Sunday, June 9, 2013

Some New Goals for My Today...My NOW. And Bring on the PULL-UPs!

Goals Goals Goals.  As far back in my life as I can remember, I've been a goal-driven person.  When I was a kid, I might not have known that the things I set in my mind to work towards were even called "Goals" but I had them.  I've always had something in my head and my heart that I wanted to strive for.    To go along with the goals I've set for myself has been quite a heavy dose of REFLECTION and this has been KEY for me in being able to accomplish the things I set out to do.  As I continue to work towards things that I want for my life, I've always been able to take a step back and see myself from another perspective. I can see where I'm struggling and where I need to make changes.  I can also see the progress I've made along the way...taking the time to notice this progress makes me want to keep going!  Many times I set goals that only last for a short while before getting scraped.  And sometimes my goals continue to hold for months and years.  No matter how long I sit with a goal, having them always makes me a better me.  

Recently I've felt such a pull to take a step back and start fresh with some goals.  Things have just been moving so quickly and it seems as if every day, every week has been FULL with changes and NEW NEW NEW with this move to North Carolina.  Now that things are settling into "normal" and this place feels more like home, I've had a chance to sit with my old friend REFLECTION and think about where I'm at with life and myself and where I want to be.  

Some new Goals for my TODAY...for my NOW:

  • Connect on a deeper level.  So much of me craves connection and an opportunity to share my life moments with those that I love and miss but a huge part of me has been craving an equal amount of privacy or rather a closer knit social circle. Not sure how I will go about doing this but taking time for e-mail, phone calls, special "I'm thinking of you" text messages", filtering my facebook audience so I'm connecting with less people and more with the people that truly care.  
  • Be PRESENT and engaged with my kids without phone or other distractions nearby.  
  • Read more books.  I have a reading list for the summer and it looks like this will be my summer of classics.  I'm done with Jane Eyre and on to a book called Silas Marner (almost done) by George Elliot.  Excited for the next one.  
  • Enrich my MIND (again, more reading along with visiting museums, writing, having more meaningful conversations with friends, etc.)
  • Stay off FB way way MORE...limit times that I check Facebook, e-mail and other social media outlets.  And share less and with limited people.  
  • Use my Gifts.  Volunteer, connect, being open and conscious of giving of myself to the world . 
  • Continue to reflect and set goals.  This is a goal in itself.
  • Get in touch with my spiritual side that has been neglected lately.    
  • FITNESS.  I have no real running goals right now other than to run often and running what I feel like running.  Some days this will be 5 miles and other days only 3.  But it is so wonderful to not be training for anything specific.  One of my biggest goals with fitness in addition to a healthy lifestyle (diet, staying active, etc.) is to continue to build on strength.  I've been doing lots of: Lunges, push ups, hill running, dips, abs, pull-ups, etc.  My body is shouting out a big "THANK YOU" for the drop in mileage and just more of an overall balance to my fitness routine.  
  • One of the goals I've set for myself this summer is to do 10 full pull-ups by the end of the summer.  Right now I'm at about 6 to 7 but I have some work to do with not bringing my knees up.  I'm not entirely sure of the "Proper" form for a pull-up but I plan to make sure to have that down by the end of the summer.  I think that instead of doing pull-ups every day, I might break it up to 3 times a week with 3 sets of pull-ups (as many as I can do).  Many times,  I walk by my pull-up bar and I  make a point to pull myself up on the bar and hold myself up for as long as I can last before continuing whatever it was I was doing.  It helps that the bar is in my kids' bedroom door frame.  Below is a video of my 6 pull-ups from last night and almost 7 today.  You'll notice what I mean by my knees coming up.  But here's to making progress!  10 seems like a lot more than 6 and 7 when it comes to pull-ups.   

Are you a goal driven person?  Do you write your goals down or just keep them in your mind?  What's one of your biggest goals in life right now? 

Tips for doing proper pull-ups? Feel free to critique my form.   



  1. Good grief, according to my mom's advice (she used to do personal fitness training), I'm doing them all wrong. So all the more reason for a goal! This is what she has to say:
    "Don't lift with your knees, and use less biceps. A slight arch in your back and you head back helps. Close your eyes and FEEL your lats doing the majority of the work. The goal is to touch your chest to the bar (head back and lower back slightly arched) and hold for a count of ten. Lower yourself in slow motion. Slow and controlled movements always."

  2. Pull ups have always been close to impossible for me - long skinny arms which are as strong as overcooked pasta. One year I made a similar goal and worked up to 7. I'm back now to my previous unable-to-do-one state. Just as well I don't have to do a pull up to save my life because I can't.

  3. No matter how you do them, I'm totally impressed with your pull-ups!!!
    The only time I've ever been able to do unassisted pull-ups was after completing P90X and P90X2. I need to start working on them again - I don't think I will ever be able to do 10!!!

  4. WHAT IN THE WORLD?!!!! I am SOOOOO impressed with your pull-up abilities! wow. speechless. very very awesome! :-)

  5. Nice work, A!! You made them look easy!!

    I need to drop some weight out of my trunk before I can lift it up more than once. haha. You might have me motivated to work on this! Funny how it is much easier for me to stick to all of my fitness goals if I am training for a marathon, but when I am not, everything sort of goes out the window. :)

    How do you like Silas Marner? I saw a movie of it, and was not impressed, but novels are usually better.
    Hope you had a great time camping :)

  6. Ok, back for comment number 2. Still inspired by your pull-up awesomeness. I love challenges like this. Right now I'm working on building up to a 5 min plank. (Just made it to 3 min last night and it is HARD!) anyway, if you don't mind me asking- how long has it taken you to get to 7 pull-ups? I can barely do 1 so I would be starting at ground zero.

    1. Tia, you're so encouraging. Ha! Thank you. Honestly, pull ups have always been easy for me so I haven't done much work so really, not that impressive if you think of any actual hard work or progress but getting to 10 and proper form will take some work for me so that will be the goal. I've pretty much always been able to do at least 4 or 5 and I could do 10 back in college... now a 5 minute plank!!! THIS would KILL me!! how long did it take you to get here?? I'm going to try that one now and see how long I last. :) xo

  7. Your goal list looks VERY similar to mine! It's also amazing how much reading can be done if you aren't on the computer/iphone. ;)

    I'm working on getting stronger, too. I'm not really training for anything right now, which was much needed mentally- just easy running and some strength stuff.

    I'm so happy that you guys are enjoying your new home and town so much. It speaks volumes for how your family can adapt and how close you are to each other. Best wishes for an excellent summer and school year ahead!

  8. I actually don't function well without goals...probably not the best but it is what it is! As the summer is approaching I am being more mindful of waking up early to get in my workouts and staying off the internet/phone while I'm with my girls...they deserve the whole me!

  9. Nice work!!! I don't like those things! I think I'm at 5 right now. So hard for me! Plus, they rip the crap out of my hands! I did hanging abs this morning and the worst part was how bad the bar rips my hands. I'm in need of some gloves I guess. You know I love the way you live your life!!! I don't have any specific things to train right now either and I'm enjoying changing things up a bit and adding some body fat back the healthy way. I love seeing my abs stick around even though I'm eating a few cheats and not focusing on ab exercises. Actually, today was the first day in a couple of weeks that I did a specific ab exercise. I felt stronger doing them today than I did when I was doing them regularly. I'm still figuring this body of mine out!!!
    Being present.... YES!!!

  10. Super impressed with your pull-ups! We also have a pull-up bar that I walk by a hundred times a day. I have started doing them but I cheat and don't start from a hanging position. I literally can barely pull myself at all if I start from hanging! I think with more practice, though, I'll eventually be able to do at least a few correctly. And I'm on day #3 of Insanity so that should help with my strength some, too, although I don't know if it will specifically help with pull-ups!

    I love all your goals right now and am so happy to know you are loving all the changes in your life. Your kids are at a great age to take exploring all over the east coast. I lived in DC for a year when Ian was about 5 years-old and there is a TON to do with kids in that area. You should definitely make a trip just to DC for a long weekend!!

    Okay, missing you here in Portland, by the way. I was up on Wildwood with the kids for a "hike" yesterday and was wishing I was running there with a girlfriend. :) xoxo

  11. I am very goal oriented. Right now my biggest goal is to get through my summer homework, so I am ready for my Registered Dietitian Internship starting September. It's really hard to do summer homework. I'd rather do pull-ups!


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