Saturday, October 26, 2013

Best Race Swag Ever, Easy Pace Getting Faster, Love, and Random

 Could today get any better?  I'm not so sure. It has been one of those days that starts slow and cherished and then just keeps getting better.  After my 11 mile easy run that felt amazing for easy (more on that in a minute),  I came home to a hot shower, happy kids, a husband grilling and a cold beer!

  1.  I think a day like today calls for a good beer. 
  2. I used my favorite race swag EVER to open my beer.  Seriously, the Boston Marathon knows how to do it up right.  This bottle opener is some pretty sweet race swag.  I love it!  

Waking up to cold weather, sunshine and nowhere I needed to be made me feel all cozy inside.  It was one of those rare mornings that are far and few in between these days where our little family is just frozen in time:

Cold Saturday morning,
                                                      frosty windows, sunshine-full room, 
a family wrapped in blankets,
cartoons, cuddles, coffee 
A promise of chocolate chip pancakes.

These mornings will be one of those slices of life memories we treasure for always.

After a few cups of coffee, plenty of blanket/couch time, and deciding my run could wait,  I couldn't help myself ... the beautiful fall day was calling my name....and a walk to the bakery in town for one more cup of [good] coffee was in order. Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE this town that I live in?  Yes, I think I have.  Well, for good measure, I'll say it again...I LOVE living here!  I love this small town.  I love the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I love the community.  I love the sunshine.  I love the little 1900's Craftsman style home that we are temporarily living in.  LOVE.

Decided the run could wait until later. Too much life to enjoy at home this morning! Cold, crisp, sunny, beautiful morning with a short walk to the bakery for our last cup of coffee. Notebook along for the never know when there will be words to catch.

More coffee
Plenty of cuddles
A new haircut
Quality time with my oldest daughter

Only thing missing was a nice longish run (long run for me these days seems to be around 10 to 13 miles) but I made sure to add that to the list too!

My run today was just another part of this Joyful morning.  I turned my watch around so I wouldn't look at it and I just set the goal to run Happy and Easy.  Every time I did look at my watch, I was surprised to see my mile splits at quite a bit faster than I expected.  Must have been the gorgeous fall weather! With my first mile at 7:45, I tried to deliberately slow down but most of my splits stayed under 8 until the end where they were a bit slower.  My EASY is getting FASTER!  This is a good feeling!

Yes!  Easy pace is picking up again!  Thank you body.  Thank you mind.  And Hello Spirit!  Truly a Run Happy kind of day!  And my Brooks Ravenna 4 felt perfect. 

I'm certain that this day (now night) will only continue to get better.  I intend for it to be that way.... Today, I CHOOSE JOY!  We really do have so much to do with how our life unfolds.  There are some big things I'm working on in my little world and not all of them are easy.  However, I can say that they are all WORTH it because they are part of making my life the very best that it can be.

And to end this post with something to think on, I thought I'd post this quote that I saw on Facebook.  Definitely something I could chew on for a bit and see from multiple perspectives.  A good discussion piece FOR SURE.  I'd love to know YOUR first reactions after reading it.  I posted this on Runninghood's Facebook but in the comments below, I'll include some of the comments posted about it.

  1. How was your weekend? What stood out to you?  
  2. Who's racing this weekend?  
  3. What's your idea of a perfect weekend morning?  
  4. What's the best race swag you've ever received? 
  5. Is the weather in your neck of the woods drastically cooling off?  What's it like?  
  6. And, last but NOT least, what are your thoughts/reflections about the quote on love posted above??  

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  1. Keeping them all anonymous but here are some of the comments I received about the quote above about Love and Intimacy:

    1. I don't think it is that black and white. Intimately loving someone allows you to see raw pieces of them but I don't think it is the sole reason things go bad. I think loving someone that deeply can also blind you of some "flaws". I don't know. I don't think I agree totally with the beginning of this. The abandoned children thing bothers me. Children don't get abandoned because of THEIR flaws. It is the flaws of the one abandoning.

    2. of course, I agree is not that black and white either, but the final message is the one that resonates, the one that matters. You don't need to be blind to choose a person that others find to have flaws. there are so many concepts in life, not one model fit all , we are all so diverse, so different one from the other one, the important thing is that true love overcomes anything and everything. That for me is an absolute truth. the circumstances that some have to go through, the battles, the rocks, the mountains, even the nice pastures, that is all part of the big painting....

    3. the more intimate, the more flaws you might see … but if you bask in the glow of intimacy you will also find that the more brilliant facets of your cherished treasure will far outshine those flaws. In fact, those flaws are there to remind us we are – at the very least – human, for goodness sake

    * marriages fail for many reasons, the main of which is they are entered into too hastily; the least of which is intimacy

    * children are abandoned because of selfish, cruel idiocy, not because of intimacy

    * no one should think they love someone. Love is not of the mind. It is of the heart. Thus, it is irrational and True Love will not concern itself with rational matters of money, pressure, hunger, et al. The irrational heart is always kinder than the rational mind because it sets no conditions and has no pre-conceived notions; no conventions; and, most of all, it exists without boundaries
    * the only filthy heart I could imagine would be a loveless heart
    * Love is not hard at all when compared to its alternatives
    * There is no sacrificing in Love. There is only to give love and to receive love. The sacrifice is to do neither

  2. I like that quote - and I agree - real love is hard. Because it involves so much more than just the fun parts of life - it involves real life!!! I think that is why it is a rare thing and something to be treasured once your find it and worked at every single day.
    Hooray for your easy run that felt easy even though you were actually zipping along!!!

    1. I like this quote too Kim. Real love is so multi faceted. It IS Hard work...real love to me isn't all feeling, roses, and butterflies...those things fade and it takes the embracing of REAL to make things lasting and strong. Such rewarding and beautiful work though. When we love or when someone really truly LOVES is a rare and special thing. "Love" is such a tossed around phrase...we'll know it when it is the real solid kind....time tells.

      Thanks! Feeling good about the paces picking up!

  3. If you can look honestly and if you've lived in that quote, you KNOW that it is spot on.

    My Saturday has been spectacular. Got to see love in action in some really difficult moments ;-)

    So, so glad life is treating you so beautifully and that you are embracing it all so fully!

    1. Hi. Yes, I agree. Although there are parts to that quote that I have to take a step back with and think a little harder on in deciding how I feel/think about it, it is pretty ON to me as mentioned in my comment above. Real lasting Love and the relationships that we have that are the strongest... takes work, acceptance, the ability to not "abandon ship" when things get dirty/gross/hard/ugly.... I still have lots to learn and experience ...lots to come I'm sure... but I've seen these truths enough to KNOW that I agree with most of it.

      Thanks. Life is pretty beautiful right now...thankful for that. So glad you had a spectacular Saturday!

  4. On another note (ha! Not sure why this quote has me thinking so much...maybe because it isn't just cut and dry/black and white), I think there are some very real circumstances where love is involved (marriages, friendships, relationships...) where "jumping ship" is the best thing to do out of safety, self respect/preservation, long term, not enabling, etc. But, yes, I know that's not really what this quote is really about. But who knows...because I don't know the context...anyone know where this is from?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi J.L! So glad when you comment. :) Good luck on your half next weekend. Yes, on the mother/daughter relationship in this quote...that's one of the FIRST things I thought about it next to the spouse relationship. My relationship with my mother is tricky..takes lots of hard work, pushing aside pride and hurt feelings, not judging, acceptance, encouragement...lots of work to keep it lasting even when both of us want to "jump ship" and put up big thick walls sometimes. Thinking of you with your husband as you work through this waiting period... So glad this was something that you needed to hear...I love this about blogs virtual connections where we can discuss, vent, process...

    2. Darn, you deleted your comment. :( I get that too though. Thanks for commenting anyway. :)

  6. I love your energy, your attitude, and your overall perception about life. You help people like myself see the beauty and the joy in the simple things in life. I admire you as a person, and I thank you for reminding your readers of the beauty in life. Keep on writing girl :)

    1. Thank you! Such kind words...nice to hear. Thanks for taking the time to comment. :)

  7. Just catching up on the last few posts. I love you, girl! Mad love, huge respect! You always seem to speak right to my soul. After reading your post about Samuel all I keep thinking is "Perfect Samuel who has the Perfect mom" Perfect in imperfections, love, understanding, deep/full understanding even if you can't put words on it, fiercely fighting, loving, winning and finding joy in it, kind of mom.
    you paint the picture clearly that it isn't easy, but you're the one I go to when I need energy and motivation and when I'm struggling to find my joy. You're always there to create a spark even if you don't know it. Your joy pours through every space of your letters.

    1. Aww, thank you so much for your words T. They put a huge smile on my day. Thank you. You have a way of giving with your words like this. Means a lot to me. No, it definitely isn't all rainbows and butterflies...I hope I dish the bad/reality with the good joyful posts. Life is such a balance. It certainly is pretty good right now. We are growing so much from this last year. Thankful for that. And thankful for you...keep on keeping on! You inspire and motivate me too! Love you.

  8. Sounds to me like you had the PERFECT running day!! I love it when my easy pace feels effortless. This was a GOOD run!

    I love your boots picture. I never wear cute shoes- just running shoes and something different for church. :) I must correct this with a good pair of nice boots.. Maybe rain boots. Our weather is still in the "dry" period- 60 is for the afternoon, and must have got close to freezing last night. But you know Oregon.. it never stays the same for long!

    I am choosing JOY today too. Grabbing onto the happy train and holding on :)
    ♥ Love you! ♥

    1. Hi you! Thanks! And Yes, every girls needs a good pair of boots! It's either boots or running shoes for me most of the time. Maybe some black ballet flats. Oregon sounds beautiful this summer/fall! Grabbing onto the happy train and holding on...ha! Me too! It's been a bumpy ride but I'm holding on! :) xo