Sunday, March 4, 2012

30k Marathon Pace Run Win, Slumber Parties, Celebration, and Sweaty Pits

What a week!  First 70 mile week I've ever run, a house full of sick kids, husband out of town, a fun "sweaty and embarrassing" March story hour, a successful 30k race with 13.63 of them @ marathon paceish,watching The Lorax with my girls, and ending it all with with some good solid girlfriend time by having an old school sleepover (ice cream, movies and plenty of laughter included).  I was able to dodge this sick bug for the entire week until this morning and now I'm left with this:

This girl played TOO HARD!  Poor Nicole... I went on a recovery run with her this morning and she was kind enough to stick with me for five miles at an incredibly sloooow pace while I whined the entire time about how sick I was.  But I ran 70!  Woot woot!

Training, Training, Training, Running, Running, Running
If you don't count that this week is ending with being sick, it's been a good week of training and I was feeling strong (hope to be feeling strong again by Tuesday).

Mon. 2/27:  10 miles
Tues. 2/28:  11 miles w/5@1200's @ 6:19 pace with the 5th @ 6:15 pace.  Quarter mile AR in between.  
Wed. 2/29: 15 eye poking miles on the treadmill.
Thurs. 3/1: 10 miles
Fri 3/2:  Off
Sat. 3/3:  30k with first 5 easy and then last 13.63 @ 7:29 average.  7:36 Average for all of it.  
Sun. 3/4 VERY slow 5 mile sick recovery run.  

Saturday's 30k:  
First off, I will admit that I was a little mathematically challenged this week.  I'm usually quite good at math actually but for some strange reason, I had it in my head that a 30k was 18 miles flat.  Um, DUH!  Of course it is 6.2 x 3.  Hello Masters Degree!  It is working for me.  And then I was supposed to do 12 miles @ marathon pace with 18 total so in my head I decided that would be running the first 5 easy and then I'd have 12 left.  Hmmm, not sure who taught me math but I think I might blame it on my self-taught years.  What?!  So needless to say, I ran more miles at marathon pace than intended AND, the entire run (a 3 lap course), I kept thinking how horribly AWFUL I was at running the tangents.  This is true but not bad enough for me to be adding on .64 to my assumed 18 mile run.  Okay, forget blaming my self-taught years because I think that actually served me quite well in life. I'm blaming being a solo parent with VERY sick kids all week.  Obviously my brain was affected but my body was waiting to crash until AFTER the running weekend.  

Despite my way-off calculations, this 30k was a success!  

Here's the skinny:

I had the pleasure of heading out to this ORRC 10k/30k race with Nicole from I Dream of Running.  What a fun morning. We both brought home first place awards and a load of confidence and SMILES. It was really neat to share this good day with a girlfriend.  If you get a chance, head over there to congratulate Nicole on her first place win in the 10k with a new PR of 40:59. This girl is only getting faster.  And this PR was off of a 75 mile week for her.   

Shoes I wore:

The Brooks Pure Flow shoes proved to be a great "ride".  I was a little worried about wearing them for such a long run with so many faster miles since I haven't worn them much yet, but I'm glad I did because they "Flowed" and felt so smooth.  Like floating.  Thumbs up!  The only issue with my feet today is that I am losing a toe nail or two and it HURTS!  But that has nothing to do with the shoe choice.  


I tried out these beans in a plastic tube this time.  I held it in my hand while running.  Honestly, it got annoying as the container emptied and I could hear the sound of the beans jostling around.  Annoying for me AND the people I passed.  I took two or three of these every 2 miles or so starting at mile 4.5ish.  I finished them all by mile 12.4.  Luckily, I wore my Nathan water belt and it fit so nicely and SO nice to have my water on hand when I wanted it!  

Luckily I had one of these in my "Fanny Pack"...Ha!  Or Water belt.  Whatever you want to call just isn't very sexy. But it works.  I pulled one of these out at around mile 14 and took most of it by mile 15.  I definitely felt myself needing a bit more fuel than the beans provided.  


Distance:18.63 mi
Avg Pace:7:36 min/mi
Elevation Gain:288 ft

 Average Pace for my 13.63 of Marathon Pace was 7:29.  This sounds like a good goal for Boston but this was also off of a 70 mile week with tired legs so perhaps being tapered could mean running a bit faster.  At the same time, I'd celebrate greatly if I could pull off a 7:29 pace for 26.2.  We shall see.  I'm not setting any definite goals for anybody but myself this time. I have a few numbers that I'm playing with in my head.  

Avg Pace

After a great run for both of us, Nicole and I celebrated with a good old fashioned "Slumber Party" at Nicole's house since her family was out of town and I didn't mind leaving my sick family to go to bed early.  My friends that know me well know that I am not usually one to give up my own bed too easily.  OR leave my family on a Saturday night (granted, I did't leave until 7p.m).  And after a hard run, I am a little surprised that I got myself out the door for a sleepover and dinner without having a nap or much rest.  Besides the fact that I woke up sick this morning, I'm glad I got outside of my social box and spent some time connecting with a girlfriend.  Relationships are priceless.  I realize more and more that there is so much value in having close girlfriends to get us through life.  

Nicole treated me to a FABULOUS dinner at this cute Italian restaurant called  Boccelli's.  I enjoyed a yummy glass of Syrah and we both had this pasta that was INCREDIBLE to go along with the best bruschetta I've ever had.  Thanks Nicole.  Great memories.   

And just to make you feel better about yourself:

WHO SWEATS LIKE THIS??  How embarrassing to be leading story hour in front of a bunch of parents and kids with pits like this.  Good thing it was just sweat and NOT smelly. Suppose this is what happens when I'm hot and dancing around and doing the Bear Hunt with a bunch of front of adults who are sipping on lattes.  But GOOD GRIEF Lady!!  It might be time to use the antiperspirant with nasty aluminum in it on occasions like this even though I refuse to wear it all the time. Funny thing, AFTER story time, I felt the need to go up to all the parents and talk about my sweaty pits.  I made an awkward situation even more awkward as I mentioned how I wear deodorant but just not the kind with aluminum which keeps you from sweating.  I think I mentioned the aluminum thing a couple more times.  All the while, these ladies just smiled politely while probably biting their lips in hopes that I'd let them finish their conversations and stop drawing attention to my pits.  What's my problem?  

1. Who raced this weekend?  Or had a great long run?
2.  Anyone see The Lorax?  What did you think? Overall, we really liked it.  Made me a bit sad about the truth in the movie when it comes to environmental issues.  
3.  Do you still have slumber parties with your girlfriends?  



  1. Actually....I think you're math challenged even typing it out. It's not 3.1x3 but rather 6.2x3 Yeah, I'm a jerk....hahah. Maybe you'll want to change that. :)

    Regardless of the math, you ran great, nice job!! You probably had some of that bug inside you even and you still knocked it out. That has to be a great confidence booster. And nice job on the 70mph...feels so great, huh?!?

    Hope you recover quickly!!!!


  2. Getting sick was almost inevitable. When you're hanging around sick little bodies all day something's bound to rub off. But apart from the sickness you totally smashed last week out of the ballpark. 70 miles!! I managed a whole 9k split up into little bitty chunks. Hey - at least it's running.

  3. Thanks for having my back Jill..that would be the fever talking because I really did know to put 6.2. Thanks for being a nice jerk and getting me straight before I made too big of a fool out of myself. :) Thanks for the comment too....:)

  4. Thanks Char...yes, baby steps! Running is running!

  5. I am uber math challenged! Good thing my hubby has his accounting & finance degree or else I would be screwed, lol. Congrats on a GREAT race and a WIN!!! Woohoo!!! More impressive is the fact that you killed your 30K on a 70 mile week. WOW!!!!!! So proud of you and Nicole. Glad that you were both able to enjoy a fun Saturday night out to celebrate. It was a much deserved night for each of you. I laughed pretty hard when I saw your sweaty pits picture. You crack me up with your sense of humor. Have a great week chica!

  6. Huge congrats Amanda!! Great race and sounds like so much fun. I would so love to come hang out and run with you and Nicole! Hope you are feeling better asap. Hugs!

  7. OK, can I just say you are one truly beautiful girl. Like gorgeous. You really should be a model for Lulu or some other company. Your face radiates joy. So nice to see. Yes, please do not lose any weight. You look perfect now.

    30K. Makes me laugh. WHen I ran mine in the summer, both Jenn and I thought it would be 18 miles, and both were corrected by our hubbies. So funny! You ran a kick a$$ race, so smart and I think you can do better at Boston if you ran smart (not too fast to begin with). Also, looking at your sleep, I am wondering why went on at mile 10 that you slowed down? I am only saying that bc for me one of the limiters in racing is concentration; I often lose it and my pace drops without any difference in effort. Something I always have to keep an eye on.
    Now feel better, sleep this bug off, take an extra race day if you need to, coz this is it, a few more weeks of work before taper! And so nice to spend the night with Nicole - OK, that did not sound like what I wanted to say, but I know you have a sense of humor, LOL.

  8. Oh, dear! Why don't I reread my comments before publishing? I meant that you will "run" not "ran", and checking your "splits" not "sleep"

  9. Congrats on your fabulous race! and a killer week of miles, you are such an amazing runner!

    How fun to get to do a sleepover with Nicole and how nice of her to put up with you when you were sick for those recovery miles :) Looks like you guys had a great time.

    No races for me this weekend but I did do my first ever 18 mile run :) Now I am trying to find a marathon that won't cost me too much to enter. So far the best thing I am finding isn't until July. I want to do one sooner!

  10. You are HILARIOUS with your sweaty pit story/pic. And I would've totally done the same, going around explaining my sweaty pits to everyone rather than leaving it alone and acting nonchalant. You rock on so many levels.

    And, can I just say, as excited as I am to HAVE THIS BABY and meet her already and to FINALLY become a mom, I am also ridic excited to RUN, RUN, RUN again. Ugh. I've missed it so much. Thank you for continuing to inspire me to strive to run as soon as I get the go-ahead from my MD. :-)

  11. SUPER congrats on the run - AWESOME!
    Ummm - the pits, well I've been told by the one I love and hmhmhmmm loves me that I should apply antiperspirant/deoderant 1/2 way through the day! Hope that makes you feel better…I've got the sweaty pitts and the SMELL! Lovely!
    Congrats again - what a FANTASTIC run. Hope you and the fam are feeling better.

  12. Awesome job at the 30k - that is a great pace! I just got into PureFlows in February, and I LOVE them. First pair of running shoes I've ever had that I love.

  13. YAY!!! SOOO happy for you. Great job and such cute pics! Sorry you arent feeling good but glad you had an amazing day. XOXOXO

  14. Congrats on the finish! This was definitely the weekend for girl time!

    I guess I get a .5 for being at a race this weekend LOL!

  15. Hey there! WINNER! What an awesome practice run/race win for you. You should be feeling very confident! Boston is so close and you are getting faster and building endurance with each week.

    The photos are fantastic. Love the shot of you both and the fun slumber party idea. Wish I could have made it. :)

    You look at home in the seuss hat!

    Please get better quickly! Don't let it run you down- get some good rest.

  16. Wow, Amanda! Awesome run--huge congrats to you!! Hope you have a very quick recovery from the sickness going around your house. Too funny about the pits-- I have the same experience, don't use aluminum and there are certain fabrics that seem to make me sweaty whether I'm warm or not. :) That's hilarious about the moms nodding and smiling, I can totally see myself in that scenario!

  17. Congrats, Amanda, you are such a strong runner! And on top of a high mileage week like that? Amazing. Great job. I agree with you about having some close girlfriends, but I struggle to keep those relationships up. Most of my friends have had kids, and we don't, so there are scheduling problems and such - and I'm not a good phone talker! I really need to work on these friendships. I hate never being the one who calls.
    PS all your pics are so darn adorable!

  18. Congrats my friend!

    An super week, a super race, a super night. Things are going great for you! Hope this little sickness is short lived and maybe just a necessary rest bump for you. So so excited for what I think Boston will hold for you!!!

    Short here, you know I'm proud of you:)

  19. Congrats on the first place finishes!! Sounds like a blast to have a good old fashioned sleepover, a bit refreshing after all those miles I'm sure.

  20. LOL!!! laughing about your pits. I would be sweating just sitting in front of a group of preschoolers....
    I am glad that you had a good race and a good weekend with your friend. We just planned a 4 day girls weekend to Florida in May. I am so excited to hang and recharge my batteries. Girlfriends are the best.
    Finally, I am loving my Flows too! They are so comfortable.

  21. YOU are a rock star! Congrats on your race! Slumber parties with friends are the best and it looks like the two of you really enjoyed the time together!!

  22. Congratulations on such a strong race and a win! Awesome. :) I hope you're feeling better soon.

    You aren't the only one who's having trouble keeping up with blogs. I'm barely keeping up with my own, let Aline others!

    I didn't race this weekend, but I spent much of Saturday mountain biking and had an awesome 8 mike run Sunday. Great, great weekend. As for girlfriend time, more now than in the past. The closest thing I've had to a slumber party was the women's mountain bike weekend in Kentucky back in Nov, and that was an amazing time.

  23. Congrats on a great race!

  24. Those are really great pics...and it looks like the both of you had GREAT times...and a great time together!!!!

    The Lorax was amazing...and my boys loved the music. Great Movie!!!

  25. I wish I still had slumber parties! Dumb husbands... ;) You and Nicole are two hot, fast ladies!

  26. Ok-- do no talk about sweaty pits--do not acknowledge that you have them!!!

    And anyway, who cares about them? You ran 70 miles in one week!

  27. Congrats on your 1st place finish.....SO proud of you!!!!

  28. What an awesome week of training Amanda! Congrats.

    I hope you are on the mend today and feeling better.

  29. Apart from the illness, that sounds like a great week! Awesome mileage, well done!

  30. Sounds fun! I have never raced that distance before. Cute pics!

  31. You have the funniest post title sometimes! Love it! SO I've been meaning to comment ever since I first read this... Congrats on the 30K win! I have never run that race but it sounds like a really good distance- especially during marathon training. I am SO ready for you to run Boston!! I KNOW you are going to go sub 3:20- it's only a question of by how much! :-)

  32. Omigosh! I'm so laughing at your sweaty pit story!! ha ha!!

    You are Nicole seem like the perfect training partners: fast, beautiful, positive!!

  33. Congrats congrats congrats, both on your race and on your huge 70 mile week! Truly amazing and impressive!

  34. You are too funny lady! Congrats on the race, you are killin those miles! I wish I lived closer to you ladies, too much fun had by you! Can't believe that Boston is in about a month, seems like you just started training.

    Caught a bit of the flu bug myself this week, was down from Wednesday until this morning where I finally feel like myself again. Haven't had the flu in about 10 years and forgot what it does to you!

    Congrats again, sending you a big virtual hug and high five!

  35. Your training is going SO well! And way to go tackling that quality long run and 70 mile week (BOOYEAH!) even with a case of the sickies.

    The post-run celebration looks so fun!!

    Keep it up, girlie! Less than 6 weeks!

  36. Congratulations!!! You did amazing even though with your little math issues :) I'm an engineer and have the same issues while running, I call it my "runner's brain".