Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Being STILL with Marathon Training, Life Memories, and Photos From Girl Trip

Marathon Training.  12 weeks to go.  My typical Tuesday would involve me lacing up my Brooks Launches or Pure Flows, pulling on some running tights, slapping on a stinky hat to cover my so-not-meant-for-public face, dropping off my preschooler at 9:00, fitting in a good workout of up to 10 miles at max before jumping in the car and heading to pick my kinder up at 10:30.  Then home to shower, feed her something, and make it back out the door to pick up my preschooler by 11:30.  Fitting in marathon training as a busy mom who also wants to be "ON" in the mom department, means MULTI TASKING and being EFFICIENT.  I can't miss a beat or my windows of opportunity are gone.  But sometimes those days come (like today) when  it takes just as much drive and good sense to let a workout go and allow myself to just "BE STILL".  Just as I rarely regret a workout and making myself get out there and get it done, I also know when my body and spirit are needing some down time and I won't regret giving myself that either.  It takes strength to give ourselves this calm time and skip a run when we need to. It is a definite art in knowing ourselves as athletes...individuals...and meeting our own needs.  There is a time to be driven and "ON, ON, ON", nailing every agenda and feeling like we are ahead of the game and a time to just wrap ourselves up in a warm blanket of "just being" without having to do anything at all.  This is equally as important to a good training cycle as meeting every single workout on the plan just because it is written down.

So, yes, I'm off today.  I have my jazzy holiday music on, the heat turned up, my favorite coffee mug filled with hot coffee, and snuggled up in quiet.  I'm not answering the phone or returning text messages for a bit and I'm letting everything go except my time with ME.  Lots to process for me after such a rich girl trip this weekend. A trip that was impulsively planned and one I needed greatly. I went to see a very dear friend who I actually met through this blog in 2010 but grew to know on an entirely different level in a very short time.  She has now grown to be one of my best friends.  Almost more like family really.  Someone I consider to be a life gift.  In returning from my weekend of being just with her, I'm feeling a little sad, a lot FULL in a soul sense, and just quietly contemplative about life, friendship, goals, etc.  It is surely a time to Be Still for me.

Random Bullets: 

In my Stillness, which often (for me) means writing, I might just break out the bullets here since I have to pick my daughter up in fifteen minutes.

  • My time in Minneapolis was LOVELY.  Girl time with no agenda.  Sushi, nice hotel, snow!, running through the city and around the lakes, good beer, sharing my deepest thoughts, and just feeling loved and loving back.  
  • Marathon training is going good.  Steady.  Conservative.  But I'm glad for the low key so far.  Easy pace is getting faster but still easy. :)  Love that!  Seeing lots of 7:45's creep in there (and feel comfortably easy) but still trying to keep it all around 8-8:20.  I have plenty of time. 
  • The big goal for this week is to have a recovery week of sorts with the 18 miler this weekend being my key workout.  
  • No big goals right now really.  My biggest goal is just to keep on running and feeling good.  It is the process for me this time.  Not so much what will come with a marathon time at the end.  I honestly can say right now that I'm not focused on a number goal.  
  • I'm starting to really get scared about moving to NC.  Just so much ambiguity.  I know I will feel much more brave when I can start finding rentals and seeing everything fall into place.  My husband keeps convincing and reminding me that this will be a good change.  I know I'll make friends find ways to get involved.  Change is scary sometimes! We are such creatures of habit.
  • Thankful. For so much.  Especially inner strength and the voice of reason that comes to me when I need it most.  Thankful for safe friends who let us crumble and are there to help us up.  
  • ICE CREAM Memory.  So, a friend shared a very special memory from her childhood with me about how her parents surprised her and her siblings one night with a surprise trip to ice cream.  This memory stuck with her always because of how they grew up poor and didn't get to do that sort of thing.  I am always thinking about special things to do for and with my kids to make special memories.  I realized that they rarely get to just go to ice cream.  We just aren't a "go to ice cream" family.  So last night I told them to get their jammies on and get ready for bed.  Then I very seriously told them that they needed to get their shoes on because we were going to ice cream.  Ha!  So much better than Disneyland (no joke)...they were jumping and screaming and so beyond excited just to be doing something that they rarely get to do.  My oldest daughter kept thinking that she was dreaming. Ha!  So funny to me because I never really think that something this simple can be so big to them!  I'm so used to saying no to things...especially things that involve eating junk.  I even let them get the big sprinkle cones that I would usually say NO to...just to say no.  It was truly a  magical memory being made.  And it made me glad that we don't do that sort of thing all the time.  So simple but so special to them because of how rare we do it. To think we could have saved that money we spent at Disneyland and just went to ice cream!  Last night will truly go down as one of our favorite family moments and it was so so simple and inexpensive.  
Some random pictures from this weekend:  

My firs time in the Minneapolis skyways...The whole downtown is connected by these skywalks.  Whatever you call them...I thought they were pretty cool!  Although it was more fun walking outside in the cold and snow.  LOVE.

LOVE HER!  So much joy and laughter here.  We may or may  not have been on the hotel hallway floor.  Hmmm.

Oh look, I can blow on the windows and write!  Doesn't always get cold enough in Portland for this.  

Jenn pretending she can use a map effectively! Ha! I suppose I was no better though since I tried to get us lost in a blizzard on Saturday night.  

Beautiful Jenn.  Love. 

Not the best pic of me but this was one of the only running shots we got.  9 slow miles through the city at night.  We were dressed almost identical in our Brooks gear (unplanned)...all the way down to the red Brooks Launches.

And this one?  Not sure what it was all about.  But I do remember laughing.  

Thankful for this time to be still and process my thoughts.  Glad to know myself enough to know when I need the downtime that is unscheduled.  Glad that I can give myself this time....freely.   Such a full heart today.  Happy.  Content.  A little raw here as I am climbing out of some sensitive months but so glad for today and new beginnings on the horizon.  And especially thankful for FRIENDSHIPS that have become family to me along the way.

Happy Tuesday,


  1. You day sounds like a perfect day to me! And you can't beat a great girls weekend. Good for you!

  2. Lot of happy in this post. I'm glad! :)

    Girlfriend getaways are awesome! :)

  3. I'm reading this from work during my lunch break and your morning sounds so nice. Off days are oh so good sometimes.

    It sounds like you had an amazing weekend with your friend, Jenn. Does she also blog? It is so rare to find such genuine friends that truly love you for YOU. I have found some friends like that here in San Diego and feel incredibly lucky to have them. The one thing that would make the friendships better is them being runners. ;-) I need some sole sisters!

    Will you blog more about your girls trip? I want to hear all about it!

  4. Were you running around the lakes on Saturday morning? I think I recognized you and Jenn. I feel like a pathetic stalker...but there you go.

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  6. Did you know that the mood that you write in is contagious. I read this and was filled with peace. It's great to have a friend like that - one who just 'gets' you.

  7. @Kate B...Not sure that I'll blog much more about it. :) Lots of laughing, lazing, running, meeting some of her family, EATING, drinking, and just loving being together....oh, talking. :) Who knows with me...my blog posts are never planned.

    Yes, she does have a blog. I didn't get a chance to ask her if it was okay to link her so I haven't yet.

    Yes, running girlfriends are the best!

  8. @ Amy, Yes that was us. What were you wearing? I notice shoes...what shoes were you wearing? :) You should have said HI! I love that sort of thing.

    Char, thanks. This would explain my drop in readers over the last year...ha! My mood when I write IS contagious and it hasn't been the best mood to catch this year. onward and upward...yes, peaceful now. :)

  9. Hah - I was in black Mizuno trail shoes (my snow & slush shoes) and a blue top. I totally would have said hi but it took me a second to register why you looked familiar. :-)

  10. Hey you! So good to read your post while I sat in the salon with my hair full of color:)

    From the top and hopefully blogger will not cut me off before I finish!!! If it does, you may have 45 comments from me....

    12 weeks to go and you're sitting in such a good place! You are running strong and building miles, you're committed, you have a genuine LOVE for training, low stress in this regard, and you're healthy!!!! A day off because your body OR spirit needs it is good!! Good for you and I hope it was the perfect day. And YES, it does take strength to let a workout go:)

    LOVE your sexy socks;)

    You know very well that I consider you a life gift as well. Also very much a part of my family...always. Such an anticipated and incredibly special weekend for me. I've laughed a hundred times thinking of you since I've been home. I think there are a couple of other pictures I should have captured and sent for you to post-ha ha!

    SO special the ice cream memory you made with the kids!!! These are truly the things kids treasure and remember. I don't remember many of my Christmas gifts but I remember my mom and dad letting me stay up way late, pick a piece of candy out of the drawer (never got candy) and play cards with them at the lake in the summer!

    OK-to the pictures.

    I love the one of us on the hotel floor. Not exactly sure how we ended up on the hotel floor but considering I remember playing with trucks in the lobby, I have a general idea. Anyway, love the pic-one of my favorites. Definitely captured how happy I felt right then!

    Jenn pretending to use a map effectively. WHAT???? I'm a human GPS. I don't need a map-ha ha! And yes, I do believe you got us lost on Saturday and it was COLD. Good thing I ate almost an entire pizza to give me some extra padding for the walk back.

    Wish we had a better running pic! That was really pretty cool that we were dressed nearly identically! Ambassadors for Brooks! Really enjoyed running with you! I think this is so cool. How many people go on a girls weekend and still manage to get some good runs in! LOVED this!

    OK-could type for hours as my heart is FULL. Love you! Char is right, the mood your write in is absolutely contagious. You make me want to run and also to write blogposts:):) As always, I love to read yours my sweet friend!

  11. Awe, was great to see such fun pictures of a super fun weekend with Jenn. A bit chilly though...you two should head to Mexico next time in winter :). Full hearts make for the best days; glad everything is going well for you!

  12. Ice cream night...perfect. Just the kind of thing I'd remember forever. Those memories are the ones that count!

  13. so glad you had a fun weekend. it’s funny, reading this makes me realize how “ON” i’ve been. still have a few more days of it and then I can settle down and really ENJOY this season and what it’s all about. LOVE the ice cream story. It’s the little things-always has been, always will be-no matter the age! :) hugs!

  14. Love the pics. Great topic on being still-its up to us to take back our right to stop and do-gasp-nothing!

    Keep the positive energy (or rest) going!

  15. Love this post and I love your boots. Where did you get them?

  16. Sounds like a great girls weekend!!!
    Down time on recovery work seems perfect.

  17. I am glad that you had such a fantastic weekend and with a special friend. Love seeing you so happy. Your smile is absolutely beautiful!

  18. @KW, I get so many comments on these boots...they are my favorite things in my wardrobe...Keene makes them. I got them at REI. :) SO Comfy!

    Yes, @Elizabeth...it is the little things. and yes, you have been so ON> Great half recently.

    So good to hear from you all.

  19. Wonderful post and I could not agree more about taking time to be still and to process. It is so very much needed and should be written into every training manual.

    The pictures with Jenn make me smile because I can see in both of your eyes just how happy you are. Love it!

  20. I LOVE Oregon. I was ever so close to going to law school in Eugene. My best friend moved to Portland in 2003, and I have visited many times since. Reading your blog makes me so excited to visit soon. Maybe I can catch you for a run one day when I'm there!


  21. What an amazing, amazing weekend. Weekend with friends like that really sorts you out and sets you on your path!

    I know your adventure to NC seems scary at times but you can do this and all of you will grow and change. Taking your family on an adventure is amazing - trust me, I know.

    And sometimes not running is absolutely the right thing to do. You go amazing woman.