Monday, December 16, 2013

Mindful Running, Living for the NOW, and Moving Forward With Willingness and Intention

 Cold, crisp air. Bright sunshine. Blue skies. Favorite trail shoes worn in just the right places. Familiar dirt path under my feet. Leaves scattered, trees bare. Every mile is another step back to myself, leaving all my worries behind. A reminder of what a gift it is to run.

Beaver Lake
Morning runs,
    crisp, clear and cold
Brilliant Sunshine
Bold Blue Sky
Singing birds
Familiar faces, Soft earth, and exchanges of warm "Good Mornings"
A 1-2 mile path that doesn't seem to get old.
Running.  Mile after mile.  Soaking in my surroundings.
Breathing in the fresh air,
Inhaling and Exhaling my GRATITUDE.

Today's 9 mile easy run was yet another run that left me feeling so thankful to be here right now.  To be running in a place I love so much.  To see my paces picking up again.  And to have my legs, body and mind feeling so strong.  As I made my way around the familiar path that I run on almost daily, I settled into my happy place where I almost become one with my running.  Most of the time these days, when I run, I try to be mindful and fully present with my steps.  I let my swirling thoughts go and I think about my body, my movement, my breath.  Almost a meditation of sorts.  Thoughts come and go...I acknowledge them and let them pass... but for the most part, I find that I'm embracing the present moment as it comes.  Feeling my feet strike the ground.  Noticing the way my body leans and pulls.  Listening to my breath.  Taking in my surroundings.  It's truly my quiet time.

When I finished running today, I thought of how much of my living lately has been about me
being scared
dragging my feet
Not wanting to _________
Feeling sad about leaving here when we haven't even left yet

I've been in a place of looking to the future and thinking about how much I don't want to leave Asheville. So much that I think I've been missing out on all that I could truly be enjoying in my RIGHT NOW.  I've spent more time wishing we could live here forever than I have actually embracing my time here for all it is worth.  For the HERE and NOW.  As I was driving home this morning, I thought of how my runs have been so mindful and focused on being fully present in the moment and how this has brought much clarity and joy to my days.  Then it really hit me that the way I have been running is the way I want to be LIVING!  Mindful.  Present.  Grateful.  Intent on making my day beautiful.  Intent on being my best and enjoying where I'm at....NOW.

I'm done wishing that we could stay here forever.  I'm done being scared of the change that will be coming in July.  I'm through with being sad about leaving a place I love so much when I'm blessed enough to get to live here for a whole eight more months!  What I am ready to start doing:

  • Focusing on my present moments without looking to the past or the future.  
  • Moving forward every day with the INTENT to be the best I can be and make the most out of what I have TODAY.  
  • Soak up the abundance that life has to offer.  
  • Be open to receiving just as much abundance and joy wherever we end up in Oregon in eight months from now.  Believe that it will be good. 
  • Continue to use my runs as my time of mindful meditation.  And continue to learn about myself and life through my runs.  My training runs truly do teach me so much if I'm willing to reflect on them...each one has a special lesson to take away....the runs that are easy, long, fast, much to gain from them.   
  • Having WILLINGNESS to RECEIVE all that life has to offer.  
The following picture and caption was from a Facebook post last week after a really powerful run with a meaningful (almost spiritual) message that came to me with such clarity...almost as if God was whispering to me.
"15 miles. The kind of run where I needed to dig deeper than usual to finish. I know I've written before about how running can be a somewhat spiritual experience for me me. Or how there have been certain runs in my life where I can almost hear God speaking to me...or my higher self sharing wisdom that I need to hear for my life at the time. So often, it is these kinds of runs that I learn and truly HEAR some of the greatest messages they were meant for me. Today was one of those runs. It won't make much sense to anyone but me (perhaps I'll find the time to blog soon) but at mile 11 of 15, I found myself having to really shift my mental focus so I could get through the run. I hit a forest trail and started thinking of taking in the energy and life around me...then the word "RECEIVE" was in my head for the rest of that mile. Receive, Receive.... By mile 12 I found myself whispering "WILLINGNESS TO RECEIVE" again and again and again. By the time I figured out what I was saying, a whole soul smile and loving peace washed over me. For I know that this means so much for me. Right here. Right now. Always. Yes! Willingness to Receive! So glad for this wise message meant for me."

Wow, that's two posts in two days!  A record for me lately.  

Happy Monday! 


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  1. I tend to do that too - look so far into the future that I forget to enjoy the now. And I find that running make me really present. It slows time down for a while so I can appreciate every single second, smell, sight and sound.

  2. What a pretty place to run! My guess is that you'll love Oregon just as much!