Monday, October 22, 2012

Birthday Wish for 2Cellos

Today is a sick day around our house.
Lousy night of sleep
Lazy morning
Blankets and pillows piled on and off the couch
Toys scattered
Routines to the wind
All three kids
Playing in Peace
Using their imaginations
to just
cozy up
     settle in.
Books read
Old games and toys that were forgotten
    are found,
and given attention.

All the While...


A lazy, lounging
Kind of Day

Soaking up the last bit of time before Boston Training begins.

Loving it.

And if I could make one "not going to happen" wish for my 34th birthday in a couple weeks, it would be to fly to Australia and see these guys (my new favorite MUSIC) in concert:

We can dream right?  I may not get to see them play LIVE this year but it is on my "Before I Die..." list.  LOVE them.  I could listen to them all day.



  1. When are you beginning your Boston training? I think I'm beginning in December. In fact, I'm heavily considering using the plan (I think) you used last time. Were you happy with it? It looks really challenging so I'm not sure yet...

  2. Most likely next week with a 24 week plan. Now remember, I'm out of shape and don't have a base built up so I'm assuming that the first phase will just be base building and some shorter and lighter speed. Looking forward to some structure but loving this lazy time too. :) What plan are you thinking?

    1. I am contemplating the Advanced Marathoning 18 week plan for either up to 55 or 55-70. I think I'm somewhere between the two. Right now I'd like to build a base of around 50 and see how my body feels. If it feels good I'd be more inclined to do the higher mileage plan. What do you think would be a good indicator for choosing that plan?

  3. Wow! I've never heard of 2cellos before. But I love them! I'll add seeing them live for my "not gunna happen" 40th that's just about here. Perhaps I can buy a CD. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What beautiful music!! Now you have me hooked. I just created a 2cellos station on Pandora and am listening to it now. :) Who would have thought two cellos could play Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal?!

    We will have to try to run a few times this winter during Boston training (before you leave for NC!) I am easing into training and am looking forward to it after taking the summer off from my injury. I ran 9 this morning before the kiddos woke up and it felt great. Hope you are all healthy, too!

  5. P.S. I hope you get everything you wish for your birthday -- you deserve it!! xo

  6. They're not coming to Brisbane! Doesn't seem fair.

  7. I love that music. Very relaxing. Good luck on your training!

  8. Glad to hear you've been able to relax some before starting training for Boston! Maybe if you wish hard enough, 2Cellos will come do an American tour. :)

  9. You should always dream big! Maybe the 2Cellos will do a US tour next year???? I bet that Waylon would take you if they did. :)

  10. That's just gorgeous music! Thanks for sharing. As for enjoying the peace before the focus of Boston training - that sounds right to me Amanda!

  11. That was so beautiful and they weren't too bad to look at either.

  12. i've never heard of them - so good though! making a new pandora station :) sorry to hear about the bug but glad you got some quiet, relaxing time!