Thursday, February 14, 2013

My "Sole" Mate. Together We Are Stronger.

My Valentine Running a 22 Mile Run in training for a 3:10 marathon

I can remember the summer of 2000 so clearly.  
The summer I decided I would do something I'd never done before.  
Go somewhere I'd never been before.  
Live FREE and happy and make the most of my last summer before my final year of college.  
Life was good.
I had a gut feeling it would be the summer of my life.
Packing up my Toyota Corolla and driving west to Oregon was 
Wonderful all that the same time!
I only knew one person.

Driving up to what would be my new apartment for the summer, I was alone.  
But Happy with that.  
Being alone with my thoughts and excitement at this new adventure
Made me Happy...
Knowing something BIG was ahead of me.
Nobody home for the weekend.  

And then there was a knock at the door.
And it was 
The neighbor, 
delivering a pan.  


The next morning was our 
Something in me knew I'd met my match even if it would be a few more weeks before I acknowledged it.  
6 miles together.  
First thing in the morning.  
Rising Sun.
Fast pace.
He stayed 
or to my side 
the entire time.  
Only now do I know it was because I was wearing little tight red shorts.
"Best View EVER," he says.  
I thought it was because I was a little faster than him.  
But really
Still Are
Right on Pace with Each Other!  

Since that first run together on that warm almost-summer morning in May of 2000, 
We've had MANY runs together.  
So Many More than I could list in this post.
Long Runs
Slow Painful Runs
Fast Playful Runs
Jogger Stroller Runs
Dig Deep Runs
All that comes with Loving to Run Together.
And Loving to Share RUNNING together.  

Through the years,
 as our three kids have been born, 
we've had to split up.
Our runs together, 
our version

My Husband 
My Sole Mate.
My Partner for Life.  
My Calm
My Balance
My Match
In So Many Ways.  

May we have 
A Lifetime
of Runs Together.
Together We Are Stronger.  

Happy Valentine's Day to my Running Soul Mate...My Sole Mate ...and More.
Our first marathon together.  His first and my 4th.  So fun and happy!  3:24

Right before our first marathon together, his first ever.  He wasn't fully trained but still ran a Happy 3:24.  I may or may not have grabbed his hand at the finish...Gah!  I CHEESY.  I laughed about it afterwards. 

Had to put an old school one in here.  We weren't running here but we had just met and already gone on our first runs together.  So glad I made the drive from Colorado to Oregon that summer of 2000! 

Here we are after the Vernonia Half Marathon where we both set out to break 1:30 once and for all.  Funny story really. Didn't happen.  He left me at mile 7 because I was being stupid.  He finished in 1:31 and I in 1:33.  We didn't reach our goal but we had fun! 

My first 5k since college.  Shamrock 2011. We set out to break that stupid 20 minute mark but the hill for  mile 2 (or was it 3?) killed us and we finished a bit after 20 minutes.  Again, it was still fun and running with him by my side gives me a strength like nothing else.  

Hood to Coast 2011.  The BEST ever since I got to have him in my van!

One of the last exchanges of Hood to Coast before heading to the beach.  

After his first marathon (not properly trained) in 3:24

Kids so proud of their Dad!  After his 2nd marathon only weeks after his first.  3:20.  Didn't get that 3:10 but instead got a year long plague of Plantar Fasciitis...Uggh! Too much too soon.  

One of many Trail Run Dates on Wildwood Trail

Hood to Coast 2011.  Partying with Team Nuun!

My biggest cheerleader after Boston 2012

Again, my biggest cheerleader in my second Foot Traffic Flat Marathon 2012 (my Boston redemption race after a 90 degree day in Boston that left me struggling just to finish)  

Another race together.  He left me in the dust on this one.  But thanks to the Lady Bug Run, we could do it together and have someone watch our kids at the finish line.  LOVE. 

Thankful for our love story!

And in adding to my post, Lessons from the Run from yesterday, I'd say that so many of my Life Lessons from the Run have been WITH my Love.  I'd add to this post by saying that the runs we've been on together have taught us about working together.  They have taught us about the joy in having a life partner that shares in something that you love.  Something you love together.  And that fighting to the end of a race together teaches us that we can always fight through the difficult patches that life throws our way.  It also shows us that so much of life together is joyful when we do what we love together.  
Together we are STRONGER.  

Do you have a favorite person to run with?  

Happy Valentine's Day,


  1. Oh Amanda! thanks for sharing this beautiful story! I love it, love it, love it. my husband started running in Sept 2011 to help me get to loose over 60 pounds, and to keep me motivated... and only 4 months later we were doing a half marathon, the first for him! after that, he loves running with all his heart and we are also stronger because running is another of the thousands things that make us stronger. Happy Valentines to you and you family, much love XOXO Yahu

  2. I just LOVE this story - y'all are adorable. I hope one day I can get my partner and love to come out and run with me. One day.. I will. :) For now, I keep the love between me and running to myself.

    Happy Valentine's to you and your family!

  3. Awww you guys are one of the cutest couples I've ever seen!! Love your story!! So awesome your man loves to run!!

  4. Wow, LOVE this post! I could write a very similar one about my love and our running (and other) adventures together. Scott is my favorite running partner EVER! Who else would partner with me for a 50 mile trail race to make sure I a) didn't get lost, and b) finished. He rocks. We rock.

  5. Beautiful post! Thank you for sharing your love story :)

  6. I loved hearing how you guys met when we were running Hippie Chick together. You have such a wonderful love story and I love how much of it involves running. Hope you two lovebirds had a very Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. Such a sweet running story!!! How very special that y'all share running! Loved seeing all the race pictures of you 2! And, love that now a run together is a hot date!!! Life changes with kids for sure but all good!!!

  8. Lovely post. I feel the love... my husband and I met as a 'running couple' and our relationship has progressed along with our running. It's a wonderful thing to share.

  9. This may or may not have made me tear up a little! Freaking awesome post and I love that you two get along so well. Someday I will find my sole mate, someday!

  10. Beautifully written post as usual. The couple that works out together, stays together. Happy V-day to you both!

  11. I almost cried reading this! Y'all are so cute together. It feels so amazing to have met that match. My favorite person to run with is my fiancé. This morning we would have been starting our 17th event together this morning but it was canceled. Boo. Glad to see you're doing we'll, Amanda.

  12. Oh, I love this post! I didn't know your story at all- and the little red shorts is the best line. :) Hope you guys had a great V-day!

  13. This was such a sweet, wonderful post. Thank you for sharing. What a blessing to have your running partner double as the love of your life. I have the same blessing!

  14. Thank you for sharing the story of you and you husband!!

  15. What a sweet post, Amanda! Thank you for sharing this beautiful love story!! I love all the pics of you two sharing your love of running and for each other. :) You guys are so cute together and your love for one another is inspiring!!!

    My hubby is definitely my favorite running partner. Because of our little ones, we don't often get the chance to run together. That makes it all the more sweet when we do! Actually, Tuesday nights are date night for us and we are taking a class together at the gym for our date. ;) He's not only my favorite running partner but my favorite person for hiking, traveling, golfing, telling jokes, laughing, holding hands, watching TV, walking the dog, raising our kids and everything in between.