Friday, November 18, 2011

Passing Time on the Treadmill and Keeping Up With The Gouchers

Fitting in the miles for marathon training when you have young kids can be tricky indeed.  Lots of evening runs and pushing around a heavy double jogging stroller was how I trained for my marathons earlier this year.  But now that I have a treadmill in my garage, an entirely new world has opened up to me!  I'm able to be way more efficient with my time and fit in my training runs and everything else before dinner.  This makes for a much more relaxing evening.  

But what does one do to pass the time when running mile after mile in a garage?  Why watch youtube of course!  And what a great way to learn and be inspired.  So much to watch about nutrition, racing, inspiration and even get a peak into the life of elite athletes.  Today, as I was watching random running stuff while I ran, I came across several videos about Kara Goucher and then I found these videos showing us a bit about what life is like for Adam and Kara.  This surely beats Keeping Up With the Kardashians!  

Thoughts on this episode:

  • Kara and Adam are so stinking cute!
  • Couple ice bath...awesome to see them both struggle with it just like the average person.
  • How wonderful to be able to be as good as they are and have the coach they do.
  • Adam and Kara pretty much train and do workout stuff all day long. is their job.  Truly.  And they LOVE it!  
  • It takes a lot of work to be as good as Kara. Talent or no talent...she works her butt off!  This isn't any new news or realization but this video made me realize just HOW MUCH she does.  Drills, weights, more drills, test, train, train, train and then train some more.  
  • Injury happens to everyone and if you want it bad enough, you will get back there!
  • Pretty neat for Kara and Adam to be married to their best friend and share in such similar goals.  "Living the Dream" as Kara said. 
  • How cool to have a sport where we can push ourselves to OUR fullest and still feel amazing and proud even if we are not an elite runner.  
Keeping Up With Runninghood
Although my running isn't nearly as exciting as Kara Goucher, I have had a great week!  I don't plan on doing every run on my treadmill but I'm in love with what it allows me to do and the extra time I have for the rest of my life.  

This week:  I should hit 60 miles after my 14 mile run tomorrow but this is what I have so far:
Sun: Off 
Mon:  A.M 10 miles @ gym (before we got our treadmill) 2 easy; 6 @ 7:53 with 1-2% incline; 2 @ 8:34 (last .5 @7:23ish)
         P.M 3 easy
Tues:  5 easy 
Wed: A.M 3 easy
         P.M (afternoon) 6 easy
Thurs:  A.M 4 @ base of around 8 min pace
           P.M (afternoon) 1 mile warm up; 10 x 400 @ 6:40 pace with 400 active recovery (high nine min pace) in between; 1 mile cool down.  7 miles total
Friday:  A.M 4 easy
            P.M 4 easy (varying inclines up to 4%)
Sat:  Goal: 14 miles 

Goals for next week:
  • Continue to listen to my body and build mileage
  • Last week before I start incorporating more of a structure to my training.  Will probably just start with a 20 week plan in Run Faster by Brad Hudson but still thinking about starting official training in January.  
  • Possibly 65 miles if my body says Yes!

1.  Do you watch inspirational and educational stuff on youtube?  I've never really watched stuff on youtube except the occasional video posted by a friend.  I'm loving that there is so much out there to entertain me while I run.  I've already learned so much and been INSPIRED!
2.  Non-runner and mother readers, I did post an motherhood idea this morning if you are sick of the running talk.  I know, 2 posts in one day!  Wow...just like old times!  
3.  Check out Jill's Runner Bloggy gift  exchange!  It was fun last year.  Simple. Inexpensive and a great way to connect with someone you might not otherwise connect with.  


  1. Ooh, I think I need to check out YouTube. Definitely better than the Kardashians. Lately, my treadmill runs have timed perfectly with Vh1 Pop Up video. Very educational!

    And random mothering-wife question. When you had the black beans and rice for dinner the other night, what did the rest of the family have? The same thing plus stuff? I know I can get my kids to eat what I eat because I'm the mom, but the hubby I always seem to have to dress it up more for him. Just wondering...

    yeah for the 60!

  2. That is a reality TV show that I could watch!

    I love YouTube. It taught me how to crochet, knit, bake bread and Kid Histories are hilarious! Seriously, next run search for Kid History and watch one or two. If your a mom, you will love them!

    I love your blog. I always feel very inspired. Keep up the awesome!

  3. I'm laughing because I actually watched this Kardashian thing the other night on the treadmill. I never watch TV while running because usually it makes me somewhat nauseous but this show was on and since I had no sound, all I got out of it was that Khloe and Lamar like to play with bubbles in the tub:) Watching Adam and Kara would have been far more productive and inspiring:)

    I really am so excited for you that you have this treadmill option now!!! Will be so convenient trying to fit in your miles with 3 little kiddos and a husband who is sometimes on the road. Proud of you for kickin' out the early a.m. runs and getting in great miles!! Your week looks awesome!!! Keep posting your training. I love looking at it:) A HM prior even prior to training for you has you potentially running a "significant" PR in Boston and I'm super excited to follow that!

    Also, I read your post this morning. Love the rock jar. Like I often say, Great mom, lucky kids:)

  4. oh - I think I could handle the TM if I watched that while running it! I'll have to check it out. Great job with your mileage this week - running superstar...

  5. I wish I had a treadmill in my garage! I agree it would simplify many things. As it is, I'm seeing how long I can avoid going to the gym to use one of theirs. I'm halfway through my marathon training and have managed to do everything outside so far.

    Loved the Goucher video!!

  6. Ice baths DO NOT look fun. I thought it was so self-sacrificing of him to get in first. Kara may have benefited from his extra body heat.

    60 miles for you - that's fantastic! Keep up the good work.

  7. What a GREAT week for you running-wise! I am truly excited for you and the door the TM has opened. You are just seeing the tip of the iceberg :)

    Had to laugh at the ice bath. Who does an ice bath without a down parka and a hot cup of something??? I just want their coach...Salazar is incredible.

    Hope you are having a great night! I will be checking that rock jar post. ;)

  8. Cool video! I have to go find more now. It's cool to see them doing other stuff besides running. Good reminder that strength training is a must!

  9. You are such a stud! And I think the TM is going to help your training so much. You will get to be super consistent with all those kids running around and Waylon going out of town. It is going to be so exciting to continue watching your journey :)

  10. I like treadmill too! I ussually watch The Big Bang Theory :-)) Or some The Grey´s anathomy :-)

  11. I have to be watching something on tv or youtube while on the treadmill AND I have my iPod in AND sometimes will read a book. I know, quite the multitasker I am, huh? Reading is harder as I have to wear my glasses but sometimes if I have an easy run I can thumb through a few pages. I know there are those who will gawk at the treadmill running (make sure you at least put it at 1% to make it your regular run pace outdoors) but there have been marathons I have done about 80% of my running on it and have done very well in the race. Here's a little light reading about marathon training on a treadmill:

    You are cranking out the miles already, girl...that's amazing! Keep up the great work! :)

  12. I do love youtube, although it is not usually inspirational or educational. It is stuff my brother sends me and it usually involves cats or autotune. I am all for anything that entertains you while on the treadmill!

  13. Glad you're discovering the joys of owning a treadmill. I'm sure it'll really come in handy once winter hits hard. Liked the video, though it made me wonder what really happened that she dropped Alberto S. as her coach. They seemed to make a good team.

  14. Yep. I love watching fitness/weight loss inspiration on Youtube. GO LIFE with Ben who was featured in this month's Runners World magazine was a fave. Your running schedule is impressive. Makes my foot hurt just thinking about it, not kidding. :)

  15. So excited for your big week and for the TM. SO NICE to have the nights to just relax and be with your hubs. And yes, who takes ice baths without a cup of hot tea, and lots of warm clothes on? Also, looks like there is no evidence that really cold ice baths are helping, they might actually be too much trauma. Cold water helps, though (so say the competitor guys).

    So 60 miles ha? Awesomeness!

  16. I would TOTALLY watch half hour episodes on their life before I would watch anything to do with the Kardashians. Loved that clip! I would love to work that hard at getting into peak condition. So jealous.

  17. I'll admit I love my Bravo TV junk, but the Goucher's are better!

    You go on the treadmill. I really hate it and only use it when necessary, so I admire those of you who can find a way to enjoy it!

  18. That is awesome! Great treadmill viewing for sure.

    Nice work on the training this week. So good to have access to that treadmill now!

  19. I would watch that on TV
    take those K people out and put the Gouchers! maybe people in this country would get up and move more and think less about stuff like clothes and huge wedding that dont last!

  20. I couldn't download the video but I can imagine it. Wouldn't it be cool if they had their own reality show!

    You tube is great. I taught myself how to swim watching videos.