Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Justin Beaver and Letting the Number Go

My friend just brought over a little Christmas package for us.  Inside there were about 5 or 6 donut holes.  I told my youngest daughter that she could have JUST ONE!  After my friend left, I don't know what came over me but before I knew it, all the donut holes were gone.  Not even a crumb left.  I plead long distance runner insanity.  You know, that small problem where you just want to eat everything in sight because you are running so much?  Well, apparently I have issues.  I didn't get away with it though.  My four year old tattled on me when my first grader got home from school.  Little punk.  

So now my oldest daughter is mad at me for being such a stingy thoughtless pig of a mom to eat all the donut holes and not even save her a crumb.  Ooops.  But it sure is hard to take her seriously when she has "I love Justin BEAVER" written all over her arm.  Do you think I should tell her that it is Bieber?  Or at least show her a video of Mr. Beaver so that she knows who she is crushing on these days?  Perhaps I will.  

Follow Up
Quick follow up from yesterday's motherhood post.  I realize that I never let you guys know how it all ended up.  Here's the lowdown:

  • My first grade daughter is actually a VERY self confident little lady.  She really does love herself and doesn't think twice about being herself and speaking her mind. 
  • Yes, it can be shocking to hear talk like this from a first grader but like I said, some kids her age are just learning to experiment with the power of words for getting attention.  Even though the note wasn't written for us, it was written for her best friend...someone she wanted attention from. 
  • The negative self talk was due to a rough week with a crabby nagging mom and friendship issues at school.  It was probably her way of processing during a week when she mostly likely felt like she could nothing right.  Between me getting on her case about every little thing and her girlfriend drama, she wasn't feeling so hot about herself.  
  • After our talk, things got MUCH better!  She's been cheerful and open with us this week and all seems well.  
  • Thankful for the learning experience and the opportunity to work through things as a family.  Another building block for a happy healthy life.  

Running--being a slave to the number
Goodness, it can be so easy to get a number in my head and then get obsessive about it.  Weekly Mileage for example.  I think it really should only be a ballpark number but it is easy to get in the trap of playing that number game in my head so that I reach that number by the end of the week.  This is good and bad.  Good in that it helps me reach big goals and stay driven.  Not so good when it gets in the way of listening to our bodies and running even when our body is saying 

"Hey!!  Hey you!  I need a rest day.  A break!  STOP Running NOW!"  

Good thing is that my "listening to my body" vibe is working and is stronger than that obsessive "slave to the number" side of my marathon running brain.  So today I had planned on at least 11 miles.  I ran 3 slow miles this morning and then was planning on an 8-10 progression run at the gym later in the morning.  After being called down to the daycare because my son had to pee, I just couldn't get back in it.  I called it a day with a 5 mile progression run and that was just fine.  I'm not going to lie, after those donut holes, I'm seriously thinking about sneaking out the garage for a few more miles after my daughter's Christmas performance.  But, really, my body is tired and I think I do need a little break.  I should still be in the range of 60-70 miles this week even with a break so there is money in the bank so to speak.  

Off to get myself presentable for a Preschool Christmas performance.  I'm a little worried about the copious amounts of desserts that I will be faced with tonight.  Not so sure I have very good self-restraint right now.  But it sure is fun watching 4 year olds sing their little hearts out!  

1.  Do you get obsessive about mileage, paces, and plans?  Is it hard for you to break the plan and change things based on how you're feeling?  I'm pretty good at this for the most part.  Not going to lie though, I can see how runners can get just a tad obsessive and have difficulty veering from the plan they have in their heads.  

2.  Are you a fan of Justin Beaver (Bieber)?  Ha ha.  I have never even heard him sing but I'm about to youtube him so that I can get to know my future son-in-law a bit.  

3.  Do you have a hard time being around sweets and junk food without stuffing your face with them??  Obviously, I have issues.  This is why I try not to have stuff like this in our house too often.  Holiday season is the worst.  



  1. Love me some Biebs! I will admit some of my favorite running songs are his, but I do not admit that to many :) (wait, I just did to lots!) I am having a heck of a time with sweets too. Like I seriously robbed the advent calendar today (this is my confession) and need to hurry and replace! :( Bad Momma!

  2. Hey, have the house to myself tonight and circulating on the blogs before I attempt some strength training.

    Slave to the numbers? Actually, not. I am pissed if I miss intensity, but just the miles, I don't really care. In fact, my entire plan's total mileage is consider this, and consider that. Not set in stone. And I always take one non running day/week.

    Justin Bieber....only in first grade. As far as the beaver goes, I will put duct tape on my mouth now:)

    Believe it or not, I never eat too much around holidays. Too much food kinda turns me off. Weird, I know. My problem are leftovers that we end up with, though I trained Chris good and now we just don't get that stuff in the house.

  3. The Justin Beaver thing is cracking me up!! Did you listen to his stuff? He's not awful but I don't own a cd or anything! :) I definitely eat a lot of sweets but I always have. Oops. I probably focus too little on the numbers but I am trying to get better about it!

  4. OK...I still need to get back to your last post and re-read it. Lots in there.

    I can be a bit of a slave to training numbers. But, There must be room for common sense and life. Yep...that S is a lucky boy that his mom will stop and take him to the bathroom :)
    I have been tracking your training and ...well, even with a rest day you are ahead of me right now. I just am not getting in the time. Enjoy the goodies- you already paid for them, I think!!

  5. Eeeek...you mean you haven't heard the Bieb sing his Christmas songs? My daughter just downloaded that song. Whatever! Please tell her how to spell his name, though, for her sake!

    I am a total slave to the numbers, and always find myself feeling inadequate if I compare to others, and always feel like I have to follow a plan exactly. Last year, I had to stop recording mileage and just focus on the time spent running/biking/swimming.

    Makes me feel like I'm not alone, with donut holes, and other sweets. Friends and I were just talking yesterday, how we will throw half a cake down the sink, put salt on a dessert, and throw half a candy bar in the trash. I wish I could say I've never eaten my kids' share...my head is hanging in shame. ... as I sing "One less lonely girl" to myself...it's a bieber song :-)

    And for a great mother/daughter activity, buy some Justin Bieber fingernail polish and have a mani/pedi night. I'm not joking...

  6. oh those tricky numbers...sometimes they get the best of me. last training cycle i let numbers rule my training more then they should have, and i for sure learned my lesson.

  7. lol! my nephew is a total Oregon Ducks fan & was in the car with his mom & said "I don't like this song, it's by justin BEAVER" (he hates anything beaver apparently). So your daughter isn't the only one who thinks it's justin BEAVER. Love it!

    Kiley @ DailyVitaminF

  8. I am not a slave to the numbers other than the long runs. Then I get obsessive.

    My daughter last week told Justin Beaver to pull up his pants on the Michael Buble Christmas special! :-) That's my crazy 2 year old for you.

    I am not a holiday over-eater. I am a constant over-eater. That would be why I must run. Otherwise I swear I would be 200 lbs easy. I just can't stop myself!

  9. I just have to avoid having tons of sweets and other temptations around my house because I will eat EVERYTHING in site some days when I'm super hungry or after a long run!

  10. We call him the Beaver in our house. :) My girls are probably the only two little girls NOT obsessed with that cat. He's such a lady slayer!! My girls just decided that there were waaaaaaayyyy too many girls competing for his love and devotion so they have resorted to calling him the Beaver.

    Just starting to get back into running again...so definitely not obsessing over the #. Just thankful to be able to do it again. :)

  11. Oh, man...I just wrote about this whole training when your body says no thing tonight!! I definitely have problems saying no, both to the opportunity to do something (not necessarily training, but fitness-related) AND to sweets, chips, etc. My food choices are particularly bad when I'm overtired. Like this week. Ugh.

  12. I used to tell my hubby that I wasn't obsessive until I actually looked up the definition and saw how wrong I was. I figure it's ok as long as I embrace it. Fighting it is just too hard.

    No Mr. Bieber-sorry

    Sweets-it seems like my brain falls out of my head when they're around. What's the deal with that??

  13. I'm totally obsessive about numbers, but I'm old and my body speaks loudly when it needs a break. No ignoring it.

    LOL at Beaver. My kids could care less.

    I don't keep sweets in the house and have no intention of making Christmas cookies precisely because I can't be trusted around them.

  14. I'm way to obsessive about the numbers - and not so good at listening to my body. This is something I need to work on for sure.

    And omg, I have been eating so much candy this holiday season. And I'm NOT running 60+ miles a week! In fact I'm exerscising way less than I normally do! I have no good reason to be snacking so much!

  15. I'm way to obsessive about the numbers - and not so good at listening to my body. This is something I need to work on for sure.

    And omg, I have been eating so much candy this holiday season. And I'm NOT running 60+ miles a week! In fact I'm exerscising way less than I normally do! I have no good reason to be snacking so much!

  16. I don't let myself get ripped up over numbers in terms of mileage totals, but sometimes I get a little frustrated about the speed of the miles :P

    No problems with donut holes or most other sweets anymore. Chocolate sometimes. And I don't think about running as a way to burn off food. I think of food as a way to fuel the running.

  17. Ha ha on the donut holes!! Busted. Justin Beaver huh...You should probably take her to a concert mom! You could join the Moms' for Justin Bieber group or whatever the name of that was that SUAR posted on FB awhile back. Hilarious. I've had tons of his songs on my ipod of of my kids playlists actually-my girls are over the Beaver stage but for awhile we were constantly jamming to Baby and One time and You smile:)

    OK-I have no time to comment now because I have to get ready for work. Darn work just gets in the way. I will be back later!

  18. oh i could totally relate to your point about obsessing over numbers. not just in running but lately i have realized how easy it was for me to become obsessed with my mileage when i was training. it was like if i did one mile short of what i had planned it would absolutely be the worst thing ever!?! but now that i am (finally! haha) not training for anything for a few weeks...it was much easier to be like "i think i need a rest day today...i am tired and have some nagging pain" whereas just 2 weeks ago I would have badgered myself over and over again for having that thought. okay. know i am rambling but i could just really relate to this! thanks for sharing!

  19. ha ha the Beaver thing made me laugh so hard. Love it!

    I hope you had fun at the school Christmas party. You shouldn't feel guilty at all about indulging. Just enjoy the goodies while they are aroud. :D I am the exact same way as you though about the "numbers" and about not keeping goodies in the house. I'd eat everything if I baked.....so I just don't ever bake.

  20. I think Justin Bieber is adorable. My niece is gaga for him. Hey, we have to support our Canadian talent. ;)

    Same thing would have happened wit me and the donut holes...

  21. I'm hopeless with sweets. I bought a packet of jellybeans a few weeks ago and ate them all in a couple of hours. Then I felt so sick that I threw up. Stupid!

  22. beaver fever.

    i used to have a problem with sweets, as you know, but i've had a ridiculous amount of self-control lately. and i'm surrounded by chocolate goodness at work this time of year!

  23. Oh my gosh, your comment about "the word on the blog street" made my day. You are so sweet, thanks girl :)

  24. Well, this probably isn't shocking based on my blog's name, but I have a hard time not shoving my face full of sweets. It is a challenge for me and always will be! I thought the Justin Beaver thing was so funny! I told my husband about it when I read it on facebook! I am having an epic catch up session on blogs so I am going to have to read what happened with your daughter the other day. And yay for you for not being a slave to numbers. Sure way to get injured!