Monday, January 3, 2011

It's The Little Things That Add Up

Woke up this morning feeling fresh and thankful for a new week to be back to routine after the holiday break.  I also woke up feeling excited for a new plan in my life.  Jess from Blond Ponytail posted recently about the emotions game where you take a picture of people showing an emotion.  The way I play is that you call out an emotion as you are clicking the camera and then you get the person to show that emotion on their face.  This game can be quite fun, especially if played with the right people.  My favorite emotions or feelings to call out are:  constipated, angry, shocked, irritated, need to sneeze, horny, just let one rip....oh so many fun ones.  Jess suggested I do a "I registered for Newport Marathon" emotion.  I thought about this and came up with several faces but overall I think I just feel strong, confident, happy and excited!  So here is my picture Jess.  Nothing exciting.  But I'll post some good emotion pictures soon and then I'll tag a bunch of you to do the will be a photo tag so you won't have to do any big writing...just take pictures of yourself.

Spent some time in my journal this morning as I had my coffee. I took some time to list the things I'm thankful for as well as spend some time in prayer. The things I was most thankful for this morning were:

*  A reminder from one of my blog readers (from the question they asked me) that I am not doing enough for my spiritual growth.  
*  A day off from Running.  This has also meant a day off from reading about running (mostly) and thinking about running.  It has been nice.  The only big reminder has been my sore body from all the running lately.  
*  3 beautiful, happy, healthy children and a husband that I absolutely adore! 

The sun was pouring in the windows as I wrote and my kids quietly played together in the back room (not NORMAL).  It really was a perfect start to a day.  

I also had some time today to start reworking the first thoughts of the children's book my mom and I are doing together.  Writing a children's book is harder than it looks!  

Read a very sincere and raw post from Hungry Runner Girl that made me even more inspired by her and glad to know her through blog land.   

Was able to embrace my mess of a house instead of let it stress me out. This mess means that I have life around me.  It is MY mess and I'm thankful that I have precious little feet and hands around me to make that mess.  I think the SUN had a lot to do with this Peace and Zen-like mood that I was feeling.  We don't see the sun much around here during winter.  Here is what my house looks like OFTEN (without the sun):

Oh, and my husband asked me to return some items to the Columbia Store here in Portland.  It was the employee store so everything was so cheap!  I can't believe he sent me in there and expected me to get out with just a return.  It was like an Amanda Store...everything in there was made just for me!!  At least that is how it felt.  Active Wear Mecca!  Needless to say, I spent way more than I had intended.  And my 3 year old and 18 month old were awesome the entire hour.  They just ran around, hid under the clothes racks, screamed, and my 18 month old thought the clothes were meant to be a Tarzan rope.  Oh, and he shat ( I love the word shat.  Otherwise I would have said pooped) in his diaper and I didn't have wipes so I had to use paper towel.  But really they were awesome.  Here is a picture of me trying to show you my new top, fleece pants, and comfy slippers!  The shirt even has those great holes for your thumbs.  

Thanks again for all your support and encouragement about the Newport Marathon!  Your words are so motivating!  

1.  Is your house often messy or are you a clean freak that has to have everything in order at all times?  um, I have three kids ages 5 and under.  enough said?  Well, seriously, I think I would have a relatively clean and tidy house (within reason) if it were not for kids.  It is clean and tidy at least once a day but never longer than a few hours at a time.

2.  What do your closet and clothes drawers look like?  Are they all neat and tidy or would you be embarrassed if your company saw them?  I have NEVER had neat drawers or closet.  I always try but within a few weeks my closet and drawers are awful.  My drawers are mostly used for my pajamas and workout clothes and most of the time I just stuff them in there...or kind of fold and stuff.  I am always getting on my daughters for the same thing (I'm such a clothes organizer HYPOCRITE). My room is off limits to company.  Period.  

3.  Do you write in a journal?  



  1. Look at how cute and happy you are! THAT inspires ME! lol (tho Hungry Runner Girl does too).

    1. your house looks surprisingly like mine! 4 kids... 11, 8, 5, 22 mos. The baby has the run of the living room and family room. You KNOW what that's going to look like ;-)

    2. my drawers are pretty neat. my closet is the cloffice where I am now sitting. I use one of the kids' closets for my hang-up stuff and thus never wear it so it's all very neat.

    3. I don't write in a journal because I have always been afraid someone I didn't want to see it would read it. I 'unload' in other ways.

  2. 1. My kids are old - 23.21 and 17 so their rooms are their responsibilities and they have doors so I don't have to look at the mess.
    2. My drawers are generally neat but after a while tend to mess themselves up a little (it wasn't me) but I can always get them to shut.
    3. I don't journal any more. I used to as a teenager but kids got in the way of that (btw I wasn't a teenage mother)

  3. And I love that I make you laugh. Smile on :)

  4. I just came across your blog from Kate' when that happens...and I'm so glad I did. You have such a positive attitude! I'm following :)

  5. You look SO happy today!!

    My house is pretty messy and don't open the drawers! Ha. And yours still looks cleaner :)

    I tell people that when they let us know they are coming over, we open everything up and dump it out JUST FOR THEM! =D

  6. Amanda, had to do some blog catching up!! ---first of all, YAY for Newport Marathon!! A marathon is a marathon no matter the course...You will ROCK it. Your training plan looks really great. I'll have to look into in the future.
    Second, my house is MESSY and I own it. I try to keep it clean but it's a crazy cycle...the minute it is clean, it is dirty again with 3 kids and a dog that sheds to high most of the time, I just 'let it go'. Third, I will definitely have to do the emotions 'pics'. Love it!! OH, and journaling? I'm just now starting back at it. Starting to read, "Ordering your private world" by Gordon MacDonald. Really excited about it.
    Look forward to following your training...

  7. First of all, congrats on your marathon registration! You look so darn happy about it in your picture. You will do great on the course!

    My house is clean, I can't stand clutter, but I don't have small children either! I remember when my daughter was younger, I had a hard time keeping up with her messes.

    My closet is organized, but my drawers could stand to be cleaned a little!

  8. I remember those days. The house was the toybox!

  9. That's a great picture! And yay for bargains on outdoor clothes!

    My house is typically messy. I know I'd feel a lot more peace of mind if it was clean, but I can't seem to manage it. Mostly bc there are so many things I'd rather be doing. Every once in a while we have company and have to really get it clean and it's sooo nice!

    My drawers are better than my house, but it's hard to get everything in there! Of course, if I took out all the stuff I never wear, there would be a TON of room.

    I journaled all through grade school, high school (and boy, is there some cringe-inducing stuff there, lol), college, and my first marriage. Now my blog is my primary journal. Obviously, there is a lot of personal stuff that doesn't make it on here. I don't feel confident that the privacy of a journal would be respected, so I don't keep one anymore. Sometimes I'll write to get out my feelings and then throw it away after tearing it up.

  10. 1. My house is fairly tidy but there are no kids so it should be!
    2. My dresser and closet are okay... my closet floor has shoes all over it. Every couple months I straighten everything up and then within a week it's back to "normal."
    3. I do journal in a notebook. I've found that it's a really good outlet for me.

    Great post! Love the new clothes!

  11. That's not a mess those are toyys! Joy!! My 5 are 13-7 now and are messy, sigh. Books are usually laying around, paper etc. I'm not a neat freak but am married to one which makes for some prbs. I do not have neat drawers shhhhh! I don't journal but I really should!!! Your home looks lovely!!!!!

  12. 1. I am a fully recovered clean freak. Mess is good.
    2. Total freaking mess.
    3. Not really...too lazy...
    Boy, am I a sloth or what??

  13. Whenever my kids are playing quietly I get nervous - no good can ever come of it. :)

  14. I AM SO EXCITED YOU SIGNED UP!! made me so happy, I am glad you like that post:) YOU ARE SERIOUSLY GORGEOUS!! LOVE THE PICTURES!! Sounds like you had an amazing morning yesterday. It really is nice to take a day off of all things running once in a while. You are inspiring me to write in my journal!
    1. My house is usually pretty clean (I don't have kids:) but I have a separate bathroom than Billy because I am such a is a disaster, make-up, hair stuff EVERYWHERE!!
    2. Closet clean, drawers a mess. I am loving these questions.
    3. I used to be so good at it and you are motivating me to start again. I think I am going to come cheer you on at the Newport Marathon...what day is it again?

  15. That is exactly how I play the emotion game!! Love your confident, energized expression!!! You are adorable!! And, I could stay in the Nike store for hours upon hours!!

    And, you are writing a children's book?! With your mom?! That is so inspiring!!!

    1. I'm a neat freak, but then again I don't have to wrangle 3 kiddos, just one energetic golden retriever!
    2. Neat! I change them out with the season's too!
    3. I used to journal, but my blog has turned into one more so!

  16. david and i are both a little OCD with things being picked up, i can't stand a mess or clutter and feel so much better when things are organized. my drawers are not perfect at all, but everything has a specific draw that it goes in
    I do my gratitude journal daily and i have a goals list daily

  17. I love your messy living room...miss those days sometimes. Not the mess, cuz 2 15-year olds and a 20-year old are not much cleaner, but I miss the toy clutter :).

    If I went into Columbia with sales like that, I might need a second mortgage :). Best I stay away from the word "Sale"!

  18. I love running shirts with thumb holes!

  19. First I love your pictures!
    and I am with Kovas....same thing over here the quiet is SCARY....

    my house is never cleaned...and I 100% do not will be cleaner in 20 some years when the boys are out....

  20. Loving the pictures, also that nice sunny spot in the corner... I don't think I'd ever leave that chair. If my house is clean its only because I've spent the entire day cleaning and recleaning and cleaning it again (either that or everything has been stuffed in a closet). I think no matter how hard one tries, little kids = messy.

  21. Im messy but I love a clean house. So I battle every day. I love your darn clothes. That top, well if you ever dont want it, I know a certain California girl that might take it off your hands. Happy 2011 girlfriend!

  22. i kept a journal from 7th grade through my wedding day. since then? sporadically. i wish i did it more...i love looking back on the journals of who i was and be able to read through my life.

    clean house? i love it to be clean, but it never lasts long. i don't have children, but does my husband count?

  23. congrats on the marathon registration! so exciting!

    my house is nearly always a mess. Which is sad because it's only me and my husband. cleaning only lasts so long so I don't get too worked up about it unless we have guests staying with us. and the drawers are organized in that everything has a specific place but they are a mess inside. I look at it as chaotic organization.

  24. I loved the picture of the toys in your living room, it made me smile! I don't consider that look messy, it looks like you have a happy, thriving, warm home. Just what kids need. Clean is one thing, tidy is another. Clean enough to be healthy and safe is fine, tidy is relative to how much fun you are having!

  25. Glad you had a relaxing morning. Love the pics. you look too cute and I can remember the days of paper towel wipes!

    my room is so off limits...and i think I have twin drawers and closets to you!

    Happy you found some time with God today!!

  26. 1. tiddy, but not clean
    2. organized clutter
    3. I have tried journaling so many times. I have a book shelf full of 1-2 pagers. I keep old planners as a way to glimpse into my past. My blog this past year has been the closest thing journaling consistently. I think my problem is the Type A idea that I need to do it daily, that each entry has to be elaborate and that gaps in time need to be filled in with the details of what filled that time. I over think things on occasion.
    Your pictures seem so peaceful, congrats on a great day.

  27. I wanted to tell you I am going to make that calendar into a google document and link it to my blog- then you can copy it easier and modify it! Of course there is a lot you can do with beans as substitutions.. We use beef a lot because we get one butchered and split it with the inlaws. Also- my husband insists on meat.

    The form thing- Thank you SO musch for that VERY kind compliment. I used to be a bad overstriker. Not sure I can help you there- but my pace really picked up when I started using a stationary bike (when Injured) and trying to count my cadence per minute (one side and then double it). There are also some books on it, but mostly it was just trying not to leave my feet on the ground for too long! =D

  28. LOVE your emotion pic ... and the sun-shining in you home. Beautiful!

    Winks & Smiles,

  29. I wish I had a Columbia store nearby! I just buy from them online. I also enjoy the word Shat.

    1. My apartment is messy in parts and tidy in others. Living room and kitchen are fairly in order...bedroom/den not. Which relates to question number two.
    2. My clothing is EVERYWHERE. Basically the problem is that I have too much. My closet is sorted by pants/dresses/skirts/cardis, with a shoe organizer (that holds about 1/3 of my shoes). My dresser is mostly organized, each drawer having a different type of item (sweaters, tanks, tees, underwear) but it doesn't all fit. That's why I have a pile of clothes on top of the dog crate. and behind the door.
    3. No journal.

  30. 1.My house= messy. I would like to be a neater person. Really I would. My house is small and we have too much stuff! ( 2 kids....big dog). Even our attic runneth over!

    2.My drawers are ok....but the closet and floor? Not so much! See #1! :)
    3. I do not journal. I blog though, does that count?!? :-)