Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Brooks Shoes, $$, Art Giveaway, Random

Nothing poetic or reflective or anything that has any kind of flow today folks.  All random here!  Random, random, random in the Running"hood" so that means Bullets!  Chris K's favorite!  Then he doesn't have to read more than one bullet and he can still make a comment to make it sound like he really read my entire post.  We all appreciate some bulleted writing sometimes!  Easier on the eyes.  

  • So many of you said you didn't think my fairy boobs on my quick fairy sketch for my daughter were that big.  Well, in my world and what I was blessed with in the boob department, they are huge!  I wouldn't know anything about boobs like that so they looked pretty big to me.  
  •  Last night I went to this social thing where I bought lots of running gear for an amazing price.  You know that thing that happens sometimes when you don't need anything but you see a sale and all of a sudden think you have to buy it because it is a good deal but really you are worse off because you just bought a bunch of stuff you didn't really need?  Long sentence, I know.  But that's what happened to me.  I came home with two pairs of new Brooks running shoes for $25 a pair (Ghosts and Glycerines) as part of my loot.  Anyone run in these before?  I've been running in the Brooks Launch so I hope that these other shoes are not too much shoe for me.  If they don't work, I'll be doing an awesome giveaway for some new size 7.5 Brooks shoes! So be on the lookout!   

  • I was also given a Moeben running skirt.  I have never worn a running skirt.  Not sure I will ever race in one...not a hater...just hasn't been my thing.  But neither were pointy toe heels or big purses and look at me now.  Ha!  Never say never!  Anyway, this skirt is actually pretty cute.  It is white and the buns part underneath is a money print.  It is a little big on me so I might be giving it to one of you!  I'll get a picture soon.  I really do think it is kind of cute.  
  • I just realized that the Art of Runninghood (no longer called Art of Runninghood) Giveaway never had a date posted for when I would choose a winner.  A few things about that....Our new Site is no longer Art of Runninghood...It is now called Finding Art in Every Day. Most of you have heard about it by now (since I won't shut up about it)...a site my mom and I are doing together...I'm the writer, she is the visual artist....putting our "art" together and we hope it will evolve into something bigger but for now, it is a starting point.  You'll find more of my reflective posts to go along with her art...challenging ourselves to live artfully and find the art in every day!  We will also have a tab for her new "Stickletes" as she finishes with them. Hoping to get some of the most popular running, yoga, and motherhood stickletes on hats and t-shirts soon too.  In the meantime, we have the original art for sale as well as printed versions of the art on cards.  Note:  The smaller art is an original watercolor...They are NOT just a card...the fact that they can also serve as a card, is just bonus but they are meant to frame for those that enjoy the style. So, if you have not checked out the giveaway, then here it is again with the new information and date that we will choose a winner:  Sticklete Art Giveaway from Finding Art in Every Day!  WE will announce a winner on July 29th!  Be thinking of a special order for a Sticklete just for you!  Mother, yogi, runner, dancer...

This one was a request from Michelle!

So, anyone run in Brooks Glycerin or Ghosts before?  Do you run in the same shoe or do you alternate?



  1. I love both Ghosts and Glycerines! So light and whatever they did with the toe box on them is amazing. Your turnover will feel amazing. Or you won't feel it because it's so smooth.
    I hope you enjoy them. I'd have bought a million pairs if I could have nabbed them for only $25!!!! Amazing.

  2. Many, many years ago I tried the Glycerins.. Honesty HATE is a mild word. Even back then they felt too heavy and not flexible enough. That made my shins and calves hurt bad!

  3. I was running in Glycerins for a few years but haven't for a little while - no reason for that just trying other shoes. But I'm needing a new pair of shoes soon and was thinking that I might go back to them. It'll depend on their colour.

  4. I could totally do that with the bargains and then have second thoughts later, but since I couldn't fit my feet into your shoes or my butt into your skirt, I'll just watch your potential giveaways from the outside. :)

    Thanks for the nice comment. I wasn't so comfortable being that real about something that shouldn't really matter.

  5. I have the brooks ghost 3's! Ha! I love them, but they are a little less cushiony than my adidas- also a lower heel- but almost anything is a lower heel than the adidas supernova glides.

    I am shoe shopping again. too bad I wear a 10! heh.

  6. Dig the Brooks shoes...although, the fairy-princess Keens are spoiling me for shoes. I'm not sure how I feel about this...

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  8. I want to try both of these shoes so Ill be curious of your thoughts and review. Sounds like you did a great job taking advantage of some deals!!

    Does your mom draw dogs? A running pic with Cooper would be stellar!!