Thursday, December 19, 2013

Things That Make Me _________. And a Few Goals

I'm trying out this blogging more regularly again thing.  I'm halfway between wanting to write and wanting to just keep my thoughts to myself and go to bed.  But I think that if I'm going to get my writing voice flowing again...even if it is simply to write more for myself...then writing more often is the first step.

So....list form it is tonight.

Things that make me Smile about today:

  • Happy giggly girls this morning running out of the house to catch the bus
  • A little boy who was in such a good mood all day!  This is big for us! 
  • A bit of time to connect with a special person this morning while my son made Christmas cards for his teacher while chitter chattering to me in his sweetest voice
  • Deciding to slow down and simplify a few specific things in my life.  One thing I've decided to do is cut out Christmas cards this year and be okay with it!  Instead, I've decided to reach out and connect in meaningful ways with those people in my life who are important but that I rarely talk to.  Today this meant making a few phone calls and sending some personal heart felt messages.  I felt good about using my time in this way.  Made my heart feel bigger and definitely filled my world with love. One of the people I called was my cross country and track coach from high school (who was also very much a father role in my life from the time I was 14 until even now)...It felt really nice to reconnect with him and laugh like we used to.   
  • Time spent tutoring reading and writing...being a part of something I'm most passionate about
  • Making myself actually sit down and read.  Even if only for 10 minutes.  I read a ton but so much of it here and of books.  I want to make more time for just sitting down and reading a book from cover to cover to enjoy and learn.  The underlining/writing in the margins kind of reading/studying.  
  • A solid 40 minutes of park play time with my son.  Where I kind of felt like I was 4 again.  No phone, no distractions.  I was really lost in our imaginary world.  I think we were bat astronauts.  Pretty radsauce.  We even slept upside down with our space helmets on.  
  • The beautiful 50ish degree day.  
Things that make me Excited about life right now:

Just look at that sunshine!  Cool, crisp, and blue skies!  
Beautiful morning to be at the UNCA track! 800; 1000; 1200; 1200; 1000; 800. Feels so good to Nail a workout and feel strong and whole while doing it! Good place to be at this point of build up! Thankful for this season in life and the gift it is to run.
  • Running is so fun right now!  I'm in a really good place with base building and I feel happy about Boston training.  I am at a different place with training than I have been in the past.  So much of it is about JOY right now.  And slowing down.  Because of that, I feel myself getting stronger and running happier.  This week has been another good week of training with a fun track workout on Tuesday that left me smiling and feeling so whole!  
  • My easy slow 17 mile run planned for tomorrow.  Covering the distance is the name of the game for me.  I plan to turn my watch around and just run.  I will be more satisfied with a slower average closer to the 8:30 range than I will with it sub 8.  I'm truly finding the benefits of these slower easier not making every long run or run about faster splits.  So much of my run tomorrow will be about visualizing my body ABSORBING or soaking in the slow and steady work I've been doing.  
  • Christmas of course!  Having kids makes Christmas so magical and this year is no exception. 
  • Life lessons that I continue to learn.  About myself.  About others.  About the world.  So much to learn. So much room to GROW.  Thankful for that.  
  • Living in Asheville for the next 8 months!  Love it.  
  • That satisfying feeling of having my long run done tomorrow and enjoying an evening of beer and pizza and wrapping Christmas presents with my hubby after the kids crash!  Oh and a day off on Saturday.  LOVE my days off running after my long run day.  
A few goals for my life right now:
  • Continue to be conscious about slowing down with my day.  Life doesn't have to be work all the time.  I can just let the messes and "to-dos" go and be present with my son over a game of Bingo or Uno.  Or stop at the park on the way home from preschool, leave my phone in the car and just play like I'm 4 again!  These are the things that I'll count as gold at the end of the day...the stuff that matters.  
  • Reconnect with some of the special people in my life I've lost contact with.  Even if it just means sending a quick text or e-mail here and there.  
  • Write GRATITUDE lists again more regularly.  I looked back at my journal from 2011 and realized that I did this almost every single day.  Long lists. Happy lists.  So much to be thankful for.  And you know, 2011 was hands down one of the happiest, fullest, most alive years of my life.  Abundance! 
  • Continue taking care of my body, running joyfully, keeping the weight on, eating healthy, and following the plan (TRUST).  
  • Sit down more often to just talk and listen to my kids.  Without doing chores or multi-tasking...just sitting still and ENJOYING them!  
I'd love to hear from you!  
1.  What are some things that make you smile right now?  Things that your excited about?  
2. What are some of your current goals or intentions?  


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  1. The thing that makes me smile most at the moment is my own little project for Christmas that I've been working on for the last few weeks. It involves me, my dog, Christmas decorations and a camera. Oh, and lots of dog treats.

    1. Awesome! Good to hear from you Char. Hope to get by your blog and get caught up on your life soon.

  2. "That satisfying feeling of having my long run done tomorrow and enjoying an evening of beer and pizza and wrapping Christmas presents with my hubby after the kids crash! Oh and a day off on Saturday. LOVE my days off running after my long run day."
    You put it so well! One of the things I missed a lot about running was the contentment post-long run. It's a pleasant kind of exhausted achievement.

  3. Great post! We're cutting way back on gifts this year. So much unnecessary. With a new marriage, we really want to focus on US and our FUTURE, not material things. So, yeah, I totally get simple. It's difficult to not get sucked into the glamor of it all, though.

    Awesome pic from your track workout. I'm glad you are enjoying those workouts. And YES for slowing down the long run. Honestly, I don't even wear a Garmin on my LRs unless it is a specific workout for the marathon (which are less than monthly, so only a few per cycle). I find that I recover much faster and am able to do better/faster workouts during the week, as well as run more. Keep rocking, Amanda!

    1. Yes, keep it simple! hard not to get sucked in for sure. And loved the long slow run...LSD is awesome! ;)

  4. Reading this post has made me smile!! I can "hear" the happiness and contentedness loud and clear. Feeling almost 100% after a week of feeling very crummy is also making me smile!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I'm excited about 2 weeks off work and lots of good times with family and fun with friends during the break!

    And my heart is very full from the delighted reactions of my students to their gifts from me and my aides. So happy and excited about $1 coloring books, crayons, hats/gloves, and small toys.

    1. Hi Kate! ha! So awesome...I remember these gifts...I miss this. Enjoy your break. Good to hear from you.

  6. Right now I'm giddy like a school girl, because I'm heading to England for two weeks to see my boyfriend and see London at Christmas.

    Merry Christmas and happy New Years Amanda!

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  8. I love your list! Especially the no Christmas card thing. I sent out half this year compared to before. It felt a little refreshing to not get to focused on that but rather try to actually touch base with people instead.

    1. It does feel refreshing! Although I might return to the Christmas cards next year...those are fun too!

  9. What makes me smile is a big fat book to read on the beach in Puerto Vallarta with training and eating as accompaniment 8)

    Happy Holidays Amanda and Co!

  10. Puerto Vallarta sounds pretty good, but I am smiling about having my 9 year old son go to the Nutcracker with me yesterday. He and his brother just loved it!

    Glad you are taking time to read and relax. Truly it makes a happier person!

  11. I am too trying to get back into blogging regularly. Know that feeling!

    Things that make me smile. Running with no watch and no idea of pace just for the feeling and connection to myself and nature.

    Running with special people in my life and sharing our happiness thoughts.

    Creating and living Happy with my children.

    Sending you lots of HAPPY for the new year.