Thursday, April 21, 2016

Day 25 and 26. Portland Marathon? And a Nubby Garmin.

Almost exactly a year ago.  I ran the road half marathon version of the 50k I will be running this year: The Smith Rock Half Marathon (my review and race recap in link).  This was as part of my 50k training for the Trail Factor 50k and after the Boston Marathon so I was so happy with my 1:37 and an age group award! Great way to kick off Mother's Day! This year I will be back to Smith Rock for the Smith Rock 50k!  

I'm so tired.  It isn't even 10pm yet and I only want to crawl into my bed and crash!  But I'm determined to stick with this daily blogging even though I do miss a few days here and there.  Yesterday I skipped intentionally...  because honestly, I wasn't ready to write another post after my amazing day 24.  I wanted the joy and high from that day to last as long as possible. And something about keeping day 24's post at the top of my blog for an extra day made me happy.  I'm still smiling about our mountain adventures.  

I'll start this post with something I wrote today on my Runninghood Facebook page after my run because it had me smiling today.  True story. Awkward too. Note to self: Never trust a butt scratch or wedgie pick on a run unless you know for sure that nobody is behind you.  Otherwise, own the said butt scratch/wedgie pick and run on!  Don't make it awkward by pretending to look at your rear/back of legs for a potential bug bite from a bug that doesn't exist.  Who really cares who saw you?  

"You know, that time you're running out on what you think is a pretty private road... You feel like it's a good time to scratch your butt and pick the wedgie that's been bugging you for a couple miles. Then you realize there's a car driving very slow and quiet right behind you (so as to not scare you when they pass, I guess). You're kind of embarrassed that someone saw you. To make matters more awkward (because I'm always awkward), you pretend to be looking at what could be a bug bite on the back of your legs (as if you were really just trying to get a big bug that might have crawled into your butt) as the said car passes and so you don't have to wave or make eye contact. Then, just to make sure the driver in car really fell for your bug bite theatrics, you look up in the air at your pretend bug flying away and you shoo your hands to brush off any other bugs that might be flying around and take one final look at the nonexistent bug bite on the back of your leg. ‪#‎runnerproblems‬ ‪#‎runchat‬ ‪#‎womensrunning‬"

I feel like I have a ton of stuff floating through my mind.  Lots I could blog about right now.  So, for the sake of time, I think I'm going to go with my trusty friends:  Bullet Points.  

  • I ran 8 miles today.  My route was a mix of trails and road but mostly road.  I've really been loving the change up lately. As much as I love my trails, I've been enjoying getting out on roads where I can track my pace a bit more.  This gives me a good idea of where my fitness is. Yesterday, before I could get out on my run, I got called in to teach so I fit in what I could.  I had time for 3.5 mile run  and did it in around a 7:40 average pace.  Nothing special in the big scheme of my running but it felt energizing and GOOD!  Not super easy but not hard either.  I was a sweaty happy mess and finished wanting more.  Today's normal feel 8 miler was around 8:15 average and was consistent.  Tomorrow I will return to my mountain trails UNTIMED. A good mix this week.  Yay!
  • My 50k trail race is in something like 12 days!!!  What?!  It's a hard course too.  I'm a little scared because I feel so less prepared than I ever have been going into a race like this.  I've only run one other 50k but with that one I had some really great endurance runs under my belt.  Boston 2015 was one of them.  This time, I'm going to be much slower.  That's ok.  I'll hike lots of portions and run what I can. And then dig way down deep to finish!!  
  • My Garmin is a pathetic stub without any band.  The original band broke on both my Garmin and my husband's and I can't figure out how to get the stupid new one on without losing my mind.  An old blog friend/Instagram follower even sent me a special tool with a band replacement and I can't figure it out.  Seriously, I think they make them this way... to break after a certain time so that people will end up buying a new one even though the old one works quite well from a mechanical standpoint. The same is true with every basic Timex Ironman watch I buy.  I'm a practical, cheap minimalist when it comes to running.  I don't care how stupid I look carrying my broken Garmin (or what my outfit looks like when I'm training...Ok, I kind of care).  However, I DO care that my fingers start to hurt from awkwardly holding my Garmin without a band.  Grrr.  So, it's either find a way to rig up a new band, get the new band on, or buy a new one.  
  • I'm going to run a half marathon this weekend for fun.  I'm NOT by any stretch in race half marathon shape but I think this will be fun!  I think it will be good for me to take my nubby band-less Garmin and push myself a tad for a good effort half marathon.  Which might mean barely breaking 8 min miles knowing where I'm at right now.  But it might also mean running slower or faster.  I know I won't be running under 7:30 pace, that's for sure!  
  • I'm considering registering for the Portland Marathon that is in October!  I've never run a fall marathon.  Mostly because training in the summer is harder for with since I've always had young kids who are off school, I've never been much of an early morning runner (ok, not at all when it comes to super early), and waiting till the evening to run in the summer can be hard because of heat, family stuff, etc.  My kids are older now and I think this just might be a good summer to train!  I've got the desire creeping back in!!   I'm excited to feel excited about training more seriously again.  I'm excited about shooting for a goal even if my main benefit is the process in getting to race day!  Oh, and my friend Jenn is running Twin Cities Marathon on the SAME day so we'd kind of be running together!!  :)  That would be special in itself! 
  • I've paid for the Portland Marathon once back in 2010 when I had decided I wanted to run a marathon again after having kids.  I wanted to go back to Boston and this was going to be my qualifying race.  BUT life had other plans and I tripped in forest park and tore my hamstring completely at mile 9 of an 18 miler.  My first serious injury even after competing through high school and college.  Ugh!  I was so sad. However, it was this injury that led to being really sad and frustrated that led me to start this blog Runninghood!!  I started it at a time I was dreaming big and determined to get back to running so I had something for myself after giving up my career to be home with my three littles.  So glad I started Runninghood.  
  • I had a meeting tonight about my oldest daughter moving up to the competitive team for her sport.  It's going to be expensive and a big time commitment for sure but I'm feeling really excited for her! I think having this opportunity to be on a team is an experience that will carry over to her life in so many positive ways.  She gets to grow in camaraderie with her teammates, build character, work work hard for goals, have something to be proud of, and so much more.  Plus I like the parents I'll be spending so much time with over the years and I love their kids! After the meeting I had a really good conversation with her and we both agreed that if we do this, we do it together and she needs to really want it.  She will contribute or "Pay" for it by working hard and doing her best as a student, athlete, and the overall loving human being she is. And babysitting for free when we ask.  :) Score!  This won't be hard for her because she already works so hard and has such a good attitude.  I have no doubts she will continue to live whole heartedly.  Proud of her.  Proud of all my kids.  Love being their mother.  
  • I'm feeling so grateful right now.  My heart is full.  I feel energized and ready to dream big again.  I also feel HOME more than I have since moving here almost 2 years ago.  It's taken awhile and that is due to many things but today, I can honestly say I have a root system and my whole self is feeling the nourishment!  Life. is. beautiful.  
As for my typical Project Begin Again posts?  You know, I think the whole point of this project was to begin again so I would want to blog again.  It was a way to jumpstart my writing.  Now that it has been fired up, I'm going to go with it and blog whatever I feel like.  If I can't think of something or if I'm dragging and I'm trying to continue to do this for 38 days, then I will revert to my gratitude, intentions and be the change.  I'm not up for writing more tonight so I'll end here.  

For any of you that do still read this and know anything about the Portland Marathon, please tell me about it.  Have you raced it?  Do you like the course?  Do you know someone who has raced it? 

Oh, and anyone have any luck changing the band on your Garmin??  So hard!  Any tricks?  


  1. What a fabulous post. Great to read ALL of this. This month of blogging has really helped, no? I love this update. And LOVE reading about Portland. I thought about that race too but am back to being injured so am taking time off running right now (= boring) and am getting back on bike / back in pool. But will be cheering you on from afar! xx

    1. Ah Petra, I'm so sorry to hear you are injured again!! ugH! Heal up. What's the injury?? Thank you as always for your words. Always good to hear from you. And yes, blogging has has added such a breath of fresh energy to my life! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Just a thought...what if you took it to a jeweler? They have cool tools, the love to fix things, and in all my years of having tiny wrists and a perfect pitiful-cute look (lol), no one has ever charged me to replace or resize a band.

    1. I know...duh. I feel stupid now. ha! Of course I should take it in somewhere! Or google and watch a youtube video. I'm sure it's not brain science but it sure was hard. I finally gave up and at this point probably lost the stupid replacement band. I think I'm going to take it in somewhere tomorrow and see what they can do.