Monday, April 25, 2016

I Choose to Be...

I got out of bed this morning expecting to feel way more rough around the edges than I do.  Last night my pelvis and hips were feeling achey after pounding pavement for 13.1 miles at much higher intensity/duration than I have in awhile.  Most my training has been easy running on DIRT with a handful of runs on the road.  Overall, this is how I prefer my running at this stage of my life.  However, like I said in my last post, I am getting an itch to train for another road marathon.  This will mean getting out on the road or track more often. Less dirt + More pavement = a shift in my habits with health.  Running faster paces on pavement will mean being more intentional about all the good stuff like rolling, resting, yoga, and staying balanced.  Road marathon training and relaxed trail running to gear up for a relaxed 50k are two very different processes.  At least they feel different to me.  I suppose they don't have to be much different depending on how I would want to run my marathon.  Take Boston 2015 for example, which was really training for a 50k trail race.  That training was intentional, mostly following a plan, and a good balance of dirt and pavement.  I'd like this again.

One of my favorite sections of trail in Shelvin Park.

Better than any stretch of pavement!

When I can run on dirt AND be with these guys?  Life is good!  No doubts there will be many of these runs this summer.

Out of all the above, if and when I do start training for my October road marathon, I will most definitely want to make a good amount of time to train in nature on dirt.  My trail runs are nourishment for me on so many levels.  A moving meditation.  It's when I'm out on the dirt trails and running through the trees and by flowing water where I feel myself come alive most fully.  I hear my heart.  I pray and listen.  It's when I'm running on single track trail high above the earth below .. when I have views of the mountains and I can hear the birds and feel the wind... It's these kinds of runs that bring me back to myself and fill my life cup full to the rim!  Being out there on the trails is one of the single most important factors in keeping this mind body spirit of mine healthy and thriving.  So, that is something I will not compromise when I train for another road marathon.  My body, mind, spirit all agree.  

This morning on Facebook, my friend Jessica (always love her insights) posted something about how her and her kids each made an affirmation this morning to start their day:  "Today, I Choose to Be...."  
I loved reading the affirmations they made for themselves so as with many other posts, Jessica has written, I'm inspired to take something away from them and apply them to my own life.  THIS is exactly why I love blogs and social media... the growth, inspiration, motivation, connection much...that comes when we share parts of our lives as genuinely as Jessica often does.  

So for today, I will wrap this entry up with my own I Choose to Be affirmations (really, another way of writing intentions). 

Today, I choose to be productive and intentional with my thoughts and energy.  I have a long list of tasks and projects I want to wrap up.  I also want to carve out time to read and reflect on a few matters close to my heart.  

Today, I choose to use my trail run as a prayer of sorts.  An intentional meditation.  No watch or agenda.  I want to only be moving my body at whatever pace it feels up for.  Breathing in fresh air. Noticing the earth surrounding me.  Listening in all ways.  

Today, I choose to NOTICE and LISTEN intently.  I choose to be aware of and focused on my kids... what they say to me, how they look and feel when they wake up,  what's on their mind... 

Today, I choose to be LOVE.  Enough said.  With myself, my family, my thoughts, the people I interact with.  I choose to replace any negative thoughts with something positive and loving.  I choose to listen to any deep seeded hurt or anger and try to let Love be my lens in order to release those weighty feelings.  

Today, I choose to keep my sense of humor tuned in.  I've laughed lots this week.  It's made me remember to find the funny in the ordinary.  There are so many little and big moments throughout the day that are actually pretty hilarious if we notice.  People's behavior, our own habits, things our kids say, pets, reactions... What I'm wearing right now.  



  1. Love the "I choose to be". Hm, might have to adopt that myself.

    Sidebar: I remember some time ago, you had moved to NC but are now in OR. I've just moved to NC but having some 2nd thoughts. Any thoughts on Beaverton area? Would love any insight into your experience :)

    my email if you have time:


    1. Hi Lisa! Yes yes. I moved to Asheville, NC...a small mountain city. The rest of NC I'm not sure about. I'll email. I've never heard of Beaverton NC but I know a Beaverton, Oregon! :)

  2. I absolutely love the idea of "Today, I choose to be." I really believe that our mindset determines our outcomes - in running and often in life. So much of that is within our power - our choice. Perfect.

    1. I loved this idea too when I saw Jessica post about it. I think she saw it on the Today show. Yes yes on mindset!

  3. I have many times used the exact phrase "moving meditation"....I suspect many runners have.... I love the "I Choose To".... a little similar to the "I get to" concept...

    1. Hi Paria. Yes, non of this is anything new. Right. In fact, moving meditation was probably what so much of the book Running Within was written about if I remember correctly (I haven't read that book since college but it does come to mind when I think of how running fills my whole self). And the affirmations.. no matter How we word them... I will.... I am.... I choose... I get to... are what intentional living is all about. And gratitude! Good stuff.