Monday, March 26, 2012

Peak Mileage, Last 22 Miler, Unexpected Ice Bath Footage and Bits of Training Stuff

Thankful to have found a friend who can run 22 miles with me, push me to be my best, and then take sly videos of my ice bath for later entertainment (see below)

Training HARD for any goal takes Dedication and TIME.  Towards the end of the long road, it can start to feel like that's all we do, talk about, think about, and focus on.  Training.  Preparing.  Focusing.  But one look around our life usually tells us differently...our children, relationships, volunteer opportunities, jobs, family, game nights, and people who are there to support and encourage us despite the fact that we have less time to spend with them.  Part of making big goals a reality means making those goals a PRIORITY.

I admit, Boston training has taken a lot of my time and energy.  I've structured many of my days around my workouts, gone to bed earlier, used the t.v for my kids WAY more than usual in order to get in a treadmill run, and posted more than PLENTY of running-related pictures and status updates on facebook.   It might seem to some that I have no life outside of running lately.  But gosh, I'm so thankful for those friends and family that GET me and GET my training enough to stick around through all the parts of my life...not just the times where I have the most in common or the most to GIVE to them.

As excited as I am to be nearing the end of this long training cycle, I'm equally happy that I've had the diligence in getting this far.  And I've had fun doing it!  Almost so much that I MIGHT turn into one of those crazy running bloggers that jumps right into another training plan soon after this one is over.  Hey, I said MIGHT.  The idea of an open summer with the occasional Jillian Michael's video to keep my abs and legs looking good coupled with a whatever-kind-of-run-I-feel-like and followed by a cold beer with my husband over dinner sounds WAY more up my alley for summer running plans.

There have been many reasons for why this training cycle has been so enjoyable....friends who have been virtual training partners, my blog and the connection I have with so many of you and the support and encouragement that comes from that, girlfriends (Nicole and Stephanie) to run with, my treadmill, and so much more.  Training has just "clicked" this time around.  And three more weeks to go so here's hoping it keeps on clickity clicking without anything unexpected!

73 miles!  I ended this last week with a 22 miler with my good friend Nicole.  That brought me to 73 miles for my highest week of running ever.  That's a great feeling!  The last week went something like this:
11 miles with an a.m and later a.m run
11 miles with 6x1000m on TM @ 1% incline.   All at 6:11 pace except 2nd one at 6:15 pace.  Trying to account for TM vs. road running.
15 miles.  Had to break it up a bit due to schedule with kids.
8 miles
6 miles recovery
22 miles with Nicole @ 8:00 pace.  Note:  there were a few stops due to peeing, stretching and water/fuel issues but not too worried about that.  Great run to gain confidence and figure out fueling for marathon.  Very hilly course and strong finish.  Last 7 miles:
7:17 YES!

I ran half the 22 in my Brooks Launch and the other half in my Pure Flows.  I think I just might be wearing the Flows for Boston!

As far as fuel, I've decided that the Sports Beans are just too tricky for using and running most efficiently so I will probably use my favorite gel of all time...tastes soooo YUMMY:

Once we got back from our 22 miles, we quickly scarfed down some quinoa/red rice and some citrus Recoverite and then I made my way into my COLD bath for recovery.  Little did I know, Nicole decided that she would take this opportunity to play videographer.  It made for some funny footage that I think many of us might relate to.  And I kept my swearing down too so that's a bonus.   

1.  Do you take ice baths or cold baths for recovery?  I don't use ice because I've read that cold water does just as good for recovery and the ice really isn't necessary.  Works for me.  As you can see from the video, this is painful enough for me.
2.  What kinds of recovery food or drink do you use?
3.  Do you have a good friend to run with?  I always said I run alone.  And I thought that was the way I liked it.  But the past few months have taught me differently.  I've loved having someone to run these long runs with.  Not so sure I'd feel the same about speed workouts with someone else but who knows...I'm changing.


  1. I do ice when I can. But I learned yesterday that if you put the ice in and wait 10 minutes to enter the water it is INSANE. I can thank my super 'efficient' husband for that lesson :)

    Great week, girl! You are preparing so intelligently for Boston. It is going to be exciting to follow you during the race!

  2. Super peak week for you Amanda! ANd so awesome to have someone to run with. Katie has been such a great training partner as has pushed me so much when I trained for Baystate.

    I use ice in my ice baths. But, you do what works for you. No research can prove or disprove the effect of ice baths. Ha! Love the video. You two are so cute:) Now you have to get 'er back with a video:)

  3. Great job, Amanda! You are going to be amazing in Boston. I am so excited for you!!!

    I take ice baths after long runs sometimes but mostly just use my stick and compression socks.

    I am always pretty nauseous after a long run but I try to make myself eat. It's usually just chocolate milk and then something good several hours later.

    I have an amazing running partner now and it makes running (and life!) even better

  4. Happy peak week!!

    Omg that video is hilarious. Just a bit of unsolicited advice from somebody who's taken one too many ice baths: sit down, then run the water and slowly add ice. MUCH more bearable! I think anyways.

  5. I'm as impressed with your ice bath as I am your 22 miler!!! Awesome :)

    I've barely soaked a foot in ice, so "no" on that question.

    My recovery is terrible. I can barely stomach food and that becomes my downfall. Must work on that.

    I do enjoy solo long runs, but look forward to a good therapy session w/ a friend for sure.

    Great video :)

  6. Mmmmmm...Clif gels. I love the Mocha and the Vanilla (the vanilla reminds me of pudding...). I also munch on Clif bars and Mojo bars, too. Sometimes I'll pack a peanut butter sandwich for something different. I'm not nrealy as fast as you, so I'm out there longer when I do the same lengths :) For recovery I usually have a Clif bar to munch on and a coffee both waiting for me in my car. At home, I'll make a protein shake of greek yogurt, whey protein, and almond milk. Sometimes I'll add in peanut butter.

    I LOVE ice baths! They feel so freaking good! Though the tub needs the dirt cleaned off after.

    I have a buddy I do some runs with, but most miles are on my own.

    Your 22 mile was very impressive and inspiring! Awesome job!!

  7. Woohoo!!! What an awesome week for you. I loved the video Nicole made. Especially the part about not swearing in front of Mormons. I almost peed my pants, LMAO. You lovely ladies crack me up! :-)

  8. You are going to ROCK Boston!!!!

    You questions- I used to do ice baths until I read research that basically said they were useless. I hated them anyway. I do take an occasional dip in the bay after a LR. This feels great.

    My training partner, Sam, and I have a few rituals that come with long runs. We love diet coke afterwards (terrible, I know). We also drink a little bit of chocolate milk. That afternoon we go for yogurt, the mix-yourself kind w/ fruit and chocolates. :)

    I used to do every single run alone. Then I moved and can now do EVERY LR with friends. It is awesome!

  9. Such a strong week, congrats!! What a confidence booster for you... you are so ready. Yay! Love that you shared that ice bath video! I have yet to try one... :)

  10. I WISH I had a running partner. I used to and it made longer runs much more fun. I've only taken one cold-water bath and it seemed a lot like your experience. Not fun, but probably something I should do more often. The video made me laugh. I'm glad you don't swear in front of Mormons. :)

  11. Strong, strong week there, Amanda! You are going to beat even your own goal at Boston. Can't wait to see ya there! ;)

  12. OH man! I STILL laugh every time I watch this! you are so freaking funny!
    I don't swear in front of mormons? really....I think that might be a bit of a fib ! I might have heard one or two before! LOL...
    I'm kidding....and what is the "does it look like I'm doing this right? do I need more water" all about? what? am I your coach? were talking like you were delirious! I just couldn't stop laughing at you....this is a keeper for MANY years to come!! next time I'll jump in with you! HA!
    Love you girl!!
    I just feel it girl, BELIEVE in YOU! because YOU are amazing! you have it all in place....can't wait to watch you FLY!
    Love you!xx

  13. Ah dang, it wouldn't let me watch the video and told me to come back later. So later I will do...I can imagine it is hysterical! You crazy girls!!

    Sweeeetness to all heavens, what a fantastic 22 miler - excellente (as the Spanish say. Being Spanish and all... ;). I continue to be inspired by your strength. So awesome you have someone who runs your pace to do these super great runs with, that is priceless in my book - something I have never been able to find here.

    Funny, but my "I love you text" is still missing in cyberspace somewhere. I'm going to have to check into my spam box or something. But at least I got an email later. Thanks! :)

    Keep being strong, girl!!

  14. Wow.. In my dreams could I run as much and as fast as you! Geez I wake up all stiff now and I am not running nearly as many miles. You really are amazing! I'm sooo looking forward to following you when you run Boston. I feel so honored to know you even though it's just through this blog.

    As of yet I have not hit the ice bath.. I HATE being cold. HAHA!!!!

  15. I haven't done an icebath yet. I love long runs with a friend.

  16. Awesome, awesome, awesome Amanda! Those last 7 miles of your 22 miler totally prove just how great of shape you are in. You should be going into Boston with all the confidence in the world!!

    Which wave are you in? I am in two. We should definitely meet up at the start if we are in the same wave. I am still trying to wrap my head around what MP will be but it would be fun to run at least the first couple of miles with you before you fly past me. :)

  17. i love love love chocolate gels :) soooo yummy! love that first pic both are so genuinely happy and RIGHTLY all have conquered a strong training period :) i feel like i have been following so many dear blogging friends during their boston training for so happy and excited for each of you to go out there and rock the race!

  18. hate ice baths and avoid them like the plague! but i did enjoy your video when i caught it on fb the other day. you two are so silly and adorable together.

    can't believe you are now at the tail end of training for boston and that it's just around the corner! warms my heart to hear that you are feeling strong and powerful these days, and i think that will pay off like no other when you cruise through that course!

  19. If Boston doesn't go well it won't be because of your training. You have trained the house down. You've put in ridiculous mileage. You've managed injuries well. And you've kept a great attitude. You couldn't have done it any better.

  20. Amanda! Congrats on yet another amazing week of training. You finished your 22 mile run so strong. YES! I cannot wait to see what you accomplish in Boston.

    I am with you on the cold baths! No ice needed, thank you!

  21. I know I said it on FB but I love that picture of you two. It really captures the moment! You girls are so ready. The mileage alone is phenomenal!! I was no where near that. I know you both have huge PR's coming your way!

    Great questions! Here's my 2 cents:
    1. Yes, I do ice after harder work-outs- track/ speed days, tempos, races, long runs. *Usually. I stay in for 12 minutes. That is my magic number. :-)
    2. Recovery: after most workouts I come home and make a protein smoothie. I use: 1/3 cup frozen blueberries, 1 banana, 6 frozen strawberries, a few frozen peach slices or mango pieces, 1/2 cup fat free milk and 1 scoop chocolate whey protein. It is my FAVORITE post run meal.
    3. I have a few good running buddies for long runs but depending on pace I may do some on my own. (I have someone who can do 20 @ an 8:30 pace with me and one who has done up to 16 @ an 8 but timing is hard. I had to do a few of my long runs this past training cycle on my own. It is DEFINITELY more fun and enjoyable with a friend!!

  22. I totally take ice baths - particularly after runs over 10 and bikes over 50. Erica H. and I were just talking about your icebath last night at our track workout :-)

    I used to slam down a protein smoothie after hard workouts but now I just eat whatever tastes good.

    I run with my TNT team and it totally makes it so much more enjoyable!

  23. You are going to so rock Boston!!! So exciting!!!

    I have a running buddy that I do long runs with when our schedules jive. I used to run a lot more with her but since moving I am a solo long run girl most of the time. I do cherish my running group for my midweek boost!

  24. ha! I saw this on Nicole
    s instagram!! I haven't done an ice bath in so long but they certainly aid in recovery!

    You are SO ready!