Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Four of This and That

I am so behind with this TAG.  I feel bad because I was tagged by one of my very favorite runners, bloggers and people that I know through this blog world and this shout out is only going to tell you what you already know because I'm pretty sure you already all follow her but if you don't then you. really. must. read. her. blog.  She makes me happy about life, laugh at little things, learn new favorite recipes that I actually use in real life (big for me!!), and she is SUPER fast and I can't wait to watch her break 3 hours in the marathon and some day be the next big Olympian that steals the heart of every American! In case you don't know who I am talking about, thank you Janae at Hungry Runner Girl for who you are!  You're one special gift to the world!  You inspire me in so many ways!

Four TV Shows I Watch:
-Modern Family
-On some seasons I do hang my head in shame and watch The Bachelor...hey, no judging...everyone needs some mindlessness.  :)  
-Not Sure i have another one...I'm watching The Biggest Loser right now.  

Four Things I'm Passionate About
-Being a Mother to my Three Kids and being married to my best friend and love Waylon!
-Teaching, Educational Reform, Literacy Instruction
-Reading, Writing And Learning (okay so this is 3 but this is my blog so I can do it that way!)

Four Words/Phrases I Use Too Much
-Stop yelling at your sister!!! ( I usually yell this)
-I think I could have one more kid (I say this way too much because really, lady (me) GET A GRIP with those ovaries! Stop having kids already!)
-That's Funny (even when it isn't funny).
-Yeah, yeah, um huh, yeah ( when I'm on the phone and agreeing with everything the person says).
--oh, and my husband and I say Dude to each other way too much...it is just kind of weird.  

Four Things I'm Looking Forward To
-My Marathon Training and the races in between
-Beach Trip this week with good friends who are like family.  A beautiful beach house, gorgeous coast line, games, food, movies, LOVE!  
-My Kids' first day at Gymnastics tomorrow.
-Summer, Travel, Sunshine!

Four Things I Love About Winter
-Holidays, Traditions, cuddling with family, knowing I have a warm bed and house

Four of Your Favorite Places to Travel:
-The Beach...preferably a warm beach but the Oregon coast has its perks too!
-Colorado Mountains...Redstone, Aspen, Summit County
-Some place we've never been to before...love experiencing new countries, cultures, and places around the corner in my own country!  

Since I already did a tag today I'm going to pass on the tag part of this but please answer any or all of these questions for me!  I really want to know.  Even if it is one thing for each or just one thing!  



  1. Janae is the best! :)

    I gave up television but it's ok...I just watch series and documentaries on Netflix.

    I love learning new things probably more than anything!

  2. How did I not know Janae?
    You like Redstone? You should come run the Lead King Loop in September. It's kind of amazing.

  3. I love Survivor. One of the few TV shows we make a point of watching together.

    Four things I'm looking forward to:

    Dirty Girls bike ride this weekend, an adventure "non-race" put on by some new friends, Spring, watching my son compete in volleyball nationals in Minneapolis this summer.

  4. P.S. I think that just may be my shortest comment to you ever. :) Except for this one.

  5. Janae is the best. Her blog makes me smile daily!

    I also love experiencing new cultures. I love that feeling of complete immersion into a culture that is completely foreign to you. I spent a month in South Africa, which is a complete juxtaposition of wealthy whites and poor Africans. It was amazing to have the opportunity to see what life is like for those living in a village with no running water or healthcare to speak of.

    Thailand and India are next on my list. I may take the money I make from my egg donation cycle to travel abroad for a month or so. Tell me I should! I need a push. I'd rather travel than put my money away.

  6. You're going to the beach?? Lucky! I am itching to go see the ocean. I haven't see any ocean since I stood in the lovely warm Atlantic last October!

    Four TV shows is hard! I don't know if I have 4 either. Glee. Criminal Minds. Jersey Shore. OMG, why did I admit that??? And Project Runway. There are my four!

  7. AHHHHH!! How did I miss this. I swear as soon as a new post comes up in my google reader I go straight to it....even if I am teaching a class ha!!! So I guess that means I am obsessed. Thank you so so much for the sweet comments you wrote. I am printing that and putting it on my bathroom mirror for my daily affirmation ha! SO your summer traveling includes visiting me right! I am so excited to follow your marathon training! Love the 'stop yelling at your sister' ha! We say dude all the time too! Modern Family rules. Let's watch it together by using skype ha and we can talk about it during the commercials

  8. Great post, I liked learning more about you. I like Janae's blog too, she seems like such a positive person. I may have to answer these questions on my blog sometime.

  9. I love the Bachelor. No shame in that. Okay, a little bit of shame. hahahah.

  10. So fun!! Thank you for the details on how you cook your quinoa! Now that I know how to eat it i'm excited to try all sorts of ways, and yours will be first! I haven't ever had tofu either...is that weird?? It scares me. TEACH ME HOW!!!?!? k? ;)
    Your kids sound absolutely darling!! I'm sure you're an incredible mom too. Good luck with your marathon training!
    I've known Janae for like 10 years. She used to be my neighbor and now we work out together sometimes! She is every bit as awesome in person as is via the blog world. You'd love her, I can promise you that. :)

  11. Haha I watch survivor a day late on the internet and that's PATHETIC.
    I am also an Amazing Race junkie.

    Too funny that you yell "Stop yelling at your sister" - It's like that at my house too. We are human. =D

  12. Lol! I use ALL the same phrases! I think I finally am at peace that we will not have any more kids unless God has other plans. I say that's funny about everything, and I say dude to my husband and boys!! That was a fun little tag!

  13. "Stop yelling at your sister"-ha! I remember my oldest playing with her doll in the playroom when she was about 4. I was cleaning up and she was talking away. She puts her doll in the the little crib and says "STOP it already, you're making me CRAZY!!! Hmmmmm.....no idea where she heard that.

    4 things I'm looking forward to!

    1.) My sister's baby is due February 12th. I LOVE babies and I can't wait to get the call that she's in the hospital! I was totally only cut out to be a mother of 3 but I love being an auntie!

    2.) A work trip for my hubby in April that I'm tagging along on.

    3.) Grandmas' marathon. I have 8 high school friends running this and we are planning a big reunion of sorts. Also, incentive for me not to bomb...

    4.) Book club tomorrow night!

    Another fun post:)

  14. dude!!!! my husband and i say dude all the time. when we first met i felt like it was a sign :)