Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Quieting the "What's Nexter" and Embracing Balance

Living a full and rich life really is a balancing act for me.  I think just the act of seeking this balance with the things we find most valuable in life is part of living with purpose and intention.  But even seeking this balance without over thinking is a balance.

Some of my balancing acts:

*  Being present and being intentional about what's next
*  Living with our heart as a guide and with our mind determining what's realistic
*  Guiding our kids and letting them lead the way
*  Thinking and feeling
*  Relaxing and Working Hard
*  Holding on and Letting Go
*  Dreaming big but staying grounded
*  Slowing down and knowing when to surge ahead and seek new opportunities
*  Taking risks and choosing SAFE
*  Being open and vulnerable and knowing when to set big boundaries with people
* Reflecting and just being okay with "not thinking too much"
*  Training for a big goal and being content with just taking things one day at a time
*  Having a voice and sharing our lives and quietly listening and observing the world
*  Spending time with kids and allowing them to just play and entertain themselves while I take time to myself
*  Learning from the past and making plans for the future
*  Being conscious about discipline with what we eat and just enjoying foods that taste good even if they aren't good for us
*  Letting rules govern our world and knowing when to abandon rules and set our own

I woke up this morning feeling a good sense of balance and control over life.  As I was making lunch for my daughter to take to soccer camp, listening to music, drinking coffee and enjoying the sunshine coming through my kitchen window,


It feels good to feel balance.  Having balance in my life helps me feel present with my life.  And it gives me a sense of control.  I like this feeling of being in control. Don't we all?  However, it was only yesterday that I had to take a step back and realize that I was already starting to let that "What's Nexter" in me start making plans for the future before I've even had a chance to just enjoy THIS page in my book.  I started thinking about career, further education, where we'd live in a year, and so much more.  For crying out loud Amanda!  You just settled here in North Carolina.  ENJOY!  RELAX!  Be in the moment.  Take this summer to just soak up being a mom, spending time PLAYING with your kids, squirting your son with his water gun, not having a big goal on the horizon, traveling, eating good food, reading, sitting on your porch, wearing workout clothes all day, making new friends, getting sunkissed and
stretch of
Stay at Home MOTHERHOOD.

Because it's going to go way too fast!

So, I got my What's Nexter to simmer down and go back to her cave for awhile.  Instead of working towards "What's Next", I'm going to focus on the "What's NOW" and trust that the time will come when things will unfold just as they should. The "What's Nexter" has been working overtime for a good long stretch in making so many new changes and big events happen in life:  this move to North Carolina, training for two marathons, getting my kids settled in a new town, creating a social network here, etc.  I think it's safe to say that I can give my "What's Nexter" a vacation and just ENJOY some LIFE for a little bit without feeling lazy and unproductive.  I'm never going to be the kind of person that just lets life happen to her without being intentional and conscious about the goals I have for my future (near and far) I'm thinking I need to just pull up a chair and CHILL.  For a little bit anyway.  I'm sure it is only a matter of time before I'm finding the next mountain to climb.  In the meantime, this valley sure is lovely!

Living Fully truly is about balance though.  A good balance. The kind that so often comes naturally if we are being true to ourselves.

Speaking of balance, my time of letting my kids just BE is officially over! Time for some redirection...

What "Balances" do you work for in making your life what you want it to be?  



  1. This summer I'm trying to find balance - between teaching boot camp, my own workouts, hanging out with my boys, driving my boys to activities, normal stuff around the house and blogging (writing mine and trying to read others) - I'm finding it hard to find time just to relax and enjoy summer time. (and that's with starting every day at 5:15!!!)

  2. I am glad to read you are soaking up the moments of life as they happen! Get in all the squirts you can while he's running around at home. In a few years we will look back in amazement wondering where all the time went.

    This sounds a lot like where I am with things right now. I like to have an adventure each day. Not necessarily planned out, but something exciting to do. My hubby is very good at just resting in whatever place he is, and taking it all in. I tend to look more for the next new adventure. Together we offer a good balance for each other and the boys. A little adventure, a lot of appreciation for the here and now.

  3. This is so wonderful! Congrats on making such a great point of living in the now. I love how you expressed your balances...taking risks and choosing it.

    I always need to work on my need to feel free and my role as a mom, wife, employee, all the responsibilities we have in life. My husband is truly the person who allows me the time and space to feel this. To get time to run, breathe, blog, nap, whatever.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your living in the "now" moments.