Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Morning Writing with Coffee and The Jewel Fairy is Coming Today!

Permission to use this photo from Cher Odum @ ChertheArt

Day #3 of making more of an effort to connect with myself.  This is working out nicely.  Today I actually woke up way earlier than usual since my husband was making too much noise getting his bike gear ready so he could cycle to work.  Then the birds outside my window were just way too loud with their singing for me to go back to sleep.  So, here I am....up early enough to soak in the morning.  
Slowly.  Quietly.  Coffee next to me.  
Sunshine coming in my window (yep, that's right...we have sunshine in Portland today).  A promise of a great day.  

Gratitude and Goals

Thankful for:

  • Being up early enough to write
  • Having an e-mail from a dear friend waiting for this morning
  • Friendships that challenge, encourage, and inspire me to be better in all areas of my life...athlete, wife, mother, friend, professional.  Finding friends like this is such a gift.  
  • Last day of 1st grade for my oldest.  I'm putting together an informal after school party.  The Jewel Fairy is even going to visit.  My oldest daughter is starting to think that I am the Jewel Fairy.  ME!  What?!  Hmmph!  I have to put an end to that.  Maybe I'll do the jewel fairy dance with them and have a neighbor put the little gems under the tree this time.  I'm not ready for this tradition to end.  
  • Friends coming over for dinner.
  • A small house that is easier to clean and makes me get rid of clutter/junk/"things" that we don't need.  It helps me live simply.
  • Flowers.  I love flowers.  I love buying flowers for my home, having potted flowers during the summer, and seeing all the color that they bring to my world.  
  • Running.  Running.  Running.  Running really does help keep life balanced, centered....SIMPLE.  
  • Coffee.  Mornings are just better with coffee.  I didn't start drinking coffee until after my third kid but now I enjoy a cup or two every morning.  Such a treat.  
  • My husband being my best friend and someone that has similar goals and wants the same things out of life.  I'm also thankful that he sees my job as a SAHM equally as important as his job if not more so.  He has always made it clear to the kids that together, we make this life and earn money for our family. 
  • My treadmill. Again, not ideal training but necessary for me for part of the week.  And it works so well lately.  My kids sat on garage floor/driveway and painted birdhouses for Father's Day yesterday while I ran my 9 miles.  They painted and together, we chatted and enjoyed the afternoon.  
  • Race photos to show me how completely awful my form can be.  Not always but definitely enough to make me KNOW that I'm not going to be very efficient if I don't make some improvements.  
  • My kid journal time and nature time with my kids the other day.  Not every day will be like that but it was a nice reminder.  And thanks for those of you who shared the airplane mode tip for my phone so that I can use the camera but not get notifications!  This will help me truly unplug. 
  • Being on the Nuun Hood To Coast team this summer.  I'm really looking forward to this opportunity.   
  • 20 miler on Saturday and I get to run part of it with a friend!  
  • My July 4th marathon is coming up so quickly...excited!  
Goals for Today:
  • To make this short so I can get my daughter up and make this last morning of school an AWESOME one!  
  • Be Smart with my body and really listen to it.  I DON'T want to end up injured again so I might be switching my 1k repeats with a slower easy run and then do the repeats tomorrow. This depends on how my left leg/groin feel.  They feel okay but I can tell that they are a bit tired and I've been slacking on the strength training, rolling, etc.
  • STRENGTH training, CORE WORK and things like icing, rolling, massage...these things are so so so easy for me to put to the back burner when things are going good.  But they are the most important for me to keep up if I want to keep feeling good.  I need to take time for them daily.  
  • Enjoy the sunshine and jump on the trampoline with my kids this morning.  
  • Spend 15 minutes or so where I just read, chat, cuddle with my younger kids WITHOUT getting distracted with other things.  Yes, 15 min is short but if I know the day is going to be busy with getting stuff done, 15 minutes of solid focused time goes a long long way.  
  • Get my daughter up Right NOW!
Happy Wednesday!  Happy Last Week of School for those of you on our schedule around here.  

Do you do anything to celebrate the last day of school?

What is a goal you have for today or this week?  Any goal...big, small..?  Flossing?  Trimming your toe nails?  Running?  Cuddling with your kid?  Getting all dolled up for a date night?  



  1. LOVE THIS POST!!!!!! I love it because it reminds of the things I'm grateful for. Thanks for the reminder. Hope your daughter has a great last day. And I agree that the Jewel Fairy needs to live a longggggg life. :)

  2. My parents did something similar with Christmas presents. My dad always took us to see the lights on Christmas Eve, and my mom stayed home to bake cookies. Santa dropped off presents while we were gone. When we started to suspect my mom, she went along and Santa (my uncle, this time) came anyway. Blew our suspicious little minds. :)

    Goal for this able to run again!

  3. Happy Last Day of School!! We used to go to the community pool with the rest of the neighborhood when my kids were done with school. Now all those times are just distant memories - but good ones.

    I bet Portland has so many great smelling flowers blooming! Not like dry Colorado! I love them, but they just don't grow as well here.

    Enjoy your day!

  4. You are such a good mom!!!
    I love this whole post.
    My goals today ate also to spend so
    E quality one on one time with my girls!!!!!

  5. Enjoy Summer Break! Sounds crazy but I'm looking forward to having my kids around more. It will make running harder but me smile more ;) My goals this week are to be better about eating. I've been enjoying summer foods like chips, ice cream, hot dogs, etc. too much lately.

  6. The jewel fairy? I love her. I need to come up with a boy version of that! Glad you had such a nice morning!

  7. I hope to be half as good of a mom as you one day when I finally get around to adopting some kids. You are amazing. I hope the last day of school is awesome! :) I wish we could have morning coffee together one of these days. Angela and I are still chatting about making a trip to Portland SOON to visit our old friend & yoga instructor who we adore. I hope it happens in this decade and I hope that when it does we can go for a run and a cup of coffee. :)

  8. Great post you always remind me to stop and reflect and I really appreciate it. I am so excited you are running a marathon on July 4th!!! Yay! I know for a fact you will execute your plan perfectly and do great. I have all the faith in the world in you Amanda.

  9. I love this post Amanda... I especially love your bullet point on your husband. I just LOVE that you love your husband so much. Marriage is the best thing, and it is so very easy to forget that with all the other responsibilities that consume us.

  10. Hope the last day of school is a good one! My youngest finished Kindergarten yesterday - we did the happy dance after he got off the bus and he got to pick dinner (Mac & Cheese)!

  11. Hey there! Hope the Jewel fairy is working her magic as I type;) Always loved that idea!! I bet the kids and friends are having a blast jumping with MOM on the trampoline! Oh wait....maybe I'm the only annoying mom who gets in their business when friends are over and does that-ha! Hope everything went off without a hitch and E's last day was so much FUN!!

    Such a great list here! I could steal SO many and put them on my own list:) The first 3 ringing really true for example;) Really really blessed here! Love how Waylon values your role in your family and how he relays that to your kids!!! Life is GOOOOOD!!

    Hope your workout went well and your leg/groin felt strong. Have a super dinner and drink date tonight! XOXO

  12. You have inspired one my next start journals for my kids! I love this idea and know they will appreciate them as they get older.

    Two big celebrations here for our family- my 5th grader had his "promotion" ceremony to day and my 8th grade daughter has hers tomorrow! She asked to borrow my waterproof mascara as she will be saying goodbye to a lot of good friends as they head to different high schools in the fall. Bittersweet!

    We'll have a family date going out to dinner to celebrate...they are rooting for Cheesecake Factory :) Dessert for dinner maybe!

  13. I love the jewel fairy idea. So clever!

  14. I hope they don't catch on to you for years to come - that is too cute!

  15. My goal was to get a workout done and I did after my hubby came home and still had time to help put our girls to bed. Tomorrow's goal is to cross train and get my butt in gear at work! I'm back from maternity leave and everything feels so slow and off, but I'm grateful for all the people who keep welcoming me back and telling me how much they missed me!

  16. My goals for today -
    get up and run 10k - tick
    groceries - tick
    acupuncture - tick
    make a chicken pie for dinner that's not purple this time - tick
    bake some brownies - tick
    play with my puppy - quite a few ticks there

    A pretty successful day :)

  17. if i lived nearby i would TOTALLY be the jewel fairy for you. i hope you pulled it off :)

  18. You have some jewel fairy volunteers!! This is great! :)

    I am glad you are finding time for coffee and relaxing, and that you enjoyed the email. It is SO important to make time to communicate with loved ones.
    Hope your 20 miler went well! I will be looking for some details :)

    hugs, R