout out, personal time, and being there for your family?  



  1. I love reading about ALL the aspects of your life, not just running so I enjoy every post! I am really looking forward to seeing your Boston training and seeing you get your sub 3:15 and your husband qualify for Boston!! Great mileage last week!

  2. You're neighborhood run looks about the same as mine (but you have to add 5300 feet of starting elevation!). I have a love/hate relationship with my hilly run. As far as balancing, I am still trying to figure that out so I think I will come back and read the comments to get ideas too!

  3. I agree with Janae. I love your thoughts across the board. You call it like it is and usually find a new perspective. I'm excited to follow your Boston training, but I like that you can look at a plan and take a little bit here and some there and still be lights out!

    btw, I'm not running GFs. :( My feet have been bothering me so much, that I transferred my entry to 2012. I didn't want to make the trip and not enjoy it! :(

  4. Love the bullets :)
    I have a half marathon this Sunday (Denver Rock n Roll). Hoping for a 1:40-ish I am pumped. I think I am also going to register for the Arizona full marathon February 19th!! Can't wait to train for a full! It's been since 2005 since I've ran one YIKES!!Good Luck in your half!

  5. I think your training is going great for where you are at the moment. You are a talented runner, there is no doubt about that and I love that you and your hubby can share that passion.

    I need to find some better hills to train on because the hills at my marathon Saturday nearly demoralized me!

  6. I am running Girlfriends! I am so excited about it- I am running it with my best friend. Hopefully I will see you there (PS- I will probably be wearing my pink Team Sparkle skirt) :-)

  7. Cannot wait to watch you give it your all for that sub 3:15 in Boston :) You are such an awesome, strong runner... and a great mom and wife :)

    I balance it all by not :P Something always falls!

  8. What's balance?!?!?!?

    I love how you call yourself a "lazy lady" but still log 40+ mile weeks. :P

  9. SO, I'm seriously behind in my comments here but I've been reading:)

    Jealous of your elevation! I will have to do most of my hill training on the mill for Boston....blech. Great 10 mile too!!

    I did not realize that half marathon was so soon!! That's only a couple of weeks! Sounds so fun! Great attitude! Congrats on the miles for the week! I've said before but will reiterate how admiring I am of runnning mom's with little kids!

    AHH! Excited for Boston today! I always think I can't wait to be done a marathon and then when I am, I can't wait to start training for another. Will take a necessary break this time though and hopefully enter training like you, fresh and ready to buckle down!!

    Fitness running on my hip and core strength and RACE more short distance late fall and winter. Kind of excited to work on speed since I haven't done any in a LONG time.

    Marathon comment over. Fun to read all your thoughts here! Great perspective on everything:)

  10. You are such a speedy runner - I can't even fathom a 3:15 marathon! Your "low" mileage week is closer to my peak mileage (maybe that's why I can't fathom a 3:15 marathon...hmmmm).

    Balance? What's that? I will be looking at the comments to see what suggestions people have...

  11. Woot for ramping up for Boston training! I think it's great you've 'taken it easy' up til now. It'll make you more ready than ever to hit that training hard!
    Darn it I missed that awesome sticker.

  12. Clarification...45 miles is not LOW mileage for me. I usually don't run over 50 or 55 even for marathon training! :) It is just the most I've run all summer!

  13. Can't wait for Girlfriends'. You crack me up "settling" for a 1:35. You are speedy, my friend!

  14. i had to go back and check, i'm shocked i got some votes! :) woo hoo! (i just didn't want to have 0 votes)

    umm i can definitely see a 3:15 in your future. and run dates with the hubs will be so nice! i would come babysit if i, uh, lived a *little* bit closer ;)

  15. SPEEDY SPEEDY!! Wish I could run girlfriends but it falls on the wrong day this year.

    Eugene is the PERFECT Boston qualifying race for sure...Cant imagine both parents in training mode.. Wow will you be doing laundry.

  16. settling for 1:35...that is crazy to a good way...

    balance...there's a word I do not like. I am like Marjorie, I dont.

    I got my sticker with extra oatmeal!! ha ha!!!
    thank you so much!!!

  17. Agree with PP's about liking to read about your life - not just your running! ;) Great attitude for the GF's Half - run rhymes with fun!

    Started on my "Last 90 Days of 2011" goal today. Drop body fat using the Racing Weight system. Good 'ol Matt Fitz!

    I have several little ones running around and balancing is impossible. Try, but don't worry when it doesn't work out. You will constantly have days when you feel you gave to much to your training or not enough. Make the Lord your priority and He will work out those pesky details.

  18. I know we started to talk about this today but then got caught off. I love this post and like you, I am quite enjoying NOT training hard. base mileage is feeling wonderful right now and like you, I want to save my energy for some Kick A$$ training for Boston b/c you know we will be going HARD CORE! LOL...I love you. I love your thoughts and couldn't agree more about when the timing is right...being a mommy right now etc. All things in their proper time. xxx

  19. My track coach I work with (an amazing ultra runner) told me countless times, Boston is about the experience. Nothing more. Savor it.

    That said, reverse your profile map and run the hills at the end...that's great Boston training! :)

  20. My goals from the remainder of this year are to focus more on cross-training up until Spring, then I'm going to treat myself like a brand-new runner and seriously ease into my mileage so that by the time June gets here, I can start my marathon training. :)

  21. I like the running posts and the non-running posts. You have a great voice and I'm glad somebody says it. I'm too reserved, and I stutter too much anyways :)

    Go sub 3:15!

    Balance? It's so hard some days. Just remember that some days work and some days don't. I feel guilty when I run when the kids are at the gym daycare and I sneak onto the treadmill. But I feel guilty some days when I get up at 4:30 to do a run and then I'm tired and not worth much in the afternoon. You're a great mom, and it will all balance out, I'm sure of it. Guilt is what makes all moms great, right?

    During one training program, I posted my training schedule on the fridge towards the end. But then I started to put the kid activities in there, too. Go to park, go to library, ice cream. I had them give me inputs for Mommy time literally on top of my runs. I also reward my kids with my carb loading. Before every big race I have, I buy some oreos. And that's a huge treat for the whole family. I want them to know how much they helped me through the training.