Monday, November 14, 2011

Pre-Ejacupublishing, Treadmill, Winner and Other Stuff!

Some of you might have noticed that there was a post from me this morning or late last night but NO new post.  Well, that would be because I didn't mean to publish my post last night.  It was an accident and I'm so thankful that I had a few comments come through from the late nighters or morning folks if you live in Australia (Char).  These comments were quite funny and they also alerted me that my tired brain had had a fart and published my blog in its skeleton form.  When I don't have time or the desire to write a blog but I have a list of things I'd like to write about for when I do find the time, I start a new post but just list some of the things on my mind. The Bones of a post. Usually I remember to "SAVE AS DRAFT" but last night I hit "PUBLISH" and the following post was up for about 20 minutes (you'll notice the first two or three comments in this post are referring to my mistake):

*  got treadmill
*  delivery guy said it was heaviest...asked me why ?  Kara Goucher
*  10 miles in a.m 3 at night.  13 mile day
*  Treadmill has way too many bells and whistles than necessary but it is a fun new toy and I won't complain
*  Got tickets to Boston.


So yes, Char, it was a great Monday!  And Raina, I included this "skeleton post" just for your amusement.  Thanks for the laugh ladies.  

  • Yes, we got out treadmill delivered yesterday!  Wahoo!  And yes, it does have WAY more bells and whistles than necessary but my husband convinces me that if we are going to have something for many many years and use it all the time then we might as well enjoy it and have some perks.  Perks it has!  I'm not entirely sure all that it can do but I'll keep you posted.  All I know is that last night I ran some where in Hawaii with some sexy man talking to me every mile or so.  It was beautiful and if it wasn't for the cold, dingy, cluttered garage, I MIGHT have actually believed that I was running in Hawaii.  Let's just hope that it lasts a looooong time!  
  • Yesterday I ran 10 miles at the gym in the morning and then I couldn't resist getting in an easy 3 miles on my new treadmill last night.  It made for a 13 mile day but my legs didn't feel right last night.  So, today I'm taking it EASY.  
  • We are in the process of creating our running zone.  As many of you might expect, I'll be creating some vision boards and really making the space around my treadmill be filled with images that inspire and motivate me!  Most likely I'll put up my goals and pictures that make me feel strong and focused.  If I'm going to be staring at my garage wall for mile after mile, I might as well be focusing on some good stuff!  Yes? Yes!  
Space in progress! 
  • When the delivery guy was unloading this baby, he seemed rather surprised that it was for me.  He said that usually people ordering treadmills are trying to lose weight.  When I told him that I was training for a marathon and like to run but it is hard to fit it all in with small children at home, he told me that he had just delivered some goods to Kara Goucher.  Sweet!  Kara and I share a delivery man!  Too bad we don't share the same speed. When I called Kara up to tell her that we share a delivery guy, here was her reaction: 
Kara is excited that we share a delivery guy!  

  • I bought my tickets to Boston two nights ago.  Stupid me though.  I wasn't really thinking clearly when I bought them and I didn't see that there were nonstop flights that get us there much earlier.  And as so many of us know, once you buy your flights (especially from Travelocity), it costs an arm and a leg to change them.  Even with travel protection.  Apparently, according to the fine print, you'd have to be deathly ill, have someone die or you yourself die in order to change or cancel your flight.  So really, next time, the travel protection plan?  Not worth it.  We won't get into Boston until 11:30 p.m on Saturday.  At least the time zone difference will still allow us to get a good nights sleep since we can sleep in on Sunday and just take it easy.
  • Motherhood.  We are all stocked up on library books for the month.  Our count is 30 books.  Yes, I have to keep count and make sure that the library books stay together after we read them but it is worth it.  It is always so fun to stock up on library books.  So fun for all of us!  And especially nice for me to read something different for a change.  We ended up getting more than usual this time because I included the books that I will use for the story hour I'll be doing next month.  I LOVE Libraries!  

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Congrats Jerilee!  Please contact me and I'll get you connected with Keeping the Faith Creations!  

Oh, and I'm convinced that a rolling pin is way better for me to roll my legs (IT Band, calves, quads, hammies) out rather than using my roller. joke.  I went to have coffee with my mom this morning and this baby did the trick!  

Off to get a light run in IF my son ends up falling asleep.  No such luck yet.  PLEASE do the nap dance for me.  I'm quickly running out of time here. 

1.  Do you own a treadmill?  How do you feel about running on a treadmill?  
2.  Moms, do you "stock up" on library books or just get a few?
3.  Bloggers, anyone ever accidentally publish a post that wasn't meant to be published?  How long was it up before you noticed?  


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  2. I hope you aren't going to delete this post....because it says SO much, but without so many words :D

  3. Did you win the jewelry contest? YAY! You deserved it more than the rest of us anyway!!!

  4. So basically you're saying Monday was a good day.

  5. All the above comments were made in regards to my published draft from last night. Silly girls! :)

  6. Funny.

    Enjoy your new treadmill.

    Congrats to Jerrilee E. She has been a very lucky gal lately!

  7. Congrats Jerrilee!

    I have a treadmill in one of our spare rooms and I love it. The days when I'm short on time and the weather isn't nice it's my best friend!

  8. Dang those blog spammers!

    I do love your real posts..and yes I have pulled a few that I was not ready to publish, or changed my mind on... OK. More than a few.

    The TM sounds AWESOME. I love the idea of being in a tropical place while having the virtual cabana boy delivering gatorade. Let me know if it does that!

    SO happy for your new toy!!

  9. We used to have a treadmill, but then I was told by an orthopedist that I shouldn't run. I obeyed him for about 6 years in which time we sold the treadmill. Then I started running again and now I really wish we had it back. I sold it to the lady down the street. I wonder if I should go knock on her door and ask for it back!

  10. No treadmill at my house. There's no room for one!
    I love the library so much. For me and my kids.
    And, I accidentally posted tomorrow morning's post a little while ago. It wasn't finished and I went in and copied it and deleted it. The computer was acting up and technically I didn't really post it, but have no one to blame but myself.

  11. That's awesome that you got your treadmill! Sweet! I don't have my own but whenever I buy a house, I definitely will. I don't mind running on one but I'd prefer to run outside, however that's not always an option for me.

  12. Enjoyed this post more than your usual ones, btw.

    I think it's awesome that you got an awesome treadmill. I have one too. As a matter of fact I mentioned it on my latest post. (Was that too obvious of a referral for you to read it? :-))

    Your section on Kara cracked me up. You should find out where she hangs out and have your delivery guy introduce you.

    I don't think I've ever accidentally posted, but I have had glitches when I meant to post.

  13. Yay! Thank you! I'll email you!
    I am so jealous about your treadmill! I don't have one and want one so bad.
    We usually get a huge load of books from the library and keep them for a few weeks.

  14. if i were you i would have probably been snooping through the delivery guys papers to see what he delivered to mrs. goucher. i also would have jotted down the address so that i could casually drop by every now and again hoping to run into the gals and become besties.

  15. What was the sexy man in Hawaii saying? "One more mile closer to getting "LEI-ed"??" Ha! (that was so lame) Great job on the 13 miles! So excited you have an option always at your feet now!!

    Laughing at your skeleton post! I don't know if I've mistakenly posted but I've mistakenly sent emails many times when I meant to "save to drafts".

    I have never bought tickets through Travelocity. I really think you'll be OK with the time change and Sunday can be a really down day for you!

    I used to love libraries until Nazi Chuck ruined it for me. Now, my kids aren't allowed to go the public library because mommy has a beef with the librarian...Just kidding! Max actually walks to the public library many days after school where he reads and plays computer games until I can pick him up after work. He's into that Boxcar children series and checks out like 10 of those at a time but I have a heck of a time keeping track of them. Left at the rink, left in the car, lost in my pit of a house......

    Ok-I've been home for 10 minutes. Running and then a hockey game and I think a shower is in order! Have fun with the treadmill!!

  16. That's something I would do. I always write posts & save them...I've hit publish only a few times. What kind of treadmill did you get? I'm looking into getting one but can't decide on one.

  17. Personally, I "roll" with a lightsaber. What? I don't bake and who needs extra stuff. We certainly have enough light sabers around here to roll an entire clone platoon. LOL

    I enjoyed reading your "notes" the other night. ;o)

  18. We're looking at treadmills right now... mine broke a couple months ago & hubs says we're bucking up to get a new one. What kind did you get??

    I'm also currently working on "my space" for winter workouts. New medal rack, poster, iPhone dock...

  19. That tready sounds fantastic! If I lived out in the country, I would want one since it would make it easier to run all the time.

    Sounds like you're having a good week. Yes, the plane ticket thing sucks. I rented a car, then didn't need it, and they refused to refund my money. I swore I would never use Priceline again--and haven't. I never picked up the car and was charged for it anyway. Boo.

  20. We did own a treadmill. We sold it. First it just faced the window and all I could see what the wall of the next dodor neighbors house. Second, it's hard to run when every 10 seconds you have to take off your ear plugs to answer a question from your kids.. it drove me nuts! I have to run somewhere other than the inside of my house. :(

  21. I have done that before, I hate that! I wish i had a treadmill, I would love to have on eto get me through the winter, hooray for you getting a nice one!

  22. I have used the rolling pin before. TOTALLY works. Hurts though.

    I have done the publish, unpublish, get emails wondering what happened with the blog...

    Like your new running space! Hey you should enter to win a medal hanger on my blog, could go well! :)

    The TM sounds great! Even though I can't deal with TM's. I am allergic. I break out in hives when I get near them, so I just go outside and freeze. IF I lived someplace that was super hot I would probably suck it up and use one though.

  23. congrats on the awesome treadmill, I have to go to the Y to use one. They are really nice, new treadmills with tv screens built in and actual min/mi pace. I couldn't afford one as nice for home.

    I have been rolling with a regular rolling pin for months. It seriously works wonders, and helped with my post tib tendonitis.

  24. ummmm what!?! i am jealous of your TM (duh) but maybe more jealous that you and Kara share the same delivery man ;)

  25. Yay for the treadmill!! I am so jealous. I think this will really help you with your Boston training. And dang it I want to run with a hot man in Hawaii!!

  26. I would love a treadmill in our house, but i seriously have no space. I hardly have enough room for the kids. :)

    As for the library books. I am in the process of decluttering and donating all of our books and solely relying on library books. I may allow the kids to keep a couple of their favorites but the other 200 + have to go!

  27. I have hit "publish" a zillion times when I meant to hit "save". I like the new format in blogger though (did I just say that???) and it's not as easy. That said, I'm still dumping blogger some time soon.

    Do you ever use live writer?
    All the coolie kids use it. Obviously I'm not cool and thus don't, but you should.

    LOVE my treadmill and about it hit it now! Enjoy every second of it!

  28. 1. Treadmills are awesome, though there was an interesting study done showing that, contrary to popular belief, people enjoyed being outdoors more and worked harder without realizing it.,0,7499869.story

    I couldn't get through a winter without the treadmill though.

  29. Enjoy the mill! Wow it talks to you? Fabulous!
    I'm loving Raina's jewelry contest comment. ha!

  30. I have a treadmill, it is just a BASE model and I am hoping it does not die anytime soon!!! I am in progress of creating our ZONE (on todays to do list). It has been real hard switching back to running on it. IF I am going to get a marathon this year, I have to.

    I have some quotes but some are too small and need to be enlarged. I like the idea of race bibs, since I have a ton and nothing to do with them!

  31. Not a huge fan of treadmills, but sometimes it's the only way to get a run in:)

    We go to the library at least once a week - with 5 checking out books on 5 separate cards it gets tricky keeping track of all the books - but well worth it!

  32. i was confused by the 'non postings' :) but, whatever. i found this one. maybe mr. delivery man will show you where kara lives and you can stalk her. erm, i mean run with her :)

    i used to use a rolling pin too!! and since i work in construction, i've also used random pieces of pipe found laying around.

  33. We somehow got bumped up to an 84 item limit on our library card and I swear we ALWAYS have 84 things out at any given time. I "try" to have one spot to keep them all, but inevitably, I am paying the library about $8 in overdue items every single month. Still totally worth it, though!